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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 1, 2020 3:00am-3:15am CEST

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this is the news live from berlin a grim warning from the u.s. government's top infectious disease expert dr anthony fauci says the new the number of new coronavirus infections in the united states could double its more isn't done to contain the virus also coming up. proving out the far right germany is a lead soldiers the k s k commandos are to be partially disbanded following reports of right we need extremism in their ranks. and a new security law is in effect in hong kong violators could face life in prison is
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this the beginning of the end of hong kong's autonomy. on me and use of welcome to the program we begin with a warning from the u.s. government's top infectious disease expert dr anthony fauci has sounded the alarm about the rapid spread of the corona virus in the country he says the number of daily cases could more than double of the country fails to contain a surge in infections across several states here's testimony to congress. we can't just focus on those areas that are having the surge it puts the entire country at risk we are now having 40 plus 1000 new cases a day i would not be surprised if we go up to 100000 a day if this does not turn around and so i am very can let's go to straight straight to washington where did stuff on siemens is on the story stuff on thanks
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for joining us that's a stark warning we just heard from dr what is that that concerns them the most. the numbers it's the numbers which can start in the 1st and this is what he sees in trends and that's why i said stock warning could be $100000.00 shortly per day i remind you those are infections cases per day he's warning off of 800000 in the united states $36.00 states out of 50 have now trending up. cases compared to just a week ago 15 states are reporting the highest infection numbers to date 12 states only 12 states only have a flat rate and only 2 have a declining one that is not good math these are not good numbers and for in effect just disease expert like mr follett anthony fauci this is really really alarming so it is for also the director of c.d.c. who said the same thing it doesn't look good the trajectory is really really bad
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texas reporting 7000 cases record today california with 6000 and i could go on florida georgia arizona and so on so that is all not very good and stuff on the european union seems to be concerned as well they've put out a list of countries whose health the situation was deemed safe safe enough to allow residents from those countries to enter the block starting july 1st but. noticeably united states is not on the list so before we talk about that here's a bit of context. rooms biggest sites are once again open for terse but for americans there's no place at the table a painful reality for many businesses. and more to put on. american tourism is very important film all as it's a country with many inhabitants and the number of tourists is very high and they always come to rome where they always have come if they don't come everything will be a factor. to us was europe's 2nd largest source of non domestic tourists in 2018 when
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the u.k. has counted americans even visited ireland in higher numbers than brits. one possible bright spot travelers from china could soon be allowed back in the e.u. chinese tourist numbers have steadily gone up over the years. still the going is slow for europe's top destinations this summer even europeans are staying closer to home and that could leave many businesses with no other choice but to shut their doors. let's go back to stefan stephens in washington so what has been the reaction there to the fact that the e.u. is barring american visitors. is overwhelmingly met with understanding maybe the president is not amused of all this i can imagine he's not but you know i mean look at the look at the numbers again we have said it's the american infection rate is at $40000.00 per day plus and india except in the entire
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you it's under $10000.00 infections per day so they asked the stark difference the united states seems to not be in control of what's going on with covert 19 and with the pandemic here in the country the e.u. seems to have a better grip on this as of know at least i don't know if this can change but in terms of dust the united states want to change this because are people eager to travel and go back to europe of course they are however i think most experts if not all and most politicians are actually very much aware off that this is a good move they would have lobbied for if the tables have turned well looking forward perhaps to the end of summer vacation is something being done in the u.s. to bring the coronavirus situation under control. well if you at other times listen to mr follett today making
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a statement they are basically on their knees missed the fall he and his colleagues on their knees and beg for young people to be. to be cautious and not together in large crowds they are on their knees and beg people to wear masks when ever there and however they are out in the boat and not in their private homes so it is those little things of course they are a larger problem too and that is still testing and tracing. there is actually numbers out there and theories that are predictions that the number of daily cases is above 100000 already because it's a largely under reported however this is what. she and other experts saying where masts do not fall for a false safety avoid the beaches and the bars and what have you and where is the federal leadership here it's not coming from the white house as at the moment still
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the president is missing in action when it comes to wearing a mask or and guidance and mend a tory rule mended mandates for the states on a federal level. stuff on stevens thank you. and here are some of the other developments in the corona virus pandemic brazil has reported nearly 40000 new infections in the past 24 hours alone the country's overall death toll is now approaching 60000 china hasn't it identified a new flu virus carried by pigs that can infect humans according to researchers the new strain has the potential to become a pandemic virus although they say there is not yet in imminent threat and european plane manufacturer air bus is cutting $15000.00 jobs after seeing its business plummet due to the pandemic the majority of positions slashed will be in france and germany. german defense minister and i got com caught on bar has ordered the partial dissolution of germany's elite k s k commandos following reports of right
