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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  May 19, 2020 3:30pm-4:01pm CEST

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in manila there are thousands of so-called content monitors to take a scrub terrifying images from online platforms. a horrific job or starvation wage the strain is enormous. the cleaners the social media's shadow industry starts junaid on g.w. . the bun to sleep it is back after a 2 month hiatus. once wired to bring this new guy. and some stocked insists
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it might be the to be fought says it's. by far the world's most important sports league to restart its season after the coronavirus pandemic closed its suspension in early may the german government gave the go ahead for the week to resume. the defense budget disney got the updates that might need to be done even if people died in an initially if you test that needed a few even though. the top flight football is once again seating the appetites of the starving fans time to celebrate all is it's. the games are being played behind closed doors germans call them guy stuff below ghost games and they indeed left the stadium as an eerie feeling not everyone supports the decision some say it's all about money. after from the road just a little bit of road. is it really
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safe for the players most of them out of paying rules and guidelines intended to keep everyone safe but why all of them. in any case the season has restarted with some real blockbusters league leaders by in munich travel to newly promoted on your own berlin for the 1st time ever. we start though with the mother of all germans rbs for adoption versus shocker normally raucous crowds would fill the rule districts and on saturday. don't normally post the largest crowns in europe and the biggest standing terrace purcell's tan can pack in 24000 fans at saturday's or germany's biggest star be played behind closed doors for the 1st time ever. after for the
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a we've been waiting weeks for it to kick off again meeting your mates and having a pointer in whatever hole and now it's nothing. it's like having sex on your own on its shores if you sense a long. running around it's not really a passion and she stands how much fun for the footballers. massacre and dortmund fans had to watch in drive ins. or in pubs with social distancing. or town with their own hospitality arrangements. losing the top money 1st the shock of how is it home alone. yes i'm sure it's strange when the atmosphere of the name with you not even so tight is totally weird it's more like indoor football. or training match things
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below those of us i doubt he would distant for the players to know young mascots now handshakes for the opponent new team photos before kickoff football is back but not those familiar rituals image to show well it's not the same without spectators and we do have to prepare shorn it's also a question of psychology or montell foghat welcome to the 1st ever masquerade ball in the bundesliga. and with distancing the priority everyone is being wary not least chaka he gave the hosts plenty of space to put together passes. and 29 minutes in alan holland made it one nil my new engine a teenager with his 1st start and go. yeah yeah yeah that's. his goal celebration i don't think i'm strictly no touching.
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normally stage a 1000 but but we knew that we we had the support that only from the fans this is no way holland is an animal who cares if their fans will go. dormant weren't bothered by the silent. but chuckle seemed unhappy. especially when rafael guerrero made it to help shortly before the break. by. elbow bombs any normal at least the half time whistle still sounds the same. to him and to still looking like title contenders well shaka looked appropriately
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like ghosts. what everybody misses energy which a stadium has if it's sold out in which case you have to get physical doom and had experienced a ghost game in the last seconds panic and the champions league in march. they looked a lot better and shaka 3 no talk and. the yeah. yeah . been pretty stupid to. go number 6 of the season for the belgians. altogether it was a fine showing from dormant and that without the likes of our little and marco royce the highest margin of victory in iraq darby sent 966 sealed by rafael palmeiro was his 1st price.
