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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 27, 2020 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin some 6000000000 euros more pledged for the fight against the corona virus in high risk countries. the european union kicks off a virtual pandemic fundraiser to help develop vaccines tests and treatments worldwide organizers are hoping a star studded concert will courage to more people to open their homes also coming up. double demonstrations in berlin thousands of people take to the streets to protest against racism and for a profit. schools school or on the phone to sleep his final match 3 with teams
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fighting for survival and for champions league qualification we have the highlights and analysis of the league's last game. welcome to the program more than 6000000000 euros to help vulnerable countries battle the coronavirus pandemic the money is being raised at a virtual summit organized by the e.u. and the international aid group global citizen the goal is to make potential vaccines tests and treatments affordable and accessible worldwide. is was a slick production that's not just symbolic show of noble sometimes he has an initiative to combat funds to fight 19.
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task of this size can only happen if the world unites. 19 threatens not just people who sell but our common humanity. no one is safe until everyone is safe to me most help people in developing countries to cope with the impacts of this pandemic some day we're covered 19 years behind us. we would like it to be said that we the nations of the world are the peoples of the world. stood together and acted as one i'm delighted to host this for more than 2 hours global leaders and influencers delivered their video messages with one clear message at the center of it all all to acknowledge act together act to end code 19 the event to appeal to the world to pool its brain power and resources to bring
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an end to this pandemic that means richer countries should help less privileged countries twin sure equal access to tests treatments and above all vaccines the summit also focused on the need to reduce the impact on the most vulnerable by providing food sanitation and maintaining access to education this is the 2nd pledging marathon spearheaded by the your p. and union is being championing global cooperation in the face of this pandemic in contrast to the world's 2 biggest superpowers china the u.s. at the treatment test and now to some of the other stories making news around the world saudi arabia state media say that 3 iranian boats entered its territorial waters in the persian gulf and refused to stop when ordered to by maritime border guards according to the reports warning shots were then fired and the boats turned around incident happened on thursday. a record surge in current firm
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coronavirus cases in india has pushed the total above the half 1000000 mark the government has been converting some hotels and public buildings in the capital delhi into code 19 treatment centers experts believe it will be several weeks before the peak is reached. the british embassy in moscow has raised a rainbow flag to celebrate l g b t pride defying russia's so-called gay propaganda law the embassy issued a statement saying it rejects all forms of discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity on thursday the american embassy also flew the rainbow flag of the russian capital. now to some sense see and social distancing as summer holidays begin in europe people who have been cooped up in cities because of the corona virus are now flocking to the beach to many of them say authorities in germany it closed roads to popular baltic coast resorts on saturday to stop new arrivals as crowds overwhelmed every available patch of sand
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tourism officials fear fear holiday spots could become covered 19 hotspots if each reversed lovers are careful. belgium however has planned ahead for just this eventuality authorities there have developed innovative ways to welcome holiday makers and also to keep them safe. towns and on belgium's almost 100 kilometer no north sea coast have turned to technology for crowd control and have beaches city dwellers can consult an app before leaving home to find a resort that still got space on it sands the crowd barometer uses colors to indicate how crowded different destinations on. the. dot green means no crowds light green means that sociable yellow means it's busy and orange that it's very busy. every coastal zone is included on the app anonymous data is collected
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from mobile phones to do the counting but that's not all a network of $250.00 smart cameras along the coast will calculate the influx of people each day. it's a service that we want to give to vacationers to tell them listen we're doing everything we can to inform you you have tools you can consult before coming here to the coast. because you see. so in belgium you can go to the beach with a fair degree of certainty that the sea air you're inhaling really will be fresh and not the stale breath have some stranger sunbathing way too close. people here in berlin have saved 2 separate protests against 2 forms of intolerance about a 1000 rally to support the black lives matter move it and draw attention to racism here in germany nearby thousands more gathered to highlight discrimination against
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the l g b t community. went to both demonstrations. apparently in pride march unlike any other smaller but still strident political instead of commercial with the official parade canceled due to the coronavirus some activists still saw cause to demonstrate. just because they're at pandemic we don't have a break for transport beyond homophobia and that's reason why would we organize a bride today rights groups say the number of attacks against the queer community in berlin increased in the past year same sex public affection is still sometimes met with violence even and girl and there's many crimes against gay people here and so we are here today to say that we want to live if you look around the world to countries like poland but also russia. or saudi arabia where the
