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an exclusive report from a destroyed city. finish in the sights of. starts may 20th on. half a trillion germany and france joined forces to leave europe. has . president emmanuel propose a 500000000000 euro rescue for. germany. credit rating to borrow money for the fund also more criticism from the
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ministration aimed at the world health organization white house officials say the w.h.o. well. over $100.00 countries are backing an investigation into. the pandemic 1st weeks i'll ask. what she thinks and homeless people in the u.s. . activists say the resources are there to help get them off the streets and to reduce the risk so why is it more being done. star of the stage and silver screen passed away at the age of 94. i'm boring. to our viewers on p.b.s.
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in the united states and all around the world welcome half a trillion euros to help europe weather the worst crisis in decades german chancellor angela merkel and french president emmanuel have outlined a joint plan to speed europe's recovery from the pandemic it calls for a rescue fund to boost hard hit sectors of the economy and in the 1st chancellor merkel ended her longstanding resistance to the european union raising joint debt to fund relief efforts. it's wishful thinking to hope europe's economies could bounce back as easily as these provisions after months under lockdown even before the e.u. commission presents its aid package by lynn in paris a rushing through a joint initiative for economic recovery in a bid to put this crippling face behind them. in a joint news conference with the french president chancellor angela merkel stressed the coronavirus pandemic is in danger and european unity. will decide most that is
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why the fund has to help ensure that all countries in the euro can react appropriately but. this requires an extraordinary one off effort which france and germany are ready to undertake but i think that it if this is the result of bilateral work in cooperation with our partners i'm convinced that this plan provides the groundwork to revive our lives our economies and our societies so. to offset the drastic decline in production transport and tourism across europe this development fund will get an injection of 500000000000 euros a budget funds will be made available to the hardest hit regions and sectors. the overall plan is designed to strengthen the e.u.'s future viability of the in these results this will of course if this purpose reinvest in digital is a sin and the green deal to cope with the climate catastrophe this will inspire
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a new dynamic for the future i am in the field of health we will aim for cooperation to apply all be flown from the crisis to get them by one tight that sounds like support for the e.u. commission whose economic recovery plan is being drafted the commission's president is expected to present it next week. let's go to our political correspondent thomas sparrow he is standing by in our parliamentary studio is going to be gee you know must i mean this is a big deal for the german chancellor to say to europe you can use our excellent credit rating to help borrow money i mean is this a sign that the chancellor is warming up to emanuel micron's grand vision of europe . i would agree with you brant that this is a big deal for germany it is a political to do or at least it has been a political to do here in germany that idea of issuing joint debt on the goal behind what the name and where my core knowledge today is allowing the european
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commission to finance that fund precisely by borrowing money on behalf of the e.u. money that will not be paid by their specific states but there will be paid successively by e.u. budgets so it is that this has been certainly described as a shift in german politics it has been described as something very significant here in germany in particular because of that german long standing opposition to that idea of issuing joint debts that said it's important to stress that germany was not alone in that skepticism on that other countries as well were not necessarily in favor of that idea something that will probably see also when this joint french german proposal is discussed further in the european union. until as we heard that the money will mccrone he is appealing for more european sovereign she and uncle americal she is suggesting that european union treaty changes may be needed i mean
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these are not small things what do you make of this they are not small things and that idea of european sovereignty was mentioned specifically in the statement that was then sent by both governments when it came to when it comes to the health pot of the statements of what was described as a strategic health solver and. asking for the european union to develop joint proposals when it comes to prevention of pandemics or joint proposals when it comes the development of vaccines that was a big word they used precisely when it comes to this aspect of health and it's important to stress that although the focus has been placed on the recovery fund that was not the only proposal that the 2 lead us presented today there were 4 in total the other one being as i say a very important one the issue of health sovereignty and these are big ideas they would be big changes what kind of response from europe can we expect what do you
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see. there was such an a response and very quick response by other countries who are not necessarily in favor of this that the austin johnson as it passed in courts posted on twitter not long after the announcement by the 2 leaders that they stick to their proposal he was talking after a meeting with the leaders of denmark netherlands and sweden basically saying that they are in favor and ready to help other countries but with loans so not necessarily with this idea of issuing joint debt so we will probably see a very controversial very heated debate in europe when it comes to this it is under no circumstance clear that the french german proposal will actually be accepted by the european union as a whole the price of so long way but before anything becomes reality that's for sure it's almost bare on the story for us tonight here in berlin thomas thank you. germany's foreign minister today spoke with his counterparts across the european union and the topic summer vacation summer tourism after those talks the foreign
