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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 19, 2020 7:00pm-7:15pm CEST

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doing you know for. sure 66 meters rising sea levels starts june 5th on g.w. . this is the the news live from donald trump delivers an ultimatum to the world health organization u.s. president threatens the u.n. agency with his country's permanent withdraw unless it makes changes within the next 30 days describing it as a puppet of china also on the program. germany breaks the fiscal to book to help for europe the covered 19 stall for the 1st time chancellor back on his back
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a shadowy youth debt to finance a massive relief fund the struggling economy. i'm still gail welcome to the program u.s. president donald trump has threatened to withdraw the united states from the world health organization and permanently and u.s. funding in a letter to the un bodies director general mr trump a demands changes based on his criticisms within 30 days he accuses the organization of mishandling the global coronavirus response and being a puppet of china china describes mr trump's comments as a smear campaign and accuses him of shirking america's responsibilities to the w.h.o. final decision. even before trump had issued his insane. a letter to the
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world health organization it was clear he was about to attack. and i think they've done a. very sad job in the last period of time and again the united states pays them $450000000.00 a year china pays them $38000000000.00 a year and they're a puppet of china. china centric to put it nicer but they're a puppet of china those comments at a white house event were quickly followed by a trump tweet he links to a letter accusing the w.h.o. of making a series of missteps over its response to the pandemic in it he warns that if the world health organization does not commit to major substantial improvements within the next 30 days i will make my temporary freeze of united states funding to the w.h.o. permanent and reconsider our membership in the organization trumps ultimatum came
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just a few hours after the w.h.o. announced an independent review i will initiate an independent evaluation at the earliest appropriate moment to review experience gain and lessons learned and to make recommendations to improve national and global pandemic preparedness and response. but this is about more than just the well tell folks nice ation don't know trump has been criticized for his own handling of the pandemic publicly planes china for trying to cover up the outbreak china's foreign ministry has already hit back accusing trump of trying to mislead the public in a one day to smear china. let's take a closer look at this with john jordan he's a republican strategist and political commentator he joins us from california welcome to the wu with more than 90000 covered 19 deaths the most in the world and
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the highest number of coronavirus cases how would the u.s. benefit from leaving the world health organization. well 1st of all we don't know the u.s. has the most deaths or the most cases america's numbers are very transparent we don't really know what russia's numbers china's numbers are or runs numbers really are we are the we have the largest case the rift valley number of countries that are are for 4th right of those numbers question is america is not the only one that's very unhappy with the world health organization right now certainly the in the trumpeters trace you take the most extreme position but there are over 100 other countries that are very unhappy with the w.h.o. as well i mean the world health assembly is meeting today and tomorrow and taiwan is excluded at china's insistence so i think the us is is it one of the spectrum but the rest of the world including all of nearly all of the e.u. is is is is also registering their unhappiness world health organization as it
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appears that the world health organization is more governed by politics then and jennings right ok so what i want us to look at let's just take a listen look at that because of course in any multilateral organizations you'll get a struggle to find can consensus just going back to the question i asked what would be the benefit to the united states of leaving the w.h.o. . well certainly it would make a statement and certainly the u.s. taxpayer would save save money from it if the world health organization is really just something that the chinese government is so co-opted there's no point for the united states to state it at all furthermore that it that with the u.s. withdrawal from might encourage other countries to place pressure on other w.h.o. and the chinese government and make their behavior more up and demick oriented ok so we have accusations coming from china excuse me coming from the i think states and from others that china is behind this pandemic let's let's stay with this
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accusation that the w.h.o. is china's century where's the evidence well let's look at it let's look at the hand of it dr tender skin breezy is i was former health minister a member of an oppressive regime government in ethiopia and was handpicked and lobbied for extensively by beijing for the world health organization top job incidentally he was the only head of the world health organization to not meet be a medical doctor he was china's pick he's not even a doctor he has consistently praised china and been reluctant to criticize china not only in terms of the origins of the pandemic but its handling of the data and its truthfulness to the rest of the world in lobbying for adult to his appointments so that today. the china do anything that the u.s. and other old and i and other countries was doing when they were love bring for that men or women to be in charge. i mentioned the us with the us didn't really
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lobby that hard for any other person to be interred keep in mind dr dr tenters good breezy as is was the head of a marxist government in ethiopia and went over and was under white criticism in ethiopia for his handling of 3 cholera outbreaks and the covering up of those in the ninety's and early 2000 so the u.s. didn't insist on getting its guy heading the world health organization but china did it and they did in fact get their guy who is a marxist and has not and is not a visitation w.h.o. assembly agreed today to a comprehensive and independent review of the global pandemic of response is that likely societies high president from. no that's of that's as it's a state it's a step in the right direction i think we'd all like to see understand you know taiwan has been very successful in its containment of the can coronavirus we'd like we'd like to we'd like the w.h.o. to invite to invite taiwan it at
