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this is the news live from berlin after a springtime stuck at home what chances are they if it getting to the sun this summer coronavirus restrictions have left. if they lock down on a holiday making winds will be european brady to open its borders and break out the big cheats. but the pandemic is in the german economy into recession the haps those summit get away dreams will have to remain just that output slump on more than 2 percent in the 1st quarter. in more than a stick. also coming up german software prepares to kick off again as the walk down is loose in the bundesliga forges ahead this weekend as the 1st major european
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league back on the pitch bought in front of the stand. i'm anthony howard welcome germans love the holidays in the sun and with the government lifting its pandemic restrictions on travel as the only things getting in the why of some the dreams of national board is getting other countries to return the favor and lift their border controls is now a matter of the highest level of politics and diplomacy germany's foreign minister is jus to discuss the matter with his european counterparts next week. the endless beaches of france and the majestic mountains of austria in any normal summer german tourists love to head for these and many other european beauty spots but because of the corona virus the route to germany is neighbors has been blocked at the borders
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for many the pandemic has given travel a new importance of which gets a lot of course it's about our health all around the world but they can't take away our freedom to travel not because of corona or an economic crisis and of a tough titties or what if i'd like to go to spain i don't yet know if that's possible it depends if the spanish open their border at the moment there's no sign maybe we'll know in 4 weeks one place that people can propose but there is a sign from the german government how it plans to reopen its front is the border with belgium and the netherlands was never closed and from saturday police will not patrol the luxemburg border either to the north denmark has said it is willing in principle to allow the traffic to flow but needs more time to work out the details germany's borders with france austria and switzerland will 1st see looser controls than at present if there's no new major spread of the virus the checks will be completely lifted in me june. the borders with poland and the czech republic have
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not been closed by germany but by the governments in warsaw and prague those 2 countries are not yet ready to open their front is to germany but berlin is hoping to persuade them beyond certainty has made some germans rethink their plans. based thank you but i think i'll just work on this summer and then go away in the autumn i hope i won't take a holiday this year it makes no sense and. there's still a long way to go until europe's vacation hot sponsor crowded from this weekend germans who want to travel at least have a timetable for when they will enjoy freedom of movement once again. well earlier we spoke to stephen meyer he say a junior minister in the german interior ministry and i asked him whether the time was really right to relax coronavirus border control we are successful in our containment policy or with regard to the pentagon make fortunately the number of
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new infections is rather low now in terms of the so now it's possible to lift a lot of sanctions in the different states and also to try to end all the controls deeply convinced this is a very important signal especially for those citizens who live next to the through the borders and certainly in a lot of regions. the economy is linked to each other very intensively and it's very important for the people on both sides of the of the border that we lift this restrictions now. that was stephen meyer a junior minister in the german interior ministry raising the question will germans be able to afford those holidays in the sun the latest figures show that the german economy has taken its hardest hit since the 2009 financial crisis shrinking by some 2.2 percent in the 1st quarter of this year coronavirus measures closed shops and restaurants wiped out tourism and sent manufacturing into
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a tailspin and the government says there's more pain ahead even before a recovery starts to take shape. germany's g.d.p. data is due me even if slowly but surely the lights of the economy are being turned on again. folks the country's biggest carmaker opened its may involve spurred plant a few weeks ago and despite distancing measures is edging towards full capacity as well as manufacturing the services sector is returning to normal hairdressers opened last week while it's even possible now to meet friends for beer again some cafes and bars open their doors areas. while that suggests some hope a lot of damage has been done the german g.d.p. 1st quarter fall of 2.2 percent is a dramatic drop after years of relative stability it also means germany has now officially entered recession with 2 successive quarterly falls and the 3rd quarter will be much worse. although the drop is sharp it's not as bad as analysts feared
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and it's better than most euro zone countries where lock downs have been longer and deeper although that is not necessarily a consolation for the german government given the state of the european economy as a whole. i believe that it will be very very important for the revival of the german economy that the european economy is recovering to its full capacity. because we are all dependent on suppliers all over europe we're dependent on exports from all over europe it's in our best interests that we do that. with berlin's tourist hot spots still eerily quiet due to travel restrictions it's a reminder that things won't fully get better anywhere in europe until they get better everywhere. well stephen bids they say from a business they've been a shocking set of numbers but a surprise no not really anthony i mean keep in mind that today the frankfurt
