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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 14, 2020 8:00am-8:15am CEST

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this is c w news live from berlin and europe gives the green light to summer travel the block moves to restart cross border movement it looks like millions of europeans can now salvage their summer vacation plans but what measures are in place to minimize the risk of a 2nd wave of coronavirus kickstarted by travelers also coming up the u.k. has the highest coronavirus death toll in europe and within britain people from ethnic minorities facing significantly higher risk from the disease plus. what do
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you do when you're alone big dreams are on hold to go for the food we will meet in japanese families or who's keeping fit and earning money as a food delivery writer. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program after weeks of lockdown borders are starting to reopen across europe the european commission has unveiled a plan to revive the battered tourism industry and make it possible for people to take a summer vacation at the same time the german government has announced that it will begin relaxing border controls with other e.u. member states starting this coming weekend. border checks were supposed to be a thing of the past in europe change in zone germans were used to freedom of movement but the coronavirus put a stop to that cross border travel to neighboring austria switzerland and france
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was limited to those with an urgent reason to move now the interior minister has announced a road map to get the roads open again. that is simply that if people continue to show discipline observe the hygiene rules and wear face coverings then in spite of the easing of restrictions during may not only here but across europe we can foresee that the borders will be open on the 15th of june. 6th. border points which were closed completely will be reopened and there will only be random checks by police all 4 countries have agreed to review their policies in mid june and there are hopes of freeing up travel to germany's other neighbors as well but the minister warned if the virus spreads the rules could change again that is in line with the cautious exit strategy set out by angela merkel on wednesday the chancellor was facing questions in the bundestag
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family on this that melts a loaf of not accepted all these previously unimaginable limitations in our lives in our work and our businesses including temporary curbs on our rights only to risk sliding backwards now by dropping our god it would be depressing if we had to return to limitations which we hope where in the past because we want too much too quickly. given that infections in eastern france of been well above those in germany some spread of the disease may be hard to avoid but now it will be up to germany's border police to oversee what is sure to be a surgeon cross border journeys. let's bring in political correspondent kate brady who is standing by with a view from berlin so kate as we've heard the e.u. wants to transition from lockdowns to summer tourist season it seems like a lot to ask. it is certainly a lot to ask and of course there are still a lot of factors to take into consideration at the moment but only the situation in
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germany but also in germany's neighboring countries as well and how the situation then developed in the coming weeks but the hope is now is to have freedom of travel again throughout the schengen zone by mid june of course the old depends on the situation with the virus at the time and of course it's going to be very difficult a logistical puzzle to solve as well and one that's going to need a lot of cooperation within the european union now the e.u. commission has already started making some recommendations and it seems that if and when tourism really does kick start again here in europe then where of course expecting to see limitations on the number of guests that might be allowed it at certain hotels certainly social distancing rules will still be in place the same will most likely apply to. and also to air travel as well on the plane themselves you most likely will have to wear a face mask and say this is all
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a puzzle that needs to be resolved by by cooperation between european states and of course there's a these older pens in the situations time is that fear of a 2nd wave of coronavirus not only here in germany but across your face still very much real and i want to talk a little bit more about that fear of that 2nd wave but 1st let's have a check of some of the facts a closer look now at germany's current level of paris and we get your reaction there after. visitors to berlin's famous can finally watch the burned play again. it almost seems like a normal day but strict safety measures are in place a distance of 1.5 meters must be kept at all times there are also restrictions on visitor numbers museums are also gradually reopening here similar rules apply and as in other public spaces people are obliged to wear face masks these are once
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in short supply as germany slowly lifts restrictions mosse have become an essential tool in preventing a 2nd wave of infections but are enough available. and are completely confident that we'll be equipped with enough protective gear and mosques also in the future if we were to see another spike in infections but the president of the german medical association is critical of the decision to make masks mandatory. whether it makes sense to wear masks in public or not has almost become a question of faith scientific research on that does not deem it absolutely necessary. does science. as restrictions age and more people leave their harms the risk of coming into contact with an infected person increases. that's why germany is developing a tracking app designed to inform uses if they've been in the vicinity of an
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infected person. but developing the app is taking longer than expected and is it even worth the white the public health service warns the apple learn is no game changer. thank you when the app arrives it will give additional information about the number of new infections it will not replace the work of the health ministry the opposite is true don't have even more to do and that's why the number of borchester must be ramped up all. my talk. preparing for a potential 2nd wave requires personnel and sufficient testing capacity up to $400000.00 people who are being tested at the height of the pen demick in germany but will the country be able to maintain the same pace in the future. for the couple to the capacity for more testing is there it's especially important that we primarily test caregivers and those working in the health care sector in clinics
