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tv   Arts.21  Deutsche Welle  June 29, 2020 12:30am-1:00am CEST

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if you can stay and how we do w. me for here for you we are working tirelessly to keep you informed on over platforms we're all in this together on together on making sure you. stay safe everybody stays safe say stay safe please stay safe. i. play our game they want to have another. whimsical. game quite good job one of sympathy. but i'm going to be lovely as a working for them a good thing. cubans
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know who he is and they say no touch of the cuban because his the joy in his music his dancing rhythms. and. i'm already you know much of a red flag i think then the whole oneness with god and so most of our players and feel they have more and making young which are. seen by the output of western think dumbing down don't look good and aphex young yes. this a better movie acting poor play . play. play. play. play it doesn't matter if you're in cuba or if you're really i'm nervous no matter what.
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for for for for for for. for for for for for for. them. the beauty of mozart's music is its simplicity. but that's also what makes it hard for us musicians it's sometimes hard to be simple when we've spent all this time studying i. can tell
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you how to take away all the worries all the stress all the thinking and go back to how it would be sung that's the secret of playing mozart. i mean have been out for an amazingly wonderful inspiring and completely crazy project called mozart in mambo a project that i've been carrying around with me ever since i 1st came to have on a few years ago and that's where my love of cuba began. when i 1st came here i was so touched by the musicality of these these people and also how much they love what they do. they have very little but i was so. impressed at this beautiful sound they were
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getting from the most also instruments. such. things. such. as. every one player dreams of the mozart home concertos recently the to have them of course i've always wanted to do it i've never quite dared to play them all in public. for me it may sound strange i know i playing the brother for the money i have a very exposed job i'm used to being a soloist within the orchestra occasionally but i don't feel comfortable being in front of the orchestra as a soloist. i
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enjoy playing at home for myself so no but not really on stage i prefer to be the supporter and the most important thing about music is that it connects it connects people because every musician feels the same whether they are in the berlin philharmonic or in some junior school the minute you have this feeling of making music with other people it's it's really on piece of the. earth. mover. there's another thing about our gear if you modeled out of. bed all day long as you go the insurgency improvable more money moves over they'll be but the time go.
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going to work here i am one who i am not unknown beyond want to see him bring which we can. eat but i thought one of them and i think. a lot of the same but of bullets and wife on thought only knew what i had on them often the most again since i guess i mostly. remember. that you learn things here almost him but he said most of them me got up to say oh yeah i'm also going to use him knowing my you know in the last days you'll get an i said he said all but as in most. yeah. they can sell them for some of the modern times you got
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a power saw no sympathy when i got out and i've been in the most regard calamity are classic. from when i 1st. sat on the ground in the den more sod they were going there but oh so you see i'm probably in the most or want to have said that they are in the gym or on the wall but i am. faith. and i do like that. it's a shared project it's not about me it's about us it's about this group of people and how we're all learning from each other and having basically the most wonderful time with mozart and mambo.
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in my head it almost got one and all i was in the meantime with you know. i do know him was a guy by loudon i mean about as a kid and you know she and the wonderful mom if you don't ponder the why younger i mean what the i'm on why they're going to. begin. to put us on the course i
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want i you know they have more study as i'm great the way i'm b.c.'s ok but in cebu so mostly ok they sent by you said they didn't they don't forgot again and can tell you i'm going call me and read all that i'm we we have to be here. that meant that c.n.n. has now i mean beyond. a simple i got a book a most of the. and i'm afford to pay for their own one of those to look it up or get it. you see that was one of my daughter. and a boy beat up but obviously you know. what i. read it.
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twice i mean such and such a job oh and all the. stars from head of the most you ever want to go and i mean not mentally f. word that most of. my only friends are gay on monday and 3 months ago i wanna be the dominant and i have they are summoned their love for my family the impulse time is mourning again . or going in the faeces ok that i have been the day they will know me. and. i say. we have adios phone calls i can write down and run up the
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blank in so you are coming and i'm going to not open but i mean. it's have someone i know that is deemed one of and also a saint but always a. little . her. it's quite a challenge here for me to come from germany to cuba the living conditions are difficult year. the big stress for musicians to even the infrastructure to get a bus to the rehearsal never know for buses going to calm you never know if the boss comes if it's full and you can't get on it you just never know. whether there's going to be something in the shops little things like that that we take for granted the cubans have a lot of things to worry about office in their daily lives but when they play music you would you wouldn't realize that they seem like they have not
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a care in the world to see who. seem to give us a little bit like to eat but as i meant that the voice on those of us had been a friend of about us you know with us into a sort of muscle but for those on the sort of among. them. i was so impressed with the energy of these musicians they're all very young and they have a self-confident air about them and the orchestra is great luck is that they have a conductor like pepin mendis.
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is such a musical soul he could have a career in any other country as a as an incredible conductor but he's chosen to stay here in hama and build this orchestra. nothing. to. eat but i mean when i get. oing to be ticked up with an added. foot for my to. when i left the. palace where they had only a few and they don't want to go you know a most people want to so we had. a i would talk eek if we hadn't been so good then young for too little. no must mean up up up up up up
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up a given set up against a op p.-p. p.-p. up a. book. that i had that i must say i think i. am on the lamb was a couple that i meant to. be a your you know most eco classical sort of thought of someone out there among body that i was told people the most of our blessings. well yes they mostly don't wanna.
