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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 15, 2020 10:00pm-10:30pm CEST

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this is t w news live from after a springtime stuck at home what are your chances of being able to get away on holiday all coronavirus restrictions have left the germans yearning to leave lockdown behind and will be ready to open its borders and break out the beach chairs. on perhaps they could head to slovenia it's got makes mountains out the coastline and it's just become the 1st member of the european union to declare itself free of the pandemic. but spare a thought for people in the chinese city of rouhani who thought they'd beaten the
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virus now. being tested after the discovery of a new cluster of cases. i think quality and reactions of hong kong police during the last 2 years pro-democracy protests clears them of using unnecessary violence saying officers were responding to threats. to the program well germans love their holidays in the sun with the government starting to lift pandemic border controls the only things getting in the way of those summit dreams of other countries borders so getting them to lift their controls is now a match for the highest level of politics and diplomacy germany's foreign minister is due to discuss exactly that with his european counterparts next week. the endless beaches of france and the majestic mountains of austria in any normal
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summer german tourists love to head for these and many other european beauty spots but because of the corona virus the route to germany is neighbors has been blocked at the borders for many the pandemic has given travel a new importance of which gets a lot of courses about our health all around the world but they can't take away our freedom to travel not because of corona or an economic crisis and of a tough titties or a spot in front of i'd like to go to spain i don't get know if that's possible it depends if the spanish open their border at the moment there's no sign maybe we'll know in 4 weeks one place that people think of it but there is a sign from the german government how it plans to reopen its front is the border with belgium and the netherlands was never closed and from saturday police will not patrol the luxemburg border either to the north denmark has said it is willing in principle to allow the traffic to flow but needs more time to work out the details
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germany's borders with france austria and switzerland will 1st see looser controls than at present if there's no new major spread of the virus the checks will be completely lifted in me june. the borders with poland and the czech republic have not been closed by germany but by the governments in warsaw and prague those 2 countries are not yet ready to open their front is to germany but berlin is hoping to persuade them you know uncertainty has made some germans rethink their plans. to stick but i think i'll just work on what this summer and then go away in the autumn i hope i won't take a holiday this year it makes no sense. there's still a long way to go until europe's vacation hot sponsor crowded from this weekend germans who want to travel at least have a timetable for when they will enjoy freedom of movement once again. lots of restaurants cafes and hotels have started to reopen across germany on it's
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a welcome relief to some in the hospitality industry choosing to stay closed w.'s onyx forest white house will welcome alex so what are the requirements of cafes and restaurants need to meet before they can reopen where because germany is a federal system it's up to the 16 states to decide when and how those cafes and restaurants and even hotels can open so today in berlin cafes and restaurants began to open on monday in bavaria we will see dining facilities with out door seating opening so that will also allow some of those important big gardens there and also some states have already opened their doors including western palm pomerania and the gun last weekend and in fact one cow cafe in a bit of a publicist the stunt decided to give every customer a hat with a swimming pool toggle on top to make sure that they were keeping their social distance from each other and other states are taking this very seriously as well
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ensuring that openness is a writing down the names and addresses of each guest ensuring that only people from 2 households can sit at the same table and in many places. is waiting and kitchen staff having to wear a mask at all times so why are some restaurant owners are deciding to stay closed well we were speaking earlier to the bird in hotel and restaurant and meat industry association and lessing partly to do with these health and safety rules the to kill a make you feel that people are keeping a one and a half meter distance difficult if you own a small cafe for example but for all the people i think is just simply down to the numbers is this financially viable there off fixed costs already associated with having a restaurant or a cafe such as rent but if you're bringing stuff back in to work full time and you've only got half the people coming through your doors because of no tourism and because of social distancing policies it's going to become very difficult now one
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restaurant owner in berlin who has reopened today has explained exactly why he his business has already been hit. by dalton's one situation i don't expect a profit in 2020 to be happy if we can rebuild the losses a little bit but only a little bit. i think for the purposes of normal turnover for the rest of the year . and then we hope that 2021 truism. we will have more. about but even though the focus is only 50 to 60 percent of 2019. 1000. so what sort of economic impact has the pandemic had. hospitality sector which has been pretty dreadful and the german hotel and restaurant association warned back in april that around $10000000000.00 euros of sales would be lost by the end of april so that just gives you an idea and some restaurants and cafes across live in across frankfurt actually how the protests an empty chair protest
