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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 28, 2020 12:00pm-12:15pm CEST

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this is g w news that line from berlin superstores turn up the volume to healthy you raised billions in coronavirus same. with a little help from its rockstar friends the e.u. and some 6000000000 more euros to help the search for. also coming. brazil's coronavirus cases surged past 1000000 while the country's leader refuses to wear a mask in public to find
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a court order as president try your ball to narrow grails against perfection many of his people say they're on their own against the virus. and double demonstrations in berlin thousands of people took to the streets to protest against racism and for gay pride. a michael ok welcome to the program this weekend the e.u. has raised over 6000000000 euros more to help vulnerable countries battle the coronavirus pandemic the money was raised at a virtual summit organized by the e.u. and the international aid group global citizen for more than 2 hours global leaders and influencers delivered video messages aiming to make any future vaccines tests and treatments available worldwide delighted to host this incredible it was partly
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to ship some part celebrity telephone and appeal to pool global brain power and resources to end the coronavirus pandemic from european commission president wilson to form their lion. a task of this size can only happen if the world unites this was the 2nd pledging marathon spearheaded by the european union and it has been championing global cooperation in the face of this pandemic in contrast to the world's 2 biggest superpowers china and the u.s. . the heads of the united nations the world health organization and south africa made appeals for solidarity. know what is safe until everyone is safe. opiate 19 threatens not just people who sell but our common humanity. some day we're covered 9000 is behind us. we would like it to be said that we
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the nations of the world and the peoples of the world. stood together and acted as one germany's chancellor made another point clear didn't mention we must help people in developing countries to cope with the impacts you can hear that means richer countries should help less privileged countries to ensure equal access to test treatments and above all vaccines the summit also focused on the need to reduce the impact on the most vulnerable by producing food sanitation and maintaining access to education. of course it wasn't just politicians and officials the summit featured star power to boost the initiative for the digital concert featuring coldplay and secure a broadcast around the world. in. my we saw you. singing in an empty stadium part of
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a show of global solidarity. and if you look at some of the other developments in the pandemic according to reuters news agency global corporate virus cases have now topped the $10000000.00 mark on sunday india reported an additional 900900 confirmed $1000.00 cases taking the total to almost 530000 with more than $16000.00 deaths pakistan has started producing locally designed ventilators as authorities announced $83.00 more deaths from the corona virus as countries around the world battle against the pandemic brazilian president john you're both so naro reach crowns of his supporters without a mask despite a court ruling that requires everyone to wear one in public brazil has over 1300000 coronavirus cases and over 557000 deaths making it the 2nd worst hit country in the
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world after the us poor residents in rio are suffering worsening conditions since the pandemic. mass graves dug for the bodies of brazil's $57000.00 covert $1000.00 victims the country has the 2nd highest corona death rate in the world after the us and continues to see over $10000.00 new cases each day despite recording over 38000 new cases on saturday president balsa narrow greeted crowds of supporters on the streets with a muscular smile following his dismissal of the virus as a sniffle a sniffle that has infected over 1300000 of his people residents of a rio de janeiro's quote taken sanitizing the community into their own hands to hamper the spread of the virus. i'm scared that something could happen to the
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children because here you don't have water all the time to wash your hands we have to go to the shared area and bring it there is no place for them to play. you the river we're living through a crisis. how will things be after this pandemic and i feel humiliated sounds very sad. brazil has struck a deal to produce $100000000.00 doses of a test vaccine that's been developed by oxford university and astra zeneca the $127000000.00 deal would give the hard hit country a head start if the vaccine proves effective and safe. as this deal is for brazil to avoid situations like at the start of the pandemic when high global demand prevented us from gaining access to supplies and medicine. though the lockdown is easing relief remains at bay for many of the countries
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victims. the african union is reporting progress in 3 way negotiations to build one of the world's largest stands and says over 90 percent of the issues among egypt ethiopia and sudan have been resolved the a u is trying to broker a deal to end the dispute about the dam which was begun on the blue nile river in ethiopia in 2011 the ethiopian government said it would start filling the reservoir in a few weeks to produce hydroelectric power sudan hopes to benefit from the dam as well but egypt fears it could face massive water shortages. the project has triggered a decades long dispute ethiopia began construction of africa's largest dam 9 years ago it will cost more than $4000000000.00 euros now the grand ethiopian renaissance dam is almost completed and ethiopia hopes to benefit from huge amounts of cheap electricity but egypt insists its water supplies must be protected. for the
