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how will we live in the future. 66 me losing sea levels starts to live on d w. visited of you news live from berlin at the diesel gate scandal hits b w where it hurts a german high court orders the automaker to compensate buyers of its diesel cars that had been fitted with to missions the cheating software. also coming up hong kong authorities claim that terrorism is on the rise city police break up mass protests against a planned new security law that gives authorities broad
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a powers activists say that law would silence beijing's critics. and a pandemic style lemma for classical culture. you can't put a protective mask on the culprit a singer nor on a wind instrument clear. with the legendary bolshoi theater and many other venues closed until further notice t w find out how former serco bank at a stage. i'm seeing so much going to it's good to have you with us a top german court has ruled that volkswagen must pay compensation to people who bought diesel cars with manipulated software the landmark ruling in the ongoing diesel gate scandal paves the way for tens of thousands of customers to receive damages. the federal court of justice and calls were said anyone who bought a v.w.
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car equipped with software about manipulation of the missions tests is entitled to compensation they can return the vehicle and receive partial financial reimbursement from the automaker. if you go come down off where there were 2 plaintiffs can request compensation from the defendant on the purchase price of his vehicle and what they must take into account of the cars being used and they must make the vehicle available to v.w. so. the plaintiff was this retiree who thought a full refund from bugs are going of around 31500 euro's per used v.w. he bought in 2014. the ruling sets a precedent for 60000 people who bought vehicles fitted with devices able to cheat on emissions tests a scandal that has rocked evokes argan on the whole automotive industry since september 2015. right let's bring in our business editor for more of the story hide you now so 1st question if you own a v.w.
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diesel car what does this decision mean for you well 1st of all for me it would mean a bit of clarity what the court has basically decided is that. behaved and ethically and because of the steal scandal owes me money on principle now let's go back to the case this case centered on a man who wanted the full price of this fight paid for because of the diesel scandal been argued that it didn't have to pay anything because what the man still had was a fully functioning car that he could drive so you see you have 2 extremes there either he gets nothing back or everything back now. the top civil court in the land seems to have agreed a solomonic decision with all parties concerned that they would pay compensation based on that flights would pay compensation based on how much the car was driven so this means that the 60000 or so plaintiffs would have been precedent because the lower courts in the land will take their cues from this higher court decision ok so
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could be damages for a lot of people what are the reactions on both sides of this case well the victor in today's proceedings he's the retiree called care about gilbert he called this a high. day a good decision after a long journey although he did say that that was tempered a bit by this decision to have the compensation based on usage but he did call it a decision that would help thousands of people now fox vegan for its part immediately after the decision said that it would reach out to plaintiffs and offer them settlements perhaps in order to bypass perhaps in a long drawn out process in court but this is an important point to make now this only helps you if you are assuming flex vod now if you're one of the 235000 or so car owners that reached a settlement with last month then this doesn't apply to you and there are other cases that are less clear cut what if you had sued your dealership instead of what if you had bought your car after the diesel gate scandal so but overall this
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decision of course it favors the consumers have and they have a reason to react positively well if you look at v.w. this comes at a very difficult time we know the pendennis have the auto industry like many industries really hard so how much does this impact v.w. and even that has to be said the corona virus really did hit 2 point spawns fortunes has not been small they saw an 80 percent fall in operating profit in the 1st quarter it's difficult to know how much more this could cost out $4.00 x. 5 and we haven't seen a figure yet depends on how big the settlements are going to be at the pen's how many people are going to take it but they've already paid out some $30000000000.00 euros in fines since when you 15 fines and pay back schemes all around the world now what would be interesting to see is whether this case would affect future future fortunes quite ironically its efforts to roll out a low emission vehicles like electric vehicles because of this diesel gate emissions council all right our business editor genoud with us thank you so much.
