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the death toll much higher than its neighbors has sweden made it deadly our conflicts so far. in 60 minutes fall d.w. . behind us is on its way to bring you more conservation closer how do we make cities screen or how can we protect habitats we can make a difference global warming to us fundamental series again global food goes on on g.w. and on mine. to . mood mood the focus is in my view does time and again i played extroverts characters
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with rough edges i had strong figures maybe people see that in me but. she's a real powerhouse prize winning film director and well known actress who's equally at home in film and television yet still regularly tears up the stage. we meet her at the offices of production company x. during the berlin international film festival when the whole city is in film fever . for. the barrel and celebrate. 70th anniversary this year
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star is a really what role does the film festival play for you personally and your career. been in and finished i feel berlin is my city even though i wasn't born here but i've been living here since before the fall of the wall and i think people also identify me with the city and in turn i identify with the festival in festival. for 10 days the film industry takes over berlin girl and attracts stars and filmmakers hollywood productions and independent movies and shot at is in the thick of things she in the festival go way back. in 1960 she appeared in donnie levy's film silent night which was in the competition its 3 main characters are involved in a messy love triangle and decided to try to unpick the situation on christmas eve a different take on the festive season. if you didn't and.
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let's just. clear that is it was when you said you. just have to do this is also because of. the mythos positive. especially it would be nice of silent night became something like a small part of a new era for 90. and $9099.00 but he is right it was one of the promising actors on it at the barrel of dollars. just a year later she was chosen as a member of the film festivals jury a big honor for a young actress. basically did the syllable in bear for the best actor to miss that denzel washington presented. i. but her most personal and moving
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festival memory has to be when amy and jaguar was in the competition at the berlin our. fullest in. benghazi from landing. at the premiere in 1999 try to accompany the real lilly voiced aka amy down the red carpet the film is based on experience which she 1st recounted in a book at the age of 80. be shot it was awarded the silver bearer for her performance in amy in job. interviews how did another shooting a couple that. they meet with you i mean jack why wasn't your typical film about the nazi era what was so news special and so provocative about that film get kind of well not a week goes by that i'm not asked repeatedly about amy and jack are. and i think it's because it was the 1st time at least in the german speaking world that
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a lesbian love story and they did onto that they screen and told of homosexual love that didn't end of its own accord to have the most sex. and he saves to it and in me in a certain way amy and jack you are celebrates the love between these 2 women which doesn't suffer per se from the fact it's a woman loving a woman but rather that the war comes between them and of how i have holly jazz on it could come in that situation. berlin in 1903 the city is in ruins but these are shocking heim is a jew living under an assumed name she doesn't wear a yellow star and is a member of the underground though she lives with the constant threat of being caught she retains her dignity and lust for life while the world collapses around her and the last jews in berlin are being rounded up and sent to the death camps. mox fabrics film also broke a taboo because it depicted the love of a jew for an anti semite. that transcended all boundaries.
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of. its attempt answers. sushant. only. the film's touching love story develops in the most adverse of conditions and not that it's a time to interview cast the gun but their happiness proved short lived bullies a k jaguar is captured and sent to a concentration camp lily is left behind all alone either you or your latest work as a director the netflix mini series of unorthodox once again deals with judaism what's it about. it's the. system you see just the story of
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a very young woman who grows up in an extremely religious environment namely in the satmar community in williamsburg in brooklyn he was in williamsburg brooklyn endeavor 1st languages yiddish english is only the 2nd and. this is and this is a very closed community communities effect she grows up without the internet that she enters into an arranged marriage that frees herself from this life one and flies to berlin i was living one feet now. and. this is the 1st time out of earshot of has directed a series estie only gets to meet her future husband once before they marry as part of an ultra-orthodox jewish community in new york her life is dominated by religious rules. charter paints
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a precise picture of this insular world after the euphoria of the wedding as he becomes her husband's property and is expected to be completely subservient to him . among them speed in the flow in the cup. when you then in see the sun in. the series is based on deborah feldman's international bestseller on orthodox the scandalous rejection of my house citic roots it tells how she grew up and left he has said except margaret just like her brother all s.t. begins a challenging new life in berlin. my grandparents lost their whole families in the camps i. was there. i.