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minister said that he is hopeful that tourism abroad will be possible after june 15th but he says it would be would not be a quick return to business as usual like other nations pressure is building here in germany to once more open the country to international tours. this is germany 2nd biggest hotel the park in right in the heart of palin most some is over 900 of its 1000 rooms are booked but because of the current travel restrictions right now only 25 are in use. because. we're reaching our limits it's becoming unbearable we desperately need travelers it's incredibly important for germany to restart business and tourism activities we need people to come to the city again but when is the top distillation we need tourists here last year 8 out of 10 overnight stays in the city were from the
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tourism sector. frontin you are not only. in the us also into the stations o'clock. 5 shaggin who runs a restaurant a balanced dominant square says in non corona times 50 percent of the diners are tourists from abroad he's been allowed to host customers on his premises again for a few days now. because all of our guests kept their distance no need to tell anyone not everyone knows to keep 1.5 metres apart now relatively good start when they get lots of little salt. such restrictions will be the price to pay for tourists in europe for a while to come according to the german government in exchange for many steps towards restoring tourism in $11.00 countries in europe. german foreign minister announced on monday that he hopes to allow travel to and from 10 european countries again from the 16th of june. as i. want him given to
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us and we shouldn't let ourselves be fooled into thinking that that can be a swift return to business as usual we do want to create the conditions so that people can go on holidays this summer but we have to have responsible conditions in place. this is why it will be necessary to tell people very clearly that there will be restrictions in place everywhere they go on beaches and restaurants in cities. was in that interim step. lens restaurants opera pad custom is already have to register their contact details if somebody does catch the coronavirus it will help health officials trace the source. here's a look now at some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world for the 2nd time in 10 days scuffles broke out in hong kong's legislative council between pro-democracy and pro-government politicians take
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a look at these pictures they were sparked by the removal of a pro-democracy lawmaker who would have her signed it over elections to a key committee security guards carried several legislators out of the chain. members of the extremist group boko haram have killed at least 20 people in a village in northeastern nigeria eyewitnesses said the islam is stormed the village of began shooting just as people were preparing to break their ramadan fast at sundown boko haram has now been waging its insurgency for more than a decade. churches in italy are reopening for services to mark the occasion pope francis led a mass in a side chapel of st peter's basilica in the vatican the basilica have floor markings to encourage social distancing and worshippers temperatures were checked as they arrived for this. service. will tell you the restaurant and cafe owners are welcoming customers once again as the country's months long walk down is lifted but authorities are warning if new infections start to grow rapidly again restrictions
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may be reimposed. the united nations will most likely ask the world health organization to conduct an independent inquiry into how the coronavirus pandemic began today $120.00 countries including china gave their support for the investigation which would also look at how the w.h.o. would self handled the start of the outbreak the overwhelming show of support came at today's global meeting of the world health assembly on several world leaders appeared via video link and most stressed the need for international cooperation to fight the pandemic some countries led by the us have criticised the w.h.o. for mistakes made earlier this year u.s. president trump has suspended u.s. funding for the organization accusing it of being too lenient on china where the virus was 1st detected coke at 19 is tragically taken hundreds of thousands of lives impacted millions of people and
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a deep damage to the world economy we must be frank about one of the primary reasons this outbreak spun out of control there was a failure by this organization to obtain the information that the world needed and that failure cost many lives in an apparent attempt to conceal this outbreak at least one member state made a mockery of their transparency obligations with tremendous cost for the entire world we saw that w. 2 failed at its core mission of information sharing and transparency when member states do not act in good faith this cannot ever happening. well more now i'm joined by dr margaret harris from the world health organization in geneva and doctors it's good to see you again we've got 120 countries that are in agreement that the w.h.o. should carry out an independent investigation of itself is that possible. so what they are in agreement with is this should be an independent investigation
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of where what we have learned from this outbreak and that's really really important to go at what's gone right what's gone wrong and what we can apply going forward of course how that's going to be set up and how that's going to be done it's not clear and way as the secretary of the tame that of finding this outbreak no that's not what we will be doing but it is up to the member states to decide how it will be done so when be done by us the secretary of the w.h.o. will obviously use science to guide any investigation but if the w.h.o. wants to deliver clear answers it's going to have to do forensics investigating it's going to have to ask labs in china that have worked with coronavirus before to open up their books does the w.h.o. does it have the forensics expertise to do that and does it have the political authority to make that happen. so under the international health regulations we all
