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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  June 6, 2020 2:02am-2:31am CEST

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website. a week of emotion and tension draws to a close in the united states as the family of george floyd prepare to bid farewell to a brother and son questions being raised about racism and injustice and hopes rise to the just maybe this time those questions might be answered and not only in america i'm anthony how in berlin and this is the day. because this could be me this could be my brother this could be not to be my mother on the ground any time of the day i'm tired i don't want to be part of the society . on our block. we're not. sure everybody watching for george from detroit there for
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a town and i'm going to actually my 1st protest because. this is a. necessary but i felt it was important to show both my daughter and my younger daughter was with me. also on the day racism in germany and the need to face up to what is a universal issue. whether it's history or every day racism black people's experiences are being ignored and that's why i'm also frustrated we need to address every day racism and also the past because that's the only way to move forward. we begin the day in the united states where a week of protests started with furious anger and ended a more focused articulation of the cause it seems that for now the number of flashpoints between the people and their police has indeed subsided but what has
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not is the determination. has been following one man who is making his demands for justice and an end to police violence addai the right of passage streets of washington d.c. . he's angry but he hasn't lost hope taking to the streets every day. the activist at the heart of the protest in washington. riding his bike across the city come out doesn't recognize his hometown now dominated by have a police and military presence for him it doesn't feel safe he's had many guns pointed at him he says from people wearing a badge they will come up. with . when you see your hand.
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but they continue to be hostile and aggressive. that's what it means to be black in america he tells me 52 years after that killing. and this seems to be a watershed moment for the u.s. but what makes this moment so dangerous is the man in the white house. yes and he wants a war because he can start a civil war. so he wants this war he wants it because. he really wants everyone to act completely out of control so he can have a purpose for his actions. in a city center there are marching again kamau is an electrical contractor but since the pandemic started there's been no work for him he tells me still together with his friends he's devoted all his time to peaceful protests they don't support the
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looting and burning but i understand that many young people are bored and angry and use violence to get the austerities attention she got to let people do what they do you do your peace with thing you do your research things because either way. i'm a good traction. just. a few blocks from the white house more and more federal forces are right many people here are angry seeing the national guard being deployed against them exchange cats need a. 7 good i'll go to a lot of anger i'm sad because you know you dispute the ways people like you want to be considered human you so i'm reading you treat other humans as it were animals or some so i just got really upset as not full some protesters the feeling the police could use tear gas and rubber bullets against them again conelly and his friends stay regardless of what might happen i think the patients is the best
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portion forced to stay afloat to continue to follow long term pain because you know it's going to take a long time for this actually be corrected he says he's never felt so energized and exhausted at the same time justice for george floyd that's what he wants and the real change in america. let's bring in jeffrey he's a civil rights attorney and he's also the national president of democrats for education reform i made the observation before that pace that we saw that the wind seems to have hosted a transition that the protest is comma and the message now is coming through stronger and clearer. won't get i mean it's i think what's happening now is that you're just seeing the exhaustion of black folks in this country you just have to deal with the ongoing practice of white supremacy. you know this is in many ways the strongest broke the camel's back we've seen countless
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unarmed black people murdered arbitrarily bar by the police and just this spectacle of a man with a neat one the neck of george foreman for 8 minutes with such a nonchalant sort of demeter i think it's really just kind of inflaming black people and of all the human beings of goodwill that would really give a significant transformation in this country. do you see the focus of these mass protests and mass public discourse narrowing to a point that the pos forward can be more easily mapped i.e. beyond marching in the streets can you see now the next steps towards 10 minute china which. well for permanent changes are only going to be massive reallocation of resources i mean what we see around these issues of racial equity united states is largely incremental change and when you had you know frankly 246 years of slavery where the labor capital black people were taken from them and then we
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supplement that with 100 years of legal apartheid where economic opportunity educational opportunity access to capital was was distributed based on race it really isn't to the late 1960 deaths a lot of this country said that black people should have an opportunity for equity is that when you have that amount of time which massive amounts of capital and resources were withheld ringback from like a problem if we're really going to have systematic change or needs be a massive proportionate response what we tend to get are incremental steps obviously incrementalism is better than nothing 1 and so we are starting to see some work as ation put more dollars around big capital more available to black and brown folks investing in education opportunity more is high rhesus practices you know for corporations and others so that way less priests and their behavior those all important in those pretty about in for a little 'd training but for the real systematic aid of trying to leave could be some sort of repaired of action to meet the human being why scope of resource is taken away what. this money has risen i said across the world and has bought
