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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 23, 2020 7:00am-7:16am CEST

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this is d.w. news line from berlin and britain at odds with the rest of europe again this time over corona. the u.k. sets a mandatory 14 day quarantine for all international arrivals just as other countries are using their travel restrictions also coming up in the program. anger in chile over the economic fallout of the pandemic desperate families forced to find a new way to make ends meet. and out in the sunshine celebrating the easing of the last of the berliners are enjoying their new freedoms.
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welcome to the program i'm arun stilton the u.k. has announced a mandatory 2 we quarantine for anyone traveling to britain the number of new growth of buyers cases there is falling but the government is worried about a 2nd wave of infections as travel restrictions are eased in other countries the move has angered many in the aviation and tourism sectors. from june and 8 people arriving in the u.k. by train ferry old plane will have to self isolate for 14 days that also have to give details of with i'll be staying and can expect a visit from all far as he's who'll be doing spot checks. 81 court flouting the rules faces a fine of up to a 1000. sounds there will be some exceptions truck drivers medical workers and
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people entering from the republic of ireland will not have to isolate the move comes just as many other european countries begin to loosen travel restrictions now we are past the peak of this virus we must take steps to guard against imported cases triggering a resurgence of this deadly disease and as the transmission rate across the united kingdom falls and the number of travelers arriving in the u.k. begins to increase imported cases could begin to pose a larger and increased threat. airlines in the u.k. warned this could be the final nail in the coffin for an industry already struggling to survive through the crisis some say the effects will be far wider reaching. it will be devastating not just for the aviation sector but they will see . tens of thousands of redundancies coming towards and their lives in the u.k.
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but more devastating for manufacturing a tourism sector is the loyal aviation we've already seen 1000 redundancies rules royce last week we're likely to see more coming like that and we risk having this help you know it becoming a long oil and. the government says it will review the new rule every 3 weeks after it comes into force. meanwhile british prime minister boris johnson's top aide is the latest u.k. official accused of breaking the country's lockdown rules. dominic cummings allegedly travelled from his london home to his parents more than 400 kilometers away he was suffering from symptoms of covert 19 at the time the guidance which has been in place since march says people should stay in their main home and not physical relatives. the world health organization is warning that latin america has become a new flashpoint of covert 19 infections are rising sharply chile has more than
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60000 cases the 3rd highest number in the region after brazil in peru in chile the growing frustration over lock downs and job losses is rekindling the anger behind recent anti-government unrest. fernanda is shopping not for herself but for those who have stopped going to the supermarket because of the threat of the corona virus fernanda is an actress but lost work because of the pandemic she took this new job to help make ends meet i used. to like. you. know like most of the banks but now i don't have the money to pay for. fernandez and her partner ignazio have a son ignazio a musician now gives lessons online but their household income doesn't suffice to pay all the bills like many chileans they're worried about the future. last year
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thousands in chile took to the streets to protest against injustice and poverty. their anger has returned now that the pandemic has made the crisis even worse. when you leave the fear of seeing one's family members die or loved ones die the fear of one's own death this has given way to the fear of hunger and insecurity so . the government is searching for solutions president sebastian pinera has announced a comprehensive aid program the poorest 2 and a half 1000000 families will soon receive food but members of chile's middle class like fernando navaho feel left out and the corona virus has not stopped spreading in chile. so he's chile likely to see another wave of protests even as the corona virus continues to spread there we asked correspondent john bartlett for his assessment i think it's
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a very dangerous precedent when anything i think we've seen that despite the circumstances people willing to go out still have cause to go well. it's a process and it should never really been the case that they. felt the need. to go out into the streets and risk their own their own. safety without enough without sufficient aid from the government set up big rectified relatively quickly the government really really steps up the the date the aid program in terms of financial aid which is fairly modest at the moment. and the food aid as well but i think the protest movement is we've seen over the last week it's very much there were that have been taken that. the protest indoors for now there's been a lot of online conversation going on with these kind of online meetings that they've been kind of discussing the problems and what they want to see from the chit the protest movement is what it was he'd been at it a little bit and now we've got the constitutional referendum coming up the 25th of october this year which was delayed from the from last month originally so i think
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everything's going to ramp up again is the look down to starts to eat it it's always the oldest in september. that was journalist john bartlett speaking to us from santiago earlier now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world president donald trump has ordered u.s. states to allow the reopening of places of worship classifying them as essential services churches synagogues and mosques have been closed understand homeowners trump warned he would override any governors who failed to follow his order. car rental giant house has fallen victim to the coronavirus has filed for bankruptcy protection in the u.s. and canada the group says covert 19 has had a dramatic impact on its bookings the company has already cut 10000 jobs to save cash. from. the world health organisation and unicef say the global health
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emergency has interrupted immunization programs putting 80000000 children at risk a new report warns that the law that lockdown measures have caused many countries to suspend vaccinations for measles polio and cholera. millions across india and bangladesh are assessing the damage inflicted by cycling the unfun at least 95 people are known to have been killed the death toll is expected to rise as help reaches villages cut off by floodwaters. i mean. you know god. to screech stricken mother has lost her son he left in the middle of the night to help others off to the cycle and made landfall and never made it harmed the family a one of dozens in mourning with loved ones claimed by one of the most powerful cyclons to hit the area in decades. cycling opon
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flattened homes in crops submerged villages and left millions without power it arrived with winds of up to 185 kilometers per hour. corona put a stop to everything had some fish which i caught then the cycling destroyed everything there's nothing we can do. under that as my shop was destroyed how can i get it repaired since the lockdown started we've had no business about that so i'd say. indian prime minister narendra modi witnessed the devastation from above he flew a hard hit areas in the state of west bengal scale of the flooding apparent from the air. it was the prime minister's 1st time out of delhi since the lockdown was imposed in ma. with millions displaced there are new concerns about the virus spreading in overcrowded shelters as social distancing is near impossible.
