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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  May 14, 2020 6:02am-6:31am CEST

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german chancellor angela merkel and russian president vladimir 1 putin there is a complicated relationship western presidents and prime ministers have long considered marigold to be a putin whisperer she who best understands the enigma inside the kremlin but today merkel did not whisper when she implied that there may be a criminal inside the kremlin merkel pointing the finger and raising her voice and then will putin will putin even raise an eyebrow i'm bored golf in berlin this is the day. the honesty it pains me there is hard evidence that russian forces are working to do that i find it outrageous to back away. i try to improve my
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relationship with russia every day still i will continue straight in towards good times with russia but it doesn't make it any easier. also coming up will summer holidays and vacations become yet another big tim of the coronavirus pandemic in europe the answer is maybe maybe not what we want to do is to restore freedom of movement and the integrity of saying and then allow you to try to look at. back to be able to do that we need to how we make travel in a safe way in this new normality. puts you our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with hard evidence and soft options today german chancellor angela merkel told at lawmakers
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here in berlin that there is proof that russia did it 5 years ago the german parliament the bundestag was the target of a cyber attack merkel's office was hit as well documents from her own e-mail account were stolen and the man wanted is an alleged russian spy german prosecutors have issued an arrest warrant for a member of russia's military intelligence agency the g.r.u. he is also wanted in the u.s. in connection with russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election now these are serious charges that could have serious consequences but will they today lawmakers pressed the chancellor will a hard response follow hard evidence merkel's answer everything is on the table but here is part of what merkel said today. hope the evidence there is hard evidence that russian forces are also working to do this it's a field of tension that we're working in hoping for good relations with russia and
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i can't simply ignore my feelings it is unpleasant and you know i think on this is one of many but i'm pleasantly as one aspect i find it outrageous too by the way but i wasn't the only one affected by it and the german blueness todd many other members of parliament where the outrage applies for them to if you can also still i will continue striving for good ties with russia because i think there's every reason to maintain diplomatic relations but it doesn't make it easier than i thought it was the german chancellor speaking there for more i'm joined tonight by the german lawmaker andreas nick mr nick serves in parliament he is a member of the chancellor's conservative c.d.u. party and he sits on the foreign relations committee in parliament mr nick it's good to have you back on the day the chancellor said today that the government reserves the right to take any and all measures against russia. do you know
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what what are those measures. i think 1st the most the chancellor has given a very candid and sober assessment of the situation that we have. assumed for for quite a while who is a see there is growing evidence. to go into his thinking efforts to the compiler and uncertainty really counts it's there is. the history. of the alleged. murderer. in the couple of months ago there is ample suspicion and evidence about spreading think he was. trying to destabilize. our democratic and public opinion processes none of that is you what is what is to suit his tenure was that this
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seems to be. harder evidence that we have had available before that at least some of these activities specter russia missed chances and it's disturbing it's annoying it's unhelpful in a context where we are. trying a true improved relations and diplomatic ties. throughout. and it is not helping in. deescalating tensions. in europe while mr nick will there be any consequences then for what russia has done. i think we have seen the consequence of some of the cases that i mentioned. the dismissal of diplomats from the russian embassy here in moscow on the one of the other occasion that i mentioned. i think it will need to to stay even further and position that vigilance and resilience is an
