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newsline for millions of children exposed to violence because of lockdowns a new study predicts a surge of beatings emotional abuse and sexual violence against children because of the very measures to protect them from. the program world health organization suspends testing of donald trump's comment 19 treatments of choice president trump and other leaders have pushed hydroxy chloroquine a shield against the corona virus the world health organization has concerns about safety. a step toward peace in afghanistan after releasing
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a 100 taliban prisoners on monday the government is moving to free under in the hopes of persuading the insurgents to extend ceasefire. and the match that could decide this season's good as the race the league's top clubs but you can boost your class tonight bring us big. time for welcome to the program millions of children around the world are facing a surge in violence forced labor and early marriage due to the coronavirus crisis that's the warning off leading children's aid organization world vision and a new reported estimate that lockdown measures put in place to protect people are actually putting vulnerable children at greater risk. schools out in ivory coast
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this was march since then hundreds of millions of boys and girls around the world have been lost. no classrooms no playgrounds and nowhere to run. charities are warning that the very measures meant to protect them could see them fall victim to violence. like 12 year old could be in bangladesh whose father is out of work. that hits us if we ask for more food is frustrated and angry. it's hard to concentrate because i'm hungry. i have headaches and sometimes feel dizzy. everything around me seems clary. across bangladesh world vision has been helping children whose family lives have
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been turned upside down by this virus but these are unprecedented times. this crisis. is like. for. all of. us all. of us or. out world vision estimates that $85000000.00 more children may be exposed to violence during quarantine in bangladesh beatings by parents increased by 40 percent an additional $4000000.00 girls a risk of being forced into marriages in the next 2 years. the u.n. says that spike is the result of families looking to recover financial losses. frontline workers are concerned that feel you have to act know will lead to more trauma in the future. well.
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all of the. other. is a failure. for months the coronavirus crisis has been one of the lenses and intensive care ward now experts say without extra funding and protection and may give way to a crisis that is longer lasting and harder to heal. we go through this with a james elder who's a reasonable communications chief with u.n. children's fund unicef in east and southern africa and he joins us from nairobi welcome to the w. with schools and well fast centers closed and welfare budgets squeezed how sure how do child protection agencies a go about detecting this increased abuse well the 2 main ways are
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a door to door there is a great community facility that's already set up and as much as there are a lot downs and curfews a lot of places have that ability and then there are phone lines there are phone lines of that on 40 they've literally been really off the hook so there is still means but it's about detecting and then what we're seeing is those big spikes addressing it is only going to come when you reduce the stresses when mums and dads can go back to work because they don't have a reservoir savings and when kids to go back to school as you as you were listening there previously those are the themes otherwise we are looking at a much longer problem until that night a much bigger effect on kids than be infected by this pandemic and you're seeing this across the world. absolutely i mean this is the region of course on responsible eastern and southern africa and we've seen big spikes the spikes in anxiety the spikes in violence you know those things that we know about children
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spouses being trapped with their abuses but it's certainly not unique to this part of the world at all i've seen you know we've seen reports in rich countries where we have similar things obviously those people in the poorest communities with families a trap 6 or 7 people in the size of what you have us may consider they keep gen in those stresses and anxieties get worse and wallace doesn't mean is ever an excuse for child abuse it's just that these are some of the causes that we say particularly with hundreds of millions of kids out of school and so where do you see this child protection being done while in these lockdown times well a few places where i'm kenyan is doing well south africa is not bad one of the big things that you need as a response you know you of course you have the help lines and you have people that can can detect it but as we've seen in rich countries getting money to the poorest people getting money in the hand has proven over the last decade or more to be
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hugely successful people will take that money and will amplify it they will you know they will ensure that there's more food on the table they'll find more resources to employ someone else will keep that business and so getting money to the poorest people but countries like south africa and kenya have been able to do it they're a little bit wealthier relative to other it's other countries can't and that's why when you've got things like the g 20 is looking at a 5 trillion dollars package for its countries as little as 5 percent of that would be probably one of the most impactful positive things that could be done in the african continent well certainly in my life taught good talking to thank you for joining us and james alba from unicef. it's been touted by u.s. president donald trump and brazil's a giant balls and arrow as a cure for covered 19 evidence has been mounting that the anti malarial drug drug say chloroquine is not effective and may be dangerous the world health organization
