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tv   Focus on Europe  Deutsche Welle  July 3, 2020 4:30am-5:01am CEST

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to. be to be strong. isn't. going to. be talking 202250th anniversary here i want to. get me. me. me. me me. hello and welcome to focus on europe and let's show and it's great to have you with us human rights groups are issuing warnings over the humanitarian situation at the border in the mediterranean sea some migrants who try to make the journey by boat from turkey to the e.u. country greece tell us they were illegally pushed back to turkish waters mobile phone footage like this purportedly shows how my grants that were forced on the
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life rafts are ferried towards turkish waters by a greek coast guard vessel then i apparently the rope is cuts one of the migrants reported that the life raft was left to float around for hours until they were rescued back on the turkish side. this kind of expulsion is known as push back and is in legal once they angriest migrants have the right to apply for asylum there apparently pushbacks don't take place just on water but also on land aid groups criticized this practice as openly breaching of the european human rights convention the thought of being deported and scares many refugees in greece could they be next i reporter traveled to a refugee camp near the salome came to find out. to refugee camps near thessaloniki. adele aotearoa from the refugee organization you soar is looking for clues for so-called pushbacks asylum seekers are said to have been illegally picked
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up by greek police and deported to turkey. yes it's happening how often. if the czech woman with syrian roots has been on the trail of these illegal deportations for months. these refugees confirm the recent weeks many young men have been taken away. that's why they won't leave the camp out of fear of deportation but the refugee aid worker knows this is against international law. so if the people are deported legally ok like we can discuss about it we can talk about that but it's by the law while the pushbacks are not following the law it's like completely illegal the stance of leave these private videos are proof of the illegal pushbacks these people say the greek coast guard stranded them on the lifeboat not far from the turkish coast nearby. the greek
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government denies the accusations in writing they tell but they comply with international law and aren't to porting anyone legally the city of thessaloniki in northern greece the greek turkish border is 300 kilometers away refugees who make it here can find help in this empty building on the outskirts of the city the clinic is organized by the german nurse rose hansen to care too she says police have cracked down in effigy. most recently just a few days ago. on guns and is a man. they took the men away and cram them into a van was some time walked to a gathering point where they collected migrants and refugees they had taken from other locations as well. as a mythical normal heart on them we lost them then i would. say later we learned that 30 of these people if they were only 30 in the end we don't know had been
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pushed back to turkey. i thought of course warden cell phone recordings from the clinic window document the incident. just like nurse rose hudson adele and her colleague robert martin coverage want to confirm their suspicions of these illegal deportations from greece. they plan to cross the turkish side of the border. and take us with them. the next morning in turkey. and martin cribbage set off to inspect the border they want to see where the refugees were again forced across the everest river back into turkey last night at this point the 200 kilometer long border river runs behind the rows of trees. deportees lined the road as they drive. they tell
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how their personal belongings food money and cell phones were all taken from them in greece. many show signs of abuse. the volunteers provide them with food and medicine. it's quiet today along the section of the border i delve volunteers several weeks a year in this region she can't look away she won't. if they come in here. they are no named their no one because nobody knows about them so whatever happened to them they can die there and we have no clue that they're dying there. she meets muhammad from iraq in a shelter close to the border you know early june mohammed and his wife and children trying to get to greece at night with the help of a smuggler once there they were caught and locked in a cell with other migrants they were denied an asylum application and a lawyer he reports that other refugees were forced to help push them back across
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the river so how to farm. when the escorted us to the sure there was a rubber boot to syrians in a true is across the borders of them with only well i'm wired there were 10 of us. he told us we don't even want to hear you breathing. that's not a form of it is like a secret operation. i noticed every armed men in civilian clues of all of the eating up between trees on the greeks. watching us the entire time of binoculars. this brutal events shocked the entire family but they won't give up hope. martinkus which demand that the family should at least be shared on the greek side of the border next time they cross and. after all it's their right.
