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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 4, 2020 3:00am-3:15am CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin americans get ready for this summer's biggest holiday weekend as the number of coronavirus pieces continues to soar many people are flocking to the beaches to celebrate the 4th of july but traditional final words and parades have been canceled in many places due to fears of spreading the virus also on the program. growing desperation and levanon hardship caused by the country's economic collapse is exacerbated by the pandemic leaving people struggling to survive.
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and archaeology underwater flooded caves and mexico yielded well preserved remains of how people lived and worked more than 10000 years ago. on the whole fairly welcome to the program we start in the united states where the run up to the independence day weekend has seen a dramatic spike in new coronavirus infections on friday a new daily record of more than 57000 cases was reported here's a look at data showing the daily tally of new cases since the beginning of the outbreak in the u.s. rising steadily at 1st the curve then flattened from the end of april to mid june but as lock down restrictions ease new infections shot up again. those startling statistics mean this weekend's independence day celebrations are
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being scaled back as officials urged caution at public and private gatherings the w.c. washington bureau chief and us paul has been to ocean city in maryland to gauge the mood. for many americans this is the 1st time after a month. they are hungry for fun and some. want to celebrate this 4th of july weekend as they normally do. to keep moving on do the fireworks continue normalcy as much as we can moving back to normalcy is what we'd like to do i think if you take the right precautions there's nothing to be scared they don't want your party to know what you enjoy what you have you know how many thousands in a group want to protest. how to deal with the pandemic is highly politicized some fear that the restrictions are taking away their personal freedom of those just seeing the responsible action. here on our community in maryland because it's tourist season now that these places are going to people do not socially distance
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or where they're. visiting our beaches i don't think are going to do anything i think he will continue to say it's a hoax and not believe in the science that is there calls in so many cases and. this lack of guidance creates a turn them off for business owners between health concerns and remaining competitive. in the poker run so in the bar and grill in the 5th generation. we want to know where america but if they don't know where i'm at we can't tell them where i'm at because if they're right where i'm out or not i don't feel safe with them around at night when i'm out you know that flat where i'm at. yeah i would rather them where. they can make it or you can make it a law that you know that we have to where it is recommended and if there are 3 in our house. you know you make it where you know you get fined $500.00 if you don't harm. the united states are facing
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a new record high of hoover's 19 inflictions littlewood you know here at the boardwalk in ocean city maryland the majority of the people is not wearing a mask they tell us we are here to fun we want to celebrate we are done with this why it was the business owners obviously do have a different approach they fear that after the. weakened they will face a new wave which will lead to a new lockdown and that would bring them to their knees in 2 weeks' time we will know whether the right steps were taken people celebrated this unprecedented fortune to life in a responsible way or the worst fears of the next wave. will come to. talk more about the 4th of july celebrations coming up across the united states i'm joined now by d.w. reporter simon bone simon amid calls for people to stay at home and practice social distancing this 4th of july the president himself has called or has organized
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a big fireworks display at mount rushmore that has caused quite the controversy why is that well it's the 1st time in about 30 years that a president has shown up at mount rushmore and it's going to be a big fireworks display the 1st one in about 10 years i believe and the last president to do so was it was george bush the elder. so it's. he's reviving it for some people would say propaganda reasons i think trump sees it more as a chance to respond to some of the things that have been happening lately in the united states black lives matter and some of the council culture what we're hearing is that he's going to have a very fiery feisty speech where he responds to these things the backdrop obviously is quite significant you're seeing 4 presidents there who have. had their statues toppled george washington now being criticized the 1st president for for holding
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slaves although he did free them when he died. even abraham lincoln has his hardest statue in london defaced. thomas jefferson. and of course the hero roosevelt to whose statue new york was threatened with being removed because of its treatment of a native american. which was considered humiliating so those of the 4 presidents behind him and his backdrop will be that he does not wish to have any statues for moved that he wants a debate on the this matter but no violence and so far he's been relatively quiet on this on these subjects he's tweeted law and order several times and retreated it . but this will give him a chance to to be heard i suppose without having soundbites taken out with it to say his bit in full so i'm assuming that's the reason why he wants to do it now of
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course there are health concerns about all of this and to expect about 7000 people showing up in south dakota for the speech and earlier when we did speak to harvard up in epidemiologist who had a few things to say about that. but if it's outdoors it's less risky than some of his previous indoor rallies but the keeping years mask wearing prevalence has his rally actually has a lot of highly. cd together so if you have high weeds and seating you need to wear masks. several us states have reported a record increase in recent days what reactions have we seen coming out of the white house well president term legacy has dropped hints that he's not opposed to masks until now he's refused to wear them on camera but he has said that he used he does actually wear them elsewhere. to see mr trump wearing a mask might be