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has paused its trial of the drug it cited a major study published in the last week which found that high dosage polokwane could cause abnormal heartbeats and worsen patients chances of surviving copies 90 the b.h.o. would already expressed skepticism about the drug and now it says it will hold its trials while it further reviews its safety were just acting i'm abundance of caution based on the recent results will to still these 2 to ensure that we can continue safely without armstrong. so where does this w h o decision leave the search for a covered 900 cure when we put that question to dr mohammad moneer a viral largest at the university of lancaster in england i think if we leave iraq security that is not the end of the war we have other drugs both are being tested and one of them is severe which is i mean very positive i mean the beginning like
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31 percent people who are recovered need to go and they're staying at the hospital can be deduced by 4 days going to significant so therefore my suggestion from the beginning has been that we have to focus all of our attention and resources to test drugs like reading that c.b.s. which has some votes. 100000000 dollars take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world trading floor of the new york stock exchange has reopened for a limited number of traders before the close since in late march because of the coronavirus pandemic new york governor andrew cuomo rang the opening bell of stuff searched on optimism about vaccines against the virus. german government looks set to lift its warning against travel to $31.00 european countries from chu covering all the e.u. member states plus the u.k. iceland norway switzerland and liechtenstein the move is designed to boost cross border toward. a spain is to hold the 10 days of mourning to honor its
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covered 19 victims from tomorrow flags of the country's public buildings and naval ships will fly at half mast and then the 27000 people died in spain's pandemic making it one of the world's worst countries. russian president vladimir putin has announced that the military parade to mark world war 2 victory day will take place on the 24th of june the display of military might was postponed in may because of coronavirus restrictions and now president putin says the country is safe enough to celebrate the 75th anniversary of victory over nazi germany again we will do it on june 24th the day the legendary historic victors parade took place in 1905. what the situation in the country as a whole and in most regions and in the armed forces themselves remain stable and in many places is stabilizing after passing the peak of infectious diseases as you
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can insure so much as a bill you and. we get more or less from d.w. militiamen who joins us from moscow welcome welcome i believe so russia is still reporting thousands of new corona virus infections every day is president putin being overly optimistic. well this decision does seem kind of surprising if you look at it from the outside because of course there are thousands of new cases being reported every day and russia is a comes 3rd in the world ranking of the overall numbers of coronavirus infections but if you look at those numbers more closely it does kind of look like russia may be reaching a plateau that's what putin talked about today if the numbers of new infections every day were kind of around $10000.00 earlier this month now they're around $8000.00 things are kind of staying relatively stable and things have even gotten
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a bit better here in moscow which was the hardest hit and also this kind of follows the other measures to loosen restrictions across the country putin announced that the official kind of lockdown period ended on may 12th and regions could then decide what measures to take what measures to keep whether to go stricter or loosen things up and i think people are really tired of the lockdown certainly in moscow so this gives them kind of a light at the end of the tunnel of this event does appear to be very important to the president directions c.h.s. important. well i think this is a really important signal to russian people i think when the parade the victory day parade was postponed that was a signal that the russian government really was taking this coronavirus pandemic seriously and i think now the fact that putin has announced that the parade will be
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happening that's a signal that things could be going back to normal this parade is hugely important to the state of course as a kind of display of military power a political power on the world stage but it's also very important emotionally to a lot of russians after all an estimated 26000000 soviet citizens were killed during world war 2 and everyone has kind of a story about a family member who was affected so i think this is this is really important too to russians yes before the pun one of the big stories out of russia was the president introducing these constitutional reforms to allow him to extend. the vote was postponed because of the pandemic what's the latest on the. well that debate about when when that vote could happen has been kind of ongoing and in fact experts say that we may hear in the next few days an announcement and there have even been some theories what source is being cited in the kremlin by various
