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does it do that when you fly from berlin croatians back the ruling conservatives by a landslide incumbent prime minister under a plank of a great victory and acetylene a new right wing government that as an economic downturn looms caused by the pandemic also coming up. parts of australia 2nd city in melbourne are back in lockdown to fight a new wave of infections 9 public housing blocks are put under quarantine. in formula one b. against and still lame season with a thrilling from korea in austria and
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a message to the world britain's lewis hamilton leads an anti-racism protest by kneeling before the start of the race that said it's team mate on course for its 1st world championship. on the call for welcome to the show. croatia as prime minister has claimed a great victory in the country's parliamentary elections for luminary official results give the governing conservatives a strong lead ahead of the center left social democratic party the votes also opens the playing field to a controversial new force and croatian politics the nationalist homeland movement which came in 3rd. observing street tide you precautions and social distancing. counts that. the result
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a clear victory for the h.d. said party of prime minister i'm replying to bitch. some say the center right party called the early elections in order to profit from its relatively successful handling of the coronavirus pandemic. and that decision seems to have paid off. a little more democracy means that citizens can express their opinions today is the day in which we have this great encounter with the will of the people i will be happy with the decision of our citizens to continue working for croatia. the main challenger the social democrat leader to have all been a ditch have been predicted to run a much closer race he needs a coalition very small the center left parties. he said has not won enough seats to secure a majority meaning you will have to find allies to govern with busy. one option
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could be the homeland movement the folk singer miroslav score 0 he polled 3rd despite public outrage over his nationalists views a coalition with him would push the government further to the right. but finding a coalition partner is only the beginning of a difficult journey the new government will have to navigate croatia out of an economic downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic. out in the streets assad grip some voters are pessimistic. for many a bit nervous and what's important to me is to come and vote but frankly i don't expect things to change dramatically misunderstood and i think both the ruling h.t. said of the social democrats have not achieved anything positive in the last 30 years. croatians are hungry for change one of the reasons why they turned out to vote in spite of the pandemic. earlier we spoke with day and your letter professor of political science at the university of zagreb and asked if these results trend
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out to be as expected then surprising because earlier public opinion polls during the campaign actually predicted that the result would be tight and there were 2 main coalitions the conservatives and social democrats would be almost neck to neck it hasn't actually happened the creation democratic union has one of out of 20 seats more than social democrats and that is now in a very comfortable position to choose the coalition partner what is also good for them for the prime minister plank in particular is that actually he doesn't have to form the coalition with the 3rd party that is middle of course homeland movement and this is good for him because the what's his whole 1st term in office between 16 and 20 was actually a marked by a moving towards the center center rather than following a kind of orbán is all it takes such as we see for example by if you go to oregon in under a little score is
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a force that you want to see more conservative more empty minority more on the migrant he questions that is your gender equality and has he had some quite. outrageous outrageous statements to this effect now. can choose to have other smaller part this in government than to form a more centrist coalition but he will certainly remain the prime minister of great shock. that was daniel which speaking to d.w. a short while ago. let's now take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. spain's a marina district along the northwest coast will go back under a 5 day lockdown after a spike in corona virus infections around $70000.00 people will be affected local authorities have traced the outbreak to reopened pubs. in the capital daly has inaugurated 810000 bed hospital for coronavirus patients it's said
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to be one of the largest such facilities in the world that's as india reported another record daily jump in cold 19 cases it's the world's 4th worst hit country after the us brazil and russia. thousands protested in libya's eastern city of benghazi against what they call turkish interference in the country turkey military support to the un backed government in the western city of tripoli control of libya has been split between 2 rival administration since 2015 with various foreign powers backing both sides. authorities and australia 2nd biggest city melbourne have reimposed strict lockdown measures in an attempt to contain a new wave of infections residents of 9 public housing blocks have been put in quarantine for 5 days a move that took many tenants by surprise. this is the closest to outside they can
