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taking on debt together what do you think she's going to have to say to convince them that this is in their interest she will of course remind them that also the frugal for particularly for instance the netherlands just to take one example i have hugely profited from the european internal market i mean dutch trucks rolling all across europe there were no borders they could do whatever they wanted they could export their flowers to any corner of the of the continent. they really begin logistics export agriculture. these open borders in those this easy access for the dutch economy has been a huge boost so at this point in time she will appeal to my group to the dutch prime minister to say you can't just think of this day you just have to be able to sell this to your people sell it in a positive manner and the main message in all this is it is in your interest so she
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will tell margaret or you have to go to your people and you have to tell them that it is in their interest that we will still have an internal market in one or 2 years time that the whole european edifice it won't be come crashing down through a huge economic crisis because then it will pull the netherlands down with it and it's this short term thinking in some countries where the prime ministers are seem to be afraid to sort of go out with this message and say folks we can't just look at the moment we have to look to the new year next year the year after that and into the next 5 years and if we want to maintain our own wealth we have to sort of give something at the moment and so far that message doesn't really have to see being well received we heard from one dutch diplomat earlier in the day that they said positions are far apart and they no consensus can is to be had on the spaces
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so she will really have to move hearts and minds at this is really being seen as a turning point for the european union you know just about a decade ago that we saw the financial crisis really rattled the european union to its core this is obviously a different crisis but still what has changed in that time. what is changed is of course that people have been nor is it least some leaders smuggler america for instance. has learned from the financial crisis they have seen that if they let things slide if they don't intervene early enough they might really even have a bigger crisis no looking at corona this is bigger if we are asked all the economists around us if we look at all the commentary from them they tell us that this is in even bigger crisis than the financial crisis that this is unprecedented that this goes back to the big. worldwide the global economic crisis of the after 20 years so
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this is really such a huge challenge it is so life's threatening it is life threatening for us for our children for the next generations that really they know that they have to rise to this challenge they knew they can't just sort of diddle along and say it's going to fix itself it will not fix itself they really have to sort of take this in hand and try to push it forward and try to intervene early enough so time is of the essence the french president among rural mccrum in his 1st reaction to fund alliance plan this afternoon said let's do this as quickly as possible let's do dispute mutely so it really does money needs to sort of be there very quickly at the very latest from the beginning of the next year maybe even there is supposed to be like ridging money even from the fall out from september on so this whole thing is sort of. it's the final test for her if she survives this she she will be
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a commission president that everybody looks up to if she failed she's dead in the water so it's not unfair on the american and it's awful for all the lot good to know themselves very well and so they stand there side by side and they know for both of them this is. the final and the biggest test of what about how the european union comes to this you know we had the german finance minister call of the german french planned to take on comment europe's hamilton moment you know referring to alexander hamilton in the u.s. do you think that's fair to say i mean this is this really significant moment for the european union to come together and pave a new way forward is definitely sunni significant it's in a way of maybe even historical moment but i wouldn't call it a hamilton moment because i don't think we will see. something like the united states develop we will not see the united states of europe at the end of the i mean
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the union of separate countries will remain in the way we will still have nation state sponsor they will have to have a serious rethink off what their common interest is of how they look at each other of that sort of very do you really in a crisis is a big value that the richer countries who have to give more than the poor countries and that's not an easy fact of life to accept so they might if all this works oh well if we if we were those they might come together more they might sort of really be less adversarial than they often wear in the past but that's in the future and so we're only at the beginning of this moment so maybe not but it is it is a very big test for the european union to show whether the forces that bind it is stronger than the forces that tear it apart. reporting for us there in
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brussels and we are waiting for enough on the line to deliver a press conference about this massive rescue plan and oh yeah we are going to stick with it looks like was a fine line is just starting to speak let's listen to her now. really great it's a little new on a pair we've faced since the beginning of the e.u. now 1st of all it's a helmet on has turned feet but it's also. president and have economic and social talk cannot play shockey can only now beyond just one economic ready for. its divergent impact for each country and in each sector that makes it so difficult to get to grips with a cause that at the pandemic is the cause of the crisis. but the extent of the crisis is linked in to a number of different facts. factors equal like the interdependence of our economies be due to shape it's not only the countries that have been severely
