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oh. and respect. this is deja vu news live from berlin and the diesel gate scandal hits v.w. where it hurts a german high court orders the automaker to compensate buyers of its diesel cars that were fitted with emissions cheating software will look at what the verdict means for the consumers and the company. also coming up to hong kong authorities claim terrorism is on the rise in the city police break up mass protests against
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a planned in security law that gives authorities broad powers activists say that law would silence beijing's critics and standing by a snap british prime minister boris johnson refuses to sack a top aide accused of disobeying lockdown traveled roads critics of crossed the political spectrum slammed them for telling the public one thing and doing another . i'm sorry so misconduct glad you could join us a top german court has ruled that folks walk and must pay compensation to people who bought diesel cars with manipulated software the landmark ruling in the ongoing diesel gate scandal paves the way for tens of thousands of customers to receive damages. the federal court of justice in calls to said anyone who bought a v.w. car equipped with software that manipulated emissions tests is entitled to
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compensation they can return the vehicle and receive partial financial reimbursement from the automaker. it off with the plaintiffs can request compensation from the defendant on the purchase price of his vehicle they must take into account that the car has been used and they must make the vehicle available to v.w. so. the plaintiff was this retiree he had thought a full refund from folks organ of around 31500 euro's for a used v.w. he bought in 2014. the ruling sets a precedent for 60000 people who bought vehicles for wood devices able to cheat on emissions tests a scandal that has rocked a bogus argument on the whole automotive industry since september 2015. let's bring in our business editor jim now to allow for more of this story hi jim now so 1st question if you own a v.w. diesel car what does this decision mean for you well 1st of all for me it would
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mean a bit of clarity what the court has basically decided is that. behave ethically and because of the scandal owes me money on principle now let's go back to the case this case centered on a man who wanted the full price of this fight paid for because of the diesel scandal argued that it didn't have to pay anything because what the man still had was a fully functioning car that he could drive so you see you have 2 extremes there either he gets nothing back or everything back now. the top civil court in the land seems to have agreed a solomonic decision with all parties concerned that they would pay compensation based on that fight song would pay compensation based on how much the car was driven so this means that the 60000 or so plaintiffs would have been president because the lower courts in the land will take their cues from this higher court decision ok so could be damages for a lot of people what are the reactions on both sides of this case well the victor
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in today's proceedings he's the retiree called care about gilbert he called this a happy day a good decision after a long journey although he did say that that was tempered a bit by this decision to have the compensation based on usage but he did call it a decision that would help thousands of people now for its part immediately after the decision said that it would reach out to plaintiffs and offer them settlements perhaps in order to bypass perhaps in a long drawn out process in court but this is an important point to make now this only helps you if you are. assuming flex vod now if you're one of the 235000 or so car owners that reached a settlement with last month then this doesn't apply to you and there are other cases that are less clear cut what if you had sued your dealership instead of what if you had bought your car after the diesel gate scandal so but overall this decision of course favors the consumers have and they have a reason not to react positively or if you look at v.w.
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this comes at a very difficult time we know the pendennis of the auto industry like many industries really hard so how much does this impact you and you don't it has to be said the corona virus really did hit 2 flight spawns fortunes has not been small they saw an 80 percent fall in operating profits in the 1st quarter it's difficult to know how much more this could cost outfoxed we haven't seen a figure yet depends on how big the settlements are going to be at the pen's how many people are going to take it but they've already paid out some 30000000000 euros in fines and when you 15 fines and pay back schemes all around the world now what would be interesting to see is whether this case would affect future future fortunes quite ironically its efforts to roll out a low emission vehicles like electric vehicles because of this diesel gate emissions council all right our business editor genoud with us thank you so much.