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a couple of weeks ago where they were trying to draw attention to just how serious a problem this is for them more than 220000 businesses are affected across germany a huge number so although it's great that finally being opened now here in berlin and in other states across germany the question is will they need more government help in the future or will they actually end up having to close their doors because they can't get that money through and those people people through as well as far as watching thank you. really has become the 1st in you member state to declare its coronavirus epidemic over the prime minister announced that the spread of the virus is now under control with only a few new confirmed infections every day living in your borders it's leaker asia and austria and it's now be opening its borders to a new citizens light at the end of the tunnel for slovenia's government at
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least the number of new coronavirus infections only $35.00 over the last 2 weeks has reassured authorities and led them to take an unprecedented step announcing that its corona virus epidemic is officially over. through the today slovenia has the best epidemic logical picture in europe which means we can declare an end to the general epidemic and this will probably coincide with the end of the 1st 2 empty corona packages. packages that include financial aid to citizens and companies hit by the coronavirus crisis some think this could have been a strong motivator for the government to say the outbreak in the country was over authorities are gradually loosening restrictions which were introduced 2 months ago schools will begin to reopen next week and cafes and restaurants will be able to serve customers indoors. at last count a shocker but it's all in the end of
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a great chain homeschool park but the patience in people i think will be to make the point be more and. i hope not. a loosening but not a free for all people are still required to follow basic rules to avoid spreading the virus like wearing face masks and practicing social distancing. slovenia also announced it will open its borders to e.u. residents after a slump in tourism revenue over the last 2 months the hope is that tourists will return and that slovenia will be able to keep the coronavirus setback. journalist a brown joins us from. welcome to what do they go mean when they say we can go. well 1st there are of course the numbers you said already 35 cases over the last 14 days today it was only new one
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new cases reported 29 are presently in hospital 7 of them in tents of care even for a small country like slovenia with its 2000000 inhabitants that are small numbers and this is where prime minister young claims to be kind of based in class and this is how he justified to live the status of a demick here in the country however critics say it was a purely political decision taken half an hour before midnight before the status would have prolonged automatically for another month and this is why this decision was taken relatively hastily last night. however you have to say that most of the protective measures that are in place presently still be in place at least till the end of the month so there is also a gradual opening of businesses and facilities here in the country but it goes slowly step by step but the way 35000000 factions over the last 2 weeks is still
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pretty impressive how bad did things get there. well all in all it didn't get half as bad as expected so. the hospitals at no point had a problem to deal with these cases except one sector and these are gail kelly holmes just today there was a research published by the london school of economics. saying that was living in your head among the european states one of the highest death rates in elderly homes and that for sure sparked also quite some critics here in society but all in all you have to say the numbers were low stayed low and that the situation was under control not least because the government imposed very early relatively strict measures and for example bieber for several weeks not allowed to leave our
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community except for going to work but most of the businesses were closed to any way on the other hand people were also very disciplined so very masks the german discussion of of wearing masks from the perspective seems to be rather awkward because here are people who are very must basically from day one and they keep doing so even now today you don't enter a store without wearing a mask briefly if you wouldn't mind how much economic damage as this pandemic caused a lot because like you all over europe a lot of businesses had to close down especially in the small little prizes they got some help from the slovenes they but it was marginal and 700 euros a month for self employed for example that is the slovene minimum wage on the other hand this linda economy is very much depending on exports and mostly on exports to groom many and as hard as the german economy is here we just heard about it it will
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also leave brutal scars here in the slovene economy in the next weeks and months to come i'm sure about that we'll talk about browed in libya. let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world now the german economy is taking its hardest hit since the 2009 financial crisis shrinking by 2.2 percent in the 1st quarter of the year experts are warning of an even deeper slump in the 2nd quarter is the full impact of coronavirus restrictions is felt. the latest round of talks on the u.k.'s post present relationship with the european union have ended in stalemate the e use chief negotiator michel barnier said he was no longer optimistic that a new trade deal would be agreed before the end of the transition period when the 31st of december. protesters in or in the united states are valid outside pennsylvania's state capital calling for an end to stay at home orders and some
