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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 16, 2020 1:00am-1:16am CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin brazil's new health minister quits after less than a month on the job the resignation comes as the spread of the coronavirus accelerates in the country's president john bolton out of opposes measures to control the outbreak saying deaths are the price of saving the economy also coming up. life was returning to the chinese city of lu han now all at $11000000.00 residents are being tested after the discovery of a new cluster of cases. and didn't inquire into the actions of hong kong police
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during last year's pro-democracy protests clears some of using unnecessary violence saying the officers were responding to threats. on pablo foley s welcome to the show brazil's far right president john bolton out o. has lost his 2nd health minister in a month as he continues to downplay the dangers of the coronavirus nelson type show has stepped down after only a few weeks on the job giving no reason for his resignation also now though has been pushing to reopen the economy despite soaring deaths and new infections brazil is the epicenter of the pandemic in latin america almost $15000.00 people are now
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confirmed to have died from covert 19 though the crew death toll is likely to be much higher. now our reporter hang around me joins me in the studio with more details on the story high hunch when. do we have any indication as to why taj resigned. gave new reason absolutely no reason for his resignation at a press conference but we know that the 2 have been at odds those narrow opposes lockdown measures and he wants to get the economy up and running again very soon but it is a doctor and health care consultant and he wants to continue with the stay at home ashes so last week was narrow issued a decree to allow the jeems and beauty salons to be open again without consulting type actually and. criticize that and then the final straw seems to be the wish of the president to use
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a drug to treat malaria. and the drug is called chloro queen and it's a medication primarily primarily used to treat in the area as i sat and it's been discussed a lot since a pandemic started but the world have organization says that there is actually no definite if evidence that it actually works so definitely you know a strained relationship between the 2 obviously now can you tell us how brazil is actually handling the corona virus epidemic one of them for us narrow the economy is the number one part power t. he has been telling people to ignore quarantine meshes and he has described the virus as a little flu even but this attitude of those narrow has actually been criticized globally for by many people because brazil has now become one of the world's biggest coronavirus hotspots and raised to over 200000 cases and almost 15000 deaths which is the 6th highest in the world actually but still both narrow
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doesn't actually appreciate any of these quarantine meshes and because of that he also. sacked tykes predecessor because the whole wrote over this issue so obviously some shocking numbers there and briefly you know will this have any actual political impact on president johnson who was an heiress found himself already increasingly isolated over his response he has clashed with state and local authorities over the social distancing measures and with. with tykes presentation political cultural he impeachment already and also angry about a pretty worrying situation there. in brazil thanks for joining us and for giving us that update. well let's take another look at some other stories making news around the world. medical workers in belgium have staged
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a flash mob to protest against their government's handling of the coronavirus pandemic and to raise awareness of their difficult working conditions about 250 health workers join the euro news will protest in the city of the edge belgium's per capita death toll from covert $900.00 it's one of the world's highest. says african brewery has repurposed its beer vats to make soup for people struggling during the pandemic woodstock brewery in cape town stopped making beer when alcohol was banned under the lock down introduced in march now volunteers may get 5000 liters of soup every day and distributed to communities and homeless shelters. the latest round of talks on the u.k.'s post bragg's its relationship with the european union have ended in stalemate the use chief negotiator michel barnier said he was no longer optimistic that a new trade deal would be agreement before the end of the transition period on
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december 31st. and slovenia has become the 1st european union member state to declare its coronavirus epidemic over the prime minister and stop the spread of the virus is now under control with only a few new confirmed infections every day sylvania borders italy hungary croatia and austria there's now reopening its borders to e.u. citizens. light at the end of the tunnel for slovenia's government at least the number of new corona virus infections only 35 over the last 2 weeks has reassured authorities and led them to take an unprecedented step announcing that its corona virus epidemic is officially over. to the today's slovenia has the best epidemic logical picture in europe which means we can declare an end to the general epidemic this will probably coincide with the end of the 1st 2 empty
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corona packages that keep packages that include financial aid to citizens and companies hit by the coronavirus crisis some think this could have been a strong motivator for the government to say the outbreak in the country was over authorities are gradually loosening restrictions which were introduced 2 months ago schools will begin to reopen next week and cafes and restaurants will be able to serve customers in dollars. at last count a shocker but it's all in the end money will change no school no big parking but the pension scheme people i think will be the image the point the moral. i hope not . a loosening but not a free for all people are still required to follow basic rules to avoid spreading the virus like wearing face masks and practicing social distancing. slovenia also announced it will open its borders to e.u.
