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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 15, 2020 10:00am-10:30am CEST

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this is t w news live from berlin german soccer prepares to kick off again after coronavirus shut down the sport in march the going to see the forges ahead this weekend as the 1st major european league back on the pitch in front of an empty stands also coming up typhoon funk funk slams into the philippines as authorities struggle to evacuate tens of thousands of people the storm is expected to barrel across densely populated areas as it moves north plus the new frontline health care worker hartley the photog is helping his human colleagues distressed just a cycle that 19 and
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a mexico city hospital. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program this weekend sees the return of professional soccer to germany the bundesliga will become the 1st major league in europe to restart following the coronavirus locked out of soccer bosses say it's more than just a sport but an economic driver as well the big leagues across europe will be watching to see how this might change conditions for germany is going to sleep. since mid march germany's football stadiums have fallen silent now the bundesliga aims to emerge from its coronavirus brick with so-called closed door matches without funds and under strict hygiene rooms the idea to get back out on the pitch as soon as possible. it's the anyone who rejects closed door matches needn't wreck their
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brains about whether the league will have 18 or 20 professional clubs playing in the future because in that case there won't be 20 professional clubs left ones will feature was mickey. it's not only a make or break issue for the german league the other big european leagues are also deliberating how to emerge from a lockdown. the english premier league is the biggest money maker in european football followed by the bundesliga and by spans a league for the premier league and lega t.v. revenue accounts for more than half of all income. it's slightly less than that for the bundesliga but they're determined to get the ball rolling again even without spectators if that's what it takes to keep revenues flowing. when matches are aired the advertising boards around the pitch will provide another financial boost in the current crisis the upcoming weeks will show how well the new concept works but there's no doubt that the game will be
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a different scene in south korea where the caley season kicked off last week gold celebrated with social distancing. a sign of the times. so the bundesliga kicks off this friday as the 1st major league in europe to get back in action mark meadows from sports is here to tell us more about that i mean we have you know many other close contact activities which have essentially been cancelled you know by and large in europe tell us how were the soccer bosses able to persuade the authorities to allow the the league to restart here well the approaches are pushing forward as well i think is a question of morale they felt that if they brought the bundesliga back it gave people a little bit of hope that this very strange situation generally was coming to an end i mean millions of people watch the bundesliga in germany and around the world and now they've got something to watch when maybe they're over leisure activities a still could tailed the other issue is finance a lot of these clubs would have gone book stiff the league couldn't restart and the
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other thing is it's a real favor in the cap for germany you know people be looking around the world where the bonus leader is back germans as efficient as ever they've got off the ground yes with empty stadiums and strict hygiene rules the. the premier league will be looking at the bundesliga very closely they're hoping to come back in june they're basically going to copy the blunders they did come sept normally as you go around but this time jim you really is the trailblazer so the matches are going to be behind closed doors right so you know how how about if fans start to gather outside of the stadium i mean what sort of measures and precautions are going to be in place here yeah i mean some people call them games behind closed doors in german it's ghost games whatever you call it though we know fans at the stadium this weekend and for the rest of the season now personally i don't think fans are going to congregate in mass numbers outside the grounds people in jim we generally over these last 2 months have been sticking to the rules one person who didn't is the coach heiko headache he left his hotel quarantine to go by 2 faced and therefore
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he's now banned from being at the game on saturday but as for the fans if they go and stand outside the stage and they risk the league stopping again they risk their club going bust and they risk that if they're ever allowed back into the stadium they'll be banned if you turn up at the ground all this going to happen is you're going to be arrested so i really don't think is going to happen but it is true that police forces are worried they can actually listen now to the chair of the police union. we as the police are strongly against the playing of these ghost games from our point of view there is a large potential for trouble and we assume that all fans will stay at home and we assume that there will be places where there is a possibility that there will be violence and then my colleagues will have to intervene there's a significant health risk in these corroded times and these are situations that we don't want any woman. so some very real concerns that we did have one game behind