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family has begun to ease its current virus locked up but half of the state's 60 counties remain under restrictions allowing only essential business and travel critics say the measures there are inflicting undue economic suffering. to china where fears of a 2nd wave of corona virus infection are growing clusters of asymptomatic cases have been reported in who han where the virus was 1st detected the city now aims to test all 11000000 residents over the coming days. to get a usable sample you have to rub the swab deep inside the throat to taste the entire population of wool hand you need to do this 11000000 times that is the enormous undertaking officials at the root of this global pandemic are attempting. i'm a little bit worried it is
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a huge effort for the government to take these measures to provide a test for everyone. we will let you in but it shows the care for residents health. for own 2 weeks the chinese city will be transformed into a giant lab after a cluster of new cases spooked local leaders testing will need to be rapidly increased from capacity of around 100000 tests to more than 700000 per day. because i think it's necessary because after all a cluster of new infections appeared in one neighborhood just a few days ago there's a possibility of a reoccurrence of this epidemic we don't need to spend money out of our own pockets it will all be covered by the government so i think it's also a protection for our own lives and property just as the president has that. for months residents were forbidden to go outside now they're being beckoned to
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line up together and get tested not for the 1st time the world is watching world one regular mass testing on this scale could be one route out of lockdown and the few governments can marshal the resources required to pull it off. or to be. an epidemiologist of balance renowned charity hospital he told us about the importance of testing. well testing is important to identify clusters if you need to and test your entire population or entire city that is the question because you will need to repeat these tests obviously in a very dynamic come demick you need to have information almost daily to see where your new infections are if you test today and your negative doesn't mean that you will be negative tomorrow so that's the question of how much effort you do in one testing or in repeated testing so maybe a random sampling and identifying the class and then the 5 those who have symptoms
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and who have been in contact with people who have been in fact that is the key to go rather than testing everyone. to be a court despite the importance of testing most of the world is suffering from a shortage of test kits german doctors travel to colombia with their precious cargo and valuable experience to help keep people safe in conspicuous boxes filled with hope hope for colombia to get a hold of its invisible enemy this delegation of epidemiologists from berlin arrived to build a child with precious cargo 80000 tests and a lot of experience. tossed in a mosque up in the middle we all have a lot to learn from each other what's been the best way to improve health care provisions. which have been the best social distancing measures but we also have to cooperate to improve scientific research. and make sure virologist and
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epidemiologists can share their findings. welcome back to the doctor christiane put pascoe's team came to colombia at the government's request in collaboration with local experts they hope to improve testing capacities especially in remote regions that lack an adequate infrastructure to face the pandemic. i will goal is to establish testing in the north of the country along the border with venezuela the region is home to a large population not a mention of i mean these and we want to make sure that these people have access to safe diagnostics to enable the implementation of effective public health measures in the region again i think on. knowing where help is needed is crucial for the mission success. in one of the country's top labs the team from germany learns that things are in a very different way to back home. loans it was in one of our
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research projects in germany processed 60000 samples between january and april with the help of robots here they told us that they process the same amount of samples manually working 17 hours a day that's very impressive. more impressive but the battle against the virus isn't only fought in stare our labs it's the work on the ground that makes the biggest difference. the german doctors join local health care facials checking up on people in the kennedy neighborhood of bogota no district has been hit harder than this one home to many of the city's most disadvantaged. between 25 and 30 percent of the population are considered vulnerable mekong self isolate they can't currently in because they have to make money for their families so it's not only a public health problem it's also a social issue that needs to be addressed similar tenuously that's. the socio
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economic reality in colombia has little in common with that in germany but as countries move closer together to defeat the pandemic these differences become irrelevant building on the lasting benefits of scientific exchange dr pascoe's mission is meant to be but a 1st step in a cooperation it's hoped will outlive the common enemy. well in other news a long anticipated report has cleared hong kong police of any wrongdoing during the pro-democracy protests last year the report by the independent police complaints council said police used force against demonstrators only when officers had reasonable suspicion of lethal force being used or prepared against the report was released as a pro-democracy protester was jailed after pleading guilty to writing during last year's unrest. for these protestors sin car hole is
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a hero. stay strong they shout as he is taken away in a van to serve a 4 year prison sentence cin was the 1st pro-democracy protesters to plead guilty to charges of rioting nearly $600.00 more face the same charges. the violence of hong kong police during last year's massive protests was also under review though they were exonerated the territories police watchdog claimed officers use of force was not excessive we have to be careful and fair to to the police force in this case is that they did have a very very difficult. situation to deal with and they have been forced to know. the findings of the council whose members are appointed by chief executive kerry lam were quickly dismissed by the opposition. those who wrote this report they simply chose to look the other way and that's why we have been adamant