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lessons and learnings for many including myself for example having not grown up in the states i have never heard of the tulsa massacre is that something that is taught in every school in the us. well no i mean there is a recent report to show that only one in 3 americans could pass us this is since tests that new citizens take which is really just a basic test of u.s. history and that is the more romantic birth of america 'd so even that version very few americans know and the history of race relations and racism and slavery and jim crow is frankly not widely taught because it's very consistent with the more vast experiment american history and so there if you americans know about a whole host of of historical facts in terms of history says i mean it's also a race right speech precisely to that that was right in the aftermath in the middle of jim crow barely 2 generations from slavery in the civil war black folk have built something that not me how we're within on
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a segregated community and even that was too but for some white races to be a city that white people have to do it well economically and private businesses are investing in one of them so they use violence and terrorism to steal it from both and so the bottom line is if we're really going to get past this problem one we have to know the nature of the problem you can't get past all of you don't confront it you can't confront it if you're not willing to be clear about the facts then frankly as to be preparatory action and not just incremental as we tend to see. the top of the show we had something simple from a protest in day say she said she came out with a daughter to help show that fed life matters is that incredibly simple phrase instructive of how incredibly 5 americans of all color have to travel toward equality. it really is because saying someone mice matters of life matters is about as basic and fundamental as it gets and we have to have that conversation i
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definitely know how far we have to go but that you didn't pay in speaks to how durable white supremacy the united states supreme court and address got since you have probably the 1st one of the best articulations of white supremacy where it said that it is axiomatic in the united states and even in the largest western world that black people are quote unquote. beings of an altogether into your work that's what the united states supreme court said that these are not human beings because remember slavery was justified and was reconciled with with the americas allege it might mean liberal it might not say these are human beings so it's appropriate to treat them this way in fact the 1st guy case said they should be reduced to slavery for their benefit that it's good for them to begin to speak right and so the segregation after the civil after slavery was about these people are different than not really fully human beings right and it wasn't $960.00 that the law even said there should be treated 'd it's going to be so within that historical context it shouldn't be surprising that even today it's some sort of
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radical act the senate is not i've met right so that absolutely but you know we have a long way to go because if you've got to still have a conversation about whether the life matters that's that's long before you can get to the actual reallocation of the capital the resource that was stolen from these people so we've made progress we're not we're used to being we have so far left still to go. nearly 4 years from the obama administration of do you have more now than you did 12. yes i would say that because 12 days ago i was. always talked about to double consciousness upset by the black book that you have to explore and i view of the one hand you see that there is some progress you have since it's all but then they want to go and practice white supremacy can cause a spear i feel more hopeful today because frankly of the multi racial diverse coalitions of americans and human beings throughout the world of all backgrounds of all codes who said this is not we want to be we want to be better we want to be better than this so that absolutely does new space of hope and i q the believe that
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the overwhelming majority moving actually want to have human understanding and mutual cooperation and reconciliation and actually want to live together in harmony and once we can get there then we've got to have a conversation ok want to get there we have to wrestle with our past and history in the relationship if you don't wrestle with the make reconciliation where they don't have it in the past it's very hard to move forward so i do think most people want to get to a better space and so that the process now we have to have a conversation about the expand the material things we have to do we actually can get to that better world that i hope and believe that most of us by to look civil rights attorney and national president of democrats for education reform jeffries good luck and many thanks thank you thank for having. a chance and i'm going to medical has reacted to events following the death of george floyd she criticized president donald trump's leadership style but also
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acknowledged that germany too has problems with rice's. the murder of george floyd is horrific racism is horrific and us society is very polarized. yet. i think the politicians should aim to nice and to reconcile. i think the president trump style of politics is very controversial that's clear racism has always existed but unfortunately it exists here in germany too we should put our own house in order and hope that enough people in the us will move forward with peaceful protests. well as you heard chancellor angela merkel there germany needs to put its on house in order when it comes to discrimination against black people they doubly as japan that your brother reports now on his own experience as a black person here in berlin he also looks at allegations of racism and police brutality in other european cities. for.
