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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 16, 2020 10:00am-10:16am CEST

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this is deja news a lie from berlin germans longing for some holidays after a lockdown might get their moment in the sun with corona virus infections on decline in europe germany has begun easing border controls with neighboring countries the move is good news for europe's tourism industry which took a major hit during the pandemic also coming up. this league of football kicks off again today but the players will have to adjust to stadiums without fans and one of the big games will see dortmund take on shelf in their 1st match after the lockdown
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. a michael okuda it's good to see you with us germany has taken another major step towards normality after months of coronavirus restrictions this weekend border control says some of germany's neighbors are being eased this includes a luxembourg france austria and switzerland the goal is to resume free travel within the e.u. by mid june just in time for some holiday but it all still very much depends on keeping the virus in check the endless speeches of france and the majestic mountains of austria in any normal summer german tourists love to head for these and many other european beauty spots. but because of the corona virus the route to
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germany's neighbors has been blocked at the borders for many the pandemic has given travel a new importance just gets a lot of courses about our health all around the world but they can't take away our freedom to travel not because of corona or an economic crisis and of the tough days the spot in front of i'd like to go to spain i don't yet know if that's possible it depends if the spanish open their border at the moment there's no sign maybe we'll know in 4 weeks if you will. but there is a sign from the german government how it plans to reopen its frontiers the border with belgium and the netherlands was never closed from today police will not patrol the luxemburg border either to the north denmark has said it is willing in principle to allow the traffic to flow but needs more time to work out the details germany's borders with france austria and switzerland have been seeing a loosening of restrictions that means that here at the austrian german border
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anyone with family or property on the other side may now cross over and if there's no major new spread of the virus the checks will be completely lifted in mid june the borders with poland and the czech republic have not been closed by germany but rather by the governments in warsaw and prague berlin is hoping to persuade them to open their front here is that the uncertainty has made some germans rethink their plans. thinking that i think i'll just work a lot this summer and then go away in the autumn i hope i won't take a holiday this year it makes no sense because. there's still a long way to go until europe's vacation hot spots are crowded but now germans at least have a timetable for when they will enjoy the freedom of movement once again. correspondent bustin hartig is on the german austrian border in the town of kiefer's feld and from where he joins me now boston it's good to see you again and squarely a big day where you are the border between germany and austria reopened just
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a few hours ago give us a sense of what the situation is. yeah as you can see michael it's fairly quiet there's one car at the checkpoint right now but if you look over here this lane i've been i've been told is up until yesterday this was packed with cars at any given moment because police pulled over every car that wanted to cross the border now they're only checking at random if you do get pulled over like that car behind me they'll ask you why you want to enter the country then you have to make their case to the officers and if they think your reason is good enough to let you through if they don't they'll turn you back and they'll escort you back across the border to austria michel so it's random checking along that border what are some of the restrictions that will remain in place for certain. ok so those restrictions have been eased just
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a little bit since yesterday so before that basically only people who were commuting for work for example or german citizens returning home they got to cross the border now that definition has been expanded that now includes people who want to visit family members on the other side of the border for example or people who have real estate on the other side that they need to tend to they now get to cross as well but still not possible is crossing for touristic purposes or for shopping trips for example michel i see so it's still early and you likely haven't had a chance to talk to many travelers but what's the collective significance for people who have an intention of crossing from one side to the other. well look ok so 1st of all there's these people who live close to the border they routinely cross. before the corona crisis they would cross the border just as a normal routine in their daily life now and at the moment they can't do that or
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only very restricted but on a bigger scale holiday season is coming up so people want to know if they can go on a summer holiday austria is one of the favorite destinations for german citizens they want to go to the mountains they want to join their summer holiday there at the moment i don't know if they can do that now the border controls or the borders should be opened by june 15th but that is that depends highly on the number of infection cells the german interior minister said if those infections surge on either side of the border then that there that the plan that they have opening the borders by june 15th can't go ahead and even the easing of the restrictions that are taking place yesterday or last night will be will be walked back michael our correspondent boston hearty with the latest from the german austrian border much appreciated. let's have a look at the latest developments in the corona virus pandemic the italian
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government is easing travel restrictions allowing people to move freely inside their home region as of monday and between regions starting june 3rd russian health authorities say they have registered an additional $9200.00 kroner virus infections in the past 24 hours so the 3 baltic states have a stony a lot via and lithuania have opened their borders to one another creating the e.u.'s 1st travel bubble during the pendennis now let's also take a look at some of the other stories that are making news around the world the number of india's confirmed coronavirus cases has surpassed china climbing to more than 85000 infections prime minister narendra modi's government is expected to announce a decision this weekend on whether to extend the country's nearly 7 week lock down . u.s. president donald trump says he hopes the u.s.