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now hong kong's security chief says terrorism is on the rise in the city after police arrested some $180.00 protesters during renewed on rast tens of thousands of people took to the streets against a planned national security law that they believe will undermine hong kong semi-autonomous status. the last traces of protests are swept away 24 hours earlier hong kong streets were packed with people rallying against beijing's proposed security laws and the stakes could not be higher for the territories future. yeah hold up with fire a lot of people think that we exploited their freedom when coming out to protest. but i think the national security door all affects our freedom in the future and the freedom of future generations a morning like you said you know that you have on the country off. the scene from sunday were an echo of last year's mass protests after months of come during the
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coronavirus emergency protesters came out again due to beijing's proposed new security framework for the territory they fear it would mean the further curtailing of hong kong is right to protest international critics say the legislation would also be a breach of the territory's one country 2 systems basic law in a joint statement organized by hong kong's last colonial governor chris patten more than $200.00 law and policy makers from around the world have joined in. this is a comprehensive assault on the city's autonomy rule of law and fundamental freedoms the integrity of one country 2 systems hangs by a thread if the international community cannot trust beijing to keep its word when it comes to hong kong people will be reluctant to take its word on other masses. beijing has been playing down the significance of the proposed law for hong kong's autonomy while warning foreign powers against meddling with my town knows him down
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sure do with us and i want to stress that hong kong is china's hong kong hong kong affairs surely china's domestic it is is within chinese sovereign rights to determine when how and what legislation to put on hong kong if. the communist party's national congress is expected to rubber stamp the new legislation later this week analysts think it marks the greatest reform to beijing's relationship with hong kong since china to control of the territory so. for more on the story we can speak to laura west for us she's a senior reporter at the hong kong newspaper the south china morning post hi laura thanks for joining us let's start with this proposed law tell us more about how it undercuts the one country 2 systems principle. so when hong kong was handed back to china in 1907 this frame last quote one country 2 systems was put in place
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that gives hong kong a high degree of autonomy for 50 years until 2047 and freedoms not enjoyed on the mainland such as freedom of speech in the right to assembly and what people are worried about if this law is passed as it implemented in hong kong it would strip away some of those freedoms the lord is going to actively bypass hong kong's legislature which critics say that means that people will not be able to have a say in implementing all drafting this lol and the chairman of the bar association has called that unprecedented the chairman of the journalists association here in hong kong has also come out with worries about how journalists will be able to operate in hong kong because he says that articles that could be seen as hatful or inciting subversion that could affect how journalists operate in hong kong with the freedom of speech and so he's asked for how this little safeguard the rights of journalists here and the other thing that people are talking about which is how
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this law is going to be enforced because one of the things that has been announced is the possible implementation of mainland agencies in mainland agents in hong kong enforcing this law and the whole government says they will be under and subject to hong kong lol but how that's actually going to walk in practice many people have raised concerns about that as well are we have seen these protests on the streets in hong kong there is international criticism of this proposed law about the chinese leadership doesn't appear to fear any sort of international backlash why is that. so beijing used the recent hong kong protests as a direct threat to national security especially as we've seen the protests get more violent and more radical protesters calling for hong kong independence now that is something that beijing is no longer willing to talk to tolerate now we've seen in
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the past few days the vice premier and in beijing has come out and said look this national security legislation is only going to target a narrow group of acts and targets a small group of people such as people who are advocating for independence he's also said that he will safeguard hong kong as one country 2 systems principle and hong kong's freedoms won't be cats hailed the hong kong government has also come out in full support of this law as well and so. it's looking very likely that a hug there is a hardening of words that says that they want to implement and past this little right lara westbrook from the south china morning post speaking with us thank you spain has started the next phase of relaxing its coronavirus lockdown people are being allowed to meet in groups in madrid and barcelona the country's 1st beaches are also reopening a pandemic has already cost millions of spaniards their jobs and that number is so
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high that welfare programs cannot keep up with soaring demand for food aid john philip schultz visited one spanish family now dependent on charity 2 months ago the man who had it on yet as wouldn't have believed it if you told him he would be in this position in that march the father of 3 was still a substitute teacher then his life went into freefall 1st he lost his job then his wife lost hers then the family had to use the last of their savings now he has to get food from the red cross without this charity his family wouldn't be able to get by. of a sudden i stood there and went through a range of emotions 1st fear then helplessness then desperation then. when it started i tried to fight my emotions but then i had to let go and accept what i was going through. the finn the small child office to poland and southern