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i don't know if you know them we're going to sell them on a bit at the end of the show but. pushing to mine till. the time i'm up early might. go on this have been a question i mean look at us and say oh my. order well. oh little. room. to segue if they've got a cell phone going to have in the air but all that i went on man and the deaf and so on i'm on it are yet to also set us free but over time somebody saying man have
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got that is a better no no no and then i'm one of these who say well this year that if i don't talk you know what then i'm not going to lot of them on time him plenty think i'll . go get that i'm mental and they'll say let me back among the number folk all. but it was. and oh yeah and also there was. no bloody think i'll see i was there been. to see. you but i don't know those of us you know give me 10 minutes here but i've been in the circle from the government to the police.
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but i see how i feel so i look for the most and i don't now when i say to you. i don't know what you're going to mostly go well plan if you guys think i meant it when i when i said that you would be late you. don't know what the fam. there i give in and you have only am. on my own means a layout of the means by know that i thank and poor folk here open somewhat of a moment of conflict. has been on us and my heart and although by i've been with young economic effect on my friends and even live in a throw by. now song i. thank
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. god i'm also nelson to my family's. good lying on the. floor so hopeful hearings for the last. time when asked on me and so mostly. i. i.
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i. i. i learned it i get it on the business so mad as hell and that they can mostly get by the way they've said when i went out on the bus and went to the end of a night i'm from the soffit i thought it may depend on the. think go up a little when i say us do you see the law stand all day at the running down to the morning and the psycho senate and i decided i know because i know for most of them been down the flames i have not known any imports so let us say that you know what i mean the bread the single most us mortal man what a lot of the food. that i am in my day off said to the man i can worship the one hanging today here today
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nobody any of the muslim men and i yes and no i don't mind i think will make that mechanic that but a good law mostly got my hierarchical a look at how levitical name down the shutters on a thing and that's what apple's done yes and it happening on the i'm told i'm getting lost in the unemployment settlement a lot of people yes i think in the meantime the same thing not much in my home longing evil edmodo matters without. visitors at all not suitable to decide on my way you're supposed to with the mother you simply have to tune it out before you go on but the good of you for me a sort of modern one of them thinks it's only think assume this and demand of the boss you on the that those of our enemies that.
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6 for days for months planning to think oh i have everything i moved from and it just so everybody here it. seemed such such a big project to get here and i must think right there should be met every story. everybody's here it's really an incredible feeling that this is my baby this chick and. the tears are. ever since i was at music college it was something that had always been
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a worry for me about taking the responsibility to stand up there and say this is my version of the music i'm going to play it for you most musicians have the 2nd voice inside in this self doubt saying maybe you're not as good as everyone thinks you are. going to go out there with loans and with excitement and happiness to be there instead of being nervous and boring talk of the nerds that's not the point tonight the point is to go you chicken shit on the stage even with no.
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it's been a long hard road to become a musician i couldn't live doing what i do i can pay the rent buy things issue i don't want to leave it just to be able to do that but it's more we musicians are how he plays how he lets all songs that we're putting into our instruments and that's what makes music so unique everybody has a different voice we can all join together and use these voices to make one piece
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but no interpretation will be the same twice. that. left this. mosque and i think that's in fact that he said you know i took on the gallatin and said look at me they left us when i left as i don't have a secret they my heart all. mine i don't but i see. but i think if i look at that and on the concept you know.
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when we play a man he said oh i have a solo everyone else is improvising and they said ok this is your part you're improvise with 16 bars i was like i want i want to yeah here you improvise they just play it like this but as a consequence the musician we are so used to having the notes in front of us it's like a security blanket. but that's what i love to poppy's musicians. they stand up they played they know how to harmonize they go up and down and through the harmonies. i will never be one of them i i would love to be one of them but my musical background is different but i've learned so much from them. i've learned the rhythms i've learned the articulation and also i've learned more how to love more
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behind to. the to. the left. in the. from the get go to.
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cut cut. cut. cut cut cut cut. cut cut. mobility in the asia. as the pandemic changed the way we. must the safest way for us to get from point a to point b. the fight train the coming. and has the joy of being taken out of transportation the floor and it still be fun on the road during hard times
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read. the 13 w. . him scan came from the bank a mom outside. the battalion not just fabio fognini makes copies of famous sculptures i'm tattoos the past history meets modern edge of the be known physical the books. for 60 minutes the dog. bowl. beethoven is for me. beethoven is for you. is for hell. beethoven is for her.
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is for the. beethoven is for us. is for them on. the beethoven 202250th anniversary here on deal here. oh a. muggle or just love. for the russians so. you're still playing. so many different walks of life. some are. oddly trying but almost come straight from the heart to its former c.e.o. and horns in the morning delusion the marsh will enjoy. from the lips of the log on to their final resting place the russians w.
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documentary. play. place . this is the w. news a live from berlin polls have closed in poland as voters choose a president and an election seen as a test for democracy the right wing incumbent on jay do da is fighting for a 2nd term he came out on top but will have to face a challenge from the liberal mare of warsaw in a runoff also coming up on the show in the u.s. confirmed corona by.


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