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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 5, 2020 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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solutions' money was on the top she's not in the book and to be dealt with. this is d w news a lot about from berlin and croatia votes in parliamentary elections dominated by the coronavirus cases are on the rise and the tourism dependent economy is in crisis in a close race between the incumbent conservatives and opposition center left a new right wing party could play the kingmaker also coming up on the show the lockdown is back in parts of melbourne australia as
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a 2nd wave of corona virus infections appears residents of 9 public housing blocks are now under quarantine. plus the byron make it a double meeting later clues into a claim that german cop david alibi open to the scoring as the bavarians added they copped to this season's league title we catch up with all the action from prison cell and fixed idea. i'm claridge's and welcome to the show creations have been voting and parliamentary elections that could push the e.u. member state further to the right with the governing conservative croatian democratic union up against the center left social democratic party the poll is taking place amid a new spike in kofi 1000 cases voters are choosing between leaders who say they can keep. infection rates down while reviving
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a battered economy. none of the main contenders as expected to gain a majority making a coalition government a likely prospect i'm not sure that some say it's a gamble by the incumbent president and rippling coverts that the ruling party calls early elections to profit from their relatively successful handling of the coronavirus pandemic but as a number of covert 900 cases rises again the center right party isn't a spotlight playing golf is just main challenge it is style benediction the social democrat leader is heading a restart coalition made up of small the center left parties he's trying to win over voters by claiming the removal of a dozen government ministers is proof of that incompetence. the election comes as the pandemic battus croatia's fight terrorism success but the biggest financial crisis in decades looming the economy is the main issue for many
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voters is. that a vote for no reason not for me as a young mother it is important to have a stable job so my family can be sustained by the fire of a bag or a model that 11 now they don't care enough about croatians going abroad on the climb and and the low salaries for young people many simply don't have a choice we should have more young people. involved in politics so. i don't know maybe because they have some thoughtful ideas fresh ideas. recent polls put the 2 main political camps neck and neck with only around a quarter of the vote each that could leave room for croatia's right wing homeland movement to join the government. a new nationalist party led by populist sing a mirror sloughs choro is picking up votes from the ruling party neutered little by what it will. there's no clear winner in sight and do you see cook at 19 voter
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turnout is so unpredictable as to pandemic lingus for the 1st time croatia will have an election not only decided by butis but also by a virus. i'm joined now by day i knew of it he's a professor of political science at the university of sac grab the main opposition party says that the ruling party has called these elections early in order to benefit from its handling of the crime virus and amec did this gamble pay off. well just received 3 minutes ago the 1st result of the polling of the exit polls and they were sure of that actually because it seems according to bill as a result of their behavior that has won 61 out of $151.00 seats in the parliament which is about the same as they did in 2016 their main opponents the social democrats won only $44.00 and milosevic coro the 3rd party of the right wing part
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of the homeland movement 16 seats they displace is the prime minister blank which you know very comfortable position because what he can do now is he can form a coalition with the right wing challengers and have a slim majority of 7 to 7 which is just one more than he needs but he can also choose perhaps some other coalition partners maybe from the park more or maybe even to look further at the bigger to the left and to have a correlation with unexpected qualities and with the green party which has apparently won 8 seats so he's now in a good position to form the government against the logs and against some predictions based on earlier public opinion polls all right so if those results are coming in and we're speaking about building coalitions we should talk about the right wing of homeland movements what can you tell us about about the role that fair going to play. they appears on the creation political scene because they were
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just talking spy the way to the center right creation democratic unions accusing them of being too small when it comes to for example concessions to ethnic minorities and on security issues in particular i think migration might migrants and so on so base because they would like to push is that gratian democratic union far to the right into a direction that i was called or by these they've been. very much ideological it's similar to the political problem of the court or upon ages that has tried in the last 4 years to move away from the right at the center of them for a playing field which would want his 2nd term to be a rubber soul a different from his term for 1st term it's now up to him we can avoid that then we could probably try to. create why there probably should perhaps. it is not necessary now to be a grand coalition with social democrats you can probably through with some other smaller collison partners and you can also try and maybe the disunite the support
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on that might be homeland movement by trying to through from all the members of the coalition and most all of them then you know that should thank you so much for joining us thank you. well let's go now to some of the other stories making news around the world despite a record surge in corona virus cases in the united states president donald trump and downplayed the severity by praising what he called progress against the pandemic in a divisive speech to mark independence day the united states has seen over 129000 deaths more than any other country in the war. protesters in the u.s. city of baltimore have torn down a statue of christopher columbus as seen in this video that's gone viral on twitter the protests came after president trump also praised columbus in his independence day speech columbus and his men killed and in slaves indigenous people and his