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closed doors in march which is back and it's cologne this is the 1st time we've had the whole league program without fans we'll just have to wait and see trotted center territory will see on saturday inside uncharted territory indeed mark meadows soccer is back thank you. and indeed the bundesliga is kicking off without any fans in the stadium so one of the scheduled matches is the war darby between dortmund and shell it's one of the fiercest rivalries in german soccer but what will it be like for the team's loyal fans when they can actually engage in their regular shows of support. this time everything is different the dortmund stadium an empty cell section no fans in no emotions the prestigious darby between top minshull has turned into a ghost k. not a 4 nor did you feel i know hundreds of people there in the south section and you miss them you look forward to the game for weeks and you go there. and drink
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a beer. and now nothing without fans is like having sex on your own 6 along. in his life time brutal records has only missed 4 home games of his beloved dog he experienced his 1st thought minshull could darby 51 years ago so missing out now especially hurts. one concern for me the number you just can't change it i'm sad and i don't know what i'll do on saturday if the weather's good i'll probably go for a walk this season is over for mange with no means opponent show everything is also different the shelf affair distiller has only a few guests and to prevent fans from cheering too closely to one another at a shelter goal the pubs owner might not show the darby on t.v. but there is still a bit of anticipation. in. the obvious always highly emotional i don't sleep leading up to it and then what happens on saturday at 330 i don't
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know so well freak out then anyway but we have to keep our distance it's very important to stubbs speech to. the fans are looking forward to the 1st ghost darby in football history with mixed feelings but they all agree on one thing a darby without fail has no real value. home in time some big news just out germany's economy came to a screeching halt in the 1st quarter that's according to government data out today the lockdown sealed borders and close shops since mid march economic life has come to a virtual standstill the result a 2.2 percent decrease in economic output but the 1st quarter only includes one month of lockdown leaving that data is set to get worse. for in chelsea delaney has following the news from frankfurt so this is the
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steepest contraction now since the financial crisis as we heard it's set to get worse what parts of the economy were the hardest hit. well you both just know that this data was a little bit better than than economists had been expecting the main forecast was for a contraction of about 2.5 percent but this is hitting every part of the economy coming into this we've seen a lot of data suggesting record declines across across both the service side of the economy and the industrial manufacturing part of the economy so in the 1st quarter which as you mentioned only included a few weeks of these lockdown measures we saw a huge decline and dust trail production particularly in the auto sector as a lot of the big the big auto companies here in germany volkswagen di miller had to shut down their factories but really the deepest and most dramatic impacts we're seeing are on the service sectors the restaurants retail travel all of that is
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really really devastated right now how about compared to other nations well germany is fairing a little bit better than most other countries at this point that's in part because germany is seen as having done a pretty good job of containing the virus early on so the lockdown measures weren't as severe and strict as other places in europe and they're not as long lasting either as germany starts to reopen the economy. in comparison to this 2.2 percent decline for germany in the 1st quarter we saw a much steeper decline for a country like france which cites economy contract by about 6 percent the u.s. saw a 5 percent contraction but this also has to do with the really aggressive stimulus measures that germany has laid out about 750000000000 years worth of stimulus going into the economy and that's really helped cushion the blow to the german economy
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chill's utility in frankfurt thank you. and we also have more now with clifford could end his joining us from our business desk i mean we heard that 2.2 percent decline this quarter set to get worse in further quarters but we have to remember that germany's has been using its lock downs i mean how far can that go you know to help in this situation well i think what you're seeing here is a message of the fact that germany is actually very stable as an economy you don't see the spectacular growth rates in germany but equally in the terms of the crisis you don't see the same sort of downturn as you do in other countries we've seen in the asian economies is really sharp swings up words for so many years but now downwards because of the crisis so i think what the german figures show is that there is there's a certain amount of of stability there even if obviously it's still a very severe fall so how bad is the data and how bad is it going to get well we've seen very mixed messages i mean we saw a volkswagen have to shut its flagship plant involved will again at the same time
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voice the telecom reported very healthy figures yesterday i think overall germany is in a better position because it doesn't have the same levels of debt it has this sort of stability going on and we've also seen the factories start to reopen. the shops and various retail outlets are reopening so even though it is a very severe challenge we are in some ways coming out of it because because things are getting back hopefully back to as close to normal as we're going to get so it seems like what you're saying is that that the economy is able to handle it the citizens as well i think so i mean this seems to be people have taken it in germany on the streets is a feeling obviously people are very tired of and very anxious but at the same time it has been quite well managed compared to other countries we haven't had the same levels of hysteria and we've seen things mounted in a pretty orderly way there's been a way to keep business going so i think generally i think the feeling is a certain cautiously optimistic now clifford couldn't get any business thank you.