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many german companies would be lost without migrant workers from eastern europe for years of actual gogu and his wife have been commuting to germany to work for 10 years germany's the biggest meat production company but there was a massive corona virus outbreak in the slaughterhouses more than 1500 employees tested positive so the main plant close to get us loom has been shut down and all workers that might be affected have been put in quarantine gogu is glad that he doesn't have to go through that he's safe at home in the south of romania. to escape from the chinese disaster his journey to 5 days by train at 1st then bike us relieved to be back home again but if you're working in germany on and off for 12 years but these last 3 months have been the toughest experience of my life and my going to. one of his colleagues at 10 years called the commune of iris he intent
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other people are now stuck in this house and. all of them are infected. the man we got to just killed over workers who had tested positive still came to work as long as they felt ok no one cared. for. working on the assembly line the tinnies make distancing impossible workers say no 5 of them are in the i.c.u. fighting for their life. moved into your stuff iris germany already had to clean. up her 2 blue and his wife were among the 1st to be flown to germany in april so they could work during the harvest season we are each children stayed behind in romania it was on the movie at least they don't understand at all it's. very scary to want. to travel to germany in response to the german government's initiative to harvest workers even though the country was already facing karuna at
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the airport social distance temperatures being measured on the noticeboards destinations within germany then pictures from inside the plane it's crowded and at the asparagus fog nuru here either whether the buses that bring them to the fields or the containers they sleep at night there's no speech to keep a safe distance anywhere for not 2 men bunk in one room and with them the constant threat of karuna. then despair of a struggle kicked me out. and i had to leave. but i'm going to alter to went to high with the company been working for for years kinney's here his luck turned from bad to worse i feel like i was really scared that i'd fall. you know what i mean when how can you keep a safe distance when you're carrying 50 kilos of meat. once i told my boss i can't keep going and she said you can't stop. elisabetta moldovan
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was on the exact same flight as all back to go she too had wanted to do harvest work in germany. of course i'm scared of the coronavirus but we can catch ahead to the bad. we meet up with her again back in romania at the moment she's watching her grandchildren she do anything for her family even if that means leaving them. 10 years ago it was the 1st time she left for germany for the sake of her family. she national so i had debts and so i had to go to germany for work i wanted to provide a better future for my children i'm sorry but it still really gets to me is. she to got swept up in germany's karuna kills. first the farm she was supposed to harvest robberies on went bankrupt when it refused to pay the workers they protested. lawyers told them just to finish their work and boom 30 of my that was
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disrespectful we want to be treated like human beings romania does all the work in the treaties properly. even in their own villages migrant workers are unpopular. but shit but some people think we have a lot of money but this money is harder than not i miss my children and grandchildren terribly sometimes i get to video call them but it's very expensive so i've really got to split up my roaming data well in order to see their faces throughout the month this year. yes equally stefanutto has heard of such experiences often he's a member of the european parliament and deals with the struggles of migrant workers currently the number of workers returning is unknown. like i fear the less will come down. because one. comes 1st when
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a source you feel like you've done and these sorts of cases suggest there might be less work. on your father many workers have been telling me that they're returning home form than me it's. even if that means losing money for young elisabetta is going back to germany to work even though he has had to meet tough sacrifice and. see my children have a better life now i'm glad the time he's able to do that for them. out there just 1st stop after his return is the hardware store he's using the money he earned in germany to renovate his house he doesn't know whether he has to run a virus or not. for 12 years he worked in germany but now it looks like he's had enough. i don't want to go to germany anymore not even after all this is all very. these are the stories of elisabetta and. just to the many workers who came to
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germany in the midst of a global pandemic to toil away in hopes of a better future. we move to another group that has been working tirelessly throughout the krona crisis italian doctors and nurses but now that the overall number of corona cases is going down even they are getting a chance to rest a bit in fact there's a reason in the italian alps that is offering medical staff we had a bad case and. one of the doctors who accepted this invitation is giovanni pedro and he used his many holiday to get back in touch with himself and with nature. carefully at 1st and very tentative and finally a proper hug. even though hugging is off limits in times of corona says giovanni productive. giovanni a doctor who works at an i.c.u. for the last 3 months that has meant being at the frontline of the fight against
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cold 19. but the only worries that i've carried with me every day melts away. here i can finally stop worrying. he says and quiet fresh air and a chance to mourn and that's all giovanni put a lot he has been looking forward to. the truss a puny this is 1st target. on the bare foot path they clambered over sticks and stones and wade through ice water. on. after her in the us working in intensive care it's a rare moment of freedom. the owners of the hotel host in giovanni are pleased to hear that they're interested in this firsthand account of what it was like at the hospital to drop the film
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themselves at work. rooms used for surgery were turned into makeshift icy hues people unable to breathe endless work and less fear. i was scared but it wasn't just me we were all scared at 1st we had no idea we didn't even know how the virus was transmitted and we were lucky in so much information and tony have to believe the heroes who kept day to day life going to doctors and care workers they all deserve this little gift and the demand is huge. we received about 200 requests all at once it was a lot of work because i wanted to answer all the e-mails and they still call to ask if we have 3 spots. like. you are the better italy. a great act of solidarity that starts involved. with more than 5000 registrations
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it's met with much gratefulness fabio sako from the tourist board also wants to welcome the hero to his home to thank them personally in the hopes that from now on things will be looking up. to washing up at the time left its mark on everyone especially in italy but also in the rest of the world. but at the same time it's also had a positive effect. the challenge now is to preserve and develop. the commission of. giovanni patrol is one tells of the countless gifts cakes and letters that were brought to the hospital all this is kept in the fight. noisy maybe kenyans when 2020 we doctors thought that we could cure everything instead. i'll just say been. issued is that we still have
