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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 27, 2020 1:00pm-1:15pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin italy faces a newly discovered cluster of corona virus cases hundreds of people are put into quarantine in a building complex in the country's south after an outbreak among seasonal workers and tensions are rising with local residents also coming up to the united states struggles to contain a surge in corona virus cases with several states reporting startling new numbers some leaders are tightening restrictions that had been rolled back. and
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a brazen shoot out in mexico city more than 2 dozen gotten ambushed the chief of police and other officers on a major boulevard authorities are calling it an assassination attempt. by mary in evanston it's good to have you with us parts of europe are dealing with a flare up of corona virus infections in italy there's been a spike in new cases to the north of naples mainly in apartment blocks housing seasonal farm workers the city of london is on alert to try to stop the virus from spreading further. tensions have been rising between the residents of these apartment blocks and the local people in undergrown e after the buildings were placed under lockdown due to dozens of coronavirus cases several residents trying to leave and defiance of the buddha and then these will be
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big brother for as because. after they are going to close all the see the end then is a economic problem for us. most of the residents of bulgaria many of them thought to be working in italy without proper contracts and for very low wages now sentiment against the foreign work force is mounting. the best on that one. leg or cultural walk as they come in each season and then they move on to greece for the olive harvest the newly. before the seasonal workers arrived there was no cold that here. unknown cherry is called the dead man's a number of believe. now dozens of police have been sent to monitor go need to ease tensions and stop residents from leaving the building to keep the virus contained
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the red cross is carrying out extensive testing hundreds of samples have already been taken. there would be to the mughal the thought of one animal i must say that monday or groaning as responding to larry you've got a lot of a lot of people are coming for tests and since we started this morning we've taken over 250 s. what was real people understood here how important is to be careful about the virus . now a national protection agency is delivering food to the current 1000 residents they will not be able to leave their homes for the next 15 days. well in the u.s. several states that were the 1st to ease lock down restrictions are now seeing drastic spikes in coronavirus cases large states like texas and florida are ordering some businesses to close again after record numbers of new infections but white house officials insist the pandemic is under control and some local leaders
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continue to downplay the threat of the disease. one step forward 2 steps back states like texas and florida have been left reeling progress towards reopening has been put on pause with surging infection rates in both states in texas nearly 6000 new coronavirus cases were recorded on thursday prompting the governor to close by as a limit restaurants to 50 percent capacity it's a similar story in florida 9000 new cases reported on friday nearly doubling the previous record set or made to days earlier. many states are experiencing the highest infection rate since the crisis began in a sign that spock is being taken seriously by the white house the coronavirus task force held its 1st briefing in 2 months. we stand here today we believe we've made
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progress. but as we are reminded as we see cases rising across the south that we still are work to do and so we say to every american particularly those in counties and in states that are being impacted by rising cases. now is the time for everybody to continue to do their part while there is the vice president said that more than half of new cases are americans arms in the age of $35.00 that's being complicated by the fact that many asymptomatic median family you have an individual responsibility to yourself but you have a societal responsibility because if we want to end this outbreak really end it and then hopefully when a vaccine comes and puts the nail in the coffin we've got to realize that we all part of the process. expects remain concerned over the health this is economy
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today fueled by trump's insistence the country got back up and running. earlier we asked the w.'s washington correspondent stefan seaman's want voters think of president trump's handling of the pandemic california florida texas the most populous 3 states in the united states ringing the alarm bells republican senators more or less really urgently looking towards the white house for guidance and for help not to close testing stations which the white house is now not doing but which was the plan yesterday so a lot of experts here saying really this is not just a corona crisis for the united states anymore. this is a full blown public health disaster in the making here what is the administration doing the frustrating the stray should manage to come up with a press conference of the test force which was lying dormant for the last 2 months while the president ministration and all the states most of the states focused on
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reopening the country for business they wish to fund simone speaking earlier mexico's police chief was wounded and 3 others were killed after a group of more than 2 dozen gunmen attacked his vehicle local media say police have arrested 19 suspects and are investigating drug cartels they accuse of planning an assassination attempt. a brazen dog attack the security camera footage shows gunman firing on the police chief's convoy. the victims included 2 bodyguards and a bystander so the attackers failed to kill the police chief wounding him in 3 places. police have detained several suspects and said as many as 28 gunmen were involved. authorities later confiscated a dizzying array of weapons. is pretty. good
