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this is deja vu news live from berlin the push is on for travel to open up again the e.u. and vales a plan to help salvage space summer holidays off 2 weeks of coronavirus walk down to a cd and will make it tells us that reopening borders is essential for europe's economic recovery also i mean. german old girl i'm going to magical of the cracks in the countries and the current virus if it's from containment strategy to economic
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recovery they demand on says. x. facebook pays off more than $50000000.00 to stressed content cluttering it is to have to view distressing images as part of the job. hello i'm to see one to welcome to the program the european commission has unveiled a plan to help revive europe's better tourism industry and enable people to take their summer holidays off the weeks of coronavirus walk down the pandemic has prompted border closures across europe and temporarily end of all but essential travel the commission's planned lays out the conditions for reopening borders between she and good member states but fears off more travel related outbreaks on likely to alter the. look and feel off your summer getaways. these were your up
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speeches last summer crowded with some bathers. today they lay empty a consequence of the coronavirus restrictions across the continent the measures to contain the virus have impacted the tourism industry hard over a dozen shang and countries have put emergency border controls in place flights have been canceled and mandatory quarantines for travelers have been instated hospitality lobby groups say the tourism sector suffered an 80 to 90 percent loss in the 1st 4 months of 2020 and is braced for a disastrous summer season. interest hot spots like athens greece that's a huge worry for people reliant on paying guests for their income. my hope is that there's almost we're going to start. doris bach. and god forbid if we don't that's going to be really bad floyd was just. airlines forced to ground most flights and
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suffering huge losses are also pushing to be able to resume travel across borders the e.u. institutions share their concern that this sort of lead border closures undermine one of the pillars of the european project free movement the challenge which lies ahead of us is to restore the integrity of the shingly an area. by returning to only restrict free movement of persons goods and services let's be almost going back to morgan to normality and we're not easy. the process will be complicated member states have introduced different measures you know very uncoordinated lander and unwinding these if it could different national restrictions will take some time. it's a process that can't come fast enough for many europeans waiting to find out
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whether they will be able to reach the beaches for their summer holidays. and i'll join from brussels by one of europe's most senior conservative politicians manfred they have is they head off the conservative bloc in the european parliament welcome to you mr vevo we're starting to see a number of european countries pushing to reopen borders that's something that you support but is that not putting profits before public safety. public safety is always 1st so that is of main message still in the european union but we see in the last weeks already the national level the numbers are going down thanks to the positive behavior and development on national level having this in mind if we lock down keep. making the things more liberal national level then we also have to have to give back the right of freedom of movement to the citizens of europe that's why those things are interlinked if your liberalizing on
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national level you have to open borders about. ok talking about you know that the public opinion polls show that many people in europe remain skeptical about opening borders how can you reassure people. well it's about come and standards and european union it makes no difference and the question of the fight against kobe in the fight against corona whether you're in a hotel in as a german citizens or whether you go with the german citizens too much of it there is no no no difference so what we need is now european wide common standards a kind of a certificated where people can immediately identify that this hotel is working with the european standards and fight against corona out there is what we need now to come in understanding how to answer and the challenges in madrid the same like in berlin or in soccer so there is what we have to put on the table we need an european wide standard ok talking about a european wide standing you talking about a common understanding but i want to ask you if this is
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a nother example of going it alone that we've seen in europe throughout this crisis is they had joint coordination here or do you have different governments feeling very differently about how to go forward on the issue of opening internal borders. well i see currently your comment. is a development towards a common understanding about what to do now so we see european wide in the last 2 weeks opening off our domestic routes into a more liberal approach and now we hear from you signals today used for example from the german government from the also from government to come back to to a free and open europe and police have in mind if we talk about the economic dimension of the whole challenge ahead of us and that will be will be an enormous chilling challenge for europe then europe cannot recover these closed borders a single market is a fundamental principle for our economy and our companies cannot restart to do
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their business if we have still closed borders so everything is interlinked and that's why let's try to come step by step back let's open the borders for scum and health standards these unified health centers on european level and then we have a good chance to to manage it ok so what about the external board is when do you think that the continent will be free and open or should be free and open to the rest of the worlds. we have a very good understanding and a very good knowledge about the situation inside of the european union the numbers are clear the death rate is is it's public is transparent so we know what is going on in the european union that is not the case in africa that is not the case in the middle east or in south america that's why i think for the external border of the european union be have to live for a longer time to close the borders is mainly closed borders and and probably we need 1st of all medicine and answer to board seek
