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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 19, 2020 3:00pm-3:30pm CEST

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u.s. president has threatened to pull the u.s. out of the organization and cut off funding for the director general of the trump improvements based on his criticisms within 30 days he accused the u.n. agency of being too close to china. is calling.
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into q. shirking responsibility is to support. final decision and folly to fund the w. even before trump had issued his incendiary letter to the world health organization it was clear he was about to attack. and i think they've done a. very sad job in the last period of time and again the united states pays them $450000000.00 a year china pays them $38000000000.00 a year and they're a puppet of china. china centric to put it nicer but they're a puppet of china you know it was those comments at a white house event were quickly followed by a trump tweet he links to a letter accusing the w.h.o. of making a series of missteps over its response to the pandemic in it he warns that if the world health organization does not commit to major substantial improvements within
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the next 30 days i will make my temporary freeze of united states funding to the w.h.o. permanent and reconsider our membership in the organization trumps ultimatum came just a few hours after the w.h.o. announced an independent review i will initiate an independent evaluation of the earliest appropriate a moment to review experience gain and lessons learned and to make recommendations to improve national and global quandary preparedness and response but this is about more than just the world health organization donald trump who has been criticized for his own handling of the pandemic publicly blames china for trying to cover up the outbreak china's foreign ministry has already hit back accusing trump of trying to mislead the public in order to smear china.
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where does not from singapore is professor david fisher he was in china earlier this year as part of a double team to look at china's coronavirus response professor fisher who had praised china for the way it reacted to the crisis and now it's being called a puppet of china by donald trump he's the chinese puppet. not by any stretch of the imagination the w.i. joes and evidence based organization the starter and analyze it and makes decisions based on that. it couldn't afford to behaving with any sort of favoritism to any country but then it's quite a journey just a few months back the double ritual was praising china for its response you were in fact part of the team that was on the ground in just a few months later no it is the target of criticism from the united states for essential me not being hard enough on china well there's
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no reason to be hard on on any country i don't think we should all be in this together. china albuterol as always blame the china china. my aide. made the diagnosis identified the outbreak. did the genome sequencing created a test for the world all in lightning speed if you if you've ever been in an outbreak it's it's very confusing chaotic it's all very new getting you getting an understanding of what's happening well while everyone is running around and you know hospitals are getting overwhelmed and it's all very difficult and as outbreak experts we believe that what china accomplished in that very short space of time and then to contain the virus within their own country with the measures taken was was truly extraordinary and i would move away from that belief the principle that
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position against china is they're trying not wasn't transparent and therefore valuable time was lost in communicating with the governor or troll do you agree with that. i think you need to understand that the w.i. joe is not the only one with early warning systems and sensing. in fact probably the u.s. c.d.c. is is probably even better at it and identifying things through observing internet press their various discussions between technical groups. the u.s. is very sensitive to outbreaks and emerging. illnesses across the world so to say the role of the w.i. job was to tell. the us to be aware i would have thought the u.s. would know that around the same time of the world a little bit of what the world health organization's member states are just agree
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to a comprehensive and independent review of the global response to the pandemic do you believe such review really can be impartial. i don't believe it was ever not going to happen and people are calling for further investigations into the origin of the virus investigations into the early days of of communication investigations into the way the w.i. just managed this this is going to happen and i think. countries grandstanding over over making it happen there were so many reviews after the bowler out right now this could be done better on could w.i. joe perform better it's it's probably the most scrutinized organization in the world and and there's no way there was not going to be a review of of all these things but but the most important thing now is that we we we buckle down and get on with this outbreak response president fisher thank you so
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much for speaking to us and. here in europe france and germany have announced a half a trillion dollar plan to help the e.u. weather the worst crisis in decades the proposal calls for a rescue fund to boost the sectors of the economy hit hardest by coronavirus lockdowns it's an about face for german chancellor angela merkel 4 weeks germany have resisted the idea of collective e.u. debt to absorb the pandemics economic shock. it's wishful thinking to help europe's economies could bounce back as easily as these provisions after months under lockdown even before the e.u. commission presented a package berlin and paris a rushing through a joint initiative for economic recovery in a bid to put this crippling face behind them. in a joint news conference with the french president chancellor angela merkel stressed the coronavirus pandemic is in danger in european unity. most that is why the