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media outlets that the vote could actually take place on the same day as the victory day parade now the new theories that it could take place early june so that this victory day parade could give the government and putin a kind of boost a patriotic boost if you will so that people come to the ballot boxes with kind of patriotic fervor and vote in favor of those constitutional reforms after all surveys show that putin's trust in putin has fallen to new lows so it could be that putin and the government may need a kind of boost ahead of that vote but we don't know of course yet there hasn't been an official announcement of when that vote will take place thank you really show in moscow well growth of ours crisis is severely a dump and the desire of many consumers to show had
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a catastrophic impact on the retired industry a survey by the german retail trade association shows that in the wake of the pandemic in one in 3 norms food retailers is fighting for survival. saturday used to be shopping day but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. it's here here everything's changed to few passes by too few people too few potential customers. mark blind is touring the 65 or so shoe stores belonging to his family they've come back after the 4 shut down but the customers haven't. since we reopened on april the 20th we've done 40 to 90 percent less business in the same time last year depending on the location that's a very dramatic drop. not having enough customers is just one problem
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but the whole atmosphere is poor social distancing measures blocked off areas and queuing in front of stores all discouraging visitors from shopping even if money isn't the problem. romeo get when we have the money but we're not spending it we don't go out to dinner to a bar we're not going out to do any shopping either. it's just not any fun right now this doesn't feel normal yet to me as we have we are mega cool i used to buy more than i do these days but wearing a mask and sweating in the store i don't feel like doing that retailers are in a state of emergency where houses are full of stock unsold during lockdown winter boots and summer are a hard sell. no chance no one's going to buy them until probably october but. instead they're selling what's in high demand disinfectant and facemasks that's the shoe stores hottest new trend the manager says she fears
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for her job but she understands why she's not getting customers yaman. yes you do become more restrained in your shopping habits no one knows how long it will last how long the short time working measures will last it makes you shop more attentively. if business doesn't pick up by the summer there might be a wave of retail bankruptcies the more people lose their jobs the less they can by a vicious circle recovery might still be on the cards if a 2nd wave of the virus can be prevented. when the government in afghanistan has released 900 more taliban prisoners and called on the insurgents to extend the current a 3 day ceasefire for this comes after authorities released 100 prisoners on monday and announced plans to free 2000 the prisoner release as part of a peace deal a signed with the us earlier this year aimed at ending the 19 year conflict the
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ceasefire only the 2nd of its kind in 19 years of fighting has raised hopes of an extended truce that could pave the way for a long awaited peace talks between the taliban and the government in afghanistan so let's get more from our correspondent i literally think in afghanistan's wardak province close to the capital kabul a welcome to d.w. how are things that is the ceasefire holding so the fact that i'm able to count my large back province is evidence of a cease fire holding. you know there are thousands of people from this province who for years some even. who haven't been able to come to this province because there are landmines. points because there isn't fighting on the road or because they are allied with the government in some way and they are afraid to tell cause problems for themselves or for their families and so this being here are a lot of that act is an example of what's possible when there is
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a ceasefire it's only in this kind of comfort that you can calm otherwise you know you're very hearty to you your your me your checking your surroundings and making sure you haven't yet your i.d. or calling any special to yourself. this is in itself is proof that ceasefire has been holding i would have people now doing that they couldn't do before. it's more difficult now because of the covert 1000 crisis you know people are keeping indoors more and there are more roads blocked but the idea is that if you want to go home and for instance on the way to district in the provincial capital and on the way to the district we saw people going out we could tell them they were going you know for egypt greetings to visit family and friends even that in a place like this would be difficult when there's fighting on a roll or when you fear for your life so you know it's not quite as robust as the last cease fire when it's all coming to pray with government people it was in the
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margins and visiting people because of the cold pandemic but just that comfort of knowing the possible i mean just me making this trip it is proof of the comfort that people are feeling how does the government deciding which prisoners to relate . this is very important for them because in the beginning they had protesting this prisoner abuse and they kept saying that you know how can we be certain of who we are free now they haven't actually released the criteria as far as i know but it's been a major question because they been saying that there are people that they scariest possible for major acts but they're called trial of honor calling for the release of they're saying some of them are just criminals that they're calling for the release of so the government is trying to be very precise and also bears within the general population there's a fear that if you release the taleban they may end up fighting again and some people are making this correlation that a tax increase to a previous releases but that's very difficult to prove well thank you for joining us. in afghanistan.