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so far we have secured firearms of different calibers rifle fragmentation grenades smoke grenades telephone equipment radio communication equipment but list of vests and 13 vehicles. the audacity of the attack has sparked fears of a new escalation in violence the so-called how least go new generation cartel is already blamed for another high profile attack this month that killed a judge officials tried to reassure the public make no. despite the firepower of some of these criminal organizations. none of them has the power to challenge the mexican state under a heat gun. the current government has avoided confronting drug cartels directly but this incident is putting that policy to the test. let's get
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a check now of some of the other stories making the news this hour facebook founder mark zuckerberg says the social media platform will label news for the post that break the science rules and that will include posts by politicians the company had faced criticism for not flagging inflammatory or inaccurate posts including ones by u.s. president donald trump. days of heavy rain have triggered flooding across large areas of southern and southwestern china thousands of people had to be evacuated from their homes this week forecasters say more rainfall is on the way with a high risk of further floods and landslides. pakistan is grounding more than $200.00 airline pilots suspected of dodging their exams the move by the aviation minister comes after a plane crashed in karate last month killing $97.00 people a preliminary report found that the pilots had failed to follow standard procedures and had disregarded alarms. well here in berlin it's the
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end of the school year and vacation season officially kicks off this weekend while borders are open and germans are free to travel around europe many have opted not to go abroad but to explore their own cities luckily for berliners the city has a lot to offer when it comes to a staycation. it may not be the sandy beaches of majorca or the peace of the austrian alps but berlin struct in a little oasis southwest of the city center so the liver is a good dose of vacation feeling. berlin's dozens of lakes offer great respect from the summer heat and are perfect to relax and entertain adults and children a trip to the lake in summer is a must for people staying in the city according to a recent survey 43 percent of germans think they will stay put this summer fear of the coronavirus and the complications presented by preventive measures like masks and social distancing have hindered the desire to travel those enjoying the warm
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weather here at the lake say they can also be on vacation in berlin or berlin has a lot to offer i think. it's nicer when it's summer. as you said the parks the lakes but also just walking around biking around. i always stay here i never leave berlin in summer because berlin and its surrounding sounds so beautiful and they really need to be enjoyed when the sun shining when can we cation anyway with more than 2500 public parks berlin is one of the greenest cities in europe that he had gotten one of the largest green spaces in the capital is a favorite among brylin are as close to historic attractions like the government quarter and the brandenburg gate it allows to escape the bustling concrete jungle. the park provides the perfect space to enjoy a picnic under the trees to stroll its shaded paths and to practice different kinds
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of sports it is the perfect place to enjoy a summer afternoon while also practicing social distancing. for the chance to catch a view from above like a tourist in one's own city rooftop bars are the place to go for a stablish like this one the drop in tourism is a hit to profits but locals are keeping the place going to. those. who were previously discouraged by the way. the many tourists show up here again. or at least that is what we hope for. this summer berliners like other urban dwellers are rediscovering what their own city has to offer this might also lead to a new era for travel and tourism. motivated by environmental concerns and the drive for a more sustainable tourism people could be inspired by this trouble free summer and decide to travel less in the future by rooftop might just be enough with beautiful
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views of the city and the chance to enjoy the sunset from above the vacation feeling is guaranteed. while the bundesliga is final games of the season kick off in a few hours with byron already crowned champions and little left to play for at the top but down at the bottom of the table one of the league's biggest names their brain men are facing relegation. will they go down in 57 years of blunders league of braman have been out of the top tier just once but off the last saturday's 31 defeat they will need a miracle to stay up. when it isn't now it's very hard for us to secure the playoff spot and try to avoid relegation but we all owe it to the club to fight while still mathematically possible. braman us stuck in 17th 2 points and 4 goals behind distal golf 16th place provides the potential safety net of
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a 2 game playoff with a team that finishes 3rd in the 2nd bomb to sleep he has the hope there's still a chance as large as rust if you win at home on this course some goes everything is bust but realistically braman would have to beat cologne and hope this will go with lou's to own your own belly in both those opponents have secured survival playing for nothing but pride as recently as 2004 braman won the league and the next 6 seasons they stayed fairly consistent finishing in the top 35 times but since then they have toiled in mid table mediocrity. their only previous relegation in 1980 saw them bounce back up immediately perhaps that is now the last remaining glimmer of hope. and that's the latest on data value news this hour for more news and information don't forget you can always go to our web site just go to www dot com
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american and sting i'll be back in 45 minutes with another update for you and me and the entire news team thanks for watching. my 1st boss like most sewing machine. where i come from women are bound by this notion to. something as simple as learning home to write them by psychos isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to have them by cycle of my own but it took me years to going to play there.


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