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exchange actually ended in the positive territory so everyone is expecting this and if you take a look around you can see that the streets were empty for weeks and that is starting to change now but everyone expected that this would be bad indeed it was and really if you think these numbers are bad then just wait until the next quarter as the report mentioned that could be a double digit minus but again that would be something that would like to be expected and that we've seen in one of our very eyes in general the german economy has fared better than other economies as the report mentioned factory capacity was actually much higher than in other countries the construction industry actually did well in march so some of these factors are playing into what we're seeing you refer to the lag case and the question is the economy likely to be back on track and he thomson we are seeing of course that businesses have been slowly reopening here in germany over the last few weeks there's going to be the question of course of demands do people feel safe enough to come out and go to those businesses and are the businesses are they able to serve their clientele in
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a full capacity we know that with restaurants for example which are reopening today that they're going to be able to serve a much smaller percentage of their clientele than they would have normally due to distancing measures what does that mean for them for example there are questions and that astronomy industry that industry in terms of the airline industry other questions of what's going to happen when short term subsidies provided by the government when those are lifted consider that in the restaurant industry here in germany 92 percent of employees of the labor force is actually earning a short term work subsidy so what happens when that is lifted are we going to see unemployment increase and then i would add that probably more important is germany is an export oriented economy so really its business and its g.d.p. g.d.p. depends so much on how other countries are doing it can't sell sneakers in the us and the german economy suffers if china stops buying machine. heavy heavily heavy industry of machinery than germany suffers and dealing with what's on the flights right now business is small and large but what about the long term damage anyway
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the guys that are the long term damage i think germany is going to end up in a better spot than many other nations the debt to g.d.p. ratio is always much lower than in other countries what i mean by that is basically germany has much less debt than say countries like italy countries like france people so want to buy german debt so if it needs money they need to generate money if it needs to fund for the recovery it has that ability much easier than other nations do i think a lot of the damage is really going to be on the political side remember that germany does not exist in a vacuum it exists in a major european bloc and the health of that bloc is really going to determine europe's future germany's future and that is going to be the next big struggle is the solidarity of questions like helping italy helping other nations who are starting to wobble under the intense amount of borrowing they're going to have to do that's really going to determine perhaps the german economy in the future just as much as factories are saving because they with they do believe business thank you. fears are growing in china of
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a 2nd wave of the corona virus clusters of the cases where suffer as have no symptoms have been reported in the epicenter of the original outbreak the city now and to taste all 11000000 residents in the coming days. to get a usable sample you have to rub this wall deep inside to through it to taste the entire population of wood hand you need to do this 11000000 times not is the enormous undertaking officials at the root of this global pandemic are attempting. to tell you i'm a little bit worried. it is a huge day for the government to take these measures to provide a tax for everyone. when you feel that you value it shows the care for residents health. for own 2 weeks the chinese city will be transformed into a giant lab after
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a cluster of new cases spooked local leaders testing will need to be rapidly increased from capacity of around 100000 tests to more than 700000 per day. i think it's necessary because after all a cluster of new infections appeared in one neighborhood just a few days ago there's a possibility of a reoccurrence of this epidemic we don't need to spend money out of our own pockets it will all be covered by the government so i think it's also a protection for our own lives and property. there's a myth. about rama. for months residents were forbidden to go outside now they're being beckoned to line up together and get tested not for the 1st time the world is watching rouhani regular mass testing on this scale could be one route out of lockdown and too few governments can marshal the resources required to pull it off. or for more on this i'm now joined by to be escorts is an
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epidemiologist at share a table then for now and university hospital where the world's 1st diagnostic test for coded 19 was developed good to have you with us professor that's a very ambitious plan to say the waste that china has for work hand 11000000 people tested within 10 days can they do it. well it sounds like that there have the capabilities to actually do it you need to personnel to take the tests you need the lab capacities to actually run these tests and obviously also a population who is willing to work with you and china has a culture that has also pointed out in the report that they take this as rather positive sign that the government cares for them and doing their task but it is it is very ambitious and i hope that they will be able to actually do all these tests in entire. professor the whole world watching in relation to a 2nd wife what's happening in hand they've recently confirmed 6 new cases how big
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is the risk that this small number could cause a 2nd wife. well we know the virus is still around and a large proportion of the population is still susceptible for getting the virus so getting an infection so there is a risk of course for a 2nd wave if the population or in germany or in china wherever actually keeps the measures in place and if the local officials are able to identify the clusters and isolate them and identify those who have been in contact with those who are potentially infected then certainly a 2nd wave can be stopped early and the 2nd wave is not as bad as the 1st it's on the other hand if travel is opening up if we have lots of people gathering together for example such as with sport events then there's a potential that one person can in fact many other people and then we have to face a 2nd wave professor we hear