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affected by the crisis like italy spain or france that have suffered economically you know. it's also countries that depend on tourism countries with weaker capital markets or countries where industry is very much dependent on european and international value chain and so. and actually due to our some countries where labor markets are in a more difficult state and where some sectors like mobility or the motive and textile that are dominant in these countries are suffering as well now before the deep into the last a metric impact of the crisis we have to add a number of other issues like the bridge and capacities of member states to support their economies so if we don't act in a determined fashion we are going to see significant a divergence when it comes to kickstarting economies we're going to see these distortions in the single market and we're going to see. so the best meet social
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inequality the e.u. come up permit. in order to create growth and jobs you know you. we need a single market. that works he's in a convent also and we need to ensure convergence between member states cruden that's water and europeans don't approach is so important all this leads us to the commission's proposal which i have just presented to the members of the european parliament this response is meant to deal with the present crisis was preparing the future a future that reinforces the european union as a whole and each and every member state indeed the current crisis is also an opportunity you know the emphasis that my commission has put on the green and digital transition and these transitions are even more important for the future and
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at the same time we must ensure that the transition to a climate neutral economy leaves nobody behind the next generation you will therefore multiply the funding for the just transition fund and the crisis has also taught us that the importance of strengthening resilience in all its dimensions for example the health the social the economic achieving all of this can only be done by raising our game to a completely new level by being bold and extremely focused at the same time the aim must be to invest together in our common good we will be bold by raising unprecedented amounts of funding at european level we will be focused by channeling the funding to the new priorities that will shape the future and to achieve this we're setting up next generation e.u.
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worth 750000000000 euro together with a core m.f.f. of 1 point one trillion this sums up to 1.85 trillion general in today's proposal we will use the bulk of this money to help member states recover from the crisis and build up their long term resilience cup a city. one foot down half of the focus will be on us that most of us here is reform and it will be embedded in danger if it isn't guns or pulling teeth and also connected patient green do you want to tell us your priorities that is the european green day at any some time digitalization point there will be a special program with the haitian funds to feed them in order to try and. talk and compensate for the direction that i hardly at this little institute in the member
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states to have all so sure we will try and help healthy businesses to survive the crisis because not all of them have access to equate it to an order of them and are able to depend on a very strong home market to obtain the quiddity one lesson from the crisis is that there is an important industrial value chain which we have to strengthen the next generation if you will will give that project a fit on top of that the crisis has shown that throughout europe we have to make improvements to the house system it's not just a question of capacity but also the quantity the resilience a new program will help us in that now these are times where everyone i think has understood how important it is that 1st rate. research institutes must stay in europe with accidental scientists and we will therefore give
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a boost to horizon europe so that we can act internationally and to get there if we have to keep this global crisis under control that is why we will provide support to our friends in the western balkans and i'm a bit in africa and partners throughout the world we need to be very resolute in our response to this crisis because our citizens and businesses have acute and urgent needs. but we must do which in such a way that we prepare for the future and this is why thanks to the focus of the next generation e.u. and together with a baseline m.f.f. 60 percent so more than half of our investments will go to modern policies over the next 7 years more over in preparing the future we must also pay attention to the current difficult financial and budgetary situation of many member states therefore the funding will be raised through loans many of which
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will have very long term maturities and will be paid back thanks to new own resources through the next european budget these new own resources would be levied for example through the emission trading system through a new carbon board adjustment mechanism a levy on big companies that benefit most from the single market on single use plastics and through a digital tax based on always cd work this would allow member states to country bute to the next european budget at the same level they currently do allow me to stress that next generation e.u. will in any case be strictly time limited and as extraordinary as the current crisis the proposal is on the table it stems from intense work by the commission
