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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 7, 2020 9:00am-9:16am CEST

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this is news the line from berlin large crowds take to the streets for another day of demonstrations over the death of george floor tens of thousands gathered in the capital washington d.c. and dozens of other u.s. cities to protest systemic racism and police brutality. those protests have spread across the world here in germany another massive showing as demonstrators knelt in solidarity with the black matter moved. recover from an early wobble again spiraled laver's cruisin to edge closer to an 8th
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consecutive title full maps report coming up 2. it's good to see you with us protesters have been gathering in no washington d.c. and many other cities to mobilize against racism and police brutality tens of thousands braved the hot humid day to call for reform in the u.s. capitol that protests and others around the world have arisen from outrage over the death of george florida who died while in police custody in minneapolis now almost 2 weeks ago. he's a message is clear and there are thousands they converged on downtown washington d.c. . local officials have projected over 100000 people would attend. the
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heat and humidity for no deterrent. everyone is not racist. but. the law. they're old outdated a fetish people understand. it's not enough to be angry you have to vote you have to translate that into action they need to be consequence for that action and they need to be taught that they were happy nobody no feel they know. while demanding action against police brutality is at the forefront of saturday's peaceful demonstrations these protests are also highlighting a long standing problem a lot many call systemic racism and inequality in the united states topics that will likely become central to the presidential battle for the white house in november. washington bureau chief alexander phenomena was at that march in
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the u.s. capitol she spoke to protesters about what they want to see happen now. people i talked to told me that it's for them very important. that justice must be served in the case of george floyd they want the officers who were involved in his death to be punished convicted but they also told me that they wanted a real change in the united states i talked to african american family they brought their sons their small kids with them to the protest a told me it's important for their kids to see what's happening enough it's enough it's good to see that there are so many people in the streets but they also told me they don't they don't believe that real change that the answer to a racial injustice can happen with presidents trump in the white house and we are hearing a lot of chance like you know vote him out there are those stickers that many people are worrying trampin must go so it's because it's becoming
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a very political protest at the same time. now large protests also took place around the world demanding an end to racial just injustice including in cities across germany have a long. taking a knee against racism protestors in hamburg kept silent for 8 minutes and 46 seconds that's how long george floyd struggled to breathe under the knee of a police officer 14000 take him to protest in the northern german city. further south in stuttgart several 1000 stood in solidarity with the global movement. from here by the side because i myself have been treated unfairly many times in my life and i stayed silent and together with all of these people i want to give ourselves a voice so i doubt it's about showing solidarity and being there for each other
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that's important. since this is let the black lives matter movement will open the eyes of people who simply don't want to see or hear it but we still know does involve demonstrations in berlin were so full that police had to limit access they estimate that 15000 people took part in the protests. even more people turned out in the very in capital of munich. people also demonstrated in frankfurt corona hygiene regulations were largely adhere to their as they were in cologne. the system please take a racist police violence exist here as well and finally this is the receiving the attention it deserves. and. there were isolated instances of police and protesters clashing in berlin and hamburg but the protests in germany remain largely peaceful. i'm joined now by
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our political correspondent in manual shahs who attended the protest yesterday in the german capital and it's great to see you on the set here a huge turnout in the midst of a pandemic no less exactly and has been to say yes actually he said yesterday that as much as the endace today need to stand against racism he was also very concerned by those huge crowds and then again i think it's fair to say the sensing went completely down to drain yesterday however most of the protesters were being a very responsive and wearing masks and it felt i was in the middle of the crowd i was in the middle of 15000 people anything. save us can be when people wear masks i mean they make it was a so a very very moving moment to be there it was a silent protest of course there were cheers several speeches but it was so so that
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moment where everyone 15000 people and now it's in honor of george throw it for 8 minutes 46 seconds and you could see people from all backgrounds you could see family the people from all colors gathering and standing against racism and that was a very very powerful moment and not only in barely but you see does this happen in 20 big cities in germany i think up here you also say that the moment compelled to speak. all to get out there and show their interest despite the fact that there's a pandemic exactly i think everyone is very aware of that situation but they felt that this was much bigger than what we are going through pandemic wise right now they fed that he would be it was really time to actually show to voice their anger their frustration about what's happening not only in the u.s. but it's only here in germany there were a lot of black germans represented that protest you know there is that more than