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school countries and all countries and of i don't think action to shed but we cannot compel so but again any caught have investigation of that kind you need to set the questions you need to set the parameters you need to have agreement by the countries how these things were done so we're quite a long way off working out the actual needs he gritty of such an investigation we know that all stroy in the united states reportedly want a resolution calling for harder measures against china china has agreed reportedly because the resolution has been watered down the european union we understand was the mediator in the bridge builder between the 2 sides can you confirm that is that what happened. all those discussions happen between the member states so you have to understand the way it works it's a member state organization and they are our bosses but we the secretariat do the
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work so that's our pala but like the politicians and like them the the stuff of the health department and we at the staff who do the work the member states do the negotiation certainly from australia's presentation they gave. it they had a desire for an investigation looking at what we can learn from what's gone on before and what we can take forward. china says it wants an investigation to happen after the pandemic is over but you and i both know that that could be of some time a long time in the future is that in anyone's interest to wait that long. so refuse things that you you know especially when you've got something that's going as long as it is there we actually review the evidence all the time in fact we have already had me dependent investigation already response by something called our independent oversight assessment committee that look at our emergency response
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they were set up in 2016 when we were formed in order to have much stronger operational response and they were to go out and say the things that without it just being mentioned giving w.h.o. of maybe more powers to ask countries will compel countries to give better data these things they've already raised so ongoing investigations can certainly be done it's not clear exactly when they can be done. and let me just ask you dr harris as a as a medical professional want to get your reaction to news today that a pharmaceutical more dinner has reported success in its early human trials with a vaccine what your reaction is that that's the 1st report that we have so far that . well i haven't actually actually seen the studies but quite a number of groups have certainly said promising. the same promising responses in the human. studies but the issue is you need to have
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a study for quite a period with a large number of people in order to ensure not only that they are effective but also the safe safe yeah and but we're certainly happy to have the good news to report tonight dr margaret harris with the world health organization joining us tonight from geneva as always dr harris we appreciate your time and your insights thank you. thank you. well despite its success in avoiding a massive outbreak of covert 19 taiwan is not participating in the w h o's assembly china has blocked its participation for years because beijing claims the island as its territory on taiwan says that it will not press the issue of dissipating but it says it does want to share the lessons that it learned about keeping covert 19 at bay. no lock down of any kind despite
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its proximity to china taiwan is one of the few spots on earth where life has continued close to normal throughout the pandemic with only a few 100 coronavirus infections and less than 10 deaths taiwan's handling of the crisis is a unique success story all the more surprising that the w.h.o. doesn't seem to be interested in taiwan's approach the organization blocked taiwan from taking part in its annual meeting several years ago under pressure from beijing that has deprived the island of access to crucial information about the virus. we were successful yes. without that platform it was very hard night we don't have many serious cases so treatment more probably tease protocols for serious cases by licking in taiwan we need to stop this kind of political right to that we need to hold on to more important issues like health
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of everyone involved dr lu used to be a delegate to the w.h.o. when taiwan was still allowed to attend the assembly as an observer but that ended on beijing's behest when taiwan's president from the pro independence party took office 4 years ago china claims that island has its own territory and therefore deems taiwan has no right to w.h.o. membership. but. politics should be set aside when it comes to health issues it's good for taiwan to share its experience with the world but you know again our tehran has made a contribution to public health so it's unfair to be excluded our bill from. taiwan has maintained its infection rate lower than almost anywhere else with 0 domestic infections for over a month even so the taiwanese haven't let their guard down. perhaps this is one of
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the things the world and the w.h.o. could learn from this island. well the pandemic has revealed the wide economic and social gaps that exist in the united states there are more than half a 1000000 homeless people in america and they are among the most vulnerable to cope at 19 they lack access to health care and even basic virus fighting tools such as hand washing he is all over salad reports now from the nation's capital washington d.c. . breakfast on wheels since the food bank closed at stores for the homeless rob farley decided to bring the food bank to the very rich. i was coming up to see you or to brunch it's not the lunch bag brunch coffee and some warm words for the most vulnerable group of the pun demick. and it's you know but i try to do what i can know what to keep my hand just now clean oh david farley is a volunteer for
