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this is deducted from your night. the. heavy price. response to the pandemic. virus is spreading among people in the us activists say the resources are all there
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get them off the streets. and as professionals. good season without fans in the stands. manager welcome to the program health experts and diplomats are taking part in the world health assembly the governing body of the world health organization the focus is on the. an unprecedented challenge for the north shore in a virtual address u.n. secretary general. said the walled was paying a heavy price for its lack of cohesion in responding to the pandemic he also criticized countries that ignored the recommendations and so helped facilitate the spread of the corona virus. also speaking to the assembly was german chancellor and
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you know medical or renewed her support for the w.h.o. she called for more cooperation among nations to tackle the pandemic here is what she said. grace would say cocoon of you was punin you know i am a desire not going to virus pandemic has shown us that we need to do more globally in prevention research and the strengthening of health systems that's the theme direct isn't that the w.h.o. is the legitimate global organization for health so we must continue working to improve my seizures within the w.h.o. and ensure that it has sustainable financing not. i'm joined now by a political correspondent hans brahms who's following the double murder assembly for us hunts what is the message and get american is sending well i think you have to say that here is again a complete support for the w.h.o.
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in this situation it's backing i'm going to knuckle under german government are backing the while the world health organization as the legitimate organization in international affairs as far as health is concerned of course there was an element of criticism there as well a sense that some things did go wrong during the handling of the coronavirus crisis but then the and i'm glad knock on the german government and one has to say the european union are standing firmly behind the euro. especially in the situation of germany and the e.u. some of the bodies germany is one of the countries that is rallying around the. in the midst of us criticism of its leadership with germany in the e.u. be able to prevent the talks from being detained by washington's political agenda. i think so yes i think one has to say that at the moment the united states and their criticism are standing pretty much alone and to the fact that the united
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states are not paying their contributions to the dow ph at the moment does not make such a big difference after all 'd especially as far as the corona crisis is concerned the european union and a number of other organizations held a funding conference just about 10 days ago and there are more than 7000000000 dollars pledged to the fight against the coronavirus so they certainly is strong enough at the moment to manage this crisis and supported by very very important actors the question really in the end is where the united states by standing aside might actually be hurting its own interests but donald trump the u.s. president certainly wouldn't say so. thank you very much for that despite its success in avoiding a massive outbreak of corporate 19 taiwan is not participating in the w.h.y. assembly china has been blocking its participation for several years because it claims the island as its targeting taiwan has said it won't prestige of
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participation but wants to share the lessons it about keeping covert 19 at the. no lock down of any kind despite its proximity to china taiwan is one of the few spots on earth where life has continued close to normal throughout the pandemic with only a few 100 coronavirus infections and less than 10 deaths taiwan's handling of the crisis is a unique success story all the more surprising that the w.h.o. doesn't seem to be interested in taiwan's approach the organization blocked taiwan from taking part in its annual meeting several years ago under pressure from beijing that has deprived the island of access to crucial information about the virus. we were successful yes. without that platform it was very hard and i we don't have many serious cases so then what are the t's protocols
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for serious cases by licking taiwan we will stop this kind of political rhetoric we will talk hold on to more important issues like health of everyone involved dr lu used to be a delegate to the w.h.o. when taiwan was still allowed to attend the assembly as an observer but that ended on beijing's behest when taiwan's president from the pro independence party took office 4 years ago china claims that island as its own territory and therefore deems taiwan has no right to w.h.o. membership. politics should be set aside when it comes to health issues it's good for taiwan to share its experience with the world but you know if you're not a one was made a contribution to public health it's unfair to be excluded now if that handful of. taiwan has maintained its infection rate lower than almost anywhere else with 0
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domestic infections for over a month even so the taiwanese haven't let their guard down perhaps this is one of the things the world and the w.h.o. could learn from this island. we're joined now by dr daniel moore the former taiwanese delegate to the world health assembly who was featured in that report he joins us from taipei dr no welcome a despite not being a member of the darfur a true or taiwan has had spectacular success and when the coronavirus been demick how was that possible. yes coogan in toronto you want term one it was possible many because of the science experience we created the thing including the legal basis with the comic ation how many disease ache in place but we have a challenge this time from the koran the virus and also despite
