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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 2, 2020 5:00am-5:16am CEST

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i want to help with anything cultural understanding my name is going that way and i want to tell. you about the fact that. this is the news live from berlin hong kong cracks down after a new security law takes effect police arrest more than 300 people at an unauthorized protest marking the anniversary of the territory's handover to china i think food protesters advocating independence which is now illegal is this law the beginning of the end of hong kong's autonomy also coming up outrage in washington
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as president from dismisses reports that russia paid to have u.s. troops killed in afghanistan and that the white house failed to take the intelligence seriously. mommy and is of good to have you with us more than 300 people have been arrested in hong kong at a banned demonstration reports say at least 10 arrests were made under a new controversial security law imposed by beijing the law makes it illegal to advocate independence from china and carries stiff penalties up to life in prison pro-democracy activists worry this could be the end of hong kong's autonomy. despite the new law and a ban on holding marches doing the corona pandemic hundreds of protesters showed up . after a short warning it just took minutes for the police to roll into action i
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one protester was arrested for holding the hong kong independence flag dozens more were arrested later. at a news conference pro-democracy lawmakers found themselves in a peace sign a situation now not allowed to speak english or address the media. i'd usually say a few words of english today to that filth of unifi and the media but not by car. because of this law. if i say anything to you. i'll be arrested when i walk out. 2 at aflac ceremony earlier in the day the territories leaders marked the 23rd anniversary of its return to chinese control after british rule. chief executive carol lam hailed a new law as the most important development since the handover the purpose of this piece of legislation is not just to punish it is also to deter to deter people
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from committing such serious off fences as cessation some 30 in a state power terrorist a to the t. s. and so on and so on at the same time chinese troops are stationed in hong kong held a joint military exercise showing off their military might. there's been international criticism of hong kong's new security law u.s. presidential candidate joe biden called it a death blow to the territory's freedom and britain summoned china's ambassador to relay its concerns the beijing government though insists that the law will restore stability in hong kong after nearly a year of unrest. hong kong activists say their freedoms are being eroded however beijing says the law is necessary for the city to prosper and that many countries welcomed this. and they deal with on behalf of $53.00 countries cuba
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welcome to the law of the people's republic of china on safeguarding national security in hong kong at the session of the united nations human rights council the belief that the law will have to sustain and steady implementation of one country 2 systems. a principle within which a high degree of autonomy was supposed to be guaranteed in hong kong for at least 50 years when britain handed back its former colony to china in 1997 the new law is a flagrant breach of the agreement says the city's last u.k. governor. very. starting a new cold war with china just making it clear that we will call china what it. the u.k. now says it would uphold its historic duty and offer a route for up to 3000000 residents to settle in a country that could make citizenship possible vision of this national security law
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across the atlantic the u.s. has punitively revoked on constitutional financial and business status washington says it's not only concerned about the safety of hong kong is but also that of americans. article $38.00 of the new law also purports to apply to offenses committed outside of hong kong by non residents of hong kong this likely includes 'd americans this is outrageous and an affront to all nations the u. meanwhile has said it's discussing with international partners possible meshes in response german foreign minister heiko moscow has called developments in hong kong exceptionally worrying. that. these protest is a worry too but they've pledged to try as hard as they can to keep their voices heard in the. now the some of the other stories making news around the world
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gunmen in mexico have killed 24 people in what's being described as a massacre in the north of the country police said the attackers burst into a drug rehabilitation center in the city of. and shot everyone inside the area is home to rival drug gangs and is currently the most violent in mexico. uganda has temporarily open its borders to thousands of people fleeing violence in the eastern democratic republic of congo border crossings had stopped because of the pandemic leaving refugees stuck in a remote area the u.n. says violence in the east and the r.c.c. has displaced over a 1000000 people since january. mississippi the last u.s. state with the confederate symbol on its flag has lowered the banner for the last time and retired it to a museum ceremony was held the day after the governor approved changes to the flag in the wake of racial justice protests the commission is to come up with a new design. and here are some of the latest developments in the coronavirus
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pandemic. johns hopkins university says the u.s. has seen its largest single daily increase of new infections since the global pandemic began a rise of 52000 cases the european union has reopened its borders to visitors from 15 countries but not to the united states russia or brazil new zealand's health minister david clarke has resigned following a series of personal bonders including defying the country's strict coronavirus lockdown measures in april. u.s. president donald trump is dismissing allegations that russia paid bounties to taliban linked fighters to kill u.s. troops in afghanistan and claims that his administration failed to act on the intelligence it's not clear how many u.s. casualties in afghanistan are under suspicion but the white house is coming under increasing pressure from lawmakers of both parties to provide answers. 3 american