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voyages that led to european colonization of the americas. us rapper kanye west has taken to twitter to announce his intention to join the 2020 presidential race seen here with his wife a reality t.v. star kim cardassian west has been a supporter of republican president donald trump but it's not yet clear how serious west is about his white house run. mexico's coronavirus death toll has risen to over 30000 mexico has now overtaken france with the highest in number of victims worldwide the capital mexico city has returned to strict lockdown after a week of easing restrictions. authorities in australia as a 2nd biggest city in melbourne have reimposed stripped to lock down measures in an attempt to contain a 2nd wave of infections residents of 9 public housing blocks have been put in quarantine for 5 days and the move it took many tenants by surprise. this is the
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closest to outside they can get for the next 5 days no going to work no running out to get groceries. police swarmed 9 public housing towers in melbourne on saturday evening blocking driveways and doorways to prevent anyone from leaving. it isn't a crime scene the state government says is to avoid any explosive corona virus outbreak there's $27.00 confirmed cases of the virus among the $3000.00 residents of the estates. because that is the appropriate period to test. the authorities insist the lockdown isn't about punishment but protection except
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some residents say they're being treated like prisoners aid groups have expressed concerns about vulnerable communities inside the units some who have fled war or family violence they are calling for less police officers and more social workers and translators. are down for a moment underestimate how challenging magic in some respects that for the 3000 residents. the state government has offered a 2 week rent freeze and welfare payments to support those in the law. but residents say the seriousness of the measures are unfair with many highlighting how other people in lockdown suburbs are still allowed to leave their houses for work or grocery shopping their tenants feel powerless they will spend the next 5 days waiting for a knock at the door that brings food supplies were 19 test and won't be allowed out until everyone has been tested. well let's bring you up to date now with some of the other developments the world health organization says it will stop
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a study and the effectiveness of hydroxy chloroquine and hiv drugs as treatments for covert 19 that's after trials failed to reduce deaths the w.h.o. has announced the highest a single day increase in new infections since the start of the pandemic the member states reported at more than $212000.00 new cases and india's caseload is fueling that rise it recorded its highest a single day spike almost 23000 people tested positive within 24 hours spain has reimposed a lockdown conditions on 70000 people the marina on the northern coast is the 2nd spanish region to close down again in one day. to formula one now and mercedes driver of all terry about us has won the season opening grand prix in austria as f one drivers made a statement against racism before the event defending world champion lewis hamilton led a majority of drivers in ealing while some who wore t.
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shirts bearing the message end racism 6 of the 20 drivers remained standing or just claimed his 8th career win with a charlotte clare coming 2nd and a youngster landon norris in 3rd. and in football byron munich have added another trophy to their collection in the german cup final they'd be leverkusen to clinch a league and cup double in berlin for the 2nd year running for the match played out in a strange atmosphere with the pandemic meaning byron's victory took place in front of empty stands. yes study on 75000 seats remain unfilled just minutes before kickoff by our nature and liberties in would be vying for the german cup but for the 1st time ever before and the stands. with the match underway byron showed no signs of a hangover from last week's bendis league title celebrations forcing leverkusen backplane into last gasp defending early on. a 15th minute collision
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put byron in prime position for a free kick. the dollar pinned at home without breaking a sweat one nil by an after a quarter of an hour i am just 8 minutes later a delicately started ball from yoshua kimmage was neatly tucked home by seshadri was 2 nil with byron already cruising towards a repeat of last year's double. i decided trailing to mail it to half leverkusen coach peter bosch would need to make adjustments i but later accusing the attack still looked disjointed after the break a blazing run from. put the ball on a platter for kevin folland who promptly forgot to shoot in the 57th minute. byron struggled with no such problems a booted long ball from mongrel noir found robert levin dusky speculative shot trickled past and understandably frustrated because of gutsy 3 nil by iron 59
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minutes played was. just 4 minutes later a flying stand vendor pulled one back for leverkusen surely one of just enough time for bosses boys to start thinking about a comeback. but leverkusen failed to capitalize on and prove play and who else but robert the dusty put the game to bed with a minute to go in regular time it was the polar strikers 51st goal in all competitions a sea. the 95th minute penalty sakai hobbit step up in round out the storing up for 2 with the last kick of the match it was little consolation for leverkusen who haven't won the cup since 1993. byron meanwhile had repeated last season's domestic double despite the bizarre circumstances if one thing can deliver a sense of normalcy it's by lifting the title. russians looking for
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a way to cool off from the summer sun have hit the ski slopes dozens of skiers a dawn swim suits for their down hell's ash at western russian resort by the volga river preparations for the annual event began in february when the snow was gathered and stored away. you're watching news i'm claire richardson in berlin thanks so much for joining us. this is some the story of a stubborn rice farmer from thailand. is full of pests. his crew no chemicals. his wife thought it was crazy. and was.


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