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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 5, 2020 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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this is d.w. new saliva from berlin and croatia votes in parliamentary elections and dominated by the coronavirus cases are on the rise and the tourism dependent economy is in crisis the ruling conservatives are set to form a new coalition government also coming up. parts of australia's 2nd city melbourne are back in lockdown to fight a 2nd wave of infections 9 public housing blocks are put under quarantine.
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i am i was truly shown on a board of the ocean fighting rescue vessel migrants stuck in limbo on the mediterranean are finally told if they can just embark. and formula one begins its toll a disease in a with a railing grands prix in austria and a message to the world's britain's lewis hamilton or leads an anti-racism protest by kneeling before the start we look at the lack of diversity in the sport. i'm clay richardson welcome to the show creations have voted in parliamentary elections and that could push the e.u. member state further to the right according to exit polls the governing conservatives will win of the most seats ahead of the center left social democratic party but neither is expected to gain an outright majority making a coalition government likely that could leave room for
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a new force in croatian politics the nationalist homeland movement led by a popular folk singer. observing strict hygiene precautions and social distancing ruse voters in croatia cost their ballots. prime minister under a plane coverage its ruling party is expected to take victory some say the center right party called the early elections in order to profit from its relatively successful handling of the coronavirus pandemic and that decision seems to have paid off. chrissy means that citizens can express their opinions today is the day in which we have this great and counter with the will of the people are we happy with the decision of all citizens to continue working for croatia. plan coverage is ahead of his main challenger social democrat leader. he leads a restart coalition made up of smaller center left parties but the h.d.
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is that won't win enough seats to secure a majority meaning it will have to find allies to govern with 'd. one option could be the homeland movement of folk singer miroslav score he polled 3rd despite public outrage over his nationalist views a coalition with him would push the government further to the right. but finding a coalition partner is only the beginning of a difficult journey the new government will have to navigate croatia out of an economic downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic some voters are pessimistic many a bit nervous for me but what's important to me is to come and vote but frankly i don't expect things to change dramatically. but i think both the ruling and the social democrats have not achieved anything positive in the last 30 years. we. are hungry for change one of the reasons why they turned out to vote in spite of the
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pandemic. well i'm joined now by day on ya vetch he's a professor of political science at the university of that crap exit polls that show the governing a party at winning the most seats how surprising as best results so a degree it is surprising because earlier public opinion polls during the campaign actually predicted that the result would be tight and there were 2 main coalitions the conservatives and social democrats would be almost neck to neck it hasn't actually happened the creation democratic union has one of 20 seats more than social democrats and is now in a very comfortable position to choose their coalition partner what is also good for them for the prime minister plank in particular is that actually he doesn't have to form the coalition with the 3rd party that is middle of course homeland movement and this is good for him because the horse whose whole 1st term in office between 16 and 20 was actually a marked by
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a moving towards dissent center rather than following a kind of orb on the stick all it takes such as we see for example by if you go to oregon in hungary middle score is a force that would want to see more conservative more empty minority more on the migrant he questions to the issue of gender equality and has issued some quite. outrageous outrageous statements to this effect now on the airplane coverage can choose to have other smaller partners and government than to form a more centrist coalition but he will certainly remain the prime minister of great shock. all right and what about voter turnout in the time of coronavirus edge of the pandemic discouraged race and he's going to the polls. well to a degree i don't think it was due to 40 percent smaller than in the elections 2016 but you know just bear in mind that in the european elections the turnout was on the 30 percent now it was just a little bit short of 50 percent in the presidential elections earlier this year it
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was 56 percent so gracious not really well known for 13 i would but it was decent are and what can we expect to see next we can expect the formation of the yogo a governmental action a coalition talks or the negotiations between age does that which is now in a very strong position and forcibly some smaller part there's still further to the right but i wouldn't exclude for example also an option that he invites left liberal parties to the government to just bear in mind that his last government was also composed of croatian democratic union the conservatives but also the liberal party and of representatives of ethnic minorities who have got 8 seats in the parliament he is now only i think 14 or 15 seats short from an overall majority or so that shouldn't be too difficult for him down yo bitch from the university of baghdad thank you for thank you. well let's go now to
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some other stories making news around the world mexico's coronavirus death toll has topped 30000 mexico has now overtaken friends with the hot with the 5th highest number of victims of worldwide the capital mexico city has returned to strict lockdown after a week of easing restrictions. brazilians have taken to the streets once again to protest against far right president also narrow in sao paulo health workers and teachers criticize the government's handling of the coronavirus crisis they also marched against racial discrimination and police brutality. protesters in the u.s. city of baltimore have torn down a statue of christopher columbus president donald trump had earlier praised the explorer in his independence day speech columbus and his men were killed and in slaves indigenous people and his voyages of march the start of european
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colonization of the americas. us a rapper kanye west has taken to twitter to announce his intention to join the 2028 presidential race seen here with his wife reality t.v. star kim a cardassian west has been a supporter of republican president donald trump but it's not yet clear how serious west is about his white house run. well authorities in australia as a 2nd biggest city in melbourne have reimposed a strict lockdown measures in an attempt to contain a 2nd wave of infections residents of 9 public housing blocks have been put in quarantine for 5 days as the move took many tenants by surprise. this is the closest to outside they can get for the next 5 days no going to work no running out to get groceries. police formed 9 public housing towers in melbourne on saturday evening blocking driveways and doorways prevent anyone from leaving.
