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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  May 25, 2020 8:15am-8:30am CEST

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israeli prime minister to go on trial last fall 1st to face charges of fraud breach of trust and bribery at each other's work just days after he began his 1st term. this is the interview news live from berlin i'm brian thomas with the entire team facts so much for being here we're back at the top. story up today don't miss our highlights. program online w dot com highlights. when the water rises cities will sink into the sea. the entire stretches of land will be abandoned. when the water struggles. to the stone age it's happening faster than anticipated. and massive sprinklers are supposed to
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prevent flooding but they only delayed the inevitable. how will we live in the future. 66 meters rising sea levels starts june 5th on g.w. . this week on the world stories. great britain health care system in crisis he was saying help for the homeless. but we begin in colombia market calls are the perfect place for the coronavirus to spread but that hasn't deterred sellers and buyers of the capital bogota. it
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looks like a scene from a different era a bustling market in the heart of bogota the capital like the rest of colombia is under strict quarantine. but here it almost seems like business as usual. keeping the market running throughout the lockdown is a big job says manager freddie rojas we must implement though we've installed 40 sinks and $55.00 gel dispensers these are strategically located throughout the market and we're also enforcing a minimum distance of one meter between people in order to avoid gatherings. every day we sanitize the entire perimeter of the market we also disinfect the parking lot and all the vehicles more than on your own in our part of the group each of the 1500 people who enter bogota biggest grocery retailer every day have their temperature taken and must wear a face mask at all times in reality not many people seem to care about the social
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distancing guidelines they wear their masks incorrectly or take them off to chat or have a snack. and while colombians are told to leave their homes only when absolutely necessary some shopkeepers are actually seeing more people now than before the restrictions came and. there's a real fear when the flow of people has definitely increased everybody's stuck at home trying to come by. i'm seeing one sometimes even 3 people from the same household. i asked my customers whether they'd like me to deliver their groceries to them at home most of them tell me you know this is the only way i can get out for a while. because not a moment. has worked at the market for nearly 50 years he has never known anything like this. with his fruit stall suddenly turned into a high risk work environment camillo can't help but feel
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a little fatalistic was removed i do feel very exposed but here's how i see it if i catch it it's meant to happen i've lived my life. every day he's putting his physical wellbeing on the line to keep his business on life. with takings have to since columbia went into lockdown camillo says he can only keep going for another month. the survival of his fruit shop depends on how the government manages the crisis camilla's health depends on whether his fellow shopkeepers and customers can stick to the rules and adapt to the new normal. the british health care system was already close to its limits before the coronavirus and since the outbreak of the pandemic the situation has worsened they were turned off ventilators for doctors and nurses and there's not even enough protective equipment for them. enormously found that protects them from
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coronavirus dr assays munaf almost feels guilty every time one on. he's an emergency doctor so he does have access to past not protective equipment or people. but supplies across the u.k. are very limited and simply aren't enough gowns for every doctor i want to go to get treated to. a conscious user to you because one box of supplies getting less and less and that's every time. we have to merit you know we are in a high risk. 3 quarters of all u.k. doctors say they don't have access to protective clothing visors and masks are also in short supply some doctors are having to buy their own f f p 3 masks from the i y stores and from building that fence. and also having to do things like make their own aprons out of rubbish bin bags to track protect their closing whilst they're
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doing these high risk procedures over 100 medical staff doctors as well as nurses have already died from the virus on social media videos like this that being said hospital workers paying their last respects to a continent even before the crisis the u.k. was short of over 40000 nurses staff are now on the enormous pressure even very experienced nurses and pushed to the edge and we have a lot of newly qualified staff who only been in the job 6 months or one year and they've really been pushed pushed to 2 to breaking point we are and already underfunded we need more doctors and nurses to work in the n.h.s. even in normal times so at the moment we are above and beyond what we ever thought that we could be intensive and working and we're trying our best that we do need
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more starker we need more quick meant and that is a result of underfunding of the last decade and patients are suffering too. hospitals are having to ration supplies like oxygen or dialysis food for patients with kidney failure. dimona describe situations where older patients that might offend the student from intensive can have been denied treatment whereas a few months ago people over 65 people have said that if you're basing your mentality but now it's scratchy you're so straight judge so the trust of anybody looks up to you but if people look there if you find i think you should which i deemed. by texaco you did that the i.c.u. people checked a lot. it white fog rushed me. britain's national health service is facing its biggest emergency since its founding.
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the usa has been most severely hit by the pandemic its homeless are especially vulnerable to catching the virus not only are they without a home they also very rarely have access to health care facilities. first on wheels since the food bank closed its doors for the homeless rob farley decided to bring the food bank to the very rich. coming up to syria or the brunt not the long bag brunch coffee and some warm words for the most vulnerable group of the pandemic. you know but i. do what i can know what to keep my hands they're clean oh david farley is a volunteer for a local church in washington d.c. besides breakfast he brings the latest news about what has turned into a serious threat for the homeless you know number one in the world that i could see
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. but of course. as the virus continues to spread in the capital region rob farley tries to convince them to wear face masks but that's one of the lesser problems. we're supposed to say 6 feet apart. you know. for those who go into the shelter i think social distancing is pretty tough to do in there and then for many folks that stay out on the street sanitation you know where that where to use the bathrooms where to wash your hands with estimates of around 10000 living on the streets washington d.c. has one of the biggest homeless communities in the united states. to offer some protection authorities have set up hand washing stations but not everyone has such easy access as this man who lives in a tent across the street. nevertheless no other group is hit as hard as the homeless and that's especially true in some emergency accommodations that have been
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in the news. while filming inside is not allowed media reports say a lack of social distancing made it easy for the virus to spread. pro bono lawyer amber harding says the homeless have to be taken off the streets you have $30000.00 vacant hotel rooms in d.c. that we could use to place people in until you now things settle down and we also have a can housing units and we should be really focusing on putting people into long term housing so they are able to protect themselves so if we could volunteer rob farley says keeping the homeless safe is the key for the whole community to recover from the pandemic. since the outbreak of the corona virus in china many people with asian brits living in germany have faced prejudice and racism so one such person set up
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a support group on facebook. it all started in early march victoria noticed something that shifted when she rode public transportation skeptical glances from passengers others who had moved to different parts of the train. at 1st i thought i was imagining things and then i noticed people would look at my face and then sit somewhere else i followed 3 of them just to make sure they didn't simply get off the train they went to other compartments or sat in the bicycle section of. victoria corriveau who is german her parents moved here long before she was born she's used to experiencing discrimination for being a visible minority but once the 1st cases of corona virus appeared here such incidents became more frequent of oberlin is widely seen as a tolerant diversity there's an undercurrent of hatred one man even told her she
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should spray herself with disinfectant. i've been keeping a low profile because i'm afraid of more attacks like that one victoria tried to talk to her friends about it but they shied away from the subject she doesn't think they're taking the problem seriously. then through facebook she made contact with people across the country who were having the same kind of experience since the pandemic began they have reported almost daily occurrences of hostility just because they look asian hi nice to see you popo fun who's from china also lives in berlin he's filmed incidents of racial abuse he's experienced on this . subway. a friend told me you should you should totally report it even though i don't have that much hope on the. police but because i want to at least to show people that i have this evidence and i'm not going to being silenced but on the
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talk of the. time. victoria could have do says it's been helpful to compare notes with others in the same boat that prompted her to create a website that helps bring people together and offer support. it's important for people to be connected this way in times of social distancing to share their experience so others know what's going on. racism is nothing new in germany and victoria curtis who fears it will be around a long time after the pandemic is over but she's determined to make a difference so people like her feel less alone.
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