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fred let's take a look now at some other stories making news around the world and also now heading to hong kong where the security chief says terrorism is on the rise in the city after police arrested some one $180.00 protesters during renewed unrest tens of thousands of people took the streets against a planned and national security law that they believe will undermine hong kong's the semi-autonomous status. japan has started afghanistan the afghan government rather has freed $100.00 taliban prisoners as a gesture of good will for the ied holiday president gone you promised to release up to 2000 taliban prisoners that comes after an offer from the insurgents or proposed a 3 day cease fire to mark the religious festival. in the white house is imposing travel restrictions on brazil starting may 28th foreign nationals will be banned from entering the u.s. if they've been in brazil the last 2 weeks brazil now has the 2nd highest number of
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corona virus cases in the u.s. . are back to that hong kong story now the security chief saying terrorism is on the rise in the city after police arrested 180 protesters during their new dawn rest tens of thousands of people took to the streets against a planned national security law they believe it will undermine hong kong a semi-autonomous status. the last traces of protests are swept away 24 hours earlier hong kong streets were packed with people rallying against beijing's proposed security laws and the stakes could not be higher for the territories future. yes but with a lot of people think that we exploited their freedom when coming out to protest. but i think the national security will affect our freedom in the future and the freedom of future generations that morning what it's. done for. the scenes and sunday were an echo of last year's mass protest after months of come
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during the coronavirus emergency protesters came out again due to beijing's proposed new security framework for the territory they fear it would mean the further curtailing of hong kong is right to protest international critics say the legislation would also be a breach of the territory's one country 2 systems basic law in a joint statement organized by hong kong's last colonial governor chris patten more than $200.00 law and policy makers from around the world have joined in. this is a comprehensive assault on the city's autonomy rule of law and fundamental freedoms the integrity of one country 2 systems hangs by a thread if the international community cannot trust beijing to keep his word when it comes to hong kong people will be reluctant to take his word on other masses beijing has been playing down the significance of the proposed law for hong kong's autonomy while warning foreign powers against meddling with my town sure do with us
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and i want to stress that hong kong is china's hong kong hong kong affairs surely china's domestic it is is within chinese sovereign rights to determine when how and what legislation to put on hong kong which are. the communist party's national congress is expected to rubber stamp the new legislation later this week analysts think it marks the greatest reform to beijing's relationship with hong kong since china to control of the territory so. for more on the story we can speak to laura west for us she's a senior reporter at the hong kong newspaper the south china morning post hi laura thanks for joining us let's start with this proposed law tell us more about how it undercuts the one country 2 systems principle. so when hong kong was handed back to china in 1907 days for a court one country 2 systems was put in place that gives hong kong
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a high degree of autonomy for 50 years until 2047 and freedoms not enjoyed on the mainland such as freedom of speech and the right to assembly and what people are worried about if this law is passed is it implemented in hong kong it would strip away some of those freedoms the law is going to actively bypass honeycombs legislature which critics say that means that people will not be able to have a say in implementing all drafting this lol and the chairman of the bar association has called that unprecedented the chairman of the journalists association here in hong kong has also come out with worries about how journalists will be able to operate in hong kong because he says that articles that could be seen as hat will or inciting subversion that could affect how journalists operate in hong kong with the freedom of speech and that he's asra how this little safeguard the rights of journalists here and the other thing that people are talking about which is how
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this law is going to be enforced because one of the things that has been announced is the possible implementation of mainland agencies in neyland agents in hong kong enforcing this law and how can government says they will be under and subject to hong kong law but how that's actually going to walk in practice many people have raised concerns about that as well are we have seen these protests on the streets of hong kong there is international criticism of this proposed law about the chinese leadership doesn't appear to fear any sort of international backlash why is that. so beijing used the recent hong kong protests as a direct threat to national security especially as we've seen the protests get more violent and more radical protesters calling for hong kong independence now that is something that beijing is no longer willing to tolerate now we've seen in the past few days the vice premier and in beijing has come out and said look this national
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security legislation is only going to target a narrow group of x. and target a small group of people such as people who are advocating for independence he's also said that he will safeguard hong kong as one country 2 systems principle and hong kong's freedoms won't be cats hailed the hong kong government has also come out in full support of this lorry as well and so. it's looking very likely that the hot there is a hardening of words that that they want to implement and pass this law all right lara westbrook from the south china morning post speaking with us thank you now british prime minister boris johnson says he will not fire his top aide for allegedly violating coronavirus lockdown rules dominic cummings made a cross-country trip to his parents' home in march after the measures were imposed
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johnson said cummings acted legally when he traveled even though during that time the prime minister had instructed british citizens not to travel i think he followed the instincts of every father and every parent and i do a lot more came down for that johnson senior adviser dominic cummings drove his family to a 2nd home while britain was observing strict lockdown restrictions at the time his wife was infected with covert 19 coming stated he had no other way to ensure child . i believe that in every respect he has acted responsibly and legally and with integrity. and with the overwhelming aim of stopping the spread of the virus and saving lives doubts have emerged around cummings's story and many in britain are angry that if you have been thank you. you have a. government advisor tweeted in a few short minutes tonight boris johnson has trashed all the advice on how to
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build trust and secure adherence the measures necessary to control covered 19 and now deleted tweets even appeared from the official civil service account british newspapers also had harsh criticism including the conservative backing daily mail labor leader kissed criticised johnson's response this was a huge test of the prime minister and he's just failed that test he hasn't sat on it cummings he hasn't called for an investigation and he's treating the british public with content whether the pm will stick by his close aide is unclear but the damage done to johnson's credibility is already visible. let's get a recap of our top stories now a german high court has ordered a car making giant bokes wagon to compensate owners of its diesel cars fitted with a mission's cheating software the ruling opens a way for tens of thousands of people to her seek damages and feet abuse long running diesel gate scandal. and authorities in hong kong the safe terrorism is
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growing in the city after police approached up mass protests on sunday thousands demonstrated against a planned new security law which would expand beijing's direct control of the territory to. our coronavirus tracing outs really the solution to the. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and. our corona. 19 special next on d w. tolliver is for me. is for. children is for.


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