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in the defense of historic proportions for shaka it was a no show performance. we both play without fancy day so there's really no no excuse to for that. it'll be a memorable davi when to say the least. goal vanda is the yellow wall isn't there it's weird yes they're coming he's fended is to be honest as a fantasy you imagine that if you cheer on your team the team then plays better and scores goals. it's easy to get childcare but winning so easily against other sites do they really need fans. or are they so professional that it doesn't matter. if that's enough and it's a goddess of the with disabilities. the teams need fans present or not i don't. and
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players thank them nonetheless. the. passes season so far could have hardly gone any worse 1st they sacked their coach and it showed it after only 12 match days then the world famous you've been klinsmann took over the reins only to quit just weeks later and during the coronavirus lockdown that's what made headlines for all the wrong reasons. not very good of. sullivan colludes facebook live video caused a huge scandal ignoring the social distancing of hygiene rules in the team's dressing rooms he burst in on a teammates medical checkup and even publicly discussed his salary as a result he was suspended indefinitely and. this man is
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now tasked with repairing half his image bruno levante a stepped in as coach joining the kovac 19 break he's got plenty of coaching experience and led both spoke to an unexpected 6th place finish last year. hatta i'm now in 13th place and the coming under heavy scrutiny. is going to see her come back and premiere for the capital city side took place away against opponents often i'm here in blue the hosts were looking to continue steering the direction of europe but were far too sloppy with their chances. to the status remains ghost and see although hoffenheim isn't exactly known for great crowds in the 1st place. on the pitch it was back to business as usual no one shied away from physical contact especially hatter looked highly motivated and
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spurred on by the new coach. he is. was immediately evident time and again he instructed his players he has proven to be a good motivator at multiple clubs in the past as the match carried on has appeared more and more dangerous on goal skipper bit at ibiza bitch had a strong performance and his strike partner nearly took the lead just before the break the season's candles didn't seem to affect the much. we had a tough couple of weeks behind. many new things. started training with a lot of new rules new coach and in a short period of time we managed to learn what he what he wants from us after 58 minutes have so were rewarded for their efforts even if it was pretty lucky i hit a 2nd rate strike was deflected off of kevin directly into the back of the net one
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nil but then the villain boys showed their unprofessional side one small celebrating as if everything was normal at least the coach remembered the proper way to do it. 2 minutes later had to up the ante maximillian missteps phenomenal crossmen ibiza rich to no i and again the careless celebration with close contact there's no explicit ban on embracing that the players were asked to refrain from unnecessary physicality. yeah well you can't really hide your emotions i asked our doctor before the game if a goal would still count if you make contact afterwards that was important in such moments it's really hard to control the emotions come up and we've been waiting for so long to be able to play again. on the athletic signed the berlin team impressed
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completed a nice solo run with the games. final goal 3 nil as for their sensitivity with the coronavirus situation. where a miserable failure was. a month after the team went through a very complicated situation with their 4th coach lots of drama an end around the club and then this whole coronavirus situation they want to enjoy anything they can make it almost funny game. still it wouldn't hurt to learn from them mistakes maybe can also teach them a little discipline. and now not only the fans who are missing but also the new head count this is only the assistant new boss haka hellish couldn't join his team canada and more to wearing quarantine in the hotel and are actually not supposed to leave but i didn't have
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any toothpaste on what i was about to run out and i didn't have any face cream eva so i went out in my tracksuit pants to a supermarket nearby in the near it so i am supermarket. well their coach and without much momentum 14th placed on spoke from behind shortly before half time. were not to stephens beautiful had a disaster last year of course. after the break croatia international team had high level the score. but in injury time kevin and barbara outlining the. players and fed on how it can check to secure 3 points for the wolves. i. suffering have forced a few in a row outspanned slide closer to the danger zone.
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the true relic. battle took place in just against a lowly patter born 16th place for 2 and made quite a racket rattling the woodwork 4 times. but neither side found the net and patter born took my lucky point. i was. playing stadium looked and sounded like an abandoned graveyard for stuffed animals . thankfully there was more action on the pitch against months. 6 minutes 10 after v.a.i. the green light for a penalty the striker had made his side ahead. one no. 5 . and when florian kind's doubled their lead in the 55 minute. dreaming about the 6th time i missed the season.
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my. mind's was still a match. cut the deficit in half after an hour's time. and then pierre could have decided to steal the show on his. team to. buy clothes to france seem to forget the social distancing rules don't apply on the pitch. not something you see every day in professional football. today you could tell we weren't yet 100 percent physically but i can understand that saying we've had its practices we know friendly anyone. can remain comfortable in mid table mind stay out of the traps and now. he and co feels braman are stuck in that drop zone. however that's and labor
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couldn't showed why with less than half an hour ago. attack was still working though hey a dog gave us a lousy soon pulling the sides level. but once again the brain the defense looked hapless and again tie however it's beat them with his head to one. and the 2nd half is a made it $31.00 for they because it. was defending like this no wonder braman are 2nd to last. caterham damn near by finished. the labor closing when for one the final score and braman just can't stop opponents from scoring. and i pick the underdogs from freiburg with a 1st to get on the scoresheet half an hour and intend to play 1st corner found monell gooda is cheeky touch happened to be right on target.
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the man on the red bulls controlled the game with one attack after the next live signal at 5 at snatch but looked a little out of target practice. finally in the 77th minute use of pulse and found the equaliser for the bulls. are not as monk still wasn't thrilled but he had to be grateful to at least take on a point after trouble at the target again in stoppage time. disallowed the goal as lucas hurler was ruled offside it ended 11 might take had some interesting excuses. but it is just not as often that's where the opponents could hear everything on the pitch so they could position themselves better defensively in defense if not sustain like 6 like in the title race good news for rival.