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this memorial to george floyd popped up last weekend. well he died of the hands of a policeman in the u.s. his death is also being used to bring awareness to racism here in germany and across the world. it is hard to find a country without any form of racism and i experienced that here as well in berlin . as the daring and of course comments and statements about my skin color. that you kind of move around the city as a black person without being aware obviously in color on average there are $3.00 to $4.00 racist incidents reported per day in the german capital according to the berlin register for discrimination and not everyone is reporting them so there could be far more. that's why the black lives matter movement has also been told to sting here in berlin well europe has fewer deadly incidents involving the police
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some cases have stayed with me again you know not that long ago only giallo burned to death in the police cell here in germany in 2005 no one was convicted for his death. in the u.k. in 2011 mark duggan was shot by a policeman who was never convicted. in france adama told he died during police custody in 2016 and no one has been found responsible for his death that's why the protests in france have been violent. people. i'm frustrated with structural racism. hasn't really dealt with its links to slavery and i'm here in germany so i named after individuals from the countries colonial period i can berlin's african quarter where
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even now some streets bear the names of germany's most infamous and new figures. plenty to talk about here let's bring in our. welcome and i'm also happy to welcome rather not us jennifer jennifer you're in berlin unfortunately we can't ask you into the studio because of coronavirus safety concerns what's your experience of racism here in germany. diverse or take your 1st jennifer excuse me. sorry. well it's been diverse i've experienced racism in every facet of life here in germany when i was approved for a flight i have the offer revoked after i sent in a copy of my passport i had to move out of my 1st sublet because i was being harassed by neighbors who said i didn't belong there in the police refused to file a report i've been harassed by neo nazis on trains that unfetter sized up and put into countless that you asians at work to explain to colleagues why their actions
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are behaviors were racist when i just wanted to do my job and i know i'm not the only person here i know there's been a 9 percent increase in far right hate crimes from 2018 to 2019 in germany and up until a few days ago the general equal treatment act was the law of the land but it only targeted private institutions and it doesn't actually make allowances for racial profiling or police brutality so i'm really happy that we have this new anti discrimination bill in berlin but again that's only in berlin it doesn't apply to any other german state so i i have to make calculated decisions every time i leave my house about how i talk about how i walk about where i go and now it's about leaving berlin knowing i won't have the protection of this legislation and other states. want to do you do you think this report would have been made if it wasn't such a if they hadn't been such an outpouring of anger of the killing of george floyd
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well probably no as i have good stories and racism in the past but i've had to pitch to myself in this report i was commissioned to do it so that's definitely the major difference that i have this week you're experienced in what is the attitude of europeans when confronted with rice's well i think europeans would like to think that race is not a thing it's not recognizing the thing there's no statistics on the different groups of people here in europe in terms of black white asian. and so forth and so they would like to think it doesn't really happen but we do have is you know racism in europe as well is just not recognized in the same way it is in the united states jennifer you published an article on your species which sought called notes on white guilt i can't quote all of it but here is a puff and it says since george floyd's murder and the subsequent fury and
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anguish that's been splashed across every news outlets. and media i've been battling with the pew unfiltered rage of every memory where i have been silenced when they have a tried to talk about race it's so jennifer a similar question now to you people listening now. they're not listening enough. there have been organizations in germany and across europe and abroad working for years to address the kinds of structural inequities of racism that are affecting people of color here in berlin in particular we have women in exile and reach out in the center for answers intersectional justice and. the initiatives fots and mention in deutschland who have been trying to force this conversation at every opportunity so while yet white europeans may be thinking they're engaging in some kind of low performing the behavior right now i need to