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and numerous contacts with my counterparts in the member states and the other european institutions we need to reach an agreement between the european council and the european parliament as soon as possible to allow time for the necessary national rectification. moreover i hear the calls for action even before the end of this year. i understand and i support the schools and this is why we are also proposing an immediate reinforcement of the current m.f.f. and 2020 budget to top up cohesion spending bring forward recapitalization support and funding for external action in particular for the western balkans i will work without rest with my colleagues in the european council and the european parliament to come in to an agreement as quickly as possible on all these proposals
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we are at a defining moment for the european union but i'm confident the past weeks have shown that there is a growing awareness of the need to invest together in the european common good and to do this by laying the foundations for the well being of europe's next generation and i always think where there is a will there is a way thank you thank you very much we will now move to your questions i would just like to remind you that we have to do interpretation from english french german italian and spanish all right commission president was a life on the line there talking about the e.u. 750000000000 euro rescue package meant to help member states recover from the coronavirus pandemic being called next generation is a u.n. let's bring back our barbara vessel who's been listening in to of the statement
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from the commission president barbara what do you think of the most important takeaways from what we've heard from was a hard line about what this rescue package will mean. i think the most important takeaways are that of course for the 1st time ever the european commission wants to take up debt that is something that is even legally a bit doubtful but if the member states allow it. to supposedly can go ahead it is a huge packet package that love for the line will have to minister through her civil servants in the commission they will have to channel the money to the member states and the important thing here is they're not just going to strode after them in order to sort of disappear in the national budgets but they're going to be programs and what she's stressed and this is going to be very difficult and there is a lot of political tension and build what she wants is to channel those into the
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programs and projects that sort of. point to the future that have to do was climate deal maybe that will have to do was the modernization of certain industry that will have to do with the digital market and so on and so for is she doesn't want to support the industries that is that much is clear but at the same time if you look at the member states if you look at italy for instance or if you look at spain where tourism is in big trouble in italy too at the same time discounters one just money they just want money to support the little small businesses who might go bankrupt in the near future and so this is going to be very difficult to sort of bring together what the member states really want they going to get a certain amount of emergency funds but beyond that they're supposed to rebuild the economy in a more sustainable manner and that is a huge ask for both sides for people here in brussels who will have to sort of
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figure out those projects and also for member states italy for instance just looking at that has. never really managed to even call in the money that they were granted so far from the e.u. they usually just didn't manage to get the projects on the way so a lot will have to change on both sides and of course the repayment the repayment will have to be stretched so far in the future that nobody you suppose to worry about it at the moment starting in 2028 and running for 30 years from then on that ends like somewhere in the late 2050 s is so that isn't the far future and then is trying she's trying to sort of take the idea that this is a horrible burden off the member states shoulders and telling them it's going to have much later just we need to we need help at the moment so this is the outline of the plan and now in the end of course the devil as they always say is in the detail you know we heard it was a lot and i don't see where there is
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a will there is a way but barbara we've been talking about some opposition to this concept of this rescue package of neutralize debt i mean what do you think the biggest hurdles are going to be going forward. the biggest hurdle of course is to sort of get the frugal 4 into the boat i mean it's difficult to say how strong i mean how real the opposition really is in those 4 countries austria the netherlands denmark and sweden you know that traditionally the prime ministers of the heads of governments they play to their own audience you know they they stand on the national stage and they say we will defeat them we will never do this we won't give the money we want to that and somehow they need to figure out a formula that they in the end can can go home and say we've had a victory so they need to get some money out of the big parts they need to be able to sort of disguise this is something else enough compromises need to be made of
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this is usually very very difficult where the mines will be a bit more focussed this time there is no telling the pressure from france germany and all the others on those 4 opposition countries is going to be to be tremendous just imagine sitting in this big room and everybody's sort of yelled at you more hellos for a start it was on live and she never yelled but. mario cantone the prime minister of italy i mean he has been he has been known to become loud there is peter ascensions from spain who is going to say we need this money otherwise everything will fall apart so this is going to be huge pressure on them how much they really will be able to stand against it we will see but of course compromises will have to meet be made they will they will have to be face saving of course in a way because even the spun this is the rules of the e.u.