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a good symbolic gesture perhaps he'll do that at some point but so far he hasn't. but as we heard. the view is that some states opened up a little bit too quickly or perhaps the wrong ways by a long hours and places where people gather without thinking too much perhaps about about social distancing to open and. with no requirement for masks in place and in most places we're seeing 40 states with new new new people new growth in cases 50000 in the united states in a single day more than anywhere else has ever recorded in that amount of time so we may be hearing from the president about this is well filing both thank you very much let's now take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world brazil's president charles and ira has used his veto power to water down legislation requiring the wearing a face masks
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a populist leader remove provisions that would have made masks mandatory in businesses and searches nationwide brazil has the world's 2nd most corona virus infections and deaths. the remains of 24 resistance fighters have been welcomed home to algeria in a solemn military ceremony the men were killed in the 19th century while fighting against french colonial rule their skulls have been kept in a french museum. and british prime minister boris johnson has set out a list of 59 countries from where travelers can enter england starting on july 10th without having to go into quarantine countries like the u.s. and brazil are not on the list. to beirut now where people have been taking to the streets to mourn a man who shot himself in broad daylight on a busy sidewalk in the lebanese capital activists blame the suicide on the government's handling of the economic crisis that has ravaged the country since
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last year lebanon's currency has plunged to record lows causing food prices to skyrocket nearly half of the population was already living below the poverty line and more and more lebanese are now going hungry. it was an act of desperation for everyone to see. a man shot himself dead on this bustling beirut shopping street leaving behind a note and then lebanese flags. that. my cousin killed himself out of hunger you garbage government here in front of the old rule he put his stuff next to him his mobile phone and sundance is the heart and then he laid down his clean judicial record we are going to hand a paper saying i am not to be ready you know i'm covered both within i've been using our numbers grow for good to be really honest broker some of. the dead man's
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anguish brought people to the street his know to refer to a quote from a popular revolutionary song alluding to hunger 6 hunger has become a problem in beirut the city once known as the paris of the middle east. last year lebanon's economy slipped into an abrupt downward spiral huge and sustained anti-government protests led to a new cabinet in january but things didn't. improve and the corona crisis piled on top of the economic crisis soaring food prices and job losses are fueling despair across the country. there's nothing we can't buy anything anymore. nor chicken nor anything real this time i see pictures of these foods in magazines and i always reduce crave a shot john people are hungry. they're desperate. it's
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enough people are exploding. the pain of one man echoes through the streets of beirut is city is. as it does desperate. the death of george floyd in police custody has sparked an ongoing conversation about racial injustice in the united states and around the globe nelson has called on the washington redskins american football team to change their name the shipping giant is a key sponsor of the n.f.l. franchise and has the naming rights to the stadium but it's under pressure from investors the team name is seen by many as a racial slur against native americans who have been advocating change for many years now but redskins owner dan snyder has previously said he refuses to rename the franchise despite any offense. and its official manchester city's leroy's on may is joining bundesliga champions byron munich has
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signed a 5 year deal for a reported $50000000.00. buy and were interested in sunday last year but an injury but the transfer on hold the german winger becomes byron's 3rd signing for the new season. archaeologists and mexico say they found some of the best preserved remains of human activity from more than 10000 years ago but they didn't just pick them up on a typical excavation site they've had to go underwater with divers to explore caves in the yucatan peninsula that were flooded by rising sea levels thousands of years ago. a labyrinth of flooded caves with extremely tight passages and rough rock formations rising seas filled them with water thousands of years ago but even before then these caves would have been dangerous to go into
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over the last 15 years archaeologists have been finding signs of human life deep inside the caves gave up fire pits stone tools and human bones. what's really remarkable about the site preservation this is incredibly rare in archaeology to find evidence for human activity that's. and this well preserved. why were people venturing into such unwelcoming places the recent discovery of an oak a mine in the caves provides a clue. a pigment derives from clay giving yellows and reds was prized by early peoples in the americas it was used for things like cave paintings and burial ceremony is. archaeologists believe the color was so precious that 12000 years ago people were willing to brave the dangerous maze of caverns just to get a hold of it. or watching news from berlin. don't forget
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you can always get the latest news around the clock on our website that's. all of us on twitter and instagram as well as that at. thanks for tuning in. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information. our corona. special and next on.


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