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a local church in washington d.c. besides breakfast he brings the latest news about what has turned into a serious threat for the homeless i think there's 81000 people that have died at least in the united states. you know number one in the world that i could sure but of course. as the virus continues to spread in the capital region rob farley tries to convince them to wear face masks but that's one of the lesser problems. i can't put it on your program we're supposed to say 6 feet apart. you know. for those who go into the shelter i think social distancing is pretty tough to doing there and then for many folks that stay out on the street sanitation you know where that where to use the bathrooms where to wash your hands. with estimates of around $10000.00 living on the streets washington d.c. has one of the biggest homeless communities in the united states. to offer some
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protection authorities have set up hand washing stations but not everyone has such easy access as this man who lives in a tent across the street. nevertheless no other group is hit as hard as the homeless and that's especially true in some emergency accommodations that have been in the news. the coronavirus is of particular concern for many homeless shelters in washington d.c. and this is one of the largest facilities in the region reportedly the virus has spread widely here with several dozen cases of coded 9000 reported. while filming inside is not allowed media reports say a lack of social distancing made it easy for the virus to spread. pro bono lawyer amber harding says the homeless have to be taken off the streets have $30000.00 vacant hotel rooms in d.c. that we could use to place people in until you now things settle down and we also
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have vacant housing units and we should be really focusing on putting people into long term housing so they are able to protect themselves so if we could stay. farley says keeping the homeless safe is the key for the whole community to recover from the pandemic. well the pandemic is having a devastating impact on air travel millions of jobs are now would stick. around it this could be any airport around the globe passenger flights are down by up to 90 percent since the coronavirus pandemic struck and stopped travel in its tracks airlines are facing billions of euros in losses and need to lower costs that means layoffs the international air transport association estimates that millions of air travel related jobs are tryst in europe alone spain could be worst hit at
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750000 jobs that include suppliers ranging from shuttle services to caterers the country depends on tourism in britain over $400000.00 jobs in the sector our trysts it's a similar picture in germany france and italy which could also see hundreds of thousands of job losses we are not expecting for example the levels of traffic to reach the levels of 2009 until 2023 so it's a very long quarter of the travel sectors was also being felt in other industries suppliers like engine makers including the u.k.'s rolls royce and european plane maker have us say they are bleeding cash and considering massive cuts to their workforces so thousands could lose their jobs. france has lost one of its most popular and prolific actors you show picotee has died at the age of 94 he was a giant of europeans in.
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standing ovation for a great film star at the 2011 european film awards mission piccoli was honored for a lifetime of screen acting he was then in his mid eighty's. for more than 60 years michel piccoli was one of the best known faces of european cinema his versatility delighted directors as much as audiences. one of his final rose was the pope in we have a pope directed by nanni moretti in 2011 i. i immediately said yes but the director did not i was very happy that he asked me to audition for the role. among the directors he worked with alfred hitchcock respond well and joined. his costars included catherine deneuve brigitte bardot
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and romish neither. michel piccoli acted in more than 220 films. one of the most memorable was the dark comedy log on boof in which she played one of 4 friends who willfully eat themselves to death. in an interview marking his 85th birthday piccoli said i'm an artist artists authoritarian a take and given the lasting power of so you know i did it looks like he was right but the. big leader there at 94 you're watching e.w. news after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day tonight investigating the.
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beethoven is for me. is for. beethoven is for.
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beethoven is for. beethoven is for every mon. beethoven 2020. 150th anniversary here on de dano. it's a deadly sin. and a whim of nature. motivates us. and threatens to ruin us. greed. you can see the desire for. the motors that drives our. putting. thank you i've come to oppose capitalism because i see the harm is done to the world. at the top. i would say that selfishness making the issue of
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material goods is really a step down of fear we literally run the risk of being the 1st formal for life to be responsible for our own expection. my own. we go in search of answers in a documentary style. greek starts may 21st d. w. . how did the coronavirus pandemic begin how did the world 1st respond questions that the world health organization most likely will have to answer 120 countries are now in favor of it end of pinned investigation into the origins of covert 19 and that includes china but beijing has made it clear it will not help investigate the history of the pandemic until the pandemic has become history itself. this is
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the day.


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