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to entrap the frame you want to do their story. pointing at reliable information for margaret. this is d w news live from berlin brazil's president is under fire after the release of a video i made allegations that he tried to meddle in a police investigation. the ones that are forbidden if i want a wife and family of my friends to get screwed because i can't change someone from the security i tried to in rio de janeiro and i could we ask our correspondent if goldson aros days are numbered. the united kingdom is once again at
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odds with the rest of europe fist time over the corona virus pandemic the u.k. sets a month to treat 14 day florentine for all international arrivals just as other countries are easing their travel restrictions. and burdens to the bundesliga teams thrash out their roles time football rivalry and empty stadiums. conference highlights later in the show. and follow for us welcome to the program pressure on brazil's embattled president not 0 has intensified after the supreme court's release of an explosive video the recording of a combination meeting shows the president on a profane rant he expresses frustration over his inability to replace law
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enforcement officials it was released as part of a probe into allegations that both are now to try to interfere in federal police investigations into his son's. it was a bit of. a way for my family or my friends to get screwed because i can't change someone from the security i tried to in rio de janeiro and i couldn't. the video from april was released friday as part of a criminal probe into allegations the president tried to interfere with brazil's federal police. so i will change them if you can't change them changes boss can change as boss change the minister you know with. the minister in question said it was demanding changes in the top ranks of the federal police and in its rio division which is investigating the president for alleged corruption the revelations come as brazil is hit hard by the coronavirus is poised to overtake
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russia as the 2nd most affected country in the world. has repeatedly dismissed the threat of the virus and he has been at loggerheads with governors who implemented lock downs. that's going to get the most of these guys one is a blood it's all freedom that's true what these guys did with the virus from the governor from rio de janeiro amongst others is exactly that. both scenarios well known for his outspokenness he's insisting his quotes were misinterpreted. or we're joined now by d.w. correspondent christiane. thanks for joining us brazil's president is increasingly in trouble are his days are numbered. now how long. it actually does it's a bit early to say but it's clear also now it is under pressure now there are.
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many requirements of process of beecham own opinion allies to the president of the call rest includes be that's now after the release of the joke we're doing preserved at protests in brazil deal position will finally gain support more support between the main members of the congress to finally which one of this requirements of impeachment to be voted and then if it happens everything will depends on the ability of the also nervous to achievement in majority to support our other members of the congress he is now without a party fight we actually saw him shoot there gain support from the members of the congress to avoid this process of being each many case he is going to be open. do
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you think it's a coincidence that the video was published and you think it is well that it could be perhaps even too much now for his followers. yeah just this vigil looks like to call for him exactly what the former justice minister said actually was said he left of the go up moments last month back using the president also not of trying to interfere in the federal reserve in brazil. to up his son so being investigated for caves of money laundering and fake news cocaine and of course mr moore is also very very popular and he was famous because when he was a church he was a leading out corruption campaigner corruption story and not come pay but the church meant i guess to many correction of politics kase so he's very popular when he's now leaving the government on
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a horse and getting men up at all or it's probable so that we well just briefly christiane you know did the situation with regards the number of infections of coronavirus in brazil is now higher than the u.s. and russia how will that develop you know what's going to happen now with regards to that have been to deal with this. i think pretty obvious kind of a very difficult. direction now because the keys are really increasing and the problem states that the government of also now he's dealing in a very confused way i mean in my city if i was the beginning of the fighting we could go over a man step higher try to go for a nurse that i would try to deal with their 10 imposing lock ups sold to people are just confuse it exhausted and attendance i would say that the virus would be spreading more and more well certainly certainly worrying times christiane thank
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you for that update thank you. well the united kingdom has announced a mandatory 2 week quarantine for anyone traveling but it won't be enforced until june 8th the number of new coronavirus cases is falling in the u.k. but the government is worried about a 2nd wave of infections as travel restrictions are eased in other countries the move has angered many in the aviation and tourism sectors. from june and 8 people arriving in the u.k. by train ferry or plane will have to self isolate for 14 days that also have to give details of where they'll be staying and can expect a visit from authorities will be doing spot checks. anyone caught flouting the rules faces a fine of up to 1000 pounds they will be some exceptions truck drivers medical workers and people entering from the republic of ireland will not have to isolate
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the move comes just as many other european countries begin to loosen travel restrictions. now we are past the peak of this virus we must take steps to guard against imported cases triggering a resurgence of this deadly disease and as a transmission rate across the united kingdom falls and the number of travelers arriving in the u.k. begins to increase imported cases could begin to pose a larger and increased threat. airlines in the u.k. warned this could be the final nail in the coffin for an industry already struggling to survive through the crisis some say the effects will be far wider reaching. it will be devastating not just for the aviation sector but they will see . total thousands of redundancies coming. but more devastating for manufacturing and tourism sectors the loyalty of your action we've
