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this is deja vu news live from berlin on kong authorities claim terrorism is on the rise in the city that after police break up mass protests against the plans new security law that gives a least broad powers activists say it would silence beijing's critics also on the show. spain slowly reopens for a business after one of the world's toughest lockdowns for months at all millions
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are newly jobless and are having trouble just putting food on the tape we'll visit one struggling fact. that in german football rb leipzig set themselves up for the bundesliga title race that after a barn storming 5 field victory open minds stay with us for all the goals in that game plus a discussion about how fans are responding to matches and empty stadiums. eyebright thomas great to have you with us today hong kong security chief says quote terrorism is on the rise in the city as police arrest some 180 protesters during renewed on rest thousands took to the streets to protest beijing's plans to impose a security law on the former british call it would bypass the local legislature and is expected to ban what china calls treason and sedition pro-democracy campaigners
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say it is a threat to hong kong's freedoms and semi a talk. let's go now to d.c. reporter laura westbrook from hong kong newspaper the south china morning post she has more on the story for us good morning to you we've seen a quick and heavy crackdown in hong kong is this a sign of a new and tougher approach by beijing yes i think it is the protests which had been going on since last year have become increasingly more violent as we saw yesterday and the slogans like revolution of our times and calls for hong kong independence by some of the more radical protesters i think beijing ish is saying that this is something that it no longer is willing to tolerate and it sees the hong kong protests as a direct threat to national security over the past few months beijing is also a maze accusations of foreign interference in the protests now the princess's deny
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this and beijing is not pretty used any evidence of outside forces directing the protests on the ground but i think it's also important to look at these protests and beijing's approach in the context of its relationship with the u.s. which is soured in because of the trade war and the coded 1900 pandemic last year the u.s. congress passed the hong kong human rights and democracy act which mandates an annual review on hong kong so tony that gives it its special trading status with the u.s. and that review is coming up and home and the u.s. national security advisor has said this little could warrant sanctions in hong kong and china so i think china is looking at hong kong as increasingly a weak link in its national security that could potentially be exploited by the u.s. ok still the protesters are talking about local issues how are they likely to respond and could we see
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a return to the huge demonstrations of last year. yes i think it's important to remember what stocks those protests last year it was and now withdraw an extradition bill that would have seen crazy fugitives in hong kong sent to mainland china to face trial there now people saw that as a challenge to hong kong's regions that it enjoys under one country 2 systems and this national security legislation is also seen as a challenge to hong kong as one country 2 systems principle that gives it freedom of speech and the right to assembly and those freedoms that you don't see in mainland china and i think a lot of people here are really worried that those freedoms we will be a raided by this new national security legislation and so yes we're probably going to see more protests as we saw yesterday briefly if you could a lot of the law that we're talking about would give china the power to deploy security forces in hong kong what is beijing have mind yeah
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a lot of things still need to be ironed out but one of the proposals that has been announced is that the main lines kids have agencies in hong kong and potentially mainland agents operates in hong kong enforcing this new national security legislation now the hong kong government says that they would still be subject to local law but many people have questions how that would work and obviously it's got some people in hong kong quite worried because mainly the mainland china does use national security legislation to go off to journalists activists and even lawyers so that's an announcement has got some people worried about how exactly that will what given hong kong's law structure in hong kong system laura westbroek for us from the south china morning post thanks so much for coming in to us. well markets in hong kong following after this weekend's protests against beijing's push for
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more control over life in the city. hong kong's hang seng index clawed back earlier losses after china's move to impose a new security law in hong kong heightened concerns about the future stability of the city sign said major asian economies like japan and south korea are emerging from coronavirus lockdown as given regional investors and lift. them is being. made because success in contained a. huge lyra's but this all the damage by the national security and. it depends on how the government control and nature control darius if the government can't say i insist and to as many protests as possible then the protests gradually.
