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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 1, 2020 4:00pm-4:15pm CEST

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this is. the most time in its history.
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the program today takes over the presidency of the european union. has been discussing plans for the 6 months with the lawmakers and the federal the. the words together for. the 1st of the. describe. the president. on the european. she's taking legacy on
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a massive economic recovery plan for the e.u. and she talked about it. there will be a. european council discussed an e.u. wide recovery plan for the 1st time 2 weeks ago we agreed that this extraordinary situation requires extraordinary solutions to ensure that europe can emerge strongly from this extraordinary crisis there are still major differences in the positions of the member states and that even if your that's a good thing i would like to achieve union as quickly as possible so the economic recovery can take place as quickly and sustainably as possible. movie is bizarre not what's particularly important to me is that the economic recovery benefits everyone and that it's not just about securing jobs wages and companies but that we also strengthen social cohesion in europe that include securing the opportunities for young people in europe and that is why in our presidency we will be pushing for
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an e.u. youth guarantee so that every young person has the opportunity to find a job we can speak now to our brussels correspondent barbara visible from all barbara. has laid out hope plans how are they likely to be received in brussels. brussels is expecting everything from her more or less it is the moment one of the main problems might be the height of expectations and so bolin is already trying to lower those into say listen we cannot sort out all the problems the european union has we can't restructure everything we can sort of turned upside down and she will have to start was the recovery program of course and then the european budget this is the 1st huge big piece but then there's so many other things that will be coming up the brics it of course the difficult situation and relationship with china and the difficult relationship to the united states in so many so many building sites
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as we say here in brussels problems that have to be tech old and dealt was that she will hardly get any sleep during the next 6 months so can uncle america walk on water that's what the european union is expecting from her but she is just a mere mortal and she will just have to do her best one of the problems that you mentioned the e.u. china relationship let's talk about that barbara where does germany stand on that given the germany has been extremely critical or overly critical of china in the past. we know that the german economy is so closely linked to exports to china that the german welse and german car industry the whole machinery sector and is closely linked to china so for germany that's always been the point to stay well back to not sort of get drawn into the middle east not to sort of interfere too much on the america it's too honest not to have
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a mentioned human rights and human rights breaches on the side of china in the past but she has always been careful not to push too far now she might be in a position that she will have to act more decisively and that is going to be a very difficult task to on the european stage. in brussels thank you very much. now to some of the other stories making news around the world russia's president vladimir putin has cast his ballot in the nationwide vote on constitutional changes that would allow him to stay in power until 2036 it's the last day of a week long voting process designed to reduce crowds and boost turnout amid the coronavirus pandemic. heavy downpours a sweeping across southwestern eastern china causing flooding and mudslides almost 3 quarters of a 1000000 people have been evacuated in the east in the south west at least 12 people have died and 10 i'm missing. and in ethiopia at least 50 people have been
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killed in violence after the killing of a single. horn this was known for songs advocating the rights of the country's or room or ethnic group and was considered a voice against political and economic depression he was shot dead on monday night . in other news police have made the 1st arrest since a new and controversial security no imposed by beijing came to force they used water cannon to disperse protesters who gathered in a city shopping district dozens were arrested under the new law the simple act of publicly displaying a pro independence banner or flag has become a criminal offense. despite the new law and a ban on holding marches doing the corona pandemic hundreds of protesters showed up . after a short warning it just took minutes for the police to roll into action. one
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protester was arrested for holding the hong kong independence flag dozen small were arrested later. at a news conference pro-democracy lawmakers found themselves in a piece on a situation now not allowed to speak english or address the media. i usually say a few words to the record international community and the media but in our heart. because of this war. if i say anything to you. i'll be arrested when i walk out. 2 at aflac ceremony earlier in the day the territories leaders mock the 23rd anniversary of its return to chinese control after british rule. chief executive carol lam hailed a new law as the most important development since the handover the purpose of this piece of legislation is not just to punish it is also to deter to deter people
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from committing such serious off fences as cessation something that in a state power terrorist or to the east and so on is off at the same time chinese troops are stationed in hong kong held a joint military exercise showing off their military might. try to me now from hong kong as pro-democracy activist neisha aung geisha welcome 23 years ago today hong kong was handed back to china from the u.k. how do you feel today i feel very very stringent and very upset today because this is the 1st day since the national security law is being passed and there have been arrests on the streets and i feel very upset about the development because the city is now losing is autonomy that is
