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tv   Onibo - Coming of Age in the  Deutsche Welle  July 1, 2020 11:15am-12:00pm CEST

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we'll have to live with. and with that you're up to date on. web site www dot com also on social media. thank you so much for joining us and seizing. a meal and i'm good welcome to the 2nd season home of. the planet on the brink of disaster we just in-depth interviews with experts about one question how to change the focus of hillary's.
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so for the ship people that have always been for world. seen a need to sow water world where your mama lips a snake as big as a boat. you don't know the world of humans. the yellow world where the euro sheens the bad spirits when. thread above us need to thaw wondrous world where you live with the stars. in peace and harmony
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through. my name is john i'm 15 years old. this is mark simone my great grandfather he's a shaman. tonight we will meet the spirits together for the 1st time. he told me there's no reason to be afraid that these spirits protect our history
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i didn't expect to be going on this trip so soon. although really it already began a few months ago. perhaps . this is my brother nico he can be pretty annoying. i don't like it when he teases me. but he always has some good advice. but it was there that i learned my his dream is to become a professional soccer player but there's too much corruption there. very not only
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the rich get to the very top would it kill what was then. i want to become an astronaut astronauts flying through the sky into the moon you know if i did i would doubt that they would and they want satellites to. know what about you general dream. like i want to find out more about the origins of the world. about where we came from and where we're going. like in philosophy. we want to philosophize yes to be a philosopher. yes i want to understand all of it. when . my father grew up here. he's very worried about the future of our community.
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he used to work as a fisherman just like his father before him he would head out early in the morning to catch something for us to eat. he still goes out sometimes but there aren't many fish left. you. knew. i was the only one
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in our family who went to church. that's where they told us that the franciscan priest enrique philippe lockett discovered our village and named it san francisco. he founded the 1st christian community in the peruvian amazonas region. now all of us shippey both follow the teachings of christ. you. have to the lord we thank you for your teachings which you share with us this morning. and i will just go we should not lie nor speak ill of others so we can. see not questioning that you didn't get the is that it's not really necessary to go to church oh monday why now i know it is your faith is strong that's enough both of these and yes but you have to be baptized if you haven't been baptized you won't be
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recognized. you have to be on the list and you continue to as good as the bible was written by strangers it's no use i would. think i do but what do you think life was like for our parents. that is the back then a lot of the things we have today didn't exist there were no streets only fields in it's much better today largely. they met. when you thought you would run it was all of us get it oh.
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i was still a child when our village got electricity. since then the nights are shorter. on. but it was a lot of money. from. you. what should die out and some of the tree out. in the past nobody could have imagined that there would be no trees left someday. it's now becoming clear that we have forgotten the teachings of our ancestors young men and women today want to live like misty stones no phone but do not know obviously very ashamed of their culture or how do we. perhaps.
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for me i just want to leave this village once more in cleveland we don't even know what it looks like further up the river from give me a little. more further downstream for you. let alone what it's like in other countries you know i want to go to lima. and i want to go to the
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beach and swim in the scene. do you think that's dangerous and we've never done it i wonder what it's like we have to do it gentlemen and then turn and indeed some day we will do it. and i deal in them with life savers it will be here. if you will make some out of wood from the jungle it is. for. tear gas. and money are there many spirits present a lot of bad lords. you know we surrounded by bad thoughts. that i had visions that we're letting ourselves be ruled by them here today and in the years in the river because they're entering us. all baikal in my dream i also saw my sons. and nicole and jen. nicole
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was. a little sad fetish he was sad and tends to get why he was then grey thought through john is more understanding of what he listens to what we say when you talk to him a bit he listens. yeah what do they have to learn how to get by and i have no hope so that later on they will be able to take care of their own children and show them the right path as they would a little bit that on the. plane these are difficult times for us. we will manage.
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what's on your mind. we like to go to the scene. like we've never seen the beach or the sea or the animals and i see that we'd like to go there lima so big. is there another reason why you want to travel. home. on we want to make new friends. that's our big dream in the near travelling cost a lot of money. lot can happen. things used to be bad. how can law today if you don't have work you go hungry you know monday to my mother damn you sometimes don't have anything to eat either yeah my kids we don't
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have enough money for michael b. you know that was his movie why not take him out of this room when someone it's not easy for us life is hard working hard if you can go wherever you're wanting. but it probably won't be better elsewhere it would be nice if you would. if you want to travel you'll have to some money with. things that you can save up until this and we'll see how much you put aside and that and then match the it's up to you. if you save enough money you can go. if not then it's that simple but a lot imo and you're still young but you still have to learn how to use the machines here.