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of our society from these are known new tahsin of the so-called benighted we were prepared and we prepare early and we prepare earnestly i think this is important. in poverty health it is the way we have been doing this work for so long we need honesty trying to spare in c. and truthfulness that we deal with health lives of people not politike and when we do that affront if you see day people trust this their officers have been trust us so well that i am i can't describe in words how much we have been. depends up on and without being loose in the face of. taking on in this disease without any issues but despite that
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despite all the trust that was reported in your own taiwan is to not a member of the doubler join this membership has been opposed to china and us president donald trump has in fact said that the doubler tour is called very china centric do you agree. to a point yes because i believe that as an average joe working in mckinney's i'm all the members should be respected for not interference over a certain group of certain. member eve s. they want the state no one to be left behind then how they should be more. are open and more direct to the most fundamental principle of the international public health rights my piece right to speak on bike
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and started out but speaking about international optical venue would you say that taiwan not being a member of the w.h.o. puts lives at risk in taiwan very much so so specially when the information's not very valid of cheney imagine that if we already understand the disease virus is quite dangerous and yet there are some vital information snow already 'd available even the strains them and also a very specific space if it item the primer tests if we cannot get the primer the tests we need require the extra efforts to so to set about it and to get the proper results done without that it's not possible to run your loo in taipei really even there for the time being thank you very much for joining us thank you as countries across europe is vitus lockdowns talks are
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going on about how to reopen cross border tourism greece has weathered the coronavirus crisis wanted to flee unscathed but with recession looming businesses there are desperate to salvage at least part of the summer holiday season. everything is ready for the guests in charlie chechens hotel on the island of santorini but the perfect view can only be enjoyed by locals as long as the corona crisis continues it's not clear when or even if the tourists can come. here are some of what it looks like the hotel owner asked the receptionist and he points out that where everything was booked last summer there's now a huge gap. we're not even 2 percent booked but there's no demand although we can offer everything and we're ready. but how are our guests going to get here with an air travel stuff just because it's. no guests means no jobs for
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the many who make a living from the tourist season and that's 20 just at his place. this year we have not taken any staff from athens at all we've only been working with a few locals and we can't say yet whether we're going to hire last year's staff. centering he lives from tourism the island is popular for weddings who ships docked here and visitors just for each other in the narrow streets tourism generates 25 percent of the country's income this year is missing tourists is a problem for all of greece despite the fact that athens put in rigid measures early on keeping the pandemic largely under control 2. we will meet tourists who honor us with their visits this year because with the same warmth but also with responsibility for much of it which is good for our image but it also means that our style of tourism will change branding and a couple of rational c.e.o.'s to. bush. and the government is already
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working on measures to avoid the risk of an outbreak. that woman again from the brochure over the things you see put out the firstly we want to introduce corona tests to travelers like you before they come into the country. and secondly we want to have restrictions and social distancing rules imposed in common areas which of course. and i guess wouldn't have us with them as he. has already found some solutions of his own plexiglas walls disposable covers and disinfectant he hopes that guests will be able to come starting in july so that at least part of the season can be salvaged. as capone often did correspondent mottos with joins me now from brussels. how much of your no one actually be open for tourism this summer the irish the german foreign minister iko mohsin his press
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conference just now was very clear that there will be no quick return to business as usual however he said when he talked today to the 10 most important a tourist destinations for germany and to his partners and colleagues and counterparts there he looked for criteria to make it possible that there will be a summer vacation face if so however no normal vacation as he has put it then what he is looking at is finding criteria how to make this vacation possible he's currently in visiting to change the current warning for germans to travel to the rest of europe. at the mid off june and that includes the nations as hard hit as spain and italy which are big travel destinations for germans of course speaking about these new travel criteria how much will they be in line with the e.u. commission's own guidelines on travel across europe. well the words of the
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german foreign minister bearish where they should be. coordinated solution is what they use on the basis of the e.u. guidelines so he wants to stick very close to the guide through lines that brussels has said as i said last week he said however these deals require a bilateral talks as such as these which have just been taking place with those temp states from from across the european union in order to set a sound a shop on which to then walk on words and on once they tourism ministers and ministers from all of you member states will meet in brussels in a virtual conference and that will be viable information from where ministers then can work on towards a solution that fits all of europe. in brussels thanks very much a 2nd look now at some other stories making news around the world for the 2nd time