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will have a corona virus vaccine available by the end of the year trump said the government's providing the support needed to speed up trials on thursday the country's former vaccine ordinator told congress it's unlikely a safe and effective vaccine can be rolled out this year. moving on to brazil now the new health minister has quit after less than a month on the job his departure comes as the coronavirus pandemic rages in that country with hospitals overwhelmed in several cities despite the spread of covert 1000 brazil's far right president dr also narrow continues to downplay the virus and opposes lockdown measures. as brazil struggles to fight the pandemic the country has become one of the world's hot spots for cope at 19 with the death toll now surpassing 800 people a day so the health ministers resignation could not come at
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a worse time. i view the field life is made of choices and today i chose to leave i can say that i gave the best of myself the days that i was here during this period it is not simple to be in a ministry like this one juror in such a difficult period where sanofi to the throne to feast but thais didn't give any reason for his decision but it's been clear he disagreed with president the apl sonars promotion of a controversial and malaria druck to 5 cope with 19 and his push to reopen the economy. our people are dying yes they are and they regret that but many more are going to die if the economy continues to be restricted to. a recent poll shows one 3rd of voters still back the president but more brazilians on happy with how he's dealing with a pandemic. news of the health minister resignation prompted banning
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protests in major cities. demonstrate his accused boston r.-o. of recklessness and failing to save lives. well the long wait is almost over for business leaders fans german football is returning after 2 months is spent and due to the corona virus outbreak of course there's been so much talk about hygiene in empty stadiums but what about the actual football dortmund take on shall k. in a crunch local dharavi on saturday while league leaders by munich are in action on sunday take a look. brasier dortmund players will leave this tunnel later today and see exactly this a stadium empty of fans but despite the lack of atmosphere there will be plenty of passion on the pitch as the blunders leader resumes title challenges dortmund face arch local rival shelter in german football big darby coach lucien farber expects
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it to be a surreal experience shanker this is i think a situation is a huge challenge for all coaches and all teams. but we know what we have to do this is our job job so we asked for having to wear a mask on the sidelines we've got to do it. miss and that's mark. the last time 2nd place dortmund played a game in a packed stadium they boosted their outside title hopes with a 21 victory over mention glad back a well worked with half from ash rafa kimi was symbolic of their attacking nerve but shout often raise their game against dortmund players masks will be off for the darby as david wagner's side look to continue their push for a european spot. training has been tweaked in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic distance has been kept where possible but the tackles are likely to fly
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again storm and despite the eerie surroundings derby can honestly use the darbies that are very different to this with a full house and a great atmosphere. it's not truth it's a real shame if there's no other way to do it then so be it. with or without fans we've got to try and push ourselves somehow to push and. the bundesliga played one game without fans in march when cloud back took on cologne as the coronavirus crisis began to hit. but this weekend will be totally new for most of the players who have been quarantined in hotels during the week to try to avoid infection. leaders by munich face a tricky trip to uni on berlin on saturday they are keeping themselves away from the cameras for now the defending champions of 4 points above dortmund with 9 games left but the title run in will be like nothing we have seen before. so there you
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have it the bundesliga kicks off this weekend as the 1st major league in europe to get back to action and mccambridge from d.d. of use force is here to tell us a little bit more about that at the 1st question you has to be why his germany decided to go forward with this given the fact that so many people think this is an early restart for i think this is a surprise a lot of people about germany it doesn't seem like a very gung ho country i don't think and in the general perception around the world but i think it's actually come under a lot of pressure a lot of these football clubs have said if you love was like survival we're going to go on to begin to go bust if we don't get the games back on soon and the d.f.l. germany's football association has come under a lot of pressure from television companies saying get the games back on we'll save the clubs we'll you know we'll give that broadcast money over to the clubs now of course there are a lot of industries around germany and around the world are under a lot financial pressure at the moment is a wide buckle on football well the main thing is morale i think the german government understands that a lot of people in germany will be you know they'll become the little bit of the
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football comes back you know the lockdown may be coming to an end there's some hope so they have been keen to get the football back as soon as possible of course the bundesliga is setting a bit of benchmark for other european leagues they're going to all have their eyes on germany this weekend to see how it pans out so it's a positive thing but it's also a lot of criticism and is going to be a lot of people with their eyes on germany to see how it gets on this weekend you know i would imagine you must certainly be aware of the fact that they've been reports that at least some players have expressed their reservations about this. really restructured the season is yet still in fact the kates well of course at the start they were they felt you know a lot of players came out said are we being guinea pigs here why should we put ourselves under pressure some footballers for instance cloudy up it's all a place of a depression he said well actually go a relative who's not in the best physical condition so it's not a good idea for me to go back to trying to put myself at risk and their pool their full put my family at risk as well but i think that mood has softened somewhat i think a lot of players are forwarding in line with the club policy the same we get back so not not clean and play. sports ed mccambridge really appreciated that
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this is the news a reminder that you can keep up to date with the latest news on our website that's d.w. dot com i'm michael local here in berlin we'll see you at the top of the hour with more news as always stay right there. were all set. to go beyond. that. we're all about the stories that matter to. come through. whatever it takes. a running down. nothing d.w. made for mines.


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