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well let's get more now the latest situation when it comes to the corona virus pandemic the john hopkins university says that the global death toll has topped 300000 there are more than 4400000 confirmed cases worldwide south sudan has registered its 1st death from the coronavirus slovenia has called an official end to its pandemic becoming the 1st european country to do so and after a 2 month shut down restaurants cafes and bars are reopening in australia's most populous state new south wales families around the world are facing a ray of new challenges linked to this pandemic parents have to juggle keeping kids fed entertained educated and safe while also working from home and many groups have sounded the alarm that families under pressure aren't getting the support that they need well international reporters here at t
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w talk tell us now how covert 19 is up ending family life where they live. in south africa oh dear allowed to leave the hours of the morning for 3 hours to exercise or to take the kids out through great everybody has to wear a smile and by 9 o'clock you have to be home with their kids' school the preschool remain clueless and the heat of the food it is expected to be a july and september. get back on. here in germany we didn't have nearly as tough restrictions as other countries around the world i would take our 2 small children to the park whenever i wanted for example or you could even buy ice cream over the counter because café stayed open but the pandemic showed german families that the country is not nearly as advanced as it thought it was the sudden closure of schools and daycare centers forced parents to juggle homeschooling and working from home and that meant that inequalities group
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because most schools lack the technology and training to provide digital classrooms and not every family could fill the learning gap and in most german families it was the women who reduced their work hours to be there for their children putting their careers on hold the lockdown has affected how many families function especially in metropolitan cities since most of the households are seeing or calling their households family members have been trying to divide the responsibilities of the chills amongst themselves for example in some families i know all men have taken up the responsibility of cooking one whole meal for the entire family every day at the same time working mothers are trying hard to divide their time between work their children and other responsibilities since all the schools and the daycare's continue to remain shut if he beats you he loves you so the saying goes in russia domestic violence was already a huge issue in the country it's considered an administrative rather than a criminal offense but like in many countries things have gotten worse and lock
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down one well known n.g.o.s reporting that the telephones of its domestic abuse hotline are ringing off the hook and many people just have nowhere to go because shelters have gone into quarantine as well the outbreak of the corona virus has profoundly affected many american families with millions of low wage workers losing income getting sick and struggling to put food on the table putting on display how this crisis is exacerbated long existed you know qualities in american society. well people in central bolivia in south america have defied shutdown orders to protest against coronavirus restrictions the country has been under lockdown since mid march and many residents want it relaxed they're calling on authorities to provide more water and food there have been over 3000 coated 1000 cases reported in bolivia and around 140 deaths. and ethnic rohinton man has become the
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1st person to test positive for the corona virus in the refugee camp in bangladesh local authorities say that they have stepped up preventative measures and cox's bazar where hundreds of thousands of persecuted muslim minority have been housed since they fled myanmar 2 years ago. and u.s. republican senator richard burr has stepped aside as chairman of the senate intelligence committee hours after f.b.i. agents served a warrant for his boat it's part of a probe into whether he exploited advanced information when he sold as much as $1700000.00 in stocks during the corona virus outbreak. a typhoon has slammed into the eastern philippines as authorities struggle to evacuate hundreds of thousands of people but many of the emergency shelters are overcrowded with no means of social distancing and without proper safety gear against the coronavirus typhoon is expected to sweep across densely populated areas
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before exiting in the north on sunday. typhoon funk is packing powerful sustained winds of up to 150 kilometers. so far notice have been reported but it's still putting millions of lives at risk because of the corona virus pandemic arey is hit by the typhoon on the lockdown and people are trying to stay home to avoid infection the authorities have evacuated around 200000 people who now face contracting the virus at overcrowded emergency shelters due to social distancing mischa's the shelters can only accept haase the capacity and people have to wear face masks but not everyone has one and many are trying their best to keep safe. and we are learning now we have a lack of supplies to face mosques that's why we have started to make our own ones to avoid the spread of the virus typhoons
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a common occurrences in the philippines but this time the corona virus outbreak has made the threat even worse the national weather agency wants of potential flooding and landslides in the coming days. and joining us now from manila is he that he is anna sent us and as we heard there the typhoon has already ravaged several islands in the philippines what is the situation now. government officials the day that. it was the middle of that is a nightmare for thousands have been evacuated into evacuation centers and this took a longer time than usual i think for people and vehicles that were only operating up. and then taking temperature checks and then trying to destroy as many face facemask as they quote among the evacuees now of this elite so that we started seeing pictures 7. affected areas we saw devastation. thousands of people living in
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the coastal communities have now seen their houses just completely flattened so active the type who in this now brings us to another problem these people these evacuees might not have a home to return to and how would they stay safe in the flow now by this after that and these disaster response teams i mean they they have this challenge now of of still operating despite the coronavirus pandemic slowing their work down how are they managing the this emergency this typhoon is really straining government resources and manpower that have already been really. since the lockdown that we've been on there for them laugh 2 months so that the bigger challenge now is managing hygiene and sanitation in these very cramped evacuation centers there in the florida for not get what you have sanitation and
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hygiene in the 1st place now also the next couple of days will be monitoring the type getting the capital of manila we've seen over half of the photo posted positive cases in london and this is mostly because of how densely populated and in that it is these dense this density this over of manila is what you see that the legion tent the government authorities are facing challenges how to protect people from the typhoon and how to prevent these evacuation centers from turning into a hot bed for corona by. direct impact. on a santos joining us live from manila where this typhoon is forecast to hit shortly thank you so much. the one key weapon in the fight against the corona virus is widespread testing to help pinpoint and to isolate
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infected people but in much of the world to those tests are scarce german doctors have traveled to colombia with some precious cargo and valuable experience to help keep people safe in conspicuous boxes filled with hope hope for colombia to get a hold of its invisible enemy this delegation of epidemiologists from berlin arrived in bogota with precious cargo 80000 tests and a lot of experience. we all have a lot to learn from each other what's been the best way to improve health care provisions. which have been the best social distancing measures but we also have to cooperate to improve scientific research. and make sure virologists and epidemiologists can share their findings. well.