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about all day mocking that there has to be a proper. genuine independent inquiry into all of this police brutality. the report is unlikely to quell the public's anger toward hong kong police images like these are seared into the memories of many who participated in or supported the pro-democracy movement. tear gas is a taste that nearly everyone remembers well all too well this ice cream shop has even made it into a flavor as a tribute to the sting of struggle. we wanted to make a flavor which reminds people to persist with the protest movement and not lose their passion. for. demonstrations stop this winter because of the corona virus outbreak but protesters have clashed with police again in recent days
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now that the spread of the virus in hong kong has practically come to a halt. d.w. reporter sherry chamakh of of the pro-democracy protests in hong kong and gave us her recollections of the behavior of police demonstrators although. i actually got the. situation i have seen protests break through that throwing bombs i've seen that i think. the thieves and i think shot all infrastructure on the street but also in many cases the police say also indiscriminately on the public where i have seen them and you think that this. is what kind of conduct. i have seen. the demonstrations and i have also seen that firing at close range and in
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many cases these well it's not only you and the protesters but also the press their partners who are there because the situation and to the one. demonstration. last that's. right but you want to keep i have to protect. from the police so this report. deflect. neglected incidents and. those take a look at some of the of the stories making news around the boat the coronaviruses reach bangladesh is huge migrant camps which has more than a 1000000 range of refugees at least 3 cases of covered 19 have been confirmed aid agency teams scrambling to try and trace people who've been no contact with the infected but who work is in belgium have staged
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a flashmob to protest against their government's a hog of the crowbars pandemic and to raise awareness and. difficult working conditions about $250.00 health workers are joining the unusual protest in the city of new age builders per capita death tolls from covered 19 is one of the world's highest. south african brewery has repurposed its beer vast to make soup for people struggling joining the pandemic the woodstock brewery in cape town stopped making beer when alcohol was banned and the lockdown introduced in march now volunteers make 5000 liters of soup every day and distribute it to communities and homeless shelters. and this weekend sees a return of professional football to germany the bundesliga will become the 1st major league in europe to restart following the coronavirus lockdown football bosses say it's not just a sport but an economic driver the big leagues across europe will be watching to
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see how the bundesliga fares with games being played under unusual conditions. since mid march germany's football stadiums have fallen silent now the bundestag ams to emerge from its coronavirus brick with so-called closed door matches without funds and under strict hygiene rules the idea to get back out on the pitch as soon as possible when it's anyone who rejects close door matches needn't wreck their brains about whether the league will have 18 or 20 professional clubs playing in the future because in that case there won't be 20 professional clubs left. mickey. it's not only a make or break issue for the german league the other big european leagues are also deliberating how to emerge from the lockdown. the english premier league is the biggest money maker in european football followed by the bundesliga and by spans. for the premier league and lega t.v. revenue accounts for more than half of all income. it's slightly less than that for
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the bundesliga but they're determined to get the ball rolling again even without spectators if that's what it takes to keep revenues flowing. when matches are aired the advertising boards around the pitch will provide another financial boost in the current crisis the upcoming weeks will show how well the new concept works but there's no doubt that the game will be a different one has seen in south korea where the caley season kicked off last week gold celebrated with social distancing. a sign of the times. essential up to date for the top of the hour i'll be back with the day in just moved.
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beethoven is for me. is for. beethoven is for him beethoven is for her. and beethoven is for. beethoven is for every nuance. beethoven 2020.
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50th anniversary here on d w. snore didn't what do they dream of at night it is. as cleaners they see the face of horror. on their job censoring for the social media industry. in manila there are thousands of so-called content monitors day for day they scream terrifying images from online platforms. up 220000 times a day. a risky job for starvation wage. the strain is enormous. the cleaners are sworn to secrecy they are not allowed to talk about their work. and no one asks how they are doing. i quote. i need to stop there
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something walk up and. do social networks have any social responsibility at all. the cleaners social media shadow industry starts to names on t.w. . europe's biggest economy has just announced its worst quarterly contraction since the global financial crisis and germany is now in recession but if the rest of europe is fairing even worse then how bad are things for germany really spider of us that's still pretty bad i'm phil gayley in berlin and this is the day.


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