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sentiment was also music in the mainland where the shanghai composite was largely unchanged most asian bourses were in more upbeat mode the nikkei index in tokyo rose strongly on signs japan was emerging from the pandemic and south korea's kaspi index gained more than one percent on covert $1000.00 optimism. with reactions in frankfurt let's cross over to our for nasa correspondent julie bart's good morning julie in spite of the situation in hong kong we've been looking at and the china u.s. tensions there still strong investor sentiment today what's going on. yeah that's right the dax is going up with all this bad news surrounding it and. now analyst i just spoke to a market strategist said that people aren't reckoning with the worst case scenarios the worst case scenarios would be terrible with a possible cold war going on over there right around hong kong and involving the
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u.s. and ultimately of course everyone who's trading in the world but investors aren't assuming that they're assuming that donald trump knows what's at stake in the upcoming elections in november and that he won't risk economic factors in the united states in a conflict like this add to that all that all those billions of dollars of stimulus going into the economy worldwide and also of course the reports similar as an asia positive response to corona restrictions being slow in the left to progress on the virus if you will really even some you mentioned some concerns there's a new one out there this morning stand by to talk about that a german business climate survey known as the evo business climate index is showing that morale rose this month to a reading of $80.00 now this follows a dismal april showing last month the ecos index that fell to the lowest value ever recorded for the business index the focus is 5 and surveys based on 1000 monthly
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responses from firms in the manufacturing construction wholesale and retail sectors. so what are investors going to make of this report something of a rise it was catastrophic the previous one what about this report. yeah it is a surprise so far they react the reaction here in the market is actually it's i was going to say that it was neutral but actually the doc says the dipping a little of that is it's not going into the negative but it's losing some more of its steam i don't know if people were worried acting were expecting a more positive reaction in the forward and then they saw i can hardly imagine that i can really can explain this momentary reaction because it is it is good news in that you focus on a business climate especially as we saw that the initial estimates on
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g.d.p. in germany in the 1st quarter were confirmed 2.2 percent minus an even worse quarter expected now but i i think that a lot of the role is that things are playing are the same kind of factors that are mitigating the responses to these threats lots of money going into the economy and progress on corona overall thanks so much for that from frank. talk about progress in the pandemic fight spain has started the next phase of relaxing its coronavirus lockdown with people being allowed to meet in groups and the dreaded barcelona the country's 1st beaches are also reopening the pandemic has already cost millions of spaniards their jobs and that number's so high that welfare programs can't keep up with the soaring demand for food aid w's john philip shoals visited one spanish family now dependent on charity 2 months ago manuel around the it is wouldn't have believed it if you told him he would be in this
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position in mid march the father of 3 was still a substitute teacher then his life went into freefall 1st he lost his job then his wife lost hers then the family had to use the last of their savings now he has to get food from the red cross without the charity his family wouldn't be able to get by. doing. all the sudden i stood there and went through a range of emotions 1st fear then helplessness then desperation then. when it started i tried to fight my emotions but then i had to let go and accept what about going through. the window with the phone this small child of theirs to poland in southern spain there are about 980 families who depend on food handouts the fact that you see no lines here is because the local charity has a telephone appointment system says social worker. they do this to reduce the danger of infection but also so those in need don't have to suffer the
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embarrassment of being seen in their. clinic of us on the. middle class families have been hit for 2 months they've had no income. but they still have costs rent mortgage and of course daily expenses on top of that. of us. at least not to have mirrors doesn't have to worry about paying rent right now his family is staying at his parents and last apartment but they have already used up their entire savings around $800.00 euros when the crisis began he and his wife in mad joined a community called to help the needy they bought 2000 masks and gloves to give to charity now they still have hundreds of in hindsight he thinks this might have been in the state but back then they thought they could call it on receiving emergency help from the government they are untied chose to a few months of disaster relief funds but up until now they have not seen one cent
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. from indiana because you know you're ruining entire families we don't want to wear it not for the charities and the incredibly helpfulness the normal people and then at some point we didn't earn anything to eat but an awful lot of money and yes how do you want to embody the true of the. i have been keeping track of how often they have called the social welfare office small then 350 times sometimes the lines are busy sometimes they get a recording and when somebody actually answers the phone the social worker explains the didn't they and payment has been caused by their increased workload that. they say they'll contact me by telephone no email if i haven't heard from them after a week then i should try again. it's always the same story. they feel lucky if they can give their children a hot meal every day during the ingredients given to them by the red cross their