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important category in dealing with russian counterparts nevertheless proceed we have of course achieved interest and in deescalation and improving relationships but. the. insiders think we could further that this is a very difficult counterpart to it was that it would remain so for the foreseeable future is it an impossible calculus mr nic trying to maintain relations with russia at the same time trying to let russia know that it cannot get away with with acts like cyber attacks. i mean that is part of the militants a part of the ambiguity that i think we have to live with in this situation and the russia is an important neighbor it's not going away it is someone that we have to deal with on a number of aspects but i think to make clear that there are certain rules of the
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game that we that we. want to consider. to be to be a death was done but on both sides and clearly that doesn't help to improve the relationship going forward in which i think both sides would have a vested self interest. the man wanted by german prosecutors is also wanted in the united states has there been any coordination between berlin and washington in the investigation that resulted in the issuing of this arrest form. and unaware of that event where i could probably tell you ok you know that the world is watching closely to see how germany deals with what amir putin's russia knowing that ugly americans time is chancellor is winding down should the world you know if the world sees all this should the world be worked on the
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anglo-american has very credibly and very sensibly executed. a german's policy and surge with russia which is 2 fold being very clear very confirmed on our value was on the core principles on which we need to deal with russia including here in the u.s. for and sanctions are probably until today and on the other hand as a. speaker of the russian language as someone who knows and understands the culture pretty well established for many is true made contact in dialogue on the only constant basis and which is as he helped in the mojave forward and other aspects and i think we as you're well advised to continue on that dual strategy for the foreseeable future considering that. what we see in
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today the importance to the situation where russia will remain and he become more difficult as a partner. following the cove it's a situation following the collapse of the oil price the power transition struggling with the. constitutional reform in the country so it's going to be in the increased grip on the position. of activists in the country it will remain it will probably become even more difficult but it is something that we cannot simply ignore truly from mr nick it in this case though of germany trying to have it both ways trying to have its cake and eat it too and trying to have russia as an a friend a business partner and at the same time deal with russia as as a foe or an enemy. i think i've described the relationship as ambivalent and we have to deal with this ambiguity it's look it's not easy. but
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this is. a reflection of. the geography in which we're living in terms of the strategic interests that it 'd was in the european continent has to keep in mind i think we act it goes corporation with partners in europe franzl is that european problem that it was so in. partnership with our friends in central eastern europe. we have it here interest to improve relationships but we have an absolutely firm stand on the core values that will define oh if. you mention the an extension of crimea in an article in foreign policy last march of 1 of uncle america's possible successors arming lush it is described as being an apologist for vladimir putin and he's described as being hostile or not so friendly
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to the u.s. and he's described as being in favor of closer ties with china can you see your party the c.d.u. taking that path once i'm going to america is no longer in power is that the future for your party. i have to say that i do not agree of strongly disagree with this. one sided description of this that i should he could speak for himself. i think that we have an ongoing internally bade all the time how to to use on a continuous basis to balance. the 2 imperatives of russia policy that i've described before that is a single ongoing process that is also happening across party lines but that the rich rate i think we will we are and will remain very firm for values and principles on the basis of which we have deeded to deal with russia in the same time we will not be late or decouple will keep our eye look to exercise
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the inference that we need to have in. improving the peace or the security structure and cooperation by the e.u. and would you say before one last question mr nic and the world is wondering what germany's will be like after uncle america has left power in terms of its relations with russia do you foresee if you look in your crystal ball do you see the the policy becoming more strict in stringent with russia or do you see the 2 countries becoming closer. i seem a lot of continuity. it was russia i think it is though this is fairly helpful for understanding. german policy in this regards to to look this we may be too much in the. through the prism of us to list the politics.