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in pakistan 97 people are now confirmed dead after a passenger jet killed crashed rather into a residential area in karachi 2 passengers survived the incident and are currently receiving medical care among the victims or whole families or travelling home together for the 8 holiday it's thought engine failure may have caused the crash. smoke rises from a dense neighborhood outside karate residents heard an explosion and felt the impact of a crash soon word spread a passenger plane had gone down among shops schools and houses. so many just said. i saw lots of smoke in the sky from the rooftop of my house so i ran toward the scene and saw the wreckage of the plane's cockpit and the body of a pilot inside. but it is the. emergency personnel arrive to search for
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bodies in the charred wreckage of the airbus a $320.00 which had crushed houses and was wedged in a narrow street. but. there were children men women elderly inside the plane when it took up from the runway again they started shouting and crying everyone started praying. to god i was just feeling in my seat number was. when the plane caught fire and fost my seatbelt and saw a light. i came out of the plane i jumped from a height of a 10 feet. after that the ambulance arrived and they took me to general hospital. because of the crash is being investigated the pakistan international airlines flight from lahore to karate reported engine failure upon arrival pakistan had resumed domestic commercial flights earlier this week ahead of the muslim holiday adolf iter marking the end of ramadan prime minister imran khan tweeted his
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condolences to the victims' families saying he was shocked and saddened by the crash and that he would initiate an inquiry into the disaster. local authorities say a small number of passengers survived but they fear a high number of casualties as doctors report dozens of victims among the neighborhoods residents. while the global health emergency escalates in many parts of the world and europe the situation is easing and daily life is starting to become more normal again here in the german capital people are welcoming the chance to savor the sunshine as temperatures climb and the government rolled back lock down restrictions. spring and sun in berlin restaurants are open again shops playgrounds and cafes too and germans both young and old are making the most of it the country continues to ease restrictions on there is a sense that public life here has almost returned back to normal. when you walk
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around pox like this one here in berlin or around neighborhoods where people are enjoying themselves having lunch outdoors or drinking coffee you may easily forget that only a few weeks ago the situation here in germany was very different back then people had been asked to remain mostly indoors you do get the impression that people here a much more relaxed now and that is for many a matter of concern but those are clearly enjoying their regained freedoms but they are also skeptical. from the skit i think it's going too fast because i think there might be a 2nd wave. it's not meant that now in the cafe it is quite ok but i miss the gym and the clubs i have mixed feelings in the midst of. all in all i have to say it's a bit too early with all that has happened. despite these concerns germany seems
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to have the outbreak mostly under control and a vast majority of those who have tested positive for the coronavirus have since recovered nevertheless chancellor merkel has said people should remain vigilant as even though it would be depressing if we had to go back to restrict sins that we all want to leave behind because we want too much too fast. a clear warning as the country reopens and germans leave their homes to enjoy the warm weather. italy has also begun cautiously using its lockdown restrictions. in rome people have been enjoying their 1st evening drinks with friends in more than 2 months many came out to enjoy the aperitif hour under the watchful eye of the police drinkers are supposed to wear masks and keep 2 metres apart not everyone struck to the those trucks and stuck strictly to the guidelines as it were but there was
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a general agreement that the gradual return to more normal daily life is most welcome. you're watching news we'll have more at the top of the hour and don't forget you can keep up to date with all the latest news on our web site lets t w dot com and you can follow us on twitter and instagram too i'm erin told in berlin thanks for joining us. 7 into a symphony. then beethoven's pastoral symphony is the foundation. of an international art project.


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