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a coronavirus before we can really open all borders ok so so what is your message to say the american businessmen all of the indian student who wants to come to europe is the message that you're telling them is you're not welcome here for the moment. everybody's welcomed europe is an open continent and we are your partner for everyone he wants to work together strongly with the rest of the world and it is about the challenges of the future but currently again we have not a proper over about the risks. in the corona in corona terms. and that's why we must be fact based that is what we do we do this in europe again i underline this again we have countries who have not opened the lockdown already like others did in germany in europe having this in mind this is a flexible mechanism to open borders if you have to guarantee that you have corona under control on national level then you can open borders and that is on in europe
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the case and that is also external is the case mr david just just more broadly freedom of movement has been central to the european project what must impact all these lockdowns and border closures have i mean after all the on the tourism people's lives have been impacted. directly we lost some freedom we lost some rights of the of the europeans which we achieved in the last decades in europe and that's why it's fundamental i don't allow that national rights which are guaranteed by your constitution are seen as higher rights as more important rights for the citizens you know what when you are in the european you have also guaranteed rights and these rights are equally important and one of them is the freedom of movement and that's why if we come back hopefully step by step now always this helps 1st in mind to a normal situation in europe to a more normal situation in europe then the european rights must be equally treated
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freedom of movement is extremely important all right that's one trade baby he heads the conservative thought in the european parliament thank you. thank you so much. the german government has announced that it will start relaxing border controls with other e.u. member states on this weekend chancellor angela merkel warns that progress needs to warts containing the coronavirus must not be jeopardized by moving too quickly to lift restrictions but many people will be relieved at borders all gradually being unlocked the border checks were supposed to be a thing of the past in gear a change in zone germans were used to freedom of movement but the coronavirus put a stop to that cross border travel to neighboring austria switzerland and france was limited to those with an urgent reason to move now the interior minister has announced a road map to get the roads open again. in this week that is simply needed that
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if people continue to show discipline observe the hygiene rules and wear face coverings then in spite of the easing of restrictions during may not only here but across europe we can foresee that the borders will be open on the 15th of june. 5th and 6th. in the race if a careful. border points which were closed completely will be reopened and there will only be random checks by police all 4 countries have agreed to review their policies in mid june and there are hopes of freeing up travel to germany's other neighbors as well but the minister warned if the virus spreads the rules could change again. if for some reason the picture worsens in the coming weeks then we will have to be prepared to react to that. when we are given that is in line with the cautious exit strategy set out by angle americal on
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wednesday the chancellor was facing questions in the bundestag. the unknown is that melts away for you know we've not accepted all these previously unimaginable limitations in our lives in our work and our businesses including temporary curbs on our rights only to risk sliding backwards now by dropping our god it would be depressing if we had to return to limitations which we hoped were in the past because we want too much too quickly. given that infections in eastern france of been well above those in germany some spread of the disease may be hard to avoid but now it will be up to germany's border police to oversee what is sure to be a surgeon cross border journeys. now to brazil where the response to the coronavirus has been complicated by conflict between president diable serious federal government and the state's regional leaders are enforcing lockdowns against
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the wishes of the president the death toll from the disease is the highest in the us in america hospitals are struggling to cope with the large numbers of patients and undertake is all struggling to bury the victims. undertakers from the public burial service and now start their day there on their way to pick up the body of a 41 year old man who was believed to have died of covert 19 right now they're working around the clock to provide burials for brazil's many disadvantaged people the family of the deceased man silva panicked when they found his body in the bathroom his brother is still in shock. well gere was diabetic he died after a short severe illness with symptoms of kovac 19. this condition worsened within 3 days passed away at 7 o'clock this morning looking at the morning what did he die of seeing you were suddenly he couldn't breathe anymore because the. bugs
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years family is convinced that he died of this new virus as they call covert 19 their own range because they think he should have survived. if you paid still be alive if there had been a bed in the intensive care unit for him we would have brought him to the hospital but it's best that he died at home and there was. a constant stream of mourners arrived at the coronavirus section of the cemetery and my analysis there is little time to bid farewell victims of covert 19 are transported to the final resting place shortly after they pass away 5 coffins at once the bodies must be buried quickly there's no time for ceremonies more than 4 times as many people are being buried in manassas usual up to 120 a day. among them are while sorice is a grandmother the hospital was unable to treat her. and they get that back today i