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spain there are about 980 families who depend on food handouts the fact that you see no lights here is because the local charity has a telephone appointment system says social worker. they do this to reduce the danger of infection but also so those in need don't have to suffer the embarrassment of being seen there. on the. middle class fantasy. for 2 months they've had no income. but they still have it costs rent mortgage and of course daily expenses on top of that. i mean. that's. at least not to have mirrors doesn't have to worry about paying right and right now his family is staying at his parents' in-laws apartment but they have already used up their entire savings around $800.00 euros when the crisis began he and his wife in joint
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a community called to help the needy they bought 2000 masks and gloves to give to charity now they still have 100 such hope in hindsight he things just might have been a mistake but back then they thought they could count on receiving emergency help from the government they are entitled to a few months of disaster relief funds but up until now they have not seen one sent . home in the attic because you know you're ruining entire families. were it not for the charities and the incredible helpfulness of our normal people and then at some point we didn't have anything to eat but an awful lot of money and yes how do you want to embody the 2 of. have been keeping track of how often they have called the social welfare office mall then 350 times sometimes the lines are busy sometimes they get a recording and when somebody actually answers the phone the social worker explains the didn't they and payment has been caused by their increased workload i'm not what. they say they'll contact me either by telephone no email if i haven't heard
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from them after a week then i should try again. it's always the same story if. they feel lucky they can give their children a hot meal every day using the ingredients given to them by the red cross their kids have long except that the fact that right now they can't get any new toys or even have deserved all manuel and in as want is to work again or at least get their emergency relief money. let's take a look now at some other stories making news around the world they asked and government has freed 100 taliban prisoners as a gesture of goodwill for the ija holiday president on the promise to release up to 2000 taliban prisoners that comes after an offer from the insurgents who proposed a 3 day cease fire to mark the religious festival in. japan has ended its coronavirus state of emergency for the entire country following a sharp decline in new cases that would lift curbs on economic activity in tokyo
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and other areas nationwide but prime minister shinzo abi warned the outbreak was not over. the white house is imposing travel restrictions on brazil starting may 28th foreign nationals will be banned from entering the u.s. if they have been in brazil in the last 2 weeks the result now is the 2nd highest number of corona virus cases after the us. british prime minister boris johnson says he will not fire his top aide for allegedly violating coronavirus lockdown rules dominic cummings made a cross-country trip to his parents' home in march after the measures were imposed johnson said cummings acted legally when he travelled even though during that time the prime minister had instructed british citizens not to travel i think he floated the instincts of every phone and every parent i want to do a lot more came down forgot johnson senior adviser dominic cummings drive his
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family to a 2nd home while person was observing strict lockdown restrictions of the time his wife was infected with covert 19 coming stated you have no other way to ensure child. that in every respect he has acted responsibly and legally and with integrity. and with the overwhelming aim of stopping the spread of the bombers and saving lives doubts have a much surround cummings's story and many in britain are angry but if you have been thankful for the problem you have been. a government advisor tweeted in a few short minutes tonight boris johnson is trashed all the advice on how to build trust and secure daryn's the measures necessary to control coverage 19 and now deleted tweets even appeared from the official civil service account british newspapers also had harsh criticism including the conservative backing daily mail
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labor leader kissed alma criticized johnson's response this was a huge test of the prime minister and he's just failed the test he hasn't sat down at commons he hasn't called for an investigation and he's treating the british public with contempt whether the pm will stick by his close aide is unclear but the damage done to johnson's credibility is already visible here's a look at some other coronavirus developments chile's president has warned his country's health system is very close to the limit case numbers that were sent to just under 870000 there new zealand plans to further loosen its restrictions fight increasing the maximum size of gatherings from 10 people to 100 south korea has reported 60 new cases authorities are trying to keep new transmissions low despite 2000000 more children returning to school this week. you're watching news still to come on our show russia's top ballet performers pushed off stage 5 pandemic science
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on how they're coping and keeping in step. but 1st in football the 2nd week of the bundesliga return after the complete coronavirus lockdown has wrapped up all of the matches were played in empty stadiums because of pandemic restrictions sunday's match ups featured title challenger like sick up against a struggling minds both teams maintain their trajectory take a look. transfer rumors continue to swirl around leipzig sharpshooter team or bella but it was his strike partner use of powers and who took center stage before kick off the dane was handed the captain's armband as he made his 250th appearance for the club and it turned out to be a bana day for the jew than a opened the scoring after 10 minutes. he took advantage of lax defending to guide home conrad limas cross. shortly after pals and marked his special day with
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a goal of his are in. his header was too strong for meit's keeper floria moola. well in the mood. hausen was also involved in light 6th goal he set up. and the midfielder had no trouble finding a far corner. totally dominant going into halftime. the break did nothing to hamper the. finished off a slick move to make it 4 nil. kevin campo and christopher and cuckoos build up made it easy for the strike it's a double his tally. and then completed the rout latching on to power long ball to complete the 1st game patrick. performance to remember. and a fitting way for power to celebrate reaching his milestone. right let's talk but