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very clear line that the europeans of the 2 leadership have taken and have kept. but that does not exclude that we try whatever we can to maintain a dialogue to improve the relations with the chance to to enhance european. peace or a security architecture and dreams nic member of the german parliament and the conservative c.d.u. party mr niggas always we appreciate your insights and your time tonight thank you very much. of the pandemic and summer vacation does one cancel out the other can both co-exist without increasing the threat of new infections these are important questions and with summer just around the corner time is running out to find the answers well today the european commission unveiled a plan designed to breathe new life into the battered tourism sector by making
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a summer holiday possible for all who want to travel now at the moment you won't get far if you hit the road in search of summer boarders all across europe remain mostly closed but that could soon change. these were europe speeches last summer crowded with some bathers today they lie empty a consequence of the coronavirus restrictions across the continent the measures to contain the virus have impacted the tourism industry hard. over a dozen shang and countries have put emergency border controls in place flights have been canceled and mandatory quarantines for travelers have been instated hospitality lobby groups say the tourism sector suffered an 80 to 90 percent loss in the 1st 4 months of 2020 and is braced for a disastrous summer season. interest hotspots like athens greece that's
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a huge worry for people reliant on paying guests for their income. my hope is that those dollars we're going to start having doris bark. god forbid if we don't that's going to be really bad fred was just. airlines forced to ground most flights and suffering huge losses are also pushing to be able to resume travel across borders the e.u. institutions share their concern that this sort of lead border closures undermine one of the pillars of the european project free movement. the challenge which lies ahead of us is to restore integrity of the shanty an area are secure or by returning to only restrict free movement of persons goods and services let's be honest going back to market to know right if you will not be easy. process
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will be complicated member states have introduced different measures you know very uncoordinated lender and unwinding these if it could different national restrictions we take some type. it's a process that can't come fast enough for many europeans waiting to find out whether they will be able to reach the beaches for their summer holidays. jase summer holiday never seem to so complicated to talk about that i'm joined by georg montanus he is in brussels getting to you georg so we've got the european commission they've come up with a splay and for reviving tourism here in europe talk us through it. when i looked around the european commission knows of course that europeans are desperate for a vacation after staying a lot at home working in a home office they also do know how important markets tourism is and making
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up 10 percent of the economic output in the european union and so there their suggestion to a member states here is that they proposed to do the idea behind that being that member states should not discriminate against the u.s. citizens on a national basis but rather use the efforts of illogical situation as a means to establish whether one could travel from one country to the other the way that would look like is that you create if you want green zones across e.u. borders and say look the situation here is there's no virus. neighboring country so we can create a bubble and people can travel seeing that the risk is the same across borders and so you've got these green zones red zones or we heard that european countries have not really coordinated their summer plans very well with each other so how is this planned today how is it being received by members and. now the big
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danger of course here is that there will not be coordination going out of this crisis going into the crisis we saw there was no coordination because member states are not bound by you law when it comes to security and to health matters and now the commission really is keen that this time there will be coordination i'm not sure we will see that the german interior minister announced just half an hour before the e.u. press conference here in brussels that he has made an agreement germany has made an agreement with austria with switzerland neighboring countries to create a if you want to tourism bubble where travel it's progressive flee possible depending on the situation and that is exactly what the e.u. wants to avoid that is also what a number of the hardest hit member states italy and spain for instance a big tourism nations want to avoid the italian prime minister was quite. one
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discrimination on those national bubbles that are created behind back doors what he wants to see is a clear coordinated european approach that is fair to all member states yeah and we know what happens to bubbles most of the time they burst what happens i'm just warning what happens if your holiday destination you know that you've already paid for your plans you're traveling what happens even suddenly turns red and you've already bought 2 tickets. well in that case they are a traveler rights and in that case there is a set of rules that actually works in the e.u. and so then that is a situation where you could get reimbursements. technically i mean we haven't we member states haven't agreed to the green zone red zone brinson ball but technically if they would follow that guideline that would be the rule that would be a safety net a safety net course you're going to have to be somewhat of a risk taker to go ahead and book for the future knowing how things are right now.
