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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 16, 2020 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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i need to stop there's something wrong with. the cleaners social media shadow industry starts junee on t.w. . this is a t.v. news live from berlin the bundesliga is back and the sporting world is watching. but there were no fans in the stadiums as german football became the 1st major league in europe to resume action will get all the reaction to the 1st day. also on the show. meeting at the border germany and luxembourg foreign ministers mark the
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lifting of controls between their countries toward the sea that if they can keep the virus checker germans could resume free travel within the e.u. by mid june. and demonstrations take place across germany against coronavirus destructions thousands call for an end to lock down tensions. i'm nick spicer welcome to the program the bundesliga is the 1st major european football league to resume play this weekend after a 2 month break due to the coronavirus pandemic all eyes were on the revere derby as dortmund thumped shaka at home without any fans in the city. this doesn't look or sound like your usual going to seek a game bullis your daughter been playing shocker in front of an empty stadium due
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to the coronavirus pandemic players who didn't start had to wear masks and keep their distance but what's not unusual is one of each machine earning holland scoring goals and 1900 groped a deadlock in the 26th minute for his 10th eve goal of the season and it was a muted celebration with play as unable to embrace one another. but there was no stopping to outland just before the break they made it to nil thanks to laugh i able. and it all started with this nifty pass from the union and. the 1st half was one to forget. and so was the 2nd. one picked up exactly where they left off the top and added a 3rd goal minutes into the 2nd half. and if that wasn't enough gayo with the brace to seal a 4 new victory for the black and yellow was. there now one point behind us by and
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munich normally it's 80000. but we knew that we we had the support at home from the fans so we were not. we were never afraid of anything we knew that we're going to win i don't mean play as kept with tradition and at the match with a celebration in front of an empty yellow wall. and as we saw there were no supporters at any of the stadiums today but that didn't stop the fans from cheering on their teams they gathered at home or in bars to follow the matches and support their favorite teams like here in dortmund all clubs had urged their fans to adhere to corona virus health restrictions. and we spoke earlier to devious fords davis van dorp who is standing outside the comparatively quiet stadium to boise dortmund i asked him how much of an impact he thought the empty stadium had on the players' game. well
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a lot of these teams around the been is thinking of actually brought in psychologist to specifically deal with that question sebastian care who is one of the members of the front office a former player for president he said that that's one thing that they've been actually trying to mention to prepare the players for during the coronavirus hiatus is the fact that they are going to be playing in games without fans so whenever they scored a goal you don't hear the thunderous roar of cheering that you normally would hear when the ball hits the back of the net so there's definitely a mental aspect that the players have to prepare for if you were standing outside the stadium during the game you wouldn't even notice that a match was taking place there were people cycling by also just walking in and just in as if they would normally do on a regular tuesday and then occasionally besides a perhaps a few whistles or perhaps some few cheers when one of the players scored there were no other sounds from the stadium so it was incredibly quiet after considering how
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big of a game it was for german football and here's a look at the results from match day 26 in the bundesliga so far as we saw dortmund dominated shall go 4 goals to nil rb leipzig and 5 who share the spoils her to bring them down hoffenheim 3 nil scoreless draw for dusseldorf and powder born lose to will spur mentioned back win at frankfurt lots of action now to look forward to including buyer nick a young bird lin on sunday as well as sports germany has taken another major step towards returning to normal sea after months of coronavirus restrictions germany is relaxing checks at its borders with france switzerland and austria on saturday germany's foreign minister went to the border of another you country to mark the lifting of all their. the border and may be open once again between germany and luxembourg and an easing of coronavirus restrictions but don't relax
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too much german foreign minister heiko must know early but not quite sure cannes with his luxemburg counterpart shaun assael bone as a border crossing between the towns of pal and shank an author and then they will start border controls for denmark in the next few days and from june the 15th there will be no more checks at the borders with france austria and switzerland i'm hoping that the border controls that the polish and czech friends currently do have will also be lifted in the forseeable future. however both warsaw and prague say they are keeping the restrictions in place for the foreseeable future. in switzerland smiles and celebrations after it opened its borders with germany and austria and now unmarried couples in long distance relationships can be very united once again previously only people who are married
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live in a registered partnership will have children together could dentis with them and and in austria tight security remains on its border with germany but despite relief that the crossing is open once more travel is still have reservations. they have to make it as it's for me this has been a real challenge because me my girlfriend are expecting a baby and she needs across an order in bavaria. up until now we could hardly meet i was going to get easier now in. europe isn't in the clear over the covert 19 pandemic yet but at last there seems to be something to say cheers about. people have demonstrated again in several german cities against the government's coronavirus restrictions this. some of those measures being lifted on friday thousands of demonstrators in cities it's in stuttgart munich berlin and duesseldorf called for