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it isn't a crime scene the state government says is to avoid an explosive corona virus outbreak there's $27.00 confirmed cases of the virus among the $3000.00 residents of the estates. nor until i was at a voting bloc to. be locked in for all east for dice because that is james the appropriate period to test everybody every single wizard. have already tested positive across those tales. the authorities insist the lockdown isn't about punishment but protection except some residents say they're being treated like prisoners aid groups have expressed concerns about vulnerable communities inside the units some who have fled war or family violence they're calling for less police offices and more social workers and translators. are down for a moment underestimate how challenging magic in some respects that will be for
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those $3000.00 residents the state government has offered a 2 week rent freeze and welfare payments to support those in the lockdown but residents say the seriousness of the mess is there and share with many highlighting how other people in lockdown suburbs are still allowed to leave their houses for work or grocery shopping their tenants feel powerless they will spend the next 5 days waiting for a knock at the door that brings food supplies or a covert 19 test and won't be allowed out until everyone has been tested. for migrants stuck at sea for days on a rescue ship will now be transferred to a coronavirus quarantine vessel off the island of sicily and take them one step closer to finally reaching dry land in europe there were scenes of jubilation on board the ocean viking when the news was announced. that. conditions for the
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180 migrants onboard became desperate after the ship was refused permission to dock in italy and malta crew members were forced to declare an emergency after several people attempted. to commit suicide. for the migrants on board the ocean viking it's been 10 desperate days of waiting italian and maltese harbors have remained closed during the current virus pandemic when italy sent a team of medics to test the rescued migrants for cope with 19 it seemed not all hope was lost for the day it was time to thank you. thank you for calling all the time on the record we have. no italian authorities later announced the migrants will be transferred to the ship moby saucer for quarantine the ship is anchored in the harbor of porto. it already has people on board that were rescued from the mediterranean conditions for the
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$180.00 ocean viking migrants became increasingly desperate with each passing day several even attempted suicide the migrants were rescued trying to cross the mediterranean in rickety wooden boats we are seeing more people in the central mediterranean there's a lot of people now coming in from tunisia which is somewhat unusual it does happen sometimes but it's been an unusually high number over the last over the last few weeks safety is finally in sight for those on board the ocean viking but if the recent good weather continues rescue organizations expect more migrants to put to sea. to formula one now and mercedes driver a voluntary botha's has won the season opening grand prix and austria as f one drivers made a statement against racism before the event defending world champion lewis hamilton and led a majority of drivers in nearly while some wore t. shirts bearing the message and racism but 6 of the 20 drivers from ange standing by
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test claimed his 8th career win with charlotte clare coming 2nd and youngster landowner orus in 3rd. well joining me now for more on the formula one season start in austria is dave reneke from it d.w. sports dave tell me more about this stand against racism taken by lewis hamilton yeah as you said the message was really led by the activism of lewis hamilton where all of the drivers prior to the race for and racism shirts hamilton himself for a black lives matter shirt and most though not all of the drivers took a need to protest racial injustice before the race began and it's worth noting that hamilton is been really a longstanding activist an advocate for racial justice he's also the 1st and only black driver in formula one which really especially at moments like this puts incredible pressure on him but i think he's really rose to the occasion and helped
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galvanize the discussion and as we're seeing clear statements on the issue when you mentioned only some of the drivers actually took a knee or what about the other ones who chose to remain standing i mean it was not compulsory this just sure was open to anyone who wanted to partake and 6 of the drivers decided not to do that. if you didn't take the news said i believe what matters are facts and behaviors in our daily life rather than formal gestures and you can make of that what you will i think it points out to the difficulties of having this sort of broader discussion and the inability to find a clear consensus here. and quickly do you think this is going to be another dominant year for mercedes and hamilton yeah i mean hamilton in mercedes are on in an incredible run where mercedes have won 6 of the last formula one championships it's hard to see that really changing anytime soon all right dave reneke from did all
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these fights thanks so much for joining us. you're watching the w. news we'll have more news headlines at the top of the hour and so then you can stay up to date on our web site w dot com and don't forget you can follow us on twitter and instagram to me and it's i'm kyra phillips and from me and the whole team thanks so much for watching. this do some top story a stubborn rice farmer from thailand. just passed. his credo no chemicals. his wife thought it was a hurry c m. m's.


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