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wing extremism in their ranks reports say the unit which specializes in anti terror and rescue operations may face a major reorganization and up to 70 of its 1400 personnel could be cut military investigators announced that they suspected 20 case k. personnel of holding extreme right views the defense minister accused the unit of quote toxic leadership culture and said it cannot continue to exist in its present form. our reporter max merrill is following this story for us max thanks for joining us so how serious is the problem of right wing extremism well it's a problem in itself in the german forces but here in this so-called k s k unit it's rife 5 times the average amount of far right individuals have been identified then comparison to generally in the german forces and that internal report has been very
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damning i mean you mentioned this toxic leadership culture that they have identified the they have seen extremist tendencies that have been tolerated they say by the leadership and a lax handling of equipment and ammunition which is very disturbing i mean disappearing some of which was found recently at a soldier's home they did praise the efforts in deployments of this unit but also have said that there will be no more training exercises or deployments abroad for the time being and this whole unit is on probation until october 31st and leadership here it is said has allowed parts of this unit to become autonomous and also encourage or at least not discourage far right tendencies it sounds like that's been building for a while so why has it taken german authorities so long to crack down on this well i think it's hard to say really it's baffling to say the least i mean it is a very secretive. organization it's actually not even known to the public how big it is the exact size and how many people work for it but the opposition has
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strongly condemned the saying that the government has trivialized the issue and also dropped the ball here i mean since 2017 it has been known that there's a problem here there was a party back then that was took the headlines where they were hitler salutes from members of this case k. units and on a good come as i said there's been a huge failure to act while others would probably level that criticism at her now she's going to present solutions on wednesday and set up a team to further analyze the problem but this is a real dangerous issue i mentioned that i mean issues missing i mean 85000 rounds of ammunition have been unaccounted for and also 62 kilograms of explosives and does this spell the end for the german special forces i mean how do they recover from something like this well exactly i mean i think it can't really remain in the current form that is also the feeling of this internal report but they have this extreme pressure to act now they have said that they want to reform it critics say
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that's not really feasible but if there is no progress until that probation period that is set until october 31st they have said that it could be disbanded but so far the idea is to reform rather than to completely disband you know his next meryl thanks. now to some of the other stories making news around the world. at least 18 people are dead after an explosion at a medical a medical center in the iranian capital tehran the blast is believed to have been caused by a gas leak that sparked a blaze that firefighters have since brought under control. donors at a huge online bidding event have pledged over $7000000000.00 to help syrian refugees aid groups are warning that's not enough though millions of syrians at risk of starvation and are at risk of starvation and the u.n. had hoped to raise 10000000000 for its aid programs in the war torn country. a
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new security law pushed through by beijing is now in effect in hong kong pro-democracy activists say it could be the beginning of the end of the territory's autonomy the new law allows authorities to crack down on activities which beijing regards as subversive and could see protesters dealt with by authorities in mainland china rather than in the territory. they see if this might be their last chance to protest tuesday's flash mob in a shopping center was small that defiant everyone using switch changing something to show their faces. today i feel the need on top of that it's very sad because today china has a lot and they even don't know that they've helped the law and they just pass it and if no one rejects. i think most of all people they are
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scared it's by. the details have now been released the chinese security law will crack down hotel more to terms terrorist activities it criminalizes subversion and succession efforts as well as foreign interference and could enable chinese authorities to operate in hong kong those convicted could be jailed for life. and will be barred from standing in elections. it was scenes like these last summer that prompted the law huge demonstrations in favor of democracy and against chinese influence overwhelmed hong kong and embarrassed or thirties hong kong's leader kerry lam told the united nations the law was nothing to worry about it will only target an extremely small minority of people who have preached the law while the life and property basic rights and freedoms of the overwhelming majority of hong kong residents will be protected but fear is reaching pro-democracy
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activists joshua one is now in hiding but expects to be arrested he says he's resigned from his group to protect them as saying if my voice will not be heard soon i hope that the international community will continue to speak up for hong kong and step up concrete efforts to defend our last bit of freedom. the last cool to support hong kong was and the scared new world. the 2021 africa cup of nations has been postponed to january 202022 the confederation of american football african football rather postpone the tournaments due to the covert 1000 health crisis which had disrupted paul fish qualification games across the continent a biennial cup of nations was due to kick off on january 9th next year and to be hosted by cameroon exacted for the rescheduled tournament is yet to be determined.
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you're watching d.w. news don't forget you can keep up to date on our website that's dot com thanks for watching. thanks. thanks. of amil and i'm david cole complete the 2nd season of only good friends of the planet on the brink of disaster we did a long in-depth interview with experts about one question how do we change our lives.


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