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get for the next 5 days no going to work no running out to get groceries. police swarmed 9 public housing towers in melbourne on saturday evening blocking driveways and doorways to prevent anyone from leaving. it isn't a crime scene the state government says is to avoid an explosive corona virus outbreak there's $27.00 confirmed cases of the virus among the $3000.00 residents of the estates. no entails that of being locked down will be looking for at least 4 guys because that is the appropriate period to test everybody every single resident of those who have already tested positive across those tales. the authorities insist the lockdown isn't about punishment but protection except some residents say they're being treated like prisoners aid groups have expressed concerns about vulnerable communities inside the units some who have fled war or
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family violence they're calling for less police offices and more social workers and translators. are down for a moment underestimate how challenging magic in some respects that will be for those $3000.00 residents the state government has offered a 2 week rent freeze and welfare payments to support those in the lockdown but residents say the seriousness of the measures are unfair with many highlighting how other people in lockdown suburbs are still allowed to leave their houses for work or grocery shopping their tenants feel powerless they will spend the next 5 days waiting for a knock at the door that brings food supplies or a coded 19 test and won't be allowed out until everyone has been tested. and only has allowed a rescue ship that was stuck in limbo for days to dock at a sicilian port there the $180.00 like ones on board will be transferred to a quarantine ship there were scenes of jubilation on the ocean viking when the news
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was announced. condition was for the one of the remaining like rooms on board became desperate after the ship was refused permission to dock in the way and malta crew members were forced to declare an emergency after several people attempted to commit suicide. for the migrants onboard the ocean viking it's been 10 desperate days of waiting italian and maltese harbors have remained close during the current virus pandemic when italy sent a team of medics to test the rescue of migrants for covert 19 it seemed not all hope was lost for. the same thing right here if you are at home all the time. we have. now you tell you
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now 30 days later announced the migrants will be transferred to the ship moby sasser for quarantine the ship is anchored in the harbor of porto empedocles it already has people on board that were rescued from the mediterranean conditions for the $180.00 ocean viking migrants became increasingly desperate with each passing day several even attempted suicide the migrants were rescued trying to cross the mediterranean in rickety wooden boats we are seeing more people in the central mediterranean there's a lot of people now coming in from tunisia which is somewhat unusual it does happen sometimes but it's been a unusually high number over the last over the last few weeks safety is finally in sight for those onboard the ocean viking but if the recent good weather continues rescue organizations expect more migrants to put to sea. some sports now and a formula one where the 2020 seasons finally got underway well the austrian grand
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prix the sports return was delayed due to the pandemic but this campaign featuring just 8 races and served 21 and while there was plenty of excitement on the track activism outside the driver's seat took center stage. led by reigning champion lewis hamilton drivers preceded the race by making a statement against racism though they were all singing to the same tune most were and racism shirts while hamilton and many other drivers took a knee to protest racial injustice. as for the race itself hamilton was moved from 2nd to 5th in the starting grid due to an infringement on saturday's qualifying. that britain was dealt another penalty after tapping tires with red bull driver alex albon leading the albin spinning out the collision cost hamilton 5 seconds bumping his finish from 2nd to 4th hamilton's compatriot lando norris had
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a better day for 20 year old mclaren driver finished 3rd securing his 1st ever podium appearance tones prescience i think. there's a few points in a race where. i thought i kind of forged it up quite a bit despite norse's struggles only charlotte who finished 2nd in valtteri bottas to top the pile norris the 5th has never won the world championship now the others have just 7 races in this truncated campaign to dislodge him from the top spot. a car with 19 pandemic has affected tourism across the world parts of africa that's impacting funding for conservation projects like animal protection one wildlife trust in kenya says it's now struggling to food and to tect a growing number of orphaned elephants that's trying to look after. feeding time for these baby elephants but asked that orphaned there's no mother's
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milk. instead they rely on few men from the sheldrick wildlife trust to look after them $400.00 humans in fact including 70 keepers as well as vets and antique poaching units but with no money from tourists coming to visit kenya it's becoming more difficult to cover the costs. good. coming in so that is a big worry. the corona crisis has also brought on the danger is food shortages have resulted in an increase in the legal hunting sadly we are seeing an increase in legal activity including bush meat and methods such as using wire discriminate amongst the species they target so endangered animals such as
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elephants the babies behind me and giraffes can get caught in the fray and this is due to curve at 19 and the economic hardships that communities living alongside protected areas of facing. it's not all bad news for these creatures. a ban on trade in ivory projects in countries like china has meant the demand for elephant tusks is falling. but until tourists return to kenya the future for these baby elephants and their human carers will remain uncertain. here's a reminder of our top story at this hour. which has claimed. parliamentary elections. to form a coalition and the national party.
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