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already seen 1000 redundancies rules royce last week we're likely to see more coming like that and we risk having this help becoming a long voyage that. the government says it will review the new rule every 3 weeks after it comes into force. let's take a look now at some other stories making news around the world the top advisor to british prime minister bars johnson has been accused of breaking a lockdown rules dominic cummings allegedly traveled hundreds of kilometers to his parents' home while suffering from symptoms of covert 19 official guidance says people should stay in their main home and not visit relatives. investigators in pakistan have recovered the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder from a passenger plane that crashed in a residential area of karate 97 people have been confirmed dead it's thought engine
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failure may have caused the crash. sizes have turned out across spain for protests against the government's handling of the coronavirus crisis demonstrators demanded the resignation of prime minister petro sanchez the protests were called by the far right vox party. well now the weekend of bundesliga action got off to an eerie start on friday as had have berlin took on cross-town rivals on inside an empty stadium but this new comers when you own one the capital city bragging rights with a one they'll win back in november but this time has got their revenge for. the yawning expense of the limpia study or a strange place for a local derby. to neo much raise the roof in the 1st tough. pattinson this free kick a whisker away in the 43rd minute. but it was happen who broke the deadlock in the
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2nd tough they doubted bees of each stumping ahead handing head to the lead in the 50th minute social distancing well observed by the captain this week i hate pinpoint cross and a trademark finish from the both me and i disastrous only on defending straight from kickoff gave dodie you. comeback of an opportunity to double headers lead he judy dispatched his chops to make the signal. and it was 3 by the alamo some excellent wing play from the tail to no sound of bees of each cd for the wingnut's a slow time was on the fall the to be celebrated in style with some help from his team mates. i keep pulling bees a bitch to school to come east to finish it. it was humiliation for any on the 77th minute times dedrick boy automated phone l.
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i. do know me usually so good at 6 pieces were older see for this one i. find so finished duffy demolition 3 points may have made it 11 against the local rivals for the season. well to talk some more about the game and debate the rest of the weekend's been the sneak action i'm joined by tom get away from danny w. sports tom welcome to the show the really big victory there for had 10 huge result was anybody expecting it to be so easy for them considering the last result yeah well i mean considering the loss was all i'm considering the form which is kind of hard to tell at the moment because there's been such a long break i think probably it was expected the heads were going into this one as favorites whether or not people were expecting it to be quite that easy i'm starting out for now had his 1st game back since the resumption of the season was a great 3 new victory of the hoffenheim last weekend and it really looks like bruno
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now but the who for whom that was of course his very 1st game in charge is starting to attack hats is on the knock heads as attacking potential fade out it is a bitch with that 1st goal last night looks to be really back in form and of course that counterattack finished off by 32 come back it was exactly the type of football that had to have been to. trying and failing to play all season and now it looks like things are falling into place now those 2 goals obviously came in such quick succession that was a knockout blow for your own really whose heads just fell off the bat they really went to dust so tough result for them to take but you know it's been a really to much to a season for hathor so i'm sure their fans appraised at their final day with this darby revenge making some positive headlines and i'm sure hoping that it continues but anyway moving on now is the 10th came so far as since the bundesliga returned of course from the suspension would you say it's too early to say whether or not this return has been a success well of course it is still very early days and you know it depends
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exactly on how you measure it now in terms of international attention the blueness league has of course been getting probably more than it's ever had in its history this is the germ of it which is of course the 1st league to come back the 1st major league in the world to come back from the coronavirus suspension that everybody's been going through. last week and the blues league games were broadcast in 211 countries which doesn't really happen that often now if people did all to get some worries about the fans whether or not fans would gather outside stadiums and that hasn't happened either so at least in those 2 counts if any successful well let's talk actually a little bit at the full briefing when looking ahead at this weekend of course we're in it already what games really bad for you time so way against both books and what is off to noon and then of course be trying to keep as close to buying munich as they possibly can buy in to play against but the real highlight i think is mention got back against leverkusen that's the. 2 of the most successful
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goalscoring attacking teams to. impress observers of the blues league of the season they both made great returns action last week and so that's the hard line tom donnelly from didn't use force thanks so much for all your analysis. well you're watching day w. news we'll have more at the top of the hour and don't freaking people today was all the latest news on our web site that's t w dot com and you can follow us on twitter and instagram too so for me and the rest of the team here in berlin thanks for watching season. when the it rises cities will sink into the sea. entire stretches of the.


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