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fund has to help ensure that all countries in europe can react appropriately but. this requires an extraordinary one off effort which france and germany are ready to undertake but i said that if this is the result of bilateral work in cooperation with our partners i'm convinced that this plan provides the groundwork to revive our lives our economies and our societies. to offset the drastic decline in production transport and tourism across europe this development fund will get an injection of 500000000000 euros e.u. budget funds will be made available to the hardest hit regions and sectors. the overall plan is designed to strengthen the e.u.'s future viability of the in these resources will of course if this purpose invest in digital is a sin and the green deal to cope with the climate catastrophe this will inspire a new dynamic for the future i am in the field of health we will aim for
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cooperation to apply all be flown from the crisis to get them. on tight that sounds like support for the e.u. commission whose economic recovery plan is being drafted the commission's president is expected to present it next week from on the story let's turn to our correspondent in brussels girl mater's how much of a shift in position is this in particular for chancellor angela merkel. bere if you listen to german chancellor angela merkel in the recent weeks closely she mentioned a number of times that germany is ready to provide more financial aid to european partners now mutual i debt clearly was not on the cards that the ra is age old and germany has been mainly against it but look the idea of this recovery fund using the e.u. budget as a back door if you want to introduce carone up on flight is not entirely new the
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head of the european commission has enough on the line has aired it a couple of weeks ago saying that it could be a marshall plan and i haven't heard of the german chancellor completely rule out that idea in fact she even mentioned a treaty change in the future if that's what it takes to bring europe back on track after the corona crisis and yesterday she reiterated that position saying that europe needs fundamental change of the european commission has welcomed this initiative but half a trillion euros of joint e.q. borrowing that's a potentially sticky issue i mean what could that mean for the band's viability well to to put the plan into reality of course you will detail unanimous decision by e.u. leaders so you need all $27.00 on board and so far the frugal for a countries in the north of europe including the netherlands all strive already said their position remains unchanged they are against corona bonds one way or the
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other they're against mutual iced debt which in fact if you look at the e.u. treaties is not legal in any case and so their position hasn't changed whereas spain and italy really welcomed the idea or. so will it will have to see how how they will work this out the important message here today is that this is a top a diplomatic push by 2 of the strongest you nations what are the next steps. well finance ministers are meeting today and they have announced the german finance minister has already said they will discuss these topics today this will be key of course every 3 carts to the legal aspects it will take some creativity from legal experts to find a solution how to put this into reality if e.u. leaders where to recreate the main message from today's meeting but also from the 2
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germans and the french finance ministers the announcement today is that the power engine if you want the twin engine in europe france and germany are back on track and the french finance minister called this an historical step of the mutual proposal government is in brussels thank you very much for that let's take a look now at some other stories making news around the walls of the prime minister of listen to as designed after facing months of accusations that he was involved in the killing of his ex-wife thomas to obama announced his retirement on national t.v. to vanity strange by force shot dead 2 days before his inauguration in 27. india has began evacuating people along its eastern seaboard as it prepares for the arrival of a fierce 2nd on the storm cold unfun is expected to hit india and bangladesh on wednesday with winds of up to 125 kilometers per hour heavy rainfall and strong driving waves. judges are germany's highest court have
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backed foreign journalists who've stood up against spying on them by germany's foreign intelligence agency germany's constitutional court has ruled that surveillance of journalists violates the german constitution and its get into your rights to privacy and freedom of the press the challenge was brought by 6 foreign jump advocacy group reporters without borders the court is giving despite agency until the end of next year to change the way the operatives. for more on this i'm joined by hans brand from our parliamentary studio here in berlin hans it was journalists and journalists organizations that brought this complaint to the court what does the verdict mean for journalists lawyers and civil rights networks from all over the world basically it means that they have have the same protection under the german constitution as a german journalist in germany or german lawyers in germany would have in other words what the court has ruled is a very fundamental basic principle that the german agencies the german spy agency
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would not operate in foreign countries and involving foreigners not germans it still has to stick to the basic rights guaranteed by the german constitution to people in general you know with the german spy service has to stick to the rules that are valid in germany even when it operates in a foreign country what does that mean about the changes that the german intelligence service needs to now bring in what is the court's demanding. the court is basically demanding 2 things on the $100.00 to saying that the german intelligence service has to respect for instance the lawyers of a russian and the rights of a russian lawyer in confidentiality between a russian lawyer and russian client for instance all that the previously rights possibly of somebody who seems suspected of being a terrorist that person in the law has protection of his pretty right supremacy and