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see them doing a lot more i need to see them demonstrating in mass i need to see them calling out each other i mean to see them taking their governments and peers and families and friends to task because until that happens and until they reckon with their colonial history it's not enough and more importantly until black people stop dying and suffering from structural racism it's absolutely not enough. chip on the back to you do you get any real sense that anything is beginning to move here in germany any real awareness any real self reflection and willingness to china well if you look at the german media i think that has definite been lacking the definitely a lack of self reflection in terms of the situation pertaining to racism in germany and there's been a lot of criticism in terms of spiegel which is a big publication here in germany inviting pano of only white people to talk about racism and that was the case also with
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a very popular talk show called maisch berga and. there's definitely not been. a point where the really looked at the problem from a german point of view and i think full of black people and other people of color here in germany that has been a huge disappointment so i think things are not really moving forward as a result of what's happening in the u.s. jennifer we're seeing protests in berlin after the killing of george floyd another rally planned on saturday people angry but as far as want germans go do you get the impression they're looking at the u.s. rather than looking perhaps in the mirror. well i mean it's interesting that you bring out the next rally tomorrow because i have to point out that there's actually a far right demonstration planned at brandenburg a tour at the same time and for that reason the church floyd riley had to move locations so it's just interesting to me. and to your question it reminds me of
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a proverb that my friend nathan calls that european proverb which is are you glad you're not in the u.s. right now which is the question that germans love to ask me i'm sure they ask all of us because they love to moralize about human rights in the us and they do that while ignoring the structural inequities right here at home and i think they do that to romanticize the struggles abroad because it gives them a kind of psychological distance from the oppression that is actually alive and thriving here so they like to act like racism is in the past that it's a part of history but history is perennial and german racism works in a continuum aspects of german culture directly contributed to the holocaust and continued to linger as racist attitudes towards black people today to mobile quickly before we go is this an issue that is here to study in the media we going to be back you talking about it still in 2 weeks in germany if i look at the way things are going today i don't think i'll be speaking of racism as an issue in
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germany in 2 weeks unless something changes. on the jim belushi thank you and rather not as jennifer neil thank you both very much thank you. now on this world environment day by heavens symphony is being used to make a plea to protect our planet musicians from all corners of the world have created their own compositions inspired by the symphony they dubbed the support of the project called sound of nature. symphony number 6 in f. major beethoven is him into nature. i do believe music has an enormous power and i think nature has an even greater power projects that bring those 2 together are a great great opportunity for mankind to rethink where we are we all mormons are
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all the documentary sound of nature spans 5 continents and showcases musicians with wide ranging musical styles the works created especially for the project all inspired by beethoven's pastoral symphony in iceland and india. as well as ethiopia. in the. number. and history of the project is now to stick love letter to our planet as a composer i do feel strongly linked to composers of the past. i'm incredibly inspired by what some are like beethoven outraged it sort of drives me for sure. the love of music and nature unite us all but today more so
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than in beethoven's time as the will to save nature climate protection is of primary importance. nature is a reflection of ourselves what we are doing to the to the planet is what we're doing to ourselves we should be one of the top of. the sound of nature and out to the beauty in this world to me zick and to the proof that the spirit of beethoven lives on. and this. was the day but remember the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter at news don't forget to use the hash tag the day for now i'm anthony house from the team here in berlin thanks for a couple. of
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. days it's manuel been here on the race track or so for sure. the perfect place to test this high powered vehicle. but is it somehow a bit behind the times electro mobility in sports cars of cool stuff it's
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a nervous question a red. rubber paddle and off you go. nicole truly sets out on the venture his journey along germany's line i'm feeling fine about what awaits me on that trip the river the land base added challenge it allentown or along the way i have plenty of my monitor that had a move by look all the way from the town hall a checking account. in 60 minutes. like. oh. my god says love. for the russian soul. the state.
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of so many different walks of life. sung. and complements why not all of us come straight from the heart of. the russians and intimate terms to death starts to maintain our d w. we are living during the most extraordinary high in distress.


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