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kids have long except that the fact that right now they can't get any new toys or even have these are all mine away and in need as one is to work again or at least get their emergency relief money. and our correspondent on full of shows joining us from so who put together the report for us today as well good day to you young philip how bad is the problem where you are this morning in severe with families not having enough food and depending on charity. it's really becoming a huge problem all of us spain also year and city in southern spain a city that is highly dependent on i'm sure is and you see charity or organizations all over the city and the knowledge of the needy however that's a big difference between the government and some experts when it comes to the numbers of people affected meaning the numbers of people that haven't received any financial support yet the ministry of labor says we're talking about iran and so
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it's 50060000 cases sierre some research indicates the number could be as high as 1000000 people probably impossible at the moment to give a precise number but what is for sure is. every single case as a personal tragedy behind it's like the one we saw in the report from 560021 1000000 that is a huge difference in assessment there with jobless numbers rising that we can agree on that people experts do in spain no doubt one of the government's plans to help families help individuals who don't even have money for food right now well this bendish social welfare system is generally weak. welfare systems in a lot of the european countries and it was actually a big project of the new left wing governments to strengthen social welfare system but they were barely 2 months in office when the crisis hit the country so there's
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a lot of talk at the moment that some sort of basic income scheme for the needy but there are still a lot off uncertainties around it especially when it comes to the question of the scope oh it will be signed and and also when it can actually go into its effect when it can start ok well today spain's government is relaxing the lockdown in a number of major urban areas how much my dis ease the plight of some of the millions of people now out of work. exactly at the moment the government is relaxing the measures we're in so this so-called chase to no this means the reopening of some restaurants and shopping malls and cinemas it's possible but the primeness essentials also said that international tourists won't be allowed so. july july would be the earliest so this came as a shock to a lot of people because the country is so dependent on tourism as the income young
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phil thanks so much for coming in on this morning and for your report today it's. let's take a look now some of the other stories making the headlines the white house is imposing travel restrictions on brazil starting may 28th foreign nationals will be banned from entering the u.s. if if they have been in brazil in the last 2 weeks brazil is now the world's number 2 corona hotspot british prime minister boris johnson says he will not fire his top aide for allegedly violating lockdown rules stomach cummings it a cross-country trip to his parents' home in march after the measures were imposed johnson said cummings acted legally when he tried to. benjamin netanyahu has become the 1st serving israeli prime minister to go on trial. arrives a court in jerusalem to face charges of fraud breach of trust bribery this comes just after he began his 5th term in office. all refugees here in
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germany have been setting up support networks during the corona virus pandemic shelters of the gum centers outbreaks with people forced live at very close quarters even they say with those who are infected w.'s basi and heartache has this look at the situation in bavaria. somebody is a regular at this textile store in a small town close to the bavarian alps. samba is a migrant from senegal. he comes here to choose the fabric for the facemask he makes together with fellow migrants and refugees it's their contribution in an effort to keep the coronavirus at bay in the crowded refugee centers like the one where he lives in a room you can have 4 people or 5 people in one group they said at the corner can have in your body 14 days before it will fall so you can have it the simplest. sword in the whole place will get it so he said he's only able to help support
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their defense muxes. somebody is a member of a group of activists who help migrants and refugees all over bavaria amid the pandemic the group special focuses on those who are in accommodations that are under lockdown because of covert 1000. until recently able also from senegal was under quarantine in the center in the nearby city of rosenheim. on the phone he tell somebody that people there are afraid of contracting the virus because those who are infected are under lockdown together with everyone else. we visit a migrant center in rosenheim that was among the hardest hit by the pandemic it's been under lockdown for some 6 weeks. the local public health authorities are here to tell the residents that although there are currently no known cases the corn 1000 won't be lifted for at least another few days some here are growing impatient . i haven't worked for
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a month or calls every day and asked why i don't come into work i told him we're under quarantine and i'm not allowed to go out i wish is about counting on darkness but also. it wasn't until recently that those who had tested positive for the. coronavirus were taken to a different facility for isolation along with their families after a month of cornton. the more noise is a volunteer helper at the refugee center he can't understand why authorities didn't act sooner. had to fun for i think what was really needed from the outset was a plan for what to do if more than 2 or 4 people are infected how can we accommodate people so they can live reasonably in the schools are now dividing the classrooms up in a different way there's been a change with physical distancing tables are empty the same as your garden is but here in the center everything is the same as it used to be many of the residents here bathrooms almost all of them share kitchen it's practically inevitable that people are constantly getting infected if you don't know it in future. a