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even the smallest country can sort of hold up this juggernaut and some of them have been known to dig their heels into the cent and say we're not moving they've always moved in the end but it'll take some doing speaking of moving our brother out line is there take us through what the next steps are to actually get this package rolled out. the next steps of course the next step is the 1st council meeting the meeting off the 27th. european leaders that is scheduled for june 18th now the interesting question is will they dare are ready to have a physical meeting supposedly not some people in brussels said yes they will come back here they will come back and sit at this big round table in this big room we have social distances social distancing should definitely be possible and others say no they are going to wait a bit till july we will see if they're not there in person this is more or less wasted because what we have seen in the last 2 months is. on the web or whatever
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would have a platform people are just talking at each other they're not talking really with each other plus the deals are made out the corridor deals are made when they go out and talk one on one all one to 2 and they will they go for coffee and america will go and say come on just move a bit and we will give you this that's not done in public that's always done sort of behind the backs of the full round and that is necessary to get this thing across the line so not much will supposedly happen in june then we will have emergency summits probably at the end of june at the beginning of july maybe one is enough maybe they even are going to need another one and then of course everybody hopes before the summer break which would be like mid in july they need to get this thing over the line otherwise it can start and then we'll all be in dire straits
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all right barbara measle reporting for us there in brussels as always great to talk to you. now as a coronavirus pandemic hits economies around the world unemployment rates are exploding young people are particularly affected workers between the ages of $15.24 are most at risk of losing their jobs that is according to a new study from the international labor organization out today we met one of those young people and backed up. this was going to be rainy and big year she was looking forward to graduating from university with a degree and then out into the real world. this is my last year at university and i was supposed to graduate and be happy to be done but 1st we had the protests and then after that came the coronavirus. coronel. the university of baghdad has been closed for
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a while classes have been impossible for months initially because of student demonstrations against the government but now the pandemic has kept doors closed even longer this has sent students back out onto the streets. the iraqis face a threatened future even if young people had jobs before the coronavirus 4 shutdowns a study from the international labor organization shows that they were the 1st to lose their jobs. last year the u.s. unemployment rate was already relatively high at 13.6 percent for workers ages $15.00 to $24.00 now in may 2020 that rate has hit 20 percent. earnings future is uncertain even if the university does open again allowing her to graduate there's no guarantee she will be able to find a job. or let's get
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a recap now of our top story here on t.w. the european commission has been laying out its strategy for dealing with the economic fallout from the current crisis commission president it was an affront to light on failed a 750000000000 euro recovery fund to help member states overcome the recession brought on by the end. of their forget you can always get state of your news on the go download or apps from google play or from the app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as to push notifications for any breaking news and if you are part of a new story you can also use the puter you have to send us your photos and your videos of what is happening where you are. thanks for watching today we're back in a few minutes. boy
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. oh boy. oh boy.
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i'm going crazy thing in all the time. to handle on the lies in times of the corona and then the reporter. just like everyone else and she's looking for answers and thankfully with the help of plenty of fuel the fire. is not life as we know it. in this together our new web series. when the water rises cities will sink into the sea plane entire stretches of land will be abandoned. and the water struck the big stumps it's happening faster than anticipated. and massive sprinklers are supposed to prevent flooding but they only delaying the inevitable lego. we
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move in the future. 66 years you see levels for storage terms on w. . this is the news live from berlin and unprecedented push to help europe recover from the economic impact of the coronavirus. us to invest together and our common good we will be bullshit by raising unprecedented amounts of funding at european level we will be a commission president was about funded by unveils
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a $750000000000.00 euro recovery fund to help back from her sash. also coming up riot police and hong kong.


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