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the german foreign spy service has to respect that as well that's a very very far reaching ruling what the court is saying now is that the german spy service has to institute. more exact rules on how it conducts is spying and these rules have to be controlled more more carefully by independent and in the independent body all of this still has to be put into some form of law which is going to take a long time and fairly complicated that's why the court has given more than a year's time for these rulings to be put into law meanwhile hans the german foreign intelligence service itself says that the verdict is a setback in the fight against terrorism is that correct while on the other hand the german constitutional court did say that this kind of intelligence gathering was legitimate was important that it needed to be done that it was important for protecting the interests of the german state in an international context but it
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said that and it's a that is possible to do this in a manner that applies to the constitution that comp complies with the constitution but the new rules have to be set up in such a way that in fact they do comply to the constitution so the court is saying the spying is a legitimate enterprise and in other words fighting terrorism is something that needs to continue but it needs to be put on a different legal basis on brown thank you very much for that. finding people who have contracted covert 19 before they can spread the disease and tracing their contacts has become a priority for governments across the world scientists in south africa are developing and that helps track those contacts if the works it could help make up for the shortfall in testing capacity there. i feel that music city farm market in cape town before the pandemic the promise markets through 7000 visitors
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a day now just 700 arrived and they are only allowed to buy essential under strict procedures. this is what i'm doing today everybody comes to the market. i explain to them the reason i'm doing it which is for packing and creating in the case of. disease the shoppers appear happy to cooperate i'm comfortable i understand. and it's great that we can look at the port. and the. people reading. the idea is that if there's a case of coronavirus at the market authorities can one of us who may be affected by collecting people's names and contact details is an easy way to make contact tracing possible it is obviously not the most effective way and researchers at the
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university of cape town argue would make things easier and more effective. everybody. has overseen the development of the app kovi id every participant can register online and will then receive a q.r. codes this can be saved to one smartphone or simply printed out as fewer than half of all south africans own a smartphone and can now use the coby id at a time of verifying so that say i'm a taxi operate our i'm a security guard i want to scan use s. yardbirds as they come in so you can. scan. it shows my name it should look my picture eventually it shows that i haven't been so off test that there is no information about where that i saw patrick coming from covert what has happened in the bank and is that the app has sent to your location to the wallet of the user and it simply has found the address of that user by
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looking at the q.r. code the data is not stored centrally to address privacy concerns the data is only stored on user's phones if someone tests positive he or she can agree to sharing the anonymous data with the public health authorities and to one of the users who where the same location. coordinates a team of 150 volunteers who develop the kovi id app today they're presenting their project in a vip see me now to political decision makers from several african countries much about the research shows that in order to contact tracing to work we can we need to identify 60 percent of the patients as soon as they have symptoms and we need to find 50 percent of their contacts basically instantaneously if you take even 4 $56.00 days to figure out all the contacts that somebody was positive had and to to follow up with them you will be too slow to effect it's least curb the spread of the virus but the biggest problem is the insufficient testing capacity that south
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africa has already performed more than $350000.00. and covered $900.00 tests by far the most of any african country but now laboratories are overwhelmed and often need more than 5 days to get a result something that no effort can fix. businesses are reopening social distancing rules have been relaxed a little and people are resuming favorite rituals of order to serve a return to normal life can go on unless the coronavirus infection rate surges once again but new decisions daily about what's risky and what's not. when chewing out once again getting a taste of what the new norm is now like post lockdown some things seem to be back to where they were before coronavirus brought everything to a halt for weeks shops restaurants and playgrounds remain closed now every day life
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is slowly returning back to berlin to most people it's really. out and about but they also have to make sure that their fellow citizens are protected how is that going to work opinion is divided some think the authorities are being too cautious other say not careful enough it's a test of social cohesion. i think people are very responsible a lot where they could be carrying the virus and are very careful on how many others. but not everyone in this playground ches this confidence older people in particular are still married. only need to come out at the weekend to see that people are partying everywhere 20 or 30 together the young just want to go for it.