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a lot to learn in the fall. but one thing is for sure. this pandemic everyone is in the same boat. giovanni put agrees. and if everyone follows the rules now it's only might be spared a 2nd wave. the albatross is the largest flying bird in the world and it has many abilities that would make it a perfect spy it can travel in huge distances and spot objects from several kilometers away one thing albatrosses love is fish. and now scientists on the cross say islands and oversees
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a french territory in the southern indian ocean i'm making use of all these unique features they're working together with the albatrosses and the fight against illegal fishing this is also to the bird's own advantage. with a wind span of up to 3 and a half meters the wondering albatross may be the most majestic sea bird in the southern hemisphere and one of its most endangered species. here in the french causeway islands an archipelago in the southern ocean only why miss king sent his team to quit the birds with transmittance since last autumn they've been tracking the flight of the albatross says why miss cage has been fascinated with these sea birds ever since he was a boy. there albatross is flights of 70 to 80 kilometers an hour over stormy seas without flapping their wings when they use the winds to get around but
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it's true there is something majestic confront tuskegee about the flight of the albatross but when you go to the sea every ornithologist dreams of catching a glimpse of one. such encounters are increasingly rare because the number of wandering albatrosses has shrunk dramatically in recent years. research as estimates that there are only some 25000 left worldwide albatrosses often follow boats in search of food. for 1st almost sol when i was on the boat taking those over to the crows that silence the bird just kind of know where the sea was choppy and we saw the other cross routes the boat pass over it's a fly alongside the vessel is observe those and then vanished again into the sea. the birds mainly follow fishing boats unfortunately many fisherman cast kilometer long lines equipped with dozens of hawks while trying to take the bait albatrosses
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often swallow the hooks and die a painful death the boats they usually unlicensed and don't send out the required automatic identification signals they all. so don't employ safety measures like weighted lines which can be immediately pulled down far below the water's surface marine biologists are concerned. about is not a problem with international waters is their rights free zone and international organizations don't have the legal instruments to force these boats to stop their own authorized fishing or. so on he why miss cation his colleagues launched their ocean sentinel research project to find another way of combating illegal fishing they've now fitted $170.00 birds with radar transmitters which can even track down boats that aren't sending out the required signal. this here is a transmitter you know it has a g.p.s.
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on turner which allows it to locate the exact spot where the radar was detected. the another one a transmits the data directly to us via satellite. the scientists compared the data gathered by the birds with that from authorized fishing boats they found that around 30 percent of the vessels out at sea lacked permits the researches say there are indications some of the bait saw sailing under chinese and spanish lacks an accusation that spain's director general of sustainable fisheries categorically rejects the basis that we are operating in the solution whatever your statements that were flying the flag of spain are welcome 'd sure we need sure we all of the and and all that we are not a war or for their disability but the ornithologists trust their research fast certain that data could help to stop illegal fishing and save albatrosses in
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the process. there will be much more on them if we can provide evidence that there's a high mortality rate and a certain place most of the boats have their identification system switched off and we can prove that with the recent data that's stuck forward from or from the army of. his work with wondering albatrosses has turned. into a conservationist as well as a researcher he knows there's not much time left to save the species. using his data to reel in an illegal fishing and ensure albatrosses continue to soar above the crossing islands. we now take you to central russia where lots of villages are dying out job opportunities are rare so many young people move to the cities one such religion is getting a look at my son our reporter visited this sparsely populated place and there he met absolves believes an isolated life with no neighbors at all so anytime he
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wants to meet another person he has to do a bit of a work out. it's a 4 kilometer track to the closest store and just as many to get back home raft contact sound off news this stretch of road and need to well it leads to the nearest village and his closest neighbors. people might be. one after another. on you know over there was the last one she left this earth in january since then i've lived here all. his village. it's no exception experts estimate there are more than $20000.00 such ghost towns in russia. because here is the end of the world there's no storm. nothing. in the summer i
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can ride my bike in winter i have to use skis to get around. has long grown accustomed to what most of russia 1st experienced during the corona crisis living in isolation but he's not preoccupied with the pandemic. loss has little interest in what's happening elsewhere in the world he's too busy ensuring his own survival. boyd having to constantly travel back during the winter i stock up on water that's enough to last me children and. then i have to get more . furniture is functional he's aiming to marry comfort with convenience. here is my bed. heater underneath the mattress. over there i've opened up the window so that the warm air
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flows into the room. like all that. circulation. grass got up sal off receives a state pension of 9000 roubles or roughly 120 your i was a month it's not much but he's not complaining that i don't eat anything i'm happy with god. but. there is one thing i miss. my neighbors. for what is paradise without someone to share it with. and if you like to this story be sure to tune into focus on europe next week i will be kicking off our new series about inspiring people from all over russia out well
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with that we've come to the end off today's show until next time good bye and take care.
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international perspectives. coronavirus continues to spread relentlessly and it's the poor who are suffering most both in better off industrialized countries and in the global south so how should the international community respond joins me in my grandson to the point show for a. 2 point. 910 minutes on d w. how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll. just 3 of the topics covered and the weekly radio show is called spectrum if you like and the information on the front of maurice or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find it at. science.
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to some the story of a stubborn rice farmer from thailand. his problem. is crito no chemicals. his wife thought it was crazy. and i boxed up. orders. for tests don't stand. prices. history and he says that by mistake production to top it off. training successful. starts july 27th.
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this is live from berlin escape from hong kong the u.k. opens a door for those who want to leave the chinese territory britain pledges to admit millions of people from the former colony after china imposes a harsh security law but is leaving hong kong a realistic option also coming up. losing control hospitals in parts of the u.s. struggle to deal with a surge in coronavirus cases many states are posing lockdown measures of the national holiday weekend. elephants are for.


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