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in 10 days scuffles broke out in homs the distance of council between pro democracy and pro-government politicians there was talk of the removal of a pro-democracy gnomic who would have presided over elections to a key committee charged with where to important bills to get to god counted 7 minutes fitters out of the chamber. japan has plunged into recession the government reported a 3.4 percent drop in gross domestic product in the 1st 3 months and exports at their worst month since the $27.00 earthquake and tsunami took your house come up with the rescue package was nearly one trillion dollars but analysts expect a deeper slump and a slow recovery. the coronavirus pandemic has delivered an economic and social shock to the united states a particular challenge is the more than half a 1000000 homeless people there are among the most vulnerable to over 1000 access to health care and even basic virus fighting tools like and washing the news all of
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a zealot reports from the nation's capital washington d.c. . breakfast on wheels since the food bank closed at stores for the homeless rob farley decided to bring the food bank to the very rich. coming up to see you or to brunch i should say it's not the lunch bag brunch coffee and some warm words for the most vulnerable group of the pun demick. on its you know but i try to do what i can know what to keep my hands to stare clean oh david farley is a volunteer for a local church in washington d.c. besides breakfast he brings the latest news about what has turned into a serious threat for the homeless i think there are 31000 people that are dying at least in the united states. you know number one in the world that i think so. that's of course. as the virus continues to spread in the capital region rob farley
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tries to convince them to wear face masks but that's one of the lesser problems. i can't put it on your program you were supposed to say 6 feet apart. you go you know all right for those who go into the shelter i think social distancing is pretty tough to doing there and then for many folks that stay out on the street sanitation you know where that where to use the bathrooms where to wash your hands with estimates of around 10000 living on the streets washington d.c. has one of the biggest homeless communities in the united states. to offer some protection authorities have set up hand washing stations but not everyone has such easy access as this man who lives in a tent across the street. nevertheless no other group is hit as hard as the homeless and that's especially true in some emergency accommodations that have been in the news. the coronavirus is of particular concern for many homeless shelters in
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washington d.c. and this is one of the largest facilities in the region reportedly the virus has spread widely here with several dozen cases of coded 9000 reported. while filming inside is not allowed media reports say a lack of social distancing made it easy for the virus to spread. pro bono lawyer amber harding says the homeless have to be taken off the streets have $30000.00 vacant hotel rooms in d.c. that we could use to place people in until you now things settle down and we also have a can housing units and we should be really focusing on putting people into long term housing so they are able to protect themselves so if we could fall into europe farley says keeping the homeless safe is the key for the whole community to recover from the pandemic. be good what's up. turn to 1st oh and some must
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false news in germany the been disfigured resumed over the weekend offered a 2 month suspension because of the coronavirus there were no fines in the stands on the perez have to contend with strict new hygiene rules but one thing remains the same i have munich one they beat you on benteen 2 in. happy to be back at work. and grateful to be healthy. with bard munich gunning for an 8th straight title they needed maximum points against you know in berlin and they got them from the corner thomas moore thought he put the defending champions ahead early in the 1st half but merely had to settle for an offside call instead just before the break you know it's never been so but it's helped by aaron take the leave after a foul lowly ron gorecki who sold it well. byron
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penalty taker robert live in dusky back from a knee injury got the goalkeeper to guess wrong for his 40th goal in all competitions this season after the break byron were successful from a quarter thanks to been told us that are the defenders 3rd goal this season wrapped up the 2 nil victory and what about someone of a bunch of names are highly motivated and i think preparing for these games these last weeks there was so much anticipation for this moment to finally start again you could see that in the players because then there are also missing americans despite their slow start bar in munich re stuart their 4 point cushion at the top of the table. so buy on one but what was the hold would this new go weekend like it caught on of us dimes mark meadows sports is here to tell us more from our welcome
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this experiment was a pitch perfect i'd say it was a success yeah there are a few problems i mean as we saw there the players didn't really know what to do when they scored a goal i mean they meant to sit touch elbows or touch with feet never see they took their bows and it sort of became a whole going to slap on the back which they'd been told not to do but it's very hard to tell a footballer ignore social distancing during the match you can put in whatever tackles you want get as close as you want to be of a player but then when you've got a goal you're not allowed to touch each other it's human nature is going to happen there was one unfortunate scene right at the start of the live broadcasts on saturday actually where one player immediately spat on the ground as soon as the camera panned to him and that's obviously not allowed either but you know it's professional sport it's stuff the coaches would generally well behaved some of them kind of ripped off their masks the soon as they got out there which again they were supposed to do but what happened is most of the coaches then stood on the sidelines blocking out their orders without their mass but that then meant there was natural