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don't blame the doctors it's the governess fold the hospital where my grandmother was had only one ventilator walk but it didn't show up so the health care system in manassas has been overwhelmed for weeks now there are not enough ventilators dead bodies are being stored in refrigerated containers at the same time many brazilians stand close to each other as they line up to claim their coronavirus aid a one time grant of the equivalent of $300.00 euros many are angry at the government because the payments have been delayed more the more we need to see it so we can pay our bills and for a baby food. bank park president says it's just a little blue these words are deadly president wasn't elected to spread this idiocy he's tearing the brazilian people apart. the brazilian president was slow to respond to the pandemic and has continued to play down the virus to this day and
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mathias abbott is the author of the report he just joins me now from rio de janeiro hey let's pick up where your story left off with president bowles now are. he still denying that covert 19 is a major problem despite the mounting death toll in the country he definitely he's a big problem for fighting the coronavirus for example last sunday when the death toll past the number of $10000.00 on the same day was no went out for a jet ski ride on a nearby lake and that shows his lack of compassion towards this crisis and his crisis management is also poor his federal federal administration reacted too late in order to provide long ventilators to the affected regions this is also the case for manassas and other states but he is getting a lot of pushback right materials from state governors some of whom have been
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openly defying his orders yeah this is this is an ongoing struggle between them for example yesterday both ordered to reopen barbershops and fitness centers but immediately immediately after that order the governor's rejected this this proposal and blocked this order so they are still closed and it shows all in all that the struggle between wassenaar and as governor as it reduces the power of the country brazil in order to fight this virus crisis. lettice you visited the amazon region specifically you were talking to people what sense do you get from them do they feel that they've been left to fend for themselves in this pandemic. many people are really criticizing both so now or for his attitude and ignoring the wire and the risk others to be honest they
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want to go back to work because they see the social crisis coming towards them and this will have a big impact to the country as well so the country is a bit divided and i think the majority is criticizing bold and i think all of them are let's say. not sure about what the future might bring to them and how they both crisis is the health crisis and the social crisis the economic crisis. for brazil. ok that is. it in rio de janeiro for us thank you now for a brief look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world in turkey children aged 14 and are now being allowed to leave their homes for a few hours today it will be the 1st time in more than a month the country's elderly population is still subject to curfews donald trump's
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former campaign chairman for metaphors has been released on federal prison into home confinement of a coronavirus consonance man a 4th was deemed a high risk. medical conditions he is serving a 7 year sentence after being convicted as part of a probe ensuite russian interference in the 2016 us presidential election. u.s. secretary of state is in israel meeting prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his new governing partner benny guns ahead of the talks on pay as if they discussed the coronavirus pandemic the talks are also expected to include israel's plans to end its ots of the west bank israel's new unity government is to be sworn in tomorrow on. officials in yemen say at least 12 people died in fierce clashes in the southern province on tuesday fighting broke out between saudi backed government troops and separatists backed by the united arab emirates the 2 sides were and lies
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until separatists declared. last month. you're watching the news still to come as think this video has reopened in some parts of germany we take a look at how new hygiene and social distancing rules when it may. now facebook's say is it will pay damages to $11000.00 people at luncheon that it calls them mental illness that's what a $52000000.00 done the preliminary settlement has determined with the social network agreeing to compensate and current and former u.s. based moderate his who may have developed. on the job. and the us is here with more on that story for us ok public give us the gist so basically as you've just mentioned there and that this back in 2017 the company facebook card several large consulting firms basically to contract moderators to basically just
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see that everything the content that we see on our facebook feed is all right and that you know content like explicit content or hate speech or violence is basically kept controlled or all off the network basically these content editors are 3rd we could say they're policing the platform in 2018 then what happened to former content moderator filed a class action lawsuit basically she filed a lawsuit for a group of people who claimed that she had ended up with you know a p.t.s.d. post-traumatic stress disorder and stress from all the contents you know this group of people was seeing on the facebook form so this is where we are now ok so does this apply to only those content moderate is in the u.s. well basically the lawsuit covers only people who worked for facebook through this you know 3rd party vendor in the u.s.