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construction of the dam from the flesh and blood of their own citizens and. it is their own life 90 percent of egypt's water comes from the nile if the renaissance dance reservoirs fill too quickly 30 percent of the country's fertile land could be threatened by a lack of water triggering disaster for egypt's already struggling economy the talks between egypt ethiopia and sudan have dragged on for years but top negotiators reached a breakthrough early saturday morning during a virtual meeting the talks had to be concluded within 3 weeks according to a tweet by ethiopia's water minister and so then the renaissance dance reservoir will not be filled in contrast to the ethiopian government's original plans for egypt that would dramatically raise tensions the 3 countries are relieved to have avoided a major escalation for now. now to some other stories making news at this
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hour allowing an opposition leader last rich has won the presidential election in every run with over 58 percent of the vote the initial vote in may 2019 was suspended due to mass fraud it's the 1st time a court overturned vote in an african country has led to the defeat of an incumbent leader. hundreds of people in hong kong took part in a silent protest against new national security laws set to be implemented by the mainland chinese government the laws are expected to be passed before the end of june but a draft has yet to be made public. and voters in poland are heading to the polls to select a new president for a 5 year term national conservative incumbent. is the front runner but wausau mayor rafael chiles koff ski of the center right main opposition party has been
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rising in the polls he has pushed l g b t rights to the top of the political agenda. now to separate protests against 2 forms of intolerance here in berlin around a 1000 demonstrators rally to support the black lives matter movement and draw attention to racism in germany nearby thousands more gathered to highlight discrimination against the community. with went to both demonstrations. apparently in pride march unlike any other smaller but still strident political instead of commercial with the official parade cancelled due to the coronavirus some activists still sore cause to demonstrate. just because there are a pandemic we don't have a break for transport beyond homophobia and that's reason what we all denies of right today rights groups say the number of attacks against the quick community in berlin increased in the past year same sex public affection is still sometimes met
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with violence even in girland as many crimes against gay people here and so we are here today to say that we want to live if you look around the world through countries like poland but also russia. or saudi arabia where the rights are non-existent in some areas and that's why it's very very important to stand up even in these times. to write the most participants war mosques some little else yet police order the march to end early citing overcrowding. nearby a different rally with another urgent message over a 1000 gathered under the black lives matter bana to call for an end to every day racism. what connects these 2 demonstrations is a concern that intolerance is continuing even in the middle of
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a pandemic these communities have come out despite the difficulties of demonstrating under strict hygiene rules to make sure their voices can. to new to be heard. even after a wave of anti racism demonstrations globally in recent weeks the participants say little has changed. and they have not the trend is not something that last time you know you're going to be told like for them it's a problem that always been and we've always been fighting for because he's getting more with us that this one in one or 2 he has something happen again would have that and i don't know so it's not really helping this is just that it's a big part of my life this injustice in the world racism discrimination we're constantly confronted with it all. even when you grow up in germany it doesn't matter where you grow up police violence is everywhere racism and injustice are everywhere and i'm here to add my voice calling for change. on the threat.
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mosques of not muffled the demand for equality and justice. sports now and on the last day of the german bundesliga much of the focus was on the bottom of the table one of the league's biggest names of vertebrae men were fighting for life and death trying to ward off relegation. brakeman's uphill challenge got off to a good start as you asako schooled up to 22 minutes to give vent of the lead and things got even better for them over in berlin only owns anthony got the home side of the muck the ball just about crossed the line to put just hold off behind as things stood braman moved ahead into 16 a minute later back in braman the lead was extended by me don't rush it so bad as best attacking player of the season with a marvelous mazy run and a bit of luck to cap it off braman stayed on the throttle and 2 minutes later
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nicklaus fukuda made it read. in the 2nd half piston get not doubled on your own berlin's lead with a cracking long range effort to crush to sold off chances meanwhile over and braman the party wins on the 1st day because some latched on to the rebound to make it 4 mil times 3 minutes later or soccer got his 2nd meaning one of the league's bluntest attacks had suddenly schooled fine. braman spore defending hadn't quite disappeared as they gifted cologne a consolation goal dominic getting one back for the visitors. but braman got yet another one just sargent securing the 61 and result and braman 2nd home women of the season. and over in berlin schooled a 3rd to condemn disallowed goal to automatic relegation. that means braman have the chance to secure survival through the relegation play.
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