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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 5, 2020 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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expressed g.w. on facebook and twitter look today in touch follow us. this is the w. news live from berlin a message to u.s. president donald trump black lives matter spelled out in giant letters along a straight leading to the white house more protests are expected in america in the run up to george floyd's funeral next week. but the deadly reporter tells us he's own personal story about the racism he's encountered in berlin. at the
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sparing and of course with comments and statements about my skin color. and the use a use late negotiate the city's no significant progress during the latest talks on a trade deal with britain. i'm anthony howard welcome protesters in the u.s. vowed to continue rallying on the streets after 10 consecutive days of demonstrations in washington d.c. the mayor has formally asked president donald trump to remove federal forces from the capital city and city workers and volunteers have painted a huge message of support for the protest movement on the streets leading to the white house. that the news conference at the white house on friday u.s. president donald trump said all americans should be treated equally by police but
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his comment about george floyd while commenting on both of than expected unemployment figures has drawn immediate outrage but also what happened last week we can't let that happen hopefully george is looking down right now and saying there's a great thing that's happening for our country this is a great day for him it's a great day for everybody it's a great day for everybody this is a great great day in terms of equality. it's really what our constitution requires and it's what our country is all about. that was president trump speaking a short while ago well let's bring in d.w. correspondent stephanie months in minneapolis stephanie how have those words being greeted on the streets where you are. you know well we were mats with confusion. with the simple fact that people didn't
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understand really the people we talked to hear. what the president was going on about their they have definitely. not in not the not the impression that the president was involved in any. of this yet at the right time he people here think that the president a. can't relate really be. doesn't really matter what he says or things and see still doesn't understand what is actually happening in minneapolis minnesota about all across the country. given what you say what does the telling you is there any real way to gauge what effect if any mr trump's handling of the crisis will have on his chances of re-election in november. i think it will have a tremendous impact i think it has tremendous impact now i think there are new polls out there and those polls are saying that. something if
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a presidential candidate joe biden is leading in those polls by a wide margin before donald trump even in those battle states where mr trump normally had the edge on. i'm not hard pressed to say that. the president didn't have many friends here and with this crowd and with the african-american population here in minneapolis and probably across country despite of what he claims and. he definitely didn't make any friends new friends here that is that is for sure at least that's what we're hearing. stephan you'll standing in the way this conversation started with the protest started how to protest this plan to mind tying the momentum they've built with this protest movement. excellent question anthony this is the key question here how do they get organized how do they get such
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a structure and what they doing nice going forward and that is what they also very concerned about so they see on the thinking and talking and planning going on behind the scenes but yeah that's what it's all about if you if one wants this to become a movement a true movement and once a sustained the pressure asserted on society to take action regarding substantial structural systemic racism all over the country then there has to be an organization and they have to become organized much better than they are right now however we'll see on the weekend there are protest marches planned all over the country of course in minneapolis to let's see where this is going. on the streets of minneapolis as a was definitely on thank you so much. well another case of police brutality has sparked outrage in the u.s. this time in buffalo new york an elderly man fell to the ground and was seriously
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injured after he was pushed by a police officer the lead police initially stated that the man tripped and fell 2 officers have offices rather have been suspended without pay the governor of new york state has called the incident awfully describes. all this is just the latest video to emerge from u.s. protests this way phidias of violence between police and protesters have been circulating circulating on social media but not everyone is saying the same ones seif has been analyzing how your twitter feed could affect what kind of images you're seeing of the anti rices protest i mean tell us about your research so we wanted to look at how online filter bubbles are affecting the image that we have in our mind when we think of the black lives matter protests that are going on the u.s. right now so we did a little experiment we created a mock twitter account. to look we created to mock twitter accounts side by side one from
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a prominent right wing. commentator online donald trump jr the president's son has very often far right wing views and is known for being pretty loud on twitter so we create an account following 200 people that he also follows so this won't show what he tweets but rather what he sees when he goes on to twitter and to compare that we made one that looks at alexandria cause or cortez's twitter feed so we can kind of see what she sees what you i think is of the spectrum exactly right and what we notice is that the twitter bubble effect is definitely real videos are occurring in one feed that don't occur in the other feed and so on one good example is police brutality towards journalists or violence towards journal. in general and we see in alexander across your cortez's feed this video came up a few times showing police accosting a journalist and now you see here this video occurred a couple of times in dollars from junior's feed which shows protesters assaulting