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residents after a slump in tourism revenue over the last 2 months the hope is that tourists will return and that slovenia will be able to keep the coronavirus set. in china testing is being deployed to avert a 2nd wave of corona virus infections in the original epicenter of the global pandemic clusters of asymptomatic cases have been reported in where the virus was 1st detected at the end of last year the city now aims to test all and $11000000.00 residents in the coming days. to get a usable sample you have to rob the swab deep inside the throat. to test the entire population of wool hand you need to do this 11000000 times that is the enormous undertaking officials at the root of this global pandemic are attempting. in. your dial i'm a little bit worried it is
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a huge effort for the government to take these measures to provide a test for everyone. when you feel that you can but it shows the care for residents health. for own 2 weeks the chinese city will be transformed into a giant lab after a cluster of new cases spoke to local leaders testing will need to be rapidly increased from capacity of around 100000 tests to more than 700000 per day. because i think it's necessary because after all a cluster of new infections appeared in one neighborhood just a few days ago there's a possibility of a reoccurrence of this epidemic we don't need to spend money out of our own pockets it will all be covered by the government so i think it's also a protection for our own lives and property the state the us army has at the bottom . for months residents were forbidden to go outside now they're being beckoned to
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line up together and get tested not for the 1st time the world is watching rouhani regular mass testing on this scale could be one route out of lockdown and the few governments can marshal the resources required to pull it off. to be a skirt is an epidemiologist at berlin's renowned sherry hospital he told us about the importance of testing. well testing is important to identify clusters if you need to in test your entire population or entire city that is the big question because you will need to repeat these tests obviously in a very dynamic pandemic you need to have information almost daily to see where you new infections if you test today and your negative doesn't mean that you will be negative tomorrow so that's the question how much effort you do in one testing or in repeated testing so maybe a random sampling and identifying the class and then they fired those who have
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symptoms and who have been in contact with people who have been in fact that is the key to go rather than testing everyone a long anticipated report has cleared hong kong police of any wrongdoing during last year's pro-democracy protests the report by the independent police complaints council said police used force against the demonstrators only when officers had reasonable suspicion of lethal force being used or prepared against them the findings were released as a pro-democracy protester was jailed after pleading guilty to writing during last year's unrest. for these protestors sin coho is a hero. stay strong they shout as he is taken away in a van to serve a 4 year prison sentence sin was the 1st pro-democracy protesters to plead guilty to charges of rioting nearly $600.00 more face the same charges. the violence of
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hong kong police during last year's massive protests was also under review though they were exonerated the territories police watchdog claimed officers use of force was not excessive we have to be careful in fear too to the police force in this case is that they have a very very difficult. situation to be with they have been forced into. the findings of the council whose members are appointed by chief executive kerry lam were quickly dismissed by the opposition. those who wrote this report they simply chose to look the other way and that's why we have been adamant about outing mond that said there has to be a proper. genuine independent inquiry into all of those police brutality. the report is unlikely to quell the public's anger toward hong kong
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police images like these are seared into the memories of many who participated in or supported the pro-democracy movement. tear gas is a taste that nearly everyone remembers well all too well this ice cream shop has even made it into a flavor as a tribute to the sting of struggle. we wanted to make a flavor which reminds people to persist with the protest movement and not lose their passion. demonstration stop this winter because of the corona virus outbreak but protesters have clashed with police again in recent days now that the spread of the virus in hong kong has practically come to a halt. did your reporter cherry chime covered the pro-democracy protests in hong kong she gave us her recollections of the behavior of police and demonstrators all the few months i was in hong kong i actually got the. situation i have seen
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protests that spring break through i have seen them growing has focused and i have seen that i think by. the thieves and the light that shot all our infrastructure on the street but also in many cases the police if you say also indiscriminately on the public they were i have seen that and you think that the spray lawmakers who are trying to calm that is the question and i have seen them interrogate. by the demonstrations and i have also seen that firing at close range and to the ne in many cases the waltz not only you and the protesters but also the threats and the republicans who are there because of the situation and to the east and once one in the nation to what they call the demonstration she lost sight right i. was he
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by a project. from the police so this report. he's like to me like the final incident and they didn't. discuss the situation this is deja vu news you can keep up to date roll the latest news on our web site that's the job you do. it's a deadly serious. and a women's nature. you know differences. and struggles to rule and. greed. busa should be designer sunni. leaders that drives.


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