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trying. to move. through to news and move. move through. december. the rainy season came rivers overflowed and the end of the year approached. we had saved enough money to travel. the whole village prepared for the holidays. means moralising goals from san francisco you are responsible for people who are out hope
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. but all we could think about was lima. we hope that people there would treat us well. development of the time has come you know come to discover the big city would. little here in the village life his tongue that it's different in the city there would be no getting. down on up to the sea experience won't change with the present and it will make you grow out of the one you can.
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after they've taken care of each other and don't just look at the. time he can phone when you are out on the city streets gave them because they cannot afford. i don't know davida friend will be waitin for.
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wow look a huge wave. maybe the sea doesn't want to swim and. i'm sure there are nice stones in there. that. make that. the 1st. thing that. leymah. we felt happy to have arrived but also
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a little fright. luckily we were together in the city. toppy told us that there had been a war in the rainforest some years ago many communities were destroyed back then just everyone here speaks spanish yes a lot of misty's as live here and the people from the rainforest they come here to sell their goods they come from far away. many families were forced to try their luck in the city. they settled in the hills of contact i remember both when houses here are built on 3 levels that. this is where i live come on.
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the people in the city don't like outsiders they hate us. because worship people those who give us free will yes they make fun of us. after a really. good yes life here is difficult if you see. i came here after my grandmother passed away. there was good news for those who did you know here. so no one of them and i came alone except for my brother or father wasn't here but you know he was in prison why i was going he was going to do so because of drug dealing. with information from my father worked as a drug mule we were hungry we sold sweets and had very little money what were we to do and we started to learn spanish which i get older you and i was 15. good. yeah you come from the rain forests and if you aren't prepared for
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a life here it can really break you. people start to steal and take drugs. thank. god.
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he was huge. i go where the trees we're looking here's one. there are only small parts of. you not the one walking there's no nature here and i but i left and i. don't let's go that way. you should be able to see the national stadium from here they always show that on t.v. it's the biggest stadium in the world no not in the whole world. but that the houses are really close to one another. that's how it is and kind of guy you're. going to let them know the others have already grown used to living
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here but we haven't it's hard for us. but if they walk around as if everything were completely normal. i bet any come here. because. they are you from san francisco and their political party what it must be nice that . it's winter right now. and comments like like here. life here is terrible it really is you know you have to work all the time just to get by. every day instead of a day. to day after day to feed your children.
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because everyone here is fighting to survive. untreated time look at how we living here live being pushed. as if we didn't exist. but that would it would you like to get more rock concert. and where in the cayo district. isn't that dangerous. see it is going to they know you they're not the circle no see how about on like the area but i got a good vibe i know a few nice beautiful. clothes but only me when we could meet my friend mowing a mistake pock. me about. it with my thing i mean and. how do you know. where you are finally who are they friends of mine.
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let's go to the concert i started. to come. down say whatever. i can to get back up i was. going to. give. you. my number. and i. think. that. i think that.
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was because i. didn't know what i was. trying to get or the people. i think it's a good thing i'm sorry if i'm. going to. give it up if you can get to. the bottom of your. they're. going to resist. that 1st of all because. they know the full senate do you remember you would hear the beautiful words are they going to be maybe the i'm a little girl in the woods yes yes i'm going to. be listening. to the wealthy and the phone when i think it was hard for me here to begin with if you didn't come i would hope i don't know what. i did
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and now i'm studying law and it will be done in essence when they got to get it and i only started recently that he had to get you in to get them out my advice to you would be to also study michael you. how could you go on and on i came to lima with a clear goal. i want to help my people have come up they could beat feet we younger people have to make things change it's our responsibility to look pretty good on and always bony our ancestors were warriors and the money they fought with spears and with bows and arrows you know john today with the fight is different. today i fight with our ideas with our minds that's what we need sunday.
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december 21st christmas was just around the corner. it's impossible to sleep in lima. it's loud in the lights are always on. the city was confusing us. for the 1st time we were missing our family. we packed our things. said goodbye to our friends. left our dreams. and headed home.
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so you saw this you people think. i think yes they have a tough life there. it's not like you're the houses are crammed together there's no. room yes. did you see new things yes the beach a lot of cars really big houses we swam in the scene i mean you know you're going to see. through stones in the water i think you. can see defends itself it has the soul of its own. members of the young people there different to you know. they like us. all the young people smoking lima yes most of them smoke but they were very kind to us and.
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everything went well. what is your great grandfather's birthday today you're 85 now write down what you are 85 today. but you know 74. 74. you're still young then. there's going to run away. merry christmas i'm happy that. my grandfather is 85 and he still healing people who come from far away.