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and practices but also in care facilities dealing with elderly out patients. for the most part life in berlin appears to be moving towards a new normal but should the infection rate rise to shop early the newly found freedom could be short lived and the bruins would be left to play on their own without an audience in mind. and we're back now with brady you know we saw some of the measures there that germany has been undertaking in order to try and control this coronavirus pandemic especially the threat of a 2nd wave how well prepared is the country well right now germany is quite well prepared in the case that there should be a 2nd wave of coronavirus here and as we've seen already in the last couple of months and the country is actually benefited quite well from the fact that it had quite a bloated health system going into this pandemic something that previously being criticized and that will called even to close down some regional hospitals but of
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course that's helped germany in making sure that its hospitals didn't become overcrowded and of course in addition to that you also had that testing going on and as we had there in the reports as well there already plans in place to increase that capacity even further so that there would be the opportunity to make sure that all medical professionals were able to be tested should there be a 2nd wave and of course that something is still continuing in the meantime as well kate brady in berlin thank you. let's get a quick check now some other stories making headlines around the world south african president ceo rama post has said that he aims to further ease coronavirus restrictions later this month the country loosened its 5 tear lockdown on may the 1st the tight controls will remain in major urban centers to this government has ordered a total lockdown of the capital of santiago after
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a spike in corona virus cases infections jumped by 60 percent in 24 hours the vast majority of cases in chile are in santiago. u.s. federal reserve chair jerome powell has warned that the coronavirus pandemic could trigger a prolonged recession in the united states speaking via video link mr powell said that more aid on top of the trillions of dollars already spent would be costly but worth it. meantime the u.k. has seen the highest death toll from covert 1000 in europe over 30000 people have died since the pandemic began a disproportionate number of them from ethnic minorities for example black people in the u.k. are 4 times more likely to die from the coronavirus than caucasians and also among health care workers there's a significantly higher fatality rate for people of color charlotte potts has the details from london. dr this has had enough which is why she came here to
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downing street to protest even though she's 6 months pregnant she had to fight full protective gear and a hospital because it just wasn't enough. and we had today all the doctors nurses and health care workers. tragically and senselessly to pull over more than 200 health care workers have died in britain so far 2 thirds of them were ethnic minorities. here in the united kingdom data has shown that the virus does indeed discriminate even though everybody has access to free health care experts are unsure about the reasons but say they vary from overcrowded housing to preexisting medical conditions what is clear though is that covert 19 revealed longstanding existing inequalities in british society which rings true in this multiethnic neighborhood of brixton one of the colbert hot spots in the capital
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patients and hospitals across the country a 4 times more likely to die from coronavirus and white ones most people here are where and have changed their behavior. much more march. i mean those are just good this. is something that's killing everybody and i just need to keep myself or my family safe that's the main thing so i don't i don't know i'm not focused on the fact that it's black a dying i don't even home or nothing. so far medics and experts haven't figured out why minorities in the u.k. a so disproportionately affected by cope with 19 the government launched an inquiry last month there's also been discussion of shielding minorities from frontline jobs and an realistic approach some say it can all make priorities. there are limited social protections for workers of these crimes and. it's all very well to
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say you need to stay away from other people as far as possible but if it's a choice between that and earning a living off. some people who will be presented with with with the right lama back at downing street dr i mean i have this hopes to encourage others to also speak up to prevent more deaths of ethnic minority patients and her colleagues. and the postponement of this year's tokyo olympics has had a negative consequence for many athletes they've had to cut back on their training and look for other income sources there's some creative solutions. rearm yaki feels most at home with a fencing sword in his hand he want to silver medal for japan in the team for oil events at the london 2012 olympics but now the coronavirus has forced him to get on his bike working as a career for the food delivery company eats the job serves 2 purposes for me archy
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it's a source of income and a source of fitness. all this it got to do now and digging into my savings for a living so i have to earn money for myself but i also thought by delivering food i can start my physical strength from weakening that's why i started this to get into that i got the what has. me archy situation reflects the reality for many olympians who struggle to make ends meet tokyo games in particular were meant to be a shop window for japanese athletes but with the olympics and other competitions on hold so to a sponsorship deals. they shoot it's us at our training center has been closed and we don't have any matches it's still unclear how i will qualify for the olympics. and i didn't feel i could accept sponsorship in such a situation. so i told my sponsors to hold off for the time being exhausted at that
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and we know it's nice to see that. once it's deliveries are completed me archy can get back to doing what he does best in the hope that sooner rather than later he won't just be jabbing into thin air. and with that and you're up to date on i'm sara kelley in berlin don't forget there's always more on a website e.w. dot com also on social media thanks for watching. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning.


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