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social distance back to the bench where everyone else was wearing masks so that sort of worked out quite well so i think all in all the winners they will be happy with how it went so that was the action on the pitch but what about in the stands no fans what must have been tough north fans in the stands yet it was tough for the players it was very eerie wasn't it without a crowd noise you know to hear what the actual players are saying to each other that was no but yet tough on the fans there will worries from police that fans would congregate outside the stadiums in large numbers sort of defeating the whole point of not having fans that didn't happen there was a few people here and there but nothing serious so the fans were left to watch it i would homer and are in a pub obviously pubs have just started opening in germany again but it is not quite the same when you go to social distance so it was tough for people at home it was also difficult because although it was. free to air on one particular channel not everyone had that channel so yeah we followed a few fans watching the dortmund shouted game which is the big darby on saturday
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terrible fish out there they were wiped out 4 nil but even dortmund fans were so happy with it let's have a little listen. 2 buses per team driving them to the stadium and bought. not because the players have doubled the number but the practice social distancing fans are also keeping a distance most importantly from the stadium they are searching for new ways to watch football matches for example at a drive in. the good offices i never would have thought that i'd be back at a drive in especially today when you can watch games live from home or at the stadium which we miss now but honestly football is the driving is a 1st for me it's a beautiful. others stick with tradition and go to a bar they've been allowed to reopen under certain conditions of course. everyone is usually greeted with a hug but that's all gone now you can even shake hands yes.
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she hearing almost without contact well apart and with a subdued mood a step towards normality but it doesn't really feel liberating for many. i'm happy to be back at the bar with my friends again watching football enjoying football and a beer but it's still quite surreal part is that possibly. others prefer to stay home with a barbecue and to be here it's almost like being at the stadium but it's clear that without the fans there cheering their side on even the match on t.v. is lacking something. i must say that now that the game is over it was even more lifeless and none emotional than i expected. for many fans the excitement of the season has been lost. now i do you know it's actually a season with 3 different rounds. of i don't know. i hope.
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there's a 1st round of 2nd round in a corona round we play a mediocre game as usual. the ball is bouncing again but the excitement has largely evaporated whether football played like this will serve as a model for other sports and leagues is open to question. without excitement but the bundesliga becomes the 1st major european league to resume during the coronavirus crisis will other european leagues follow suit i think they will now yeah i mean there was another game yesterday which was cologne against minds and the big worry was that the games wouldn't be exciting we can actually a little bit of that game now it actually was exciting even without the fans that was a $22.00 draw and it was a good comeback for minds a bit of drama and i think some of the other leagues had worried that it would be too sterile but that game proves that you can still have a good marketable product the english premier league to date to the side if they're going to come back and i think they will have watched the boomers they were
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incredibly closely and said it's not brilliant it's not perfect but it's still football so i expect that the english premier league will come back in june we also have the spanish league they started training for the 1st time today so i think they'll come back as well the french and dutch leagues. their divisions because they decided they couldn't finish it they probably think maybe were a bit too quick to rush with that decision so germany leading the way they were there for the time being mark meadows thank you very much for that. there's more on our website up to dot com i've been asked by to do not see your images.
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there tiny potentially dangerous viruses mantra bacteria. but they can be very useful to you. although that's often forgotten these days.
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join us in a microscopic world of fascinating discoveries. to follow today. next. informed. and. cast language courses. video and audio. anytime. w. media center. when the water rises cities will sink into the sea. entire structures of life will be abandoned.
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when the water. is stopped it's happening faster than anticipated. massive sprinklers are supposed to prevent flooding but they only delay the going to. come where we live in the future. 66 mean rising sea levels starts to live on g.w. . hello and welcome to tomorrow today the science show on d w. n c day show we take a close look at viruses and bacteria that are good for us. that's a lot of the coronavirus we have to practice social distancing.


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