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he says his energy isn't what it was but for others he's still a great sharman. are you in pain. do you have fewer you however. it hurts and. bad spirits of traps your soul. which. we should. thank you because every said that i drink i feel you. are usually with a bad spirit scare you. and i will chase them away and. he'd
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always been in contact with the plants spirits. but i realized that my brother and i had never really spoken to him about it. was good. money a lot of shamans contact the spirits oh we're good people from i think if you know the plants the spirits will show you everything in your dreams. beautiful things and dangerous things in legal if the bad spirits attack you you can conquer them you're going to from the 1st get with the plants show you how. i was at home when i did humans used to survive underwater and when you're hiding
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you i will tell you i mean to be able to do that you have to isolate yourself for 6 months i must have no contact to other people for 6 months or for. 6 months. you have to see how they were called sue me mariah this. the one time without them on to mariah's could fly and those who knew the spirits of the water ruled the universe how would you believe in the underwater spirits didn't harm them and know they knew them probably helped you king morning mark. why didn't the priest. it seems there are many different worlds on this planet. each one has its own laws.
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if you. want him but he should. look not only to pack a few clothes tomorrow because we'll be going on a trip that you'll push the p.c. moby on and off. and call him a minute i'm up and you're going to apply you see you have never been before you know it's deep in the forest you must get to know it while you're still young you'll feel calmer and where is it exactly and i don't have a grip on explain on the way home to look up which i was there a long time you. know you know i will learn a lot in it'll be a beautiful drip and another one for me and i'm too full. well don't you. feel folks thanks
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thanks . we traveled for 2 days in tonight's. on the boat we experienced new sounds and smells. bit by bit the forest seemed to absorb us. feel for you.
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my father had to learn how to survive in the jungle when he was our age. and. he could tell when to fish and how the birds were singing. and now you have to kill the fish. right there at that reading or honest to. say this was how my father became a man with nature's help fight so yes. the next day we went deep into the forest with our father in search of a plant if fly
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we saw jaguar tracks on the way they were still fresh flowers you never see tracks like that close to a village flood never felt the presence of a jaguar so near us thank. you. for an electoral so this is the strongest in my city isn't bombed in the jungle or it'll feel good knowing that it's cold the masterplan bottle holy plot it gets muslim lot of strength that i don't know about is why we come all these way before we counted but we have to serve johnson is meaningless because honestly here it is with a test very powerful the way you did protects it no you must mean it you need every plant hazards on obscurity. that may be hard to understand but on sense does unity and money are there for a commune. you can't eat with the spirits and the smith you know of youth you have
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to drink it to feel its power and energy. and if you have you know. it's a very impressive experience you'll see made and of in. this . i'll say. this is how you play it. only which i tried and i was good if you let me help me impulse to take.
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large scared. you know with. all those who drink i was going to have visions. if an anaconda comes they want to run away. but you have to keep calm even if it circles us. they say if we ask the plan it will show us what we have to do with if we can manage to do that it will help us all in our lives. that we mustn't be afraid and stay very calm. and. everything will be fine.
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thanks. thank you very much great grandfather for being with us today we have already learned very much from you and want to continue to be able i'm happy that. our culture and not just. reveal it is wild and. that we learn how to live in harmony in my. journey. people name is ron. thanks.
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for . the if. if. if. if. if. if if. if if. if. if if.
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that night. my brother cried a lot. but by morning his voice was completely calm. i saw a lot of snakes. my father saw the jaguar. top rung go. i remember the tracks we saw on our way to the liana. and i can't say whether that jack war was threatening or protecting us. i think he was just protecting his forest.
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going to india. coming. there's increasing tension between humans and. animals a difference damage whatever we can be a lot more of that and early warning system is supposed to prevent escalation and save lives one song is. good. in 30 minutes you.
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humans. of interaction sometimes you don't have a if you're about well provided that's great they're going to replace people in manufacturing they're going to replace doctors and lawyers they're going to replace people in jobs you would think they can't if all the work is being done by machines what humans do but they try and keep getting better and better education and taking more and more advanced jobs where do they end up doing other things making art having social interactions with each other are we going to have enough humanity to make it possible for everyone or some people are going to say i want everything and the rest you guys have to be poor and die it allows individuals to discover their humanity they have to learn a new meaning for life and new things to do that's a social revolution and hopefully we can move too slowly.
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faces eat up the news live from berlin the fust arrests in hong kong and of beijing's controversial new security to no 20 she was water cannon and detained dozens of protesters as to crackdown on public displays of true independence for 2 girls under the new adult offenders who end up in prison for life also coming up. to germany takes over the european union's presidency of the most challenging time in its history in a final thomas.


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