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spokeswoman for the regional government in charge of this and other centers says it is put sufficient measures in place to keep the refugees and migrants safe we have . but we've informed the residents and the workers about how infections are spread we use pictograms and put out flyers in different languages that explain hygienic measures that residents must follow physical distancing rules upset a kid on coughing and sneezing and why regular hand washing is important and if there's disinfectant available you notice we're supporting the residents as best we can as if you understood super. best location so i dispensed with just that summer's accommodation and bottled says he and the other residents don't want to rely soley on the authorities they say they've already made 26000 face masks to distribute to other accommodations all over varia and they plan to keep going until their situation improves. we have some sports for you know in the 2nd week of the
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bonus league is returned after the complete coronavirus lockdown has wrapped up all the matches were played before empty stadiums because of for virus restrictions of course sunday's match ups featured title challenger leipzig up against a struggling mix. transfer rumors continue to swirl around like cic sharpshooter team or vera but it was his strike partner use of powers and who took center stage before kick off the day and was handed the captain's armband as he made his 250th appearance for the club and it turned out to be a banner day for the g o vanna opened the scoring after 10 minutes. he took advantage of lax defending to guide home conrad limas cross. shortly after pal's and marked his special day with a goal of his art in. his head it was too strong a mite floria. like think what in the mood to. house and was
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also involved in like 6 the goal he sets up. and the midfielder had no trouble finding the fuck oh and i. think with totally dominant going into half time. the break did nothing to hamper their momentum then a finished off a slick move to make it 4 nil. kevin campo and christopher and cuckoos build up made it easy for the striking to double his tally. advantage when completed the route latching on to power long ball to complete their 1st ever game patrick. performance so where's leipzig headed tom going to a new sports this year talk about that with me this one morning to you tom is leipzig capable of catching up with number 2 dortmund were number one buyer would that ultimately depends of course on what darren and goldman do themselves because regardless of how hard are achieving its ultimate me in the hands of foreign and
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dortmund to maintain the gap that they're currently holding at the top of the fullness league what was definitely very encouraging for lots of is that they've made a return to full after that unfortunately fairly disappointing from their point of view start last weekend against freiburg. and yesterday we really saw what happens when their best players play at their best you know a team of in a such an awful lot say 24 goals in the bundesliga now this season use of powers and great talent to lots it has really grown with the club has been there for such a long time you know he started when we were back in the 3rd division and was a most was on it so i was in great form after making a return from actually testing positive for cocaine 19 so you know fantastic. that those players are on form but of course you know it depends on biron and dortmund whether or not they can be caught up with and leipsic will have a chance to take a look at the. some of the competition tomorrow dortmund will be playing in munich what do you expect to happen out on the field i mean that's a massive game obviously in the in the shape of the title race for dortmund what's
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particularly encouraging from this weekend was that defensive solidity has finally sort of made a bit of a comeback it hasn't really been that was season but in that game since the coronavirus suspension of the season now they haven't conceded a single goal which is very encouraging for them especially because you know by so dangerous going forward it could be a bit of a worry regarding mats who is that if i don't know and it's possible that he might not make the game tomorrow. but you know like i said a huge game for the title race to find window 7 points clear and be very difficult to see them being caught off the bat in the remaining 6 games and if dortmund when they just one point behind by and and of course picking by back gives teams like obviously a chance to catch them at the top as well so yeah a lot to be decided and there's a chance we'll be watching that game down we had 2 weeks no games in the stadiums is there any way to gauge how the fans are responding reacting to this type of new situation yeah well i mean look german food was biggest asset is its vibrant
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culture that makes it kind of particularly jarring to see games in germany in the bundesliga without the flags the color the noise that we used especially at the local davina's because quite a few of the ghost games as they known have been local doggies have i don't know i'm ballin for example there have been some protests from the 2 groups who really don't like the idea. of games being played without fans in the stadiums and we've seen a few protests a few banners and stuff you know from groups who are opposed to the odd showing up in front of the stadiums during the games where there hasn't been the case but they have been for example hanging banners in the stands that have been remain empty but of course there are very very many football fans. for a game without fans in the stadium is just better than the alternative both in germany and around the boat yet plenty of people very happy to see some football being played thanks for coming in. and don't forget you can always get plenty more
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sports at our web site that's t w dot com sauls more on the other stores in our program today don't forget as well our social media feeds instagram 3 spoken twitter i'm brian tops for the entire news team thanks so much for being with us here. oh.
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