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what about all the people who have had to cancel holidays since the code 1000 epidemic began right now like i said they are entitled under each passenger rights for instance if you that booked a flight to spain and that flightless counseled jew to the lockdown then you are entitled to get a refund now what a lot of faith. in the e.u. and in the number of member states have offered passengers this vouchers because clearly the industry is the every nation in history is hard hit and do not want to see that money gone and what the commission has made clear now is that passengers have a right to get a refund and they even threaten to an infringement procedures against member states if those companies do not follow however what they've also said is they do want to make those vouchers more attractive for instance that they are valid for
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a year and that they are guaranteed vouchers so that you can get something else for them and not just exactly the same trip. it is made here day oregon you know that means spring time i'm wondering is this going to be the may that begins this summer with no holiday can tell these for you it's been the may that has begun with no haircut. it has indeed and then address is opening only next week in brussels brendan i'll make sure i get an appointment in the 1st week well look i've promised my children that we make it to the sea site and that really depends on to what extent people will stick to social distancing because that remains the main task what will help however and the day is travel means tracing and so what they hope to achieve is a common standard for those digital apps that you have on your mobile phone that you then can use in case you have been in close contact with someone who has been
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infected by covert 19 because if that would work across europe that would mean that if you can be traced across europe you can travel across europe and so maybe those mobile phones in the end will help us get our some of occasion. you know but we will see what happens scary montanus on the story boards in brussels tonight we'll see if you ride into the summer with a pony tail gate or thank you. thanks. well they were hired to monitor online content and they say it made them sick facebook has agreed to pay out $52000000.00 in a settlement brought by content moderators in the u.s. who developed post-traumatic stress disorder the catch some is not an admission of guilt by facebook the social media giant is not taking responsibility for causing any harm but it has agreed to provide counseling for those moderators more than
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$11000.00 workers are eligible for the compensation this case could open the door to wall suits against similar social media platforms. this is a huge story you do that we used to publish in the offices here with more on that probably you know we've had those constant moderators here on the program before talking about how stressful the job was or brings up the speed on what today's story is basically what it is is this dates back to 2017 itself facebook hired several large consulting firms to bring in thousands of contractors and this is referring to the united states versus foremost and what you were saying you've kind of you've already kind of dealt a little bit they had to look at hate speech for example graphic violence animal abuse images of sexual exploitation very difficult still for anybody to take a look at i'm back in 2018 former content moderator of the class action lawsuit and in a class action lawsuit she said that she had developed p.t.s.d. and facebook had essentially failed to protect you have made the claim they were
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looking at these disturbing images you know one after the other like several per minute does this case is it only applied to those content moderators in the united states or is there going to be some presidents for beyond well that's the that's the big question like you said and you mentioned before 11000 people are are basically involved in this ruling but there's also a similar lawsuit actually taking place in art and that would be for the european content moderators for of course that's still pending at the moment as we you know if we look at its $52000000.00 it's not actually a great deal of money and that's what a lot of people are commenting on and on twitter in particular because it comes down to basically a $1000.00 for a diagnosis then you would get more compensation if we look at this tweet they're saying that 32 percent has been earmarked for the lawyers fees and you know this tweet where they should hire full time staff to moderate provide compensation and stock options and full benefits of basically what
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a lot of people have been saying is it just simply does not go far enough for you know many of those people and besides the money here is this book. promising to make changes well they've said that they're going to roll out some changes with regards to you know content moderation tools if they're going to reduce the impact of harmful images but at the end of the day how do you deal with something like this as follows you're going to have to place things there help people who have to do these jobs you know many jobs have to deal with very tough images from time to time for sure so you know it's something that may have and you mentioned before it's probably going to have a big impact on many industries. it's just hard to imagine having a good job in the images that these people have to see how many they have to see every other word that will take is going to change for those always thank you. well the day is always done but the conversation continues on line join us on twitter either give me news you can follow me everywhere go off t.v. every member whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll
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see that every. inmate of 2021 the coronavirus a separated families and friends and old boundaries are reappear. but despite all of the key here about health and the future there is still hope in
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many places a new feeling of connect. focus on the road. just totally. robots they're still in the development phase for the foot that's going to happen when they grow. up on official intelligence is now spreading throughout our society ai will experts be able to agree on ethical guidelines or will this technology create deadly new autonomous weapon systems. paradise robot a lapse. of the 5 minutes on d w. when the president's cities will sink into the sea. entire stretches of flame to
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be abandoned. in the water. it's happening faster than dissipate a. massive 3 hours are supposed to prevent flooding but they only delay. how we live in the future. 66. sea levels starts to slip on t w. hello and welcome to focus on here all show and it's great to have you with us sometimes a life can change from one moment to the next that is what many ukrainians have been experiencing lately not just because.


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