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dr christiane team came to colombia at the government's request in collaboration with local experts they hope to improve testing capacities especially in remote regions that lack an adequate infrastructure to face the pandemic. our goal is to establish testing in the middle of the country along the border with venezuela the region is home to a large population rob mentioned amid these and we want to make sure that these people have access to safe diagnostics to enable the implementation of effective public health measures in the region on a guy from. knowing where help is needed is crucial for the mission success. in one of the country's top labs the team from germany learns that things are in a very different way to back home. in one of our research projects in germany and processed 60000 samples between january and april
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with the help of robots here they told us that they process the same amount of samples manually working 17 hours a day that's very impressive. more impressive but the battle against the virus isn't only fought in stair i labs. it's the work on the ground that makes the biggest difference the german doctors join local health care officials checking up on people in the kennedy neighborhood of bogota no district has been hit harder than this one home to many of the city's most disadvantaged. between 25 and 30 percent of the population are considered vulnerable kong self isolate the concord team because they have to make money for their families so it's not only a public health problem it's also a social issue that needs to be addressed similar tenuously but that's ok the socio
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economic reality in colombia has little in common with that in germany but as countries move closer together to defeat the pandemic these differences become irrelevant building on the lasting benefits of scientific exchange dr pascoe's mission is meant to be but a 1st step in a cooperation it's hoped will outlive the common enemy. and meantime by now it's become well known that health care workers and others are suffering severe stress from their work fighting cope at 191 hospital in mexico has taken on a new special employee whose mission it is to help relieve some of that stress. preparing for work on the front lines and during a pandemic you can never be too careful. mate holly the 3 year old pug who works 2 hours a day at a mexican hospital to help raise spirits among health care workers. getting
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some colleagues want to carry harley or play with him right away we have to consider the long lasting deprivation of physical contact most it's significant especially for staff on the frontlines even segregated themselves from their own families to avoid the possibility of infection. hollies i know let's see it says she's surprised by all the smiles hollies brought out of the health care workers treating patients with copd it 19. was. really an important buffer against all kinds of stress psychological mental and emotional as we as health professionals experience on a daily basis. during the long grueling days of work in the crown of our section of this hospice to hype so high that little holly can bring some horse a t.v. t.v. . and if they need to ask you a quick reminder of the top story that we're following for you here on news germany's economy came to a screeching halt in the 1st quarter because of the coronavirus lock down the
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latest official data showing a 2.2 percent decrease in economic output. and don't forget you can always get you to me news on the go dot com also download our app and follow us on social media i'm sorry kelly.
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to give hope to those who have been cast aside. for him aims to do just that with her few g.'s. their children are for his or refugee means can get an education . they are often denied this opportunity because malaysia excludes them to this day . 3000. next on d w. robots they're still in the development phase. but
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that's going to happen when they grow. artificial intelligence is now spreading through our society ai will experts be able to agree on ethical guidelines or will this technology create deadly new autonomous weapons systems. paradise robot collapse. in 5 minutes on d w. when the rises cities will sink into the sea. entire stretches of land will be abandoned. and the water has to. be stopped it's happening faster than anticipated. massive sprinklers are supposed to
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prevent flooding but they only delayed the inevitable. how will we live in the future. 66 meters rising sea levels starts june 5th on g.w. . big. welcome to global 3000. this week we meet re-injure refugees who are facing huge obstacles when it comes to starting a new life abroad. in uganda we learn.


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