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1000000 of the germans here and often they experience racism on a daily basis not this is certainly open attacks of racism but they can also experience it when they're trying to find a job and there they c.v. is not taken because of their picture because of their names and that's all those little things that have to be brought to that conversation for them and such process was exactly the time where there was a unity shown between people who are slowly getting aware of being aware becoming aware that life is not the same whether you are whites in germany or what whether you are black in germany a man or political correspondent here to do everything so much thank you. in africa as well people rallied for change he wus isaac reports from the canadian capital accra where young people gathered for a vigil to ask their leader to end police brutality. young people have gathered for
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a vigil in honor of dutch flight the black man who was killed by police officers to minneapolis and he weighs the vigil is also to pick against risk is in my games blocks across the world gun as president one of the african leaders who has condemned the killing of dogs lloyd for young people here see they want to move from offer condit is when it's a fight for justice in the u.s. yes i said on the house and maybe that's as soon as an american citizen i believe that but he also needs a 5 in just a right here in africa in ghana police brutality to swell in a life in a way. to make him go no and this is why we came here we came out to stand against these things was disrupted clearly a misunderstanding between secrecy officials on to balkanize this and the young people who will protect god. that you have. for these young
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people out here who express your concerns and call for an end to resume her whole. life time. now to some other stories making news around the world. in beirut hundreds of demonstrators have gathered hoping to reboot anti-government protests that began late last year as lebanon was facing its worst economic crisis in decades there coronavirus lockdown has put further pressure on the economy prompting a new wave of protests despite social distancing restrictions. egypt's president. has announced a cease fire initiative for the civil war in libya it calls for the exit of all foreign fighters c.c. was joined by general khalifa haftar quds forces lost the battle for the capital tripoli to loyal to libya's you went back government. there's been a surge in covert 900 feet in mexico with the death toll now topping 13000
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restrictions were eased on june 1st and health officials said many deaths happened weeks ago and have now been reclassified but they your people to see a doctor if they show symptoms. to some football news now and the buddhist leaders 2nd place dortmund handed hertz of berlin their 1st defeat since the restart the victory kept dortmund within 7 points of the league leaders but both teams also had a political point to make. no justice no peace grit the shirt of dog means jaden santo prior to kickoff dog meant and head to berlin kneel before the action started to support the global black lives matter movement sandstone in his 1st career hattrick last time out and was looking to continue that run don't mean got it started in the 2nd half and it started with satchel a pastor you've been brought to set up to me john from point blank range just shy
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of that remark to me john 2nd goal foot don't meet in for jane sand show the prius is in john the man of the match finished it off. big good thing it was a big 3 points today a really important when we knew before the match how our rivals got on which made it all the more important to get the 3 points and we did that. when the medics off the. pitch of berlin's love india has never won endorsement one nail the final and back to back wins for the black and yellow. buy in munich are closing in on an 8th straight title after beating buyer later coups in 4 to byron have been in ruthless form since coach hans the flick took charge last november but an early wobble almost spoiled the plan. but munich showed their support for the black
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lives matter protests ahead of kickoff in leverkusen with the home team without engine talismanic chi habits all eyes were on leon bailey the match winner when the sides last met. and it was leverkusen who struck 1st allow rio poking past manuel neuer in the 10 minutes. the argent time 7th goal of the campaign getting the hosts off to a dream start the brian hit back soon after kingsley command had all day to pick a spot and did so expertly 11. on gretzky put by and ahead in the 42nd minute his left footed try proving too much for lucas for that city. close from the laver couzin stopper butts not close enough.
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you know every increase the lead on the stroke of half time thinking kimmage is up till pass into an empty net in the 45th minute for germany star's 12th goal of the season. by all but put the game to bed in the 2nd period thomas mood is costing up over levon dusty for a trademark header liver couzin did pull one back in the dying moments however florian gets becoming the youngest ever been his legal score are with this effort. for to the final score a huge turnaround for buyers after a shaky start in one single year in europe when you go one nail down here against labor coups and it's never easy to turn the game around fit always so when we went one down early on but hadn't expected us to score 4 goals and come away from here is clear winners for the new phone as they have out of the job done by an draw closer to an 8th consecutive title. and
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a reminder of our top story this hour tens of thousands of protesters have gathered across the u.s. for another day of demonstrations over the death of george floyd anti racism protests were also held in cities around the world. this is t w news we'll be back with more news at the top of the hour see that. what secrets lie behind these walls. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. t.w. world heritage $360.00 get the maps now. to use crime fighters are back africa's most successful radio drama series continues this season the story.


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