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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 2, 2020 11:00am-11:15am CEST

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you know. if you have you do that live from berlin china warns britain amid growing tensions over hong kong beijing threatens to retaliate after london says it will grant citizenship rights to 3000000 eligible hong kong 1st living under a sweeping new security law. also coming up russians will sign off on president vladimir putin's constitutional reforms the changes could keep him in office until he's 83 and the indian government has revamped its strategy aimed at slowing the country's rising coronavirus cases but is that having any effect.
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i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program new international tensions are opening up over hong kong china says that it will respond with quote corresponding measures if britain goes ahead and grants residency rights to 3000000 eligible hong kong hours the u.k. offered the safe haven as hong kong police arrested hundreds of pro-democracy protesters rallying against a sweeping new security law we'll hear from beijing in just a minute but 1st this report. hong kong activists say their freedoms are being eroded however beijing says it's necessary for the city to prosper and that many countries welcomed this i am going to go on behalf of all $53.00 countries. welcome
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to the laws of the people's republic of china on safeguarding national security in hong kong at a session of the united nations human rights council they believe that the lord who had the sustained and steady implementation of one country 2 systems. a principle within which a high degree of autonomy was supposed to be guaranteed in hong kong for at least 50 years when britain handed back its former colony to china in 1997 the new law is a flagrant breach of the agreement says the city's last u.k. governor. very. starting a new cold war with just making abs clear we will call. the u.k. now says it would uphold its historic duty and offer a route for up to 3000000 residents to settle in a country that could make citizenship possible of this national security law across
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the atlantic the u.s. has punitively revoked hong kong special financial and business status washington says it's not only concerned about the safety of hong kong is but also that of americans. article $38.00 of the new law also purports to apply to offenses committed outside of hong kong by non residents of hong kong this likely includes 'd americans this is outrageous and an affront to all nations the you meanwhile has said it's discussing with international partners possible meshes in response german foreign minister heiko moscow has called developments in hong kong exceptionally worrying. these protest is a worry too but they've pledged to try as hard as they can to keep their voices heard. and let's get more we are bringing in now correspondent bullinger
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who is joining us from beijing mathias were saying the international community weighing in how is china now reacting is specially to that u.k. offer of this path to citizenship for hong kong residents. china has refuted this off on this move by britain it has sad that it was this was an interference into china's internal affairs if china if britain would give. a pass to citizenship it has announced it would retaliate against it now we do not know what exactly this means whether china would try to block hong kong citizens from taking up on this offer or whether there were would be any other retaliatory measures against britain but china is quite angry about this offer but it's not just the u.k. we saw a condemnation from the americans australia also now signaling that the government may follow britain in offering visas to hong kong residents didn't the chinese
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government expect the sort of reaction. probably they did expect i mean britain has announced this quite some time ago and other countries might have also. warned china the u.s. has definitely want china but the political climate in beijing is now not in a way that anybody would win anything by being cautious the chinese actually chinese government is quite proud of its nationalistic stance and provoking conflict with other countries is definitely not something that will harm any politician in china how could we see china further try to expand its influence in hong kong following the passage of this law. this is something we have seen since the jim ping took power in 2012 that china has gradually interfered more and more in hong kong now this new law is of course
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a big step it gives it gives beijing exceptional powers to arrest or prosecute anybody they see as an enemy of the state so this is really a game changer we will have to see at what pace it will be implemented but the path is clear the beijing government wants to bring hong kong under its full control and wants to bring hong kong society under its control and he is building a in beijing thank you for. for let's get a quick check now some other stories making news around the world authorities in me on mars say at least 100 people have died in a landslide at the jade mine it happened after heavy rain buried workers under a wave of mud scores more have been trapped it's one of the worst accidents to hit this region in recent years. thousands of palestinians have protested in gaza against israel's west bank and expansion plans the protests came as israeli prime
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minister benjamin netanyahu said the talks were ongoing on the expansion project which faces intensifying international opposition. a turkish court has the latest down saying its decision on whether the iconic yes sophia in istanbul 10 be conferred from a museum backed into a mosque the $1500.00 a year old unesco world heritage site was originally a christian basilica there's concern that it's conversion back into a mosque could so division. for all russians have approved changes to the constitution that allow president vladimir putin to run for 2 more terms in office a few observers have been surprised by the results of the weeklong vote election officials say almost 80 percent backed the proposals that were put forward by putin opposition leader alexina vali has slammed the result as a huge lie that did not reflect public opinion. president vladimir putin was