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it's the passing of the ear splitting commotion the fact that fans a well known for their relentless support of their team which tends to intimidate their opponents was going to erase everyone who has been in a stadium when we have played knows how much the fans have contributed and how fantastic the atmosphere is here really here fantastic. but how would i entrust fare against mentioned blockbuster without the 12th man blocked by. whose glory days came in the seventy's a back up among the league's best meanwhile frankfurt have struggled and luck but caught them napping with their 1st attack in the opening minutes and some play on making it one nil. last season went well for frankfurt having made it all the way to the roper league semifinals but this campaign has had its fair share of pick ups and again they have little to show. backers to
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tap into double the visitors lead practically deciding the game within 7 short minutes. so it's a fortnight celebration that the characters do every time you were in a game and fortnight so that's what we did frankfurt with xylene missing their fans in the stands. for as i said to him as he had a very sleepy beginning and then afterwards it was really hard to come back from a to go deficit. einstein did eventually wake up and improve but then black typical figure. on the other hand played it smart to full at just the right moment also requires some skill. training courtesy of rami benz of i.e. me. which.
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could be satisfied already crowned the best coach of the bundesliga us 1st leg in his debut season at the club that has guided last best campaign in 36 years. they could afford to give their hosts a consolation goal under the silva making it 31 in the 81st minute. in the final moments i stopped smarting hinted i still wasn't ready to give up but it made no difference without their raucous frowns frankfurt looked at a loss in the end it was the guests who celebrated climbing up to 3rd place in the table.
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the other 1st time stadium famed for its boisterous herm's support but eerily empty and of all match days on the one where only on berlin hosted by munich for the 1st time ever. only on have already sent the likes of blood back and don't mind packing a met debut season in the top flight but how would they fed without their fans. only own hair and red started as if they had a packed house behind them showing little fear of the perennial champions. antony might well have done more with this chance after just 7 minutes. by him curtains a flick so his contract renewed during the current break a vote of confidence he'll need to justify. then buy ins 1st attack in 10 weeks and the ball was promptly in the mash. except it was disallowed user thomas miller
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straying off sorry. but as the game went on by amri found their form and with a pace that was too hard to. play on gretzky edging out a penalty 5 minutes before half time. robert leavened able to recover from injury during the break stepped up to slot away his 26th of the season . and as all swear it was a case of. my albino's. buying her own cause for that 8th straight title at least one sign of normality in this troubling times. that's really a ship so many of course it's different but i have to be able to focus once it's kicked off time and i lock out everything else that's happening in. the middle my house to blend in. only on we're also focused in a fast game ever behind closed doors the upstart east berlin has put on
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a decent display even if they fail to really threaten the opponent to go. unlike the visitors. with 10 minutes to go punch a month avast put the game to bed hardly happy sunday night hearing for dortmund club and leipsic would be hoping for the league leaders to slip up. on him came away from the weekend with no points but at least it has been a seemingly safe restart to proceedings. that using it. as far as i know with the 1st lead to get going again we don't know the government and society in general are looking to us and we have to handle it well dammit missed me. so the play is a back on the pitch but it wouldn't be strange if. byron secure yes another title without their being able to join the celebrations. for the
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results. of their worst darby loss since 1966 character berlin upset hoffenheim byron's win against promoted side only on berlin was less of a surprise yes goals and points count even in ghost games for how many weeks can this new situation go on. the continuation of the bundesliga season is more frank let me see our health authorities have the final say over individual teams 2nd division side you nom addressed him are not able to restart their season this week and this up to 2 of their players tested positive for the coronavirus resulting in the entire team name sent into quarantine for 2 weeks. the question now hangs over the entire league could this also happen to other teams even in the top flight. this
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weekend was supposed to be the final match day of the season but there are still 8 more rounds to go by and munich remain 4 points ahead of dortmund with gladbach and leipzig close behind. the bottom half of the table followed by character and rooney on brylin. things are still looking dire for powder born raymond and still sold off. so they did it the bundesliga navigated some pretty tricky social and political waters to restart before any of the other top tier football leagues but will they be able to keep it going the whole world is watching and the. honestly it could serve as a blueprint for other team sports around the globe. and
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next weekend the ghost came buses of germany's top flight will tackle chapter 2 back grand experiment.
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play. the bass player. this is live from. donald trump gives. the u.s. president. on 1st. has an independence from china. developing in. africa as a. response. in
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