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a lot of the coronavirus might be with us for the long haul now is large scale and regular testing the most reliable out of lockdown and towards a new normal whatever that is going to look like. well testing is important to identify clusters if you need to in test your entire population or entire city that is the big question because you will need to repeat these tests obviously in a very dynamic condemning you need to have information almost daily to see where you new infections if you test today and your negative a doesn't mean that you will be negative tomorrow so that's the question how much effort you do in one testing or in repeated testing so maybe a random sampling and identity find that plasters and that any fido's who have symptoms and who have been in contact with people in fact that is the key to go well that then testing everyone professor could from the birth then shot
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a tape hospital thanks so much thank you. emergency teams are scrambling to prevent an outbreak of the corona virus in the world's largest migrant settlement the 1st coronavirus case in rowing a camp in bangladesh has been confirmed and other persons living in the coxes bizarre district has also tested positive for cope with 19 official said the patients were being treated in oscillation almost 2000 people in time into contact with them in quarantine for weeks i have warned that cramped conditions in adequate sanitation have left the 1000000 people who live in the camps dangerously exposed to an outbreak of the virus. in other news an official place watchdog in hong kong has cleared offices of wrongdoing in the handling of anti-government protests last year the report by the independent police complaints council said police fired live rounds on 12 occasions but acted in accordance with the guidelines and only in
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response to the threat of lethal violence by protesters the report assessed 6 days between june and august last year near the beginning of the month long anti-government protests the concerns about reduced autonomy from mainland china protesters accuse police of brutality and a calling for an independent inquiry. well the arrival of the 1st typhoon of the year in the philippines has been complicated by the corona virus pandemic tens of thousands of people have been forced to break their lock downs and gather in cramped shelters and several corunna oscillation facilities have been destroyed at least one person died as the way the system battered the eastern philippines. when it rains it pulls a typhoon in the middle of the pandemic filipinos are used to big storms but now typhoon von phone has forced tens of thousands to evacuate their homes and gather close together when they should be sheltering in place to stop the spread of covert
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19. and thursday some 200000 people spent the night in emergency accommodations due to social distancing measures some shelters only accepted half a capacity and people were required to cover their faces but with shortages of masks many had to make do with whatever they could find. where. there's a lack of supplies and a face masks. that's why we've started to make our own so we can avoid spreading the virus. have been trying to find more space for temporary shelters including reopening schools and churches shuttered for the lockdown. as the weather system passed if left a trail of destruction in eastern provinces thousands of flimsy homes have been flattened or blown away in other regions the storm has left people dealing with
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floodwater. the capital manila has now started preparing for impact despite weakening slightly as it moved north towards the capital on friday fierce winds and rain are expected. to take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. in the latest round of talks on the u.k.'s post break that relationship with the a huge have ended in style might just weeks ahead of a key some of the used chief negotiator said the he was no longer optimistic that a new trade deal would be agreed before the end of the transition period on december 31st. it's been an explosion at a chemical plant at an industrial zone the venice local newspaper reported one worker had been injured in the blast of thirty's have told people to stay inside and close doors and windows because of thick black smoke billowing into the. colby is a being poured once again in the stretches northern territory with pubs and bars
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finally reopening after almost 2 dry months corona virus infection numbers in the outback region have been low the country's most populous state new south wales is also starting to. reopen rather cafes and. while many restaurants cafes and even hotels are allowed to open from today various states across germany while it's a welcome relief to many some involved in the hospitality business i will remain closed for swatting joins me alex what are the requirements for reopening well under germany's federal system it's up to the 16 states to decide when and how those premises are going to reopen said today it was in lynn on monday we will see dining facilities with outdoor seating opening in bavaria and also in other states like west and pomerania it began last weekend now there was a bit of a publicist stunt in a cafe there with various guests being told that they had to wear hats with
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swimming noodles on them to make sure that people will keeping socially distanced but on a more serious note in other places there are all these various rules health and safety rules in place such as people having to write down the names and addresses of each. yes making sure that only 2 households can sit at one table and the list goes on all to make sure that people remain say so while there are some restraint and his choosing to remain closed this chance yeah well according to the hotel and destroying the meat industry association and who he was speaking to today it's partly because of those health and safety rules that social distancing making it very difficult for small cafes to be able to open but also because of other reasons like fixed costs ok they already have to pay rent but if they're having to really employ members of staff knowing that they're only going to get home if the people through the doors because of social distancing problems because of