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you know it's interesting how did you research this unique world into which we have little insight caught yeah naturally we went to new york a few times much havana williams we were in williamsburg and got to know these communities as much as it was possible to with our own eyes. and agnon our land we were the guests of different families of course we also had expert advisors. fuckwit. and so i guess what happened to this woman is really a horror story of all possible that this is the victim that is the biggest and most important goal i set for myself as the director of this project. so i do not let it
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become a story about which you could easily say it's a horror story. i mean and ultimately it's about an absolutely basic human need. mention of the. namely the desire to belong yet retain your individuality. individuality. and in my view that's also the field of tension and which the story in an orthodox takes place he's. not docs this is the most boring thing you can do as a director is to patrol a completely predictable character's so it's. been really his. that's and finish i feel that it's my task to explore and depicts people with their complexities. in their
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pleasantries and unpleasant sides when i'm in the movie and their desires and their limits. because then so. where does your interest in jewish culture in characters and their stories stem from. from the feds in this estimate i went to israel for the 1st time when i was 14. when i 1st encountered peter to. i've been back to israel many times since and i've worked a lot with one jewish person in particular danny levy and leaving. but it wasn't only a working relationship. the director danny levy were a couple for years thank you. lanky explored his own jewish roots in the giraffe shot of plays a german jewish woman who moves back from new york to germany after her grandfather's factory is set on fire by anti semites then. imo i really hope that
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your mother gets well. she died in. the role of the jew is also a type of a label they are all very different individual characters. in darkness darkness as you play a jewish woman is nazi occupied poland you have to hide underground in darkness literally but what was that experience like. you know he got in my character he had to spend 14 months in the sewers with 2 small children and her husband. it was claustrophobic and terrible the cast for bush hardly imaginable so. on we shot the film and wastewater tunnels and. you have that in our case they were cleaned out and i guess that's you want to get it. and her family really survived
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in the sewers for 14 months he said sure. and you actually go oscar nominated film was based on a true story about a group of jews who escaped the deportations and massacres during the liquidation of the luvox ghetto by hiding in the sewers. via shot and plays a character who refuses to give up hope in the darkest of times. like. characters are always strong combative and stubborn what makes you want to play certain roles i mean. mostly they probably have a kind of great vitality which has either been buried and concealed that their wares on the contrary very present or does. this. for you guys are not focused on yeah. you're right still if you feel young.
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again you. can't. i mean you know your gods. it's good because there are very few actors in germany a car successful both in front of the camera and behind it and on top of that they are often on the stage theatre so important for you to escape. in there is nothing that forces an actor to be in the present as much as the stage. woman. have to be completely there at and that's very powerful and inspiring. just shall should be a house in hamburg is almost like maria shot a 2nd home. to. come and welcome to the bowels of the building.
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she is a long standing member of the ensemble. and this is where i live the heart is yours the wardrobe are these the costumes for tonight. yes exactly. you know what i've lived here since the beginning since i started on. his 1st big love was the she studied drama at the renowned seminar in vienna at the age of 18 here in hamburg she's playing martha and edward albee's $962.00 classic about marital strife. and. yes i guess this yes it's going to there's a glancing. blow. jobs find cyanide. i found sad that i didn't go to war thanks to the god
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day god was i i i i. yes. do you have any flash of i live i charge. really drunkenly lay into each other is there anything left for us. yes love. an appetite for life restlessness this is a quest for happiness. the disconnect it's even if it's there's something on fire sin flame to something producing so many white blood cells. creating an energy that chafes and ensures they don't give up this man and keep. the. gene you know he. has.
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been hurt in the rear and i play with a great deal of energy. and this contributes to the lively nature of a performance even if something catches on the way as the energy never goes of trying. it's very moving and each performance is a new adventure. a challenge fieldhouse provides a fixed point in a life full of travel and different roles. these days trotter is also spending a lot of time directing such as the mini series adaptation of an orthodox. most actors don't really find their way behind the camera why did you choose to take this. season of. the fun i've always wanted to be shaping things to wish that i started writing screenplays before i started acting in films
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but. then i learned how to edit and how to write a treatment treatments hype how to get funds. and without that i probably would never have dared to make a feature length film it called as i had to. do brings or how do you integrate your acting experiences into your director. yeah. so i'm going on like others starting out with direct and i've got the great advantage of having been on many sets as an actress i cherish and i have observed many other directors men and women at work so couldn't even leave us leaving iraq tauriel debut i love life it was about a lot of sense of relationship between a young woman and an older man. but it's about much more isn't it i can feel me. yes this is up to ns i think on the one hand it's an obsessive love affair but on
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the other say it's also about a family the book i based it on is a young woman's breathless monologue a woman who goes into an unknown space and does things that could be considered extremely unfeminist in nature and when i axed him in this this was probably what made this book so explosive and powerful women were attracted to the story but also repelled in equal measure. for her 1st foray into directing shada chose to adapt a controversial bestseller and film it in a foreign country love life is the tale of a young woman tangled up in a very unequal relationship. complex not. this passionate but ill advised affair threatens to destroy our as life for the camera follows her fate up close. the shot a shot her successful debut film in israel the political situation there only plays a peripheral role her focus is on love and dependency strada demonstrated great