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a journals so you see that they're creating different narratives of police assaulting journalists versus protesters assaulting journalists a small side note that journalist actually if you look at his twitter feed he seems much more concerned about police violence toward journalists and cited a study that showed $140.00 cases of police attacking journalists during these protests and so what about the video we saw earlier in the program of the older man who was suffered serious injuries after being shoved to the ground by a lace this is one instance that we saw this video appearing in both feed so and. cortez's feed we saw it 17 times occurring 17 times in just the 3 hours after we created that profile and donald trump jr his profile it was only occurring 2 times but what you see here is that these are right wing journalists and pundits who are actually admitting that this was evidence of police brutality so even they when they look at this say that they had the police cross the line although they asked
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why the media is going with much more on this story than other stories of protesters violence so i wouldn't say there's 2 sides of the story here and that if anybody just saw the world through somebody else's eyes they would be no protests but i think there's evidence of a very big divide in how people are perceiving the protests and us very interesting i mean it's a thanks so much thank you well the turmoil that has gripped america of the death of george floyd has turned the spotlight on bryce's and in other countries to japan dutch imbedded reports now on his own experience as a black person living here in germany he also looks at allegations of racism and police brutality elsewhere in europe. this memorial to george floyd popped up last weekend. well he died of the hands of a policeman in the us his death is also being used to bring awareness to racism
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here in germany and across the world. it is hard to find a country without any form of racism and i experience that here as well in berlin. as the daring and of course comments and statements about my skin color. but you kind of move around the city as a black person without being aware obviously and color on average there are $3.00 to $4.00 racist incidents reported per day in the german capital according to the berlin register for discrimination and not everyone is reporting them so there could be far more. that's why the black lives matter movement has also been protesting here in berlin well europe has fewer deadly incidents involving the police some cases have stayed with me genius some of them with not. only giallo burned to death in the police cell here in germany in 2005 no one was convicted for his death. in the u.k.
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in 2011 mark duggan was shot by a policeman who was never convicted. in france adama died during police custody in 2016 and no one has been found responsible for his death that's why the protests in france have been violent. people are frustrated with structural racism. in europe hasn't really dealt with its links to slavery and i'm here in germany several streets i named after individuals from the country's colonial period like in berlin's african quarter where. even now some streets bear the names of germany's most infamous and drew to cologne new figures whether it's history or every day racism black people's experiences are being ignored and that's why i'm also frustrated we need to address
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every day racism and also the past because that's the only way to move forward. to lead space that talks between the european union and the u.k. have ended with no significant progress according to the use top negotiator michele banya has accused london of failing to on of the brakes a divorce agreement as the 2 sides try to thrash out a trade deal before the in the new year claims british officials are trying to backtrack on commitments i've already agreed to and it's not just brussels that is feeling the impact of this deadlock it's another blow for the auto industry that's already reeling from the coronavirus crusts for the $800000.00 workers in the u.k. kasik to an economic recession plus the looming prospect of a no deal breaks it adds up to a horace an aria. production at press mark is only slowly starting again
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normally 90 people were in the heart of england supplying steel parts for the car industry. coronas hit the company hard they have very few new orders the last thing they need is a hard breads and with no trade deal at the end of the year that's going to be. very difficult especially in a market that's been depressed as well so its 2nd triple hit it's going to be the most challenging time in my career ever the u.k. car industry is facing its biggest crisis ever due to the virus. luxury carmaker mclaren had to layoff a quarter of its workforce and nodia bragg's it with the e.u. would mean that cars as well as components would be hit with a 10 percent tariff making u.k. cost very expensive to sell on the continent its main export market if there was a no trade deal breaks or at the end of the year there would be a hit to exports and therefore a hit to production in the u.k.
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and we would see tens of thousands of job losses there's a very real question mark about whether some plants would actually close and in the longer term car companies my dream located to the continent if they get investment decisions then go again to the u.k. over the next few years a possible loss of output of the order of another half a 1000000 cars and you know that would mean much of the u.k. mass industry effectively being wiped out at the supplier press not there that are hoping that the u.k. and the e.u. will agree to extend the so-called transition period to give more time to reach a deal i agreed with a transition period but if that's been hard surely we should extend that so we've still got the same amount of time this is certain nobody's fault they were in this position so we should logically moves up back so we can still have that transition period because the transition pair. at the minute is actually no effect because now he's doing it nobody's work but for now the government is not listening to its
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manufacturer as they want the u.k. to be completely independent as soon as possible even though it might mean leaving without it trachea. you're watching david lee news remember you can keep up to date with all the latest news on our web site that's d w dot com you can also follow us on twitter and instagram so after means being handled more news coming up at the top of the hour for now though i'm happy healthy and the same here in the land thanks for joining us. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour corona up to. 19 special next on d
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w. in the fish. but can it conquer the major issues of our society. the thirty's.


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