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a minimum as an as an observer so the dog world health or something is going on the next 2 days but china won't let them do it won't it and rose breeziness do it but we'd all like to hear and learn more about taiwan's response good talking to thanks for joining us republican strategist a judge on my push. we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world the prime minister has resigned following months of accusations that he was involved in the killing of his ex-wife thomas to barney announced his retirement on national television is a strange wife was shot dead 2 days before his inauguration in 27 to. germany's highest courses all that mass surveillance of online communications outside the country of violates the constitution and its guarantee of the right to privacy and freedom of the press the challenge was brought by 6 foreign journalists and the advocacy group reporters without borders. germany and france are hoping to win
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swift approval from the rest of the european union for a proposed 500000000000 gora rescue fund to help boost the block's struggling economies german chancellor angela merkel and french president emmanuel mccraw announced the plan on monday in a significant policy reversal that shy germany says it is now willing to use its stellar credit rating to help the e.u. bar of the money it needs for the fund. they used to be known as the motor of the e.u. but recently germany and france of struggle to develop a common approach on europe's big question now the pandemic seems to have reinvigorated the franco german tandem you buy it isn't about psych the un we are both convinced the answer is europe must act together the nation state on its own has no future and for germany i say germany can only thrive if europe thrives all. the miracle macron plan is big it will direct 500000000000 euros it industries in
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countries most severely hit by the pandemic importantly these are not loans but grants meaning the money will not have to be repaired 8 and the cash will be borrowed by the e.u. commission on the capital markets and paid back over 20 years. so has miracle turned her back on her principles all this represents a huge change of tank for germany until now the chancellor was against cash transfers to economically troubled countries like spain and italy they are now likely to receive the lion's share of the help the plan involves taking on debt at the e.u. level also previously a to boom in german eyes but change has come because of corona and the desire for compromise with france this sees history course step for france and germany and this is all short historical step for the whole european union because this is the 1st time when france and germany stands together to have
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a phone ding through dept of munich vestment for the e.u. countries despite the break with previous strict financial caution the plan has the backing of key players in miracles party giving all credit to their countries what rejected would call them. china i don't so that's all one argument why it's better not money directly to the project in the cancer then only loans and it is necessary that we stand together. opposition politicians also talk of european solidarity but they worry about the new readiness to spend not lend. i'm sure we have 2 to act but i'm not sure we have to act on the basis of rounds. there are other instruments.
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who. was dangerous to help these countries to overcome the consequences of the coronal rises and that's not a question of only rounds or credits if the medical macro own plan is to achieve its aim it will have to be passed by the bundestag and the european commission so far it's no more than a statement that the twin engines of year of still running. will take a look at some more of the latest developments in the coming 19 pandemic the worldwide number of infections now stands at more than 4800000 according to johns hopkins university south sudan's vice president react machar his wife have tested positive a number of his staff bodyguards have also been infected canada and the united states have agreed to extend a ban on nonessential travel between the 2 countries for another 30 days and the science journal nature says recorded global c o 2 emissions fell by 17 percent in april because of the pandemic. or super
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cycle on and fan is bearing down on the border of india and bangladesh packing winds equivalent to a category 5 hurricane am found is expected to bring massive flooding and mudslides when it makes landfall on wednesday hundreds of thousands of people in india and bangladesh are now getting ready for the worst. in the midst of a pandemic and packing winds speeds of up to 160 kilometers per hour supersonic lone is heading for bangladesh and india. but there are chances that will head here very fast and with covert 19 it's making the preparations for us the people and for the government difficult and a big challenge. challenge it but they are racing to evacuate millions of people while trying to maintain social distancing in eastern india villagers and families are seeking refuge away from the coast in shelters and in buildings that had been
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repurposed for cornton in. the cycle own hasn't come yet but since the weather changed we came here we didn't want to live in fear of the cycler in our hometown. some belligerents are choosing to trying to defend their homes from the tidal waves and flooding might bring. about we're piling up the sandbox to save our village from the supercycle all the villages are working here we're constructing a kind of which can hold off the sea water. in bangladesh physical distancing isn't possible as people boarded rafts heading for safety aid workers worry about the spread of the coronavirus and about how people here will rebound from the fierce dislike loan the country has faced and 21 years.
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that. cycle own hoon is expected to make landfall wednesday morning. this is state of the news on live from then we'll have more at the top of the hour in the meantime of course as always the web site that's the w dot com and you can follow us on twitter and instagram at the news of the day. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news of. our corona update. over.


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