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most people in this park serving social distancing. but it's not easy to decide what should and should not be an out. because on this is a kind of pseudo solidarity you go along with the roots when you think people are watching and spending at school but at 1st. this neighborhood takes a more casual approach something the pandemic is over others believe that never really was a crisis so no one's saying that out loud it can be confusing. deciding this is chef this is t.v. it's difficult for people to know how close to each other they can get it specially when they're not sinking about it. something they're experts and some just go with their own instincts. and i was in the on 900. it's good to take a break but many missed their friends. if
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they do would fit in and it would be nice if more people could get together maybe in groups to fight for not just family friends also we could deal with that and philosophical and learning to live with the pender. each in their own me. car also or in the faces of pretty good boy. i see through their lives so it comes to a dual sirree were thanks. for the rule for now at the top of the bonus they go after the break because of the coronavirus has prompted other top european leagues to ratchet up preparations english premier league teams can train in small groups from today while italian and spanish sides are also meeting up again. everything is being disinfected at barcelona
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the spanish league is taking no chances but the sight of leo no messi back on the training ground has raised hopes that matches without fans can restart in mid june . xina deems it damns real madrid of also returned to team training for the 1st time since march. very good very good to be back on the pitch to work you know with. the boys. now we just need to wait for the games but it's very very happy the government must 1st ok a resumption just like in italy and in england where training in small groups has also now been allowed to start up again. the plans for a premier league return behind closed doors have been in the works for weeks players have been spotted doing individual training but a realistic start date for matches has been allusive they have been rather was over how much a resumption would expose players health and if games should be played at neutral
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venue's to avoid home fans turning up outside stadiums the return of the bond as they grew at the weekend without fans and with strict guidelines not always followed by the players has put pressure on all the european leagues to quickly copy germany's lead but leagues including france have already scrapped their seasons and disadvantage clubs of threatened litigation in the wake of the blunders leagues resumption the french government has defended the decision. it was important for me to give priority to the health and psychological well being of the players rather than economic considerations which in other countries have taken precedence. a deep clean is needed if europe's biggest leagues are to salvage money spinning t.v. deals they are making a step in the right direction. and a reminder of the top stories we're following for you president donald trump
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pressed for us out of. trump. and favoritism. this is due to other news there.
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car empty stadiums strict regulations the bundesliga has resumed after its coronavirus shutdown the decision is highly controversial and abusers questions how long can this go on in. terms of what will the matches be inspired in terms. of the w. i'm
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going crazy thing in all the time. how to handle our new allies in times of the corona and then x d w reporter to your drug is it just like everyone else and she's looking for answers and thankfully with the help of tony ex-pat a few other. thank you is not life as we know it we're all in this together our new web series. is nor. what do they dream of at night. as cleaners they see the face of horror. their job censoring for the social media industry. in manila there are thousands of so-called content monitors to say they scrubbed terrifying images from online
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platforms. the horrific job or starvation wage the strain is enormous. the cleaners social media's shadow industry starts junaid on g.w. . the bun to sleep.


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