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a complete end to the long protests have been held since the end of march. and our chief political editor be characters are standing by for us in berlin what are the demonstrators trying to achieve in your opinion. well there seems to be one common theme here at the very least and that's the destruction of the states also in this crisis but also beyond because as we've heard that there's a very broad spectrum of people meeting up that ranges from people who are against vaccinations in general to conspiracy theorists who simply don't believe that there actually is a real epidemic or if there is that that was invented or actually used by any particular person or sarti so at the same time there are clear links to the far right movement which has been spotted at these demonstrations and that leads to growing concern amongst policymakers in berlin that this could lead to some kind of
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destabilization of society here in germany. it's a bit strange as germany is slowly coming out of lockdown and yet these demonstrators are still hitting the streets or perhaps gathering momentum why's that. yes that doesn't really seem to make sense i mean there are different of course is that before they simply want illegally allowed to gather and as we saw in munich today more people turned up than were allowed for instance and that it is in visa that the location where you see the october fest is when 1000 demonstrators had gathered the police started dispersing the crouse some see that as evidence that the state is against freedom of speech and freedom of demonstrations and of gathering at the same time we hear policymakers time and time again say that they want to keep those restrictions as sort as possible and now those are being taken back out back from the state and at that moment in time we see more demonstrators
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there's a clear concern here that this is yet another expression of movements many to the far right and in fact one film in a 50 politician has been spotted at such a demonstration in the brand of bugs today simply to question the very all sorts of states predictions amongst experts though point to the fact that these might go away as all restrictions are lifted we're still quite a bit away from that but wissam do down that road 81 percent of germans according to the latest polls reject these demonstrations so we can say this is a minority but it's a very loud one and the next couple of weeks will tell whether this could lead to a great a movement the on this moment in time did have used chief political correspondent cannot confirm thanks for that. german finance minister all of schultz is proposing an aid package to help us apologies in the country schultz wants to invest
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$57000000000.00 euros to help cities and towns cope with the climbing tax revenues and to stabilize the finances germany is facing its deepest recession since world war 2 juta the coronavirus pandemic. there one of the biggest casualties in the krona virus crisis has been a culture of in particular live music and theater although some performances are being streamed online some theater and production companies are warning that they may well go bankrupt unless they receive financial help. alex forrest why the joins me now to give us the measure of the problem just how big is it alex well it's a global problem and let's just take one element to life it and it's likely to be one of the last sept is to reopen off to this crisis now we know that some theaters are already taking the decision to close as one in the south of england that has already gone into administration there are other british that is that say they are very close to bankruptcy and that's despite the fact that the government is helping
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those star financially they're saying it's not enough but it's not just regional fit is that also these global production companies now earlier this week disney announced that its hit musical frozen which is being on board way since 2018 will not return now that was taking in around about a $1000000.00 a week but they've decided that it is time to properly shut the doors on that which was a pretty significant announcement now many of those stations on broadway turned the lights off if you like at the beginning of march they're unlikely to reopen until probably mid september and that may well be at the earliest it probably may not be until next year now ok so hopefully one day they will reopen but i assume there will have to be a period of distancing. so how do you meet the bottom line is go it's a good question because there will be social distancing issues not only for for those people on stage but also for audiences now rushes boesch i fear to is hoping
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to reopen by mid september but the theatres director has already warned that social distancing and other issues could make that a big issue for them would be demolished greatly to utter a musical theater with mosques and gloves just incidents of 1.5 meters is impossible 3 year was moved and you have to remember of course if you're talking about social distancing you're talking about fewer numbers of tickets being sold to people fewer numbers of a few fewer tickets being sold means less money less money means will financial difficulties for these organizations and just briefly to bring it back to germany has the secretary yeah well there have been process that have been held in germany including outside the finance ministry in berlin a few days ago with activists and musicians there saying that despite the emergency money that they've been getting from the government they need more and it looks
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like the government is listening you just said about finance minister show he is saying that he will include arts and culture in whatever money he gives out next and that is good news ok to diffuse alex for sweating thank you for that. meanwhile a group of italians has organized a colorful way to raise money for theatrical and musical events on the outskirts of bologna and overnight they transformed one of the city's into a meadow of flowers plants and herbs which they've been sold on. the group behind this cultural initiative is the anti populist sardina movement must remember they held a sit in the same location to protest against the far right leader a tale selfie. and a reminder the top story we're following for you. the bundesliga is back german football is the 1st major league in europe to restart spectators over a lot of the stadiums close to dortmund fans celebrated afford militant victory
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over local rivals shelters. and with corona virus infections on the decline in europe germany has begun easing border controls with neighboring countries was good news for europe's tourism industry which took a major victory to me. this is of course due to the news live from berlin that more headlines top the hour on express or just watch. stories of people who are old over information they provide. the fans they want to express g.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch follow us. and.
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how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when will all of this and i'm sure just through the time.


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