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a lack of tourism it's a big issue now one restaurant owner lynn where his premise was reopened today is well aware of the hit to his business and to others. it's about all night and i expect a profit in 2020 we can be happy if we can absorb the losses a little bit but only a little bit. sort of normal turnover for the rest of the year. and then we hope that 2021 truism will be to the gun and we will have more. about but even though the focus is only 50 to 60 percent of 2019. the stock linwood. what has been the economic impact in hospitality sector in germany has been pretty dreadful and the german hotel and restaurant association warned back in april that by the end of april there would be 10000000000 euros of sales a loss which just goes to highlight how serious this is now they had to say
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a protest in berlin and in frankfurt to draw attention to this where they had empty seats out to say to people look if you don't get your act in gear and if the government doesn't help we're going to see more clearly she is now of course it's welcome news that premise is on opening and have already started to reopen but will it last will they need government help or will they have to close all together we shall see did for us watching thanks so much. well the bundesliga returns this weekend after 2 months suspension because of the coronavirus pandemic that the matches will be unlike anything we have seen before due to the strict tagine rules which will be in place there are no fans in the stadium to avoid the spread of the virus players celebrating goals of victories cannot hog but they can touch using buzz or fate coaches and substitutes on the bench have to wear masks players have also been ordered not to speak on the ground. well for more on the
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science and health risk behind the resumption of the bundesliga i'm joined by professor vilhelm block from the german sport university of kalani specialized in sports medicine thanks so much for being on the show we have heard about the regulations put in place to try and protect footballers from the coronavirus while they applying do you think the new rules make it safe for players not going and. i think the rules that are developed and share in the game situation and the games i think it's right to be sure of that. nature this is the player who is the team. open contact out there in the game time and that risk because if you how in. and you brings an action game then you
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risk situation the game for anything action. professor there are so many unknowns but football is a contact sport how do you expect the actual matches to progress this way can the style of play do you think they'll be an unusual unusual method for tackling for example because football is a so instinctive and we're asking them to do what i haven't been taught to do. are out of that. question because i think they're. not change syria no more a movement and i i think say that tackle again and terror they will have contact but it's not excluded. try to. tackle this and so again recently change that sets open question and to the air at the weekend what happened. what more with that in mind do you think the
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bundesliga could have done to bring us to this point when way ready to regime under they sniffles. that if you question i'm some doubt about that bass to know always the air and i'm not sure if the best way. some. doubts is. some serious concerns about terrorists he has risk here or i would think it would be better to to start our later. professor we'll have blocks thank you so much. thank you bye. and a reminder out before we go the top story we're following for you this hour. germany's economy came to a screeching halt in the 1st quarter of the year because of the coronavirus lock
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down the latest official data shows a 2.2 percent decrease in economic output. and don't forget before we go you can always get news on the go just download our app from google play or from the app store and that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news if you are part of a news story you can also use the d. w. app to send us photos and videos of what's happening in your part of the world. this is the deadly news and you are up to date don't forget you can also follow us on social channels a true that and instagram and. more news coming up in half an hour's time for now i'm anthony howard in berlin see you again at the top we are.
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africa. and more is the way to save this endangered species. and bills are threatened by environmental destruction. a south african project tries to protect the baby birds lovingly rearing them by hand. but there's nothing to stop nature from calling eco in africa. in 60 minutes on d w. beethoven is for me windows is for. beethoven is for him beethoven is for her. and beethoven is for. beethoven is for everyone. beethoven 2020 years of
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the 50th anniversary here on d w. what do they dream of at night. as cleaners they see the face of horror. their job censoring for the social media industry. in the uk there are thousands of so-called content monitors day for day they scream terrifying images from online platforms the rich in jobs for starvation wage the strain is enormous. the cleaners are sworn to secrecy they are not allowed to talk about their work. and no one asks how they are doing. a great. i need to stop there's something wrong up in. the cleaners social media
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shadow industry starts joining us on g w. welcome to in good shape coming up. how dangerous is basal cell carcinoma. of sunscreen really protect against the sun's harmful rays.


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