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thomas and our fundamental rights like freedom of assembly freedom of speech and so now lay tells me will be just another chinese mainland city which way will last the 1st thing that we have that made us so special in the world as a 1st place what about pro-democracy protesters today in any way feel restricted by this new security law. i think i think they are very they are they do feel restricted but that is not stopping them from showing up on the streets today today they are. more than tens or thousands of protesters that is and a shopping district of hong kong and they are chanting slogans or they are as you have seen just now they are holding flags and everything and i think they are do they do worry about this new law but they know that their those are their fundamental rights to be able to speak yes they will when it comes to politics senator thinks that this is how they are demonstrating to will against this law and
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on the streets today does that give you hope they sure the pro-democracy movement in hong kong we carry on. yes i do have high hopes that the movement will carry on because at 1st i was actually kind of worry about if people are going to show up on the streets today but then they did and i feel very encouraged by my fellow protesters and my fellow hong kong because they have demonstrated to hong kong to other hong kong to the world that we are not giving out solitarily we will fight for our own human rights just speaking of the wild british foreign secretary dominic robb has said that this law has beach the agreement to try and i signed away with the united kingdom washington is all talking about potentially taking unspecified come to measures do you see hope in that the response from the international community. i think the u.k.
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just announced that they will be giving piano holders a certain degree of period to stay in u.k. and then they can claim citizenship after 6 years and i feel like it's a lifeboat for home callers because it feels a bit safer when you know that there is always an ad there place that you can stay and if you get into trouble after protesting but then after all hong kong is still all home and it gives us more confidence in fighting but we will still stay in hong kong and fight and as for the response of the u.s. i really think i do see hope in the international community supporting hong kong in the fight for its freedom and its autonomy and i do think it's a breach of the promises that is made and i know that british john declaration is this promise that we will have one country 2 systems heikki of autonomy which is clearly not the case now. in hong kong thank you very much for speaking with us authorities in northwestern germany are preparing to ease the strict lockdown
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imposed in some districts off a covert 1000 outbreak flared at a meat processing factory there people have been ordered to stay in their homes are not banned from traveling anywhere for many of those who've seen quarantine return patience is wearing thin but testing who is healthy and who is not use a major challenge these employees of the tennis meat processing plant and other residents want out about 650 people have been restricted to this block on the outskirts of feral a city of 25000 in western germany they've been placed under quarantine. but this is set to change the mayor is preparing to lift the quarantine gradually but he still faces one big obstacle trying to figure out who is who and who is healthy. there are different lists of people who are actually living there and people who should be there but probably left before the corn team who's likely headed home in the look of isolation i met many in feral and in the neighboring larger city of
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also want out after all it's summer vacation but numerous german holiday resorts will only accept travelers from high risk locations if they tested negative for the coronavirus this temporary testing facility is being run with the help of soldiers from the german army. take about every day we test over 700 people here honestly we've yet to see a positive test that's some good news for a change or good news but people here are still angry especially at the management of the tennis meat plant which was ground 0 for a fresh outbreak of the pen demick in this region. so it's their fault and the meat plant acted incredibly irresponsibly that was to put it so the police in the city need to come down hard on them. for now the city has its hands full. it has to decide who may and may not be released from quarantine. workers have to check
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people against lists of those who've been tested this is it's still going to take quite some time weeks maybe months but until we're done with everything it will likely also take a long time until we finally have a vaccine or drugs to treat the illness. until then local residents will have to live with lockdown restrictions. and while many countries are still fighting took up the pandemic it's another picture in the czech republic people that have been celebrating a perceived end to the coronavirus process they held a massive public dinner party in the capital on tuesday large crowds gathered in prague child bridge and sat down to dine at a gigantic 500 meter long table the country has by now eased most restrictions which had been introduced fairly early on in the pandemic the czech republic registered fewer than 12000 coronavirus cases and 350 deaths.
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you're watching news don't forget you can keep up to date on our website that dot com and you can of course follow us on twitter and instagram as well at the news i'm going to thank you so much for watching out of covert 19 special with rob what's next. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and. our corona update. 19 special next on d w.


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