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it's legal now with the sports hi tom looked good there can they catch up with the dorfman done by yeah i mean of course that ultimately depends on dortmund i'm buying themselves because they've got themselves at the top of the table now it's in their hands whether or not they maintain the cushion that they've got over teams like leipzig or by day because barry forth. i think what certainly using courage and for light sake is that you know yesterday we saw them at their strongest their best players playing their best team event is obviously such an asset for a lot suggest 24 goes in the blues league and now so far this season use of powers and also on target yesterday on a special day for him as we heard. it was back and looks in fantastic form in about 6 midfield yesterday he just about illness off to actually testing positive for carving knife scene a few weeks ago so very positive from like say he's back in the fold why well dortmund will actually be playing tomorrow i mean how important is this for the
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entire title race yes obviously massive could be you know really decisive turning point in the season now if by and winter more night they'll go 7 points top 7 points clear part of the at the top of the league and it's obviously very. difficult to see any team bridging that gap in the 6 games that will remain after tomorrow night's game and if dortmund win then they close the gap to just a single point which of course it would be very possible to bridge and you know pegging by and back to 9 behind those 3 points gives teams like lights a like by live accusing and mentioned back a chance to bridge the gap potentially as well so yet massive game tonight all right let's take stock of them as they get out 2 weeks back with the empty stadiums how are fans dealing with all this yeah it's kind of a mixed bag really i mean obviously the german family culture is so important to the blunders of ego it's almost particularly jarring in the german case to see games being played in empty stadiums without the noise that we used to without the flags of the colors. you know that the house has been some fairly constant
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opposition from organized fashion groups from some groups in germany but for a lot of people. it's just fantastic to see the ball rolling a tool there just pleased to see some professional football being played that goes for you know mainstream football fans in germany and of course all around the world . part of me because germany because that was the is the 1st lead to come back from the coronavirus suspension which is obviously affected everybody you know there are so many fans so many millions of fans all around the world who just delighted to see some top level football being played again all right i'm going to thank you davies for its thank you very much. now you can't put a face mask on an opera singer or on a wind instrument player those words by the head of moscow's legendary bolshoi theatre captured the di lemma faced by the world's artistic venues during the pandemic they can only safely open once covered 900 subsides debbie is your earshot
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there has been visiting some performers suddenly faced with new challenges. smallest stage this is how the day starts for evander and tamara you have you know gratified in the arctic or the alsa just outside of moscow and not in a blue studio like before that's also how both ballet dancers have kept to themselves in shape of the past 2 months by doing classical moves on just 6 could be meters. this is the most unusual they show ever seen but unusual times demand unusual solutions. before the grown a virus pandemic yvonne was the principal dancer at the renowned. consent peter's book. wife maria had been chanting audiences as a leading soloist at moscow's the bolshoi ballet. however since mid march to they
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can't perform anymore at least not in the usual way it works if you're the more you can take the theatre from us artists but you can't take our creativity doesn't your i'm cynical us and we train every day to try and stay in shape but of course we still end up getting out of the shape we were in with no stage no real rehearsal rooms and none of the real physical strain that we usually had like when we trained more than 6 hours a day. cultural life in russia has been on hold for more than 2 months now. the seats at the bolshoi theatre have remained empty and the end of that emptiness this. to not incite. this war it can't put a protective mask on an opera singer nor on a wind instrument player. and in a music theater with its numerous participants you cannot carry a measures to protect against the coronavirus
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a music theater can only open up again once those protective measures have been completely removed. and no one knows when that will be along with the u.s. and brazil russia has one of the highest number of 1000 factions of any country worldwide and of that number continues to rise there is also controversy about how many russians have actually died from the disease because of the different way statistics account it critics accused of the authorities of covering up of the true number of deaths russian doctors are massively of a burden and to many of them have been infected with the virus of themselves. despite a few of the restrictions being slightly loosened of it 19 still has the country in its grip. and it's keeping both ballet dancer skis on c.d.'s and my reading of around a rock stuck at their home in moscow was was. was
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. was. was i was. that is your news update thank you for watching together you will be back at the top.
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important resource cut. next on t w. nor didn't what do they dream of at night it is. as cleaners they see the face of horror. their job censoring for the social media industry. in manila there are thousands of so-called content monitors day for day they scream terrifying images from online platforms. up 220000 times a day. or is a job for starvation wage. strain is enormous. the
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cleaners or sworn to secrecy they are not allowed to talk about their work. and no one asks how they are doing. i think. i need to stop or something while hoping. to social networks have any social responsibility at all. the cleaners social media shadow industry starts to names on g.w. . the. water is a basic human need portable water depleting every day it's also becoming a part of big business bottled water chemical filters water purifiers are a part of every day job and in many parts of the what home welcome to india i'm
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something of a group coming to you from mumbai but a real deep dive into finding solutions to hook at the.


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