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now we're talking about people who work there from 2015 until today it's a group of friends and 11000 people so it's a. significant number of people through this lawsuit there's also another one which is pending in arland would covert european workers now obviously as you can imagine christine there's been you know a lot of talk about this and what the implications could be not just for you know facebook but of course other platforms of course where content is being moderated and if we actually take a look at some of the tweets that we've actually seen out there and seeing how people are you know disappointed in particular boy what they read which is that facebook will start one i think it's come up there this man writes of the 52000000 of which we should point out 32 percent has been earmarked for the lawyers fees referring to the money which is being handed over to these people sort of a compensation and saying that that's just a day worth of random market fluctuations in their user rights that they should
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hire full time staff to moderate provide adequate compensation and to stock options on full benefits during employment and then you know we also have this other tweet which says what another user mark said there will unfortunately doesn't apply to every content moderator just the ones indian ited states. their action taking place in our land so you know this is not something that i think we're going to be seeing the end of any time soon ok thanks for. putting us up to speed. coronavirus walked on has meant that most people who would normally go to the gym have to work out at home in germany some states have now allowed fitness into this to open again but with strict regulations in place went along to one gym to find out how it all with. finally back in the fitness studio but lifting
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weights isn't the only challenge in coronavirus times wiping down after a workout is compulsory this gym in bone in western germany has been permitted to reopen but new rules have been introduced so that social distancing and increased hygiene procedures become the norm before the need as we are all members to wash their hands on entry or use disinfectant we have disinfectant dispensers in the changing rooms and the showers well the toilets and also in the restaurant area there are disinfectant sprays for the equipment right across the premises but hygiene standards now very high. employees also clean gym apparatus at regular intervals they wear masks but it is left to the discretion of members whether they follow suit many are just glad to be back and i have off going off to have long hoped that the fitness studios would reopen before the summer i'm very happy because just training at home isn't the same the motivation is not the same. pieces
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of equipment must be placed 3 metres away from each other well jim members have to stay 1.5 metres apart at all times just like in normal life. as the rules are good and they're not too restrictive because in the last 2 months we've got used to the idea of washing our hands more and using disinfectant and it's not mandatory to wear a mask while using the equipment so i don't think the rules are over the top. people in other parts of germany hope their fitness studios can reopen in the coming weeks many gym goers were hygiene conscious anyway but now it is a new ritual for. some more sport now the bundesliga is starting again this weekend but with no fans allowed in stadiums because of coronavirus regulations that includes famous mascots and is the goat and that has. but that everyone does the home game since 2008 but the ramp will come to an end in close
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match against mines on sunday fans hope the loss of their lucky charm will not hurt their chances cologne has surged off the relegation zone when the bundesliga was suspended in march because off the pentagon. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you the european commission has unveiled a plan to revive the tourism industry and help people solve the summer holidays off 2 weeks of coronavirus knock down the plan lays out the conditions for reopening the borders between member states. and germany's chancellor angela merkel has warned that the country will live with the coronavirus for some time to come but must not jeopardise progress in containment in a few and a station goal make us all speckled about how the government plans to help businesses reopen and recover germany is now emerging from the nearly 2 month. don't forget you can always get news on the go just own the google play all from
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the apps that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and if you're part of the news story you can also use the d.w. app to save those photos and videos off what's happening. i'm christine it's been great having your company i will be back at the top of the hour with more news joining me if you can.
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to give hope to those who have been cast aside. for him aims to do just that with her fusion school. their children are all hinge
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a refugee can get an education. they are often denied this opportunity because malaysia excludes them to this day. 3000. next d.w. . growing. morrow a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslims and the christian population. as fighters occupied the city center in 2000. president to turn. up. deborah will never again put a bomb in. the reconquest turned into tragedy.
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this is not the kind of freedom that we want. to know would become a gateway to islamize terror until now the same story got any more severe as. an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines in the sun. starts in may 28th on the g.w. . welcome to global 3000. this week we need to hinge a refugees who are facing huge obstacles when it comes to starting a new life abroad. in uganda we learn how startups are bringing about
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a transport revolution jaring the coronavirus slow down. but fast women in afghanistan.


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