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with apologies for some sound quality there and i let's take a look at some more of the story making news around the world leader kelly lamm says the new security plan by mainland china will not affect hong kong's rights and freedoms democracy supporters of shopping criticize the proposed legislation do to be approved by targeting china's parliament this week. yes a minister in the u.k. government has resigned in protest of her vote trip of a prime minister boris johnson's top aide dominic cummings banks have been knocked down union minister douglas ross said he did not accept mr cummins defense of his actions and said that he could not stand behind the governments that are defending him i see. that football and bones as they are fans are looking forward to a key battle between germany's a top clubs munich faced 2nd place for us your dog and tonight
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a win for biden would see them extend their lead to 7 points essentially sealing their 8th consecutive championship but if dormant managed to come out on top they'll close the gap to just one point and blow the bundesliga title race wide open. this is eerily familiar territory for dortmund who have entered the last 2 editions of declassified with the championship on the line and being out of the crowd the. living don't ski scored a hat trick in 2086 believe. it was followed by a 5 nil demolition in 2090. after several mornings a week. it's lucy in far his job to convince his troops things will be different this time with no fans in the stadium to witness. doubt by any shorn of buying is already at a very high level but as i said much of that if we team has it weaknesses and
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strengths that's for sure and since you don't have to talk. about it any more than buying is by no we're there to we won here a year ago in the super cup too and we want to continue in this direction it is a fish don't. go through and has been since the last time that we crossed before christmas since ailing holland slotted into the lineup the yellow blacks have taken 27 of a possible 30 points on offer but now comes the hard part breaking the team that is based in up on them when it matters much to. do you don't want to munch of the thing have made 2 really good editions this winter. 2 good reinforcements and players who bring with them a strong mentality. and one of them is in right chances and the other is whole and in attack who is enormously good in a finishing school sister this is a team that no doubt belong with these very best in europe do you know it's an
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investing girt you know i hope. dortmund into the game 4 points behind by and knowing a loss would hold the county and i can secure its title today right. straight to the door open stadium that we were joined. at davis op top outside welcome. difference to what you normally expect for this match. that's right phil normally these streets are filled with tens of thousands of fans but the only fans that have gathered outside of the stadium this afternoon were a few behind me anticipating the arrival of the team buses as they entered the stadium now there is a strong presence of police and stewards outside the stadium to make sure that nobody that's not supposed to be going into the ground is in fact entering the gates but for the most part dortmund fans have stayed at home and hearing to the
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advice of city officials and police and watching the games on their own televisions at home so there aren't any further and incidents expected this afternoon and recent history haasan been kind to dortmund against a buyout in the bundesliga how does it look this time well entering this game both byron munich and bruce who don't mind are actually entering into effect form not showing any after effects of the coronavirus layoff in the bundesliga now of course with no fans in attendance byron munich have a bit of an advantage not having to face ones famous south stand but bruce adornment beat city rivals shall go 4 to nothing in their last home game. despite not having fans in attendance so this is definitely going to be a very interesting and very big game for the bundesliga which is
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a great marketing opportunity for the league considering their one the only top european leak currently in action right now so if. i have to say that they will win the title. well as you said at the top it's. clear with just 6 match days to play so. that they would be winning the 8th consecutive championship. if they win here tonight shortening the gap to just one point between. now and also have. at their disposal. who was not available in the 1st match. up to the game this evening that the do everything they can to ensure that they get 3 points.
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i sit your updates off more fear up to top off hour in between of course there's always the web site www dot com how to get back. to. the law. the book. the food.
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nearly 1000000 people killed in just 100 days. where one does younger generation did not experience the 9094 genocide but. it's a consequence of. learning to overcome the psychological trauma one step at a time the minds of the hmong world to reconcile the close up. of the fixed on d w. i. am not. says goes met with silence
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the 2nd bundesliga match day in and the stadiums. beat as by and munich trumps frankfurt. manhattan bellying feat local rivals. in 60 minutes doubled. what do they dream of at night. as cleaners they see the face of horror. their job censoring for the social media industry. in manila there are thousands of so-called content monitors to say they scrub terrifying images from online
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platforms. are a sick job for starvation wage the strain is enormous. the cleaners social media's shadow industry starts germinates on g.w. . these young people in rwanda are lined up outside a stadium in the capital kigali but they're not here to see a football match or a music concert. they're here to remember the victims of the 1994 genocide when hutu extremists slaughtered hundreds of.


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