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marines killed by a car bomb in afghanistan planted by the taliban the radical islamist group allegedly received a bounty for the i.p.l. 2019 attack that's according to a report by the new york times which details of money transfer from russian military intelligence services to a bank account linked to the taliban the american secret services have reportedly known about the transfer for months the allegations have set the white house on the defensive did president trump know about the allegedly russian bounty as the new york times article suggests. trump hit back at the allegations on twitter claiming that the report was just sort of the story concocted by the fake news media an attempt to hurt the republican party the white house defended trumped handling of the issue saying that he couldn't have been told about the intelligence reports. or an asset to the president does read and he also consumes intelligence virtually
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this president i'll tell you the most informed person on planet earth when it comes to the threats that we face the white house said trump was not informed of the alleged bounty plot because different intelligence agencies had reached different conclusions on the credibility of the information you want nevertheless the information was considered important enough to register according to the u.s. national security adviser we distribute this raw intelligence even though it wasn't verified because we were concerned about it we gave it to u.s. forces and we gave it to coalition forces to make sure they could have force protection that means u.s. forces and afghan. stonn would most likely full blown up a possible russian bounty attack if trump was privy to the information why did he not confront russia with it political analysts say trump's approach to russian president vladimir putin could be characterized as being served by many saying his days of doing business in russia could even make trump susceptible to blackmail there must be some financial connection there that is made president scared of
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taking any action against the resistant to do so and hence oftentimes when the president is interacting with. you it's more like a supplicant like a person who is wanting to keep an investor happy as opposed to someone that is standing up for u.s. interests. in the presidential candidate joe biden took the opportunity to take a swipe at trump. so the idea that somehow he didn't know her isn't being briefed it is a dereliction of duty if that's the case then if he was briefed and nothing was done about this that's a very mature. u.s. marines killed in action by the taliban have now become embroiled in a controversy as the presidential election campaign heats up. russian president vladimir putin looks set to extend his hold on power into the next decade with 90 percent of the votes being counted in
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a weeklong constitutional referendum election officials say nearly 80 percent voted in favor of putin's proposed changes they'll allow him to run for 2 more terms as president. president vladimir putin is probably the only person who came to this moscow polling station without a mask. today is the last day of the russian wind vote the kremlin even declared a bank holiday so that as many people as possible could take part. the constitutional reform has already been legally approved by the country's national and regional parliaments and to a public vote to validate the move they have made men's provide for many popular social changes including regular pension increases and a minimum wage but they'll also allows a lot of new putin to continue running for president theoretically he could remain in the kremlin till 2036 this man voted no he says i don't need a new czar i like it because i'm afraid of change whenever things change in russia
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we end up worse off than before. and you. at some polling stations voters were only required to show their passports election observers were not allowed complete access and while voting was still in progress the 1st results were published with the procedure is highly questionable the voted self the whole process was invented solely for this purpose a referendum like this is not even provided for in the constitution. going by already published preliminary results it looks like a big majority favors the amendments. moscow correspondent and president putin strategy paid off even as his approval ratings start to slip. this vote has allowed president vladimir putin to ensure his own political future the president himself has emphasized that these amendments put social guarantees on things like pensions and medical care into the constitution and that will improve
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people's lives but critics say that all that is just a populist wrapping paper hiding the main measure which could keep flooding your putin in power now this vote was postponed from april and some observers say that the kremlin wanted to hold it now sooner rather than later despite the fact that there are new coronavirus cases and thousands of them every day here in russia after all lock down measures hit the russian economy hard and surveys show that trust in for the near putin is falling. to soccer now and record european champions rail madrid will finally have their own female team next season they've previously agreed to buy a local women's club in the spanish capital and they have now been given the go ahead to rebranded team as israel madrid along with germany's barista dortmund and the spanish the spanish giants are the only major european men's club without a female team. while many countries are still fighting to curb the pandemic it's
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a different story in the czech republic people there celebrated a perceived end to the coronavirus crisis with a massive massive public dinner party in the capital large crowds gathered on prague's charles bridge and sat down to dine at a gigantic 500 meter meter table the country has now eased most restrictions which had been introduced fairly early on in the pandemic the czech republic registered fewer than $12000.00 coronavirus cases over the past few months but the world health organization warned that the pandemic is not over and precautions still need to be taken. don't forget you can get always good news on the go just down or app from apple play or from the app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and if you're part of a news story you can also use a d w app to send us photos and videos of what's happening. you're watching the news live from berlin don't forget you can get the latest on our web site that's t
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w dot com and you can follow us on twitter and instagram to add you know you news from me and a news team here in berlin thanks for watching. i'm secure that the world that hard and in the end is a me you're not a lot of the animal we wasn't that. are you familiar with this. in a smuggler's we're alliance of the what's right.


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