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probably the only person who came to this moscow polling station without a mask it was the last day of the nationwide vote the kremlin even declared a bank holiday so that as many people as possible could take part in the constitutional reform had already been formally approved by the country's national and regional parliament puton turn to a public vote to validate the move the amendments and shrine many popular social changes including regular pension increases and a minimum wage but they'll also allow putin to keep running for president directly he could remain in office till 2036 this man voted no he says i don't need a new tsar. i like it because i'm afraid of change whenever things change in russia we end up worse off than before you start saying some voters only had to show their passports as proof of identity election observers were not allowed complete access
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and while voting was still in progress the 1st results were published. the procedure is highly questionable the vote itself the whole process was invented solely for this purpose a referendum like this is not even provided for in the constitution. and to no one's surprise official results say the vote was a landslide in putin's favor. on the w.'s and only show when has been covering the referendum in moscow she told us more about reports of irregularities in the voting process. well the author already here in russia took a lot of measures to kind of ensure the safety of this vote during the pandemic including spreading out the election over 7 days allowing online voting allowing people to vote at home and independent monitors here from for example the monitors goalless they say that a lot of those measures actually make it easier to manipulate the vote so if the
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vote is spread out over 7 days that means fewer people are at the ballot box that means it's easier to carry out ballot stuffing there have been polling stations outside with kind of the ballots basically visible to view there have been a lot of stories about the online voting that's been taking place here in moscow and that another city as well because people have sort of gone and voted twice there's been several reports about that here once online and once at the polling station the central electoral commission on the other hand has said that there have been basically no big violations and that many of the reports on violations are fake it was emily sure when in moscow meantime in india the number of confirmed corona virus infections has now topped $600000.00 but the indian government is striking back at critics who say it hasn't done enough to fight the pandemic it is introduced a revamped strategy to curb the spread of the virus to diffuse. child 3
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excuse me brings us this report from the worst hit city delhi. a massive door to do so the exercise has been launched in delhi for its entire population of about 20000000 residents. this dude government is aiming to record the health details of each and every household to deal with the spread of. the move has come after weeks of scrambling from measures by the state and the national government to avoid a major health care disaster in the capital city which has now become the worst hit in the country even the government is nor you know sure. so i'm a little scared but regard to who. earlier we could step out a little at least to buy essential some groceries but now we're worried that if we step out at all we may get infected as part of its strategy to handle the spread of
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the delhi government is taking a range of measures they include increased testing and contact tracing antibody testing developing a plus one bank and providing. the government simultaneously is trying to ramp up its health care infrastructure the daily testing for 1000 has increased significantly. the state government says that it is now conducting $20000.00 tests every day apart from plans to stock rapid and dejan testing which allows for foster diagnosis of samples regular testing jams are also being set up especially in coronavirus hotspots known as containment zones. something the heart one of the lead largest and most crowded informal settlements has several containment zones the new testing camps there have already started making a difference. 15 during the past week testing has increased many positive cases are getting detected earlier the testing wasn't so regular now it's daily some $200.00
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people are tested at each camp you're dealing anybody testing positive is immediately taken to makeshift quarantined centers crucial for their home isolation is not an option. the delhi government has projected that the number of cases in the capital rise up to hossam 1000000 by the end of july. to handle such a case load some species venues in the city are also being converted into covert care facilities. this is being prepared to become one of the boys largest public centers essentially an isolation facility it has a capacity of $10000.00 beds most of which are made of prefabricated cardboard material. once opened it will provide round the clock medical supervision for miles and moderate cases there is pressure on the general good health care system it is a new day the is one that we were not fully equipped to deal with when it began and
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it became a pandemic and we have to supplement that and health care system even the love down restrictions have been eased to some extent in delhi there is still much confusion and anxiety amongst its residents as the capital continues to formulate and implement new strategies it has a tough task ahead of it so as the challenge of coronavirus has now turned into a crisis. and before we go now we want to bring you up to date with some soccer news because record european champions rail madrid will finally have their own female team next season they previously agreed to buy a local women's club in the spanish capital and they have now been given the go ahead to rebrand the team as rail madrid along with germany's borislow dortmund the spanish giants were the only major european men's club without a female team. and with that now you're up to date on d. w. news don't forget there's always more on our website to be a dot com you can also follow us on twitter and on instagram on all of social media
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we are at. i'm sara kelly in berlin thank you so much for joining us take care and stacey. beyond. all of the stories that matter to. your every 6. running now.


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