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rights are non-existent in some areas and that's why it's very very important to stand up even in these times. to write the most participants for mosques and some little else yet police order the march to end early citing overcrowding. nearby a different rally with another urgent message over a 1000 gathered under the black lives mass of bana to call for an end to every day racism. what connects these 2 demonstrations is a concern that intolerance is continuing even in the middle of a pandemic these communities have come out despite the difficulties of demonstrating under strict hygiene rules to make sure their voices continue to be heard. even after a wave of anti racism demonstrations globally in recent weeks participants say little has changed. and that now the trend is not something that a lot of time you know is going to be told like for them it's
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a problem that always been and we've always been fighting for because he's given more with us that this one in one or 2 he has something happen again would have that person i don't know so it's not really helping this is that it's a big part of my life this injustice in the world racism discrimination we're constantly confronted with it all even when you grow up in germany it doesn't matter where you grow up police violence is everywhere racism and injustice are everywhere and i'm here to add my voice calling for change. on the through and i'm mosques of not muffled the demand for equality and justice. for sports so it was the final match to the bundesliga season but the title decided the big battle was for 4th place champions league qualification a spot was bullish and mentioned glad to lose as they played her to berlin
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meanwhile 5th place laver cures in hope that a glad back slip up might let them sneak ahead in the table. leave a cruise and began the afternoon with arguably their best player on the bench made way and so it was up to kevin folland to strike the right tone. that he did just 2 minutes in i'm a lucky deflection setting him up for a cool finish and his tentacle of the season. but for liver coups and there was soon bad news from glaad but for the whole scott off the mark on 7 minutes i've. asked a good work from bill and below to make it one nil which is hope both games stood at half time. it looked like liver cruisin had turned up the heat on blood back in the 2nd half. but fall and was denied a 2nd on 67 minutes when the video assistant referee spotted a foal in the build up. 10 minutes later in blood but the
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hosts had 4th place so when up my the press of them a little easier than ours i'm. proud to scored a consolation go through captain feet on the piece of it playing perhaps his last game for the club. as the result filtered through to liver coups and the disappointment was stark but they can comfort themselves with europe elite qualification after a decent campaign. meanwhile celebrated their champions league spot as well as anyone could expect in an empty stadium. and at the other end of the table 2 teams were locked in a fight for survival reign and were stuck in an automatic relegation spot behind but 16th place and the potential safety net of a playoff with a 2nd tier team was still up for grabs. bradman's uphill challenge got off to
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a good stock as you asako schooled up to 22 minutes to give vent to the lead and things got even better for them over in berlin only owns antony got the home side of the muck the bowl just about cross the line to put distilled off behind as things stood braman moved ahead into 16 a minute later back in braman the lead was extended by me don't rush it so bad as best attacking player of the season with a marvelous mazie run and a bit of luck to cap it off braman stayed on the throttle in 2 minutes later nicklaus fuku made it read. in the 2nd toughest and get not doubled on your own berlin's lead with a cracking long range effort to crush to sold off chances meanwhile over and braman the policy went the 1st day because some latched on to the rebound to make it 4 mil times 3 minutes later asako got his 2nd meeting one of the league's bluntest attacks had suddenly schooled fine. braman is poor defending hadn't quite
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disappeared as they gifted cologne a consolation goal dominic today getting one back for the visitors. but braman got yet another one just sargent securing the 61 and result and braman 2nd home win of the season. hand over in berlin on your own school asserted to condemn distal golf to automatic relegation. that means braman have the chance to secure survival through the relegation play. in europe italy and spain were among the countries hit hardest by the current virus pandemic now a tech company in madrid has designed a way to honor the victims of code 19 and health care and emergency workers. for 10 minutes and a ray of 40 drones lit up the night sky over madrid. with a simple message.
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if you would ask it's a series of shapes to commemorate and send wishes of hope to tribute to the victims and to the firefighters health workers and police. got what they must. to durand's carried multicolor l.e.d.s. their color and position controlled by special software. to avoid crowds and maintain social distancing the exact location of the show was kept secret but the message was for everyone with flags of the countries affected by covert 19 and a word of thanks for those who had been working to contain it. and you are of course watching news live from berlin don't forget you can get up to
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