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empathy for the after hours. she was very elegant. this war with me is she's a woman too and she knows and she's in that just doing she knows how much. fear is involved. love life is based on. book of the same name. not be a shot as adaptation shows a young woman torn between lust breaking taboos and willing submission. yes. your most successful film is probably your 2nd one as a director stefan spike farewell to europe what was it about stefan spikes that interested you. for defense like into syria. and i would describe it more as
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a film about exile unless as a film about the writer stefan. high up this is not at all possible to relocate your homeland. but is home actually how do you deal with language in this kind of cultural uprooting that's the real famine. is this i don't wish a team. once hitler rose to power despite fled austria he lived in england in the us before emigrating to brazil in 1940 the writer was also an authority on politics somebody thinks it's portraits i own a movie he goes at it over it's own that he does feel and it's only reasons. for the kind of. the film delves into the psychology of a man torn apart by inner conflicts a universal theme is a good church service where you mario always does projects that move between worlds but really work internationally and are conceived that way up to production that's what cinematic language is all about today which means you don't make films just
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for germany but for the world and that's her greatest contribution by talking and. kind and very important the should be means your own shots. the dinners it was on in the world. after years in exile and spike committed suicide. the film was highly praised for its restrained cinematic language. right whether she's in front of or behind the camera shot and never takes the easy way out to ignore her work often tackles big historical themes like the events in the 1980 s. which led to the fall of the berlin wall i can put it to you in. history plays a major role in almost all of your films t.v. series deutschland $83.00 covers part of the final decade of communist east germany if you play an east german reconnaissance agent and what kind of woman is she. is
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those who follow and then you know what i liked about lenore from the beginning was that she's a bit of a shadowy character. she plays with people's lives exercises her power and a seemingly cold. but in the end in my view she's not simply cold i thought the. rather she actually acts out of political convictions i was in the south. even as a challenge then to try to understand. money. for her political convictions she goes as far as to sell her own nephew sold to the east german secret service he's to serve as an agent in the west but 1st they have to break his will. do you know what i'm not and you have to keep in mind 50000 person investing so he's really in.
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he. shot his character appears to be ruthless and without scruples. good morning. edition i need to i was born in. sin. and poverty. i mean even the sequel deutschland $86.00 charges character is at the heart of the action which begins in angola. his office friends and existence. keep him in a high position even. faster than i have to do i think i can invest and time and ask him to be indeed the cia's mc of the hand inside the head when he. is to divide the understand as an editor. the popular series was seen around the world the next season doj mandated 9 is now in
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production was try to reprising her role as lenore around. as if that's really not as an actor the nicest thing about getting to play a character like this for 3 seasons is that you grow close to the people who write the character. and you contribute your own ideas. i think here we complemented one another quite nicely of should advise against your father into our shot after you perform on the theatrical stage of the cult film you're in front of and behind the camera your artistic ranges is there anything left for you to do for me except this that's writing is the thing i'm most afraid of. top of us is where i say i have the fewest tools of the trade us to get me through crises so i have a very munns if you work these look at that. that's probably why i have the greatest respect for writers of the spectrum out for me writers who can come up
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with their own stories are really the crime della crumb going to classify me either so that could be your next challenge that the maybe in my next life. thanks for the talk. my pleasure.
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to. enter the complex with sara kelley sweden's unique trust based approach to tackling the coronavirus pandemic project in the strict lockdowns imposed around the world but the policy has come under increasing criticism and for. russia my guest this week is sweden's foreign minister and linda with
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a death toll much higher than its neighbors as sweden made it deadly our conflicts . in 30 minutes d.w. . innovation. founders valley bianco petroleum needs modern day heroes. humanity on the move in malaysia startup founders help migrant workers assert their basic human rights migrants are key to the country's growth but many have legal status in this change for the next generation. in 60 minutes on t.w. . passionate drama competition while marketing numbers stratospheric power fight that's hard intuition love hate money. fans friends planets fans and friends
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told to go off on you tube joining us. about this issue when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room. it was hard but as for that. i even got white haired. learning that hit my language head not a lot this hits me and they go but you need to interact with the say you want to know their story my friends are fighting and reliable information for margaret. how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll all be. in for just 3 of the topics covered and a weekly radio show is called spectrum if you would like and. information on the corona virus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast so
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you can get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find us at d.f.w. dot com slash science. class. this is g w news live from berlin and donald trump supporters gather in tosa oklahoma for the u.s. president's 1st campaign rally in more than 3 months the location and timing of the rally have sparked controversy after weeks of anti-racism demonstrations across the country. and a major coronavirus outbreak in europe's biggest meat processing plant sends
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germany's reproduction rates soaring and puts thousands of people under strict quarantine it's the 2nd such slaughterhouse case.


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