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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 6, 2020 9:00am-9:31am CEST

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this is news coming to you live from berlin coronavirus cases surge in south africa the country records its biggest increase in a single day we report on why some communities are not cooperating with the government in. also coming out croatia's governing conservatives to the polls and security another victory in parliamentary elections how has the party managed to stay in power for so long plus it's one of the world's most famous monuments the eiffel tower in paris is open again longest peacetime closure because the pandemic
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. good have you with us south africa has reported a sharp rise in the number of corona virus infections nearly 20000 new cases were reported over the weekend on saturday the country recorded the biggest increase in a single day since the start of the pandemic the government is urging people to respect social distancing and other measures to halt the spread of the virus but has increased reports from cape town that's proving difficult in some communities. cape town one of the a.p. centers of the coronavirus pandemic in south africa but there's little evidence of it in the few of the mandates to wear a mask and social distancing is unusual. you
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see. so in that me no i'm not because i. understand so i'm so used so i'm not scared because you know we're going to but overcrowded neighborhoods is just where the virus is rapidly spreading many people here feel the economic fallout of the pandemic is a greater threat than the disease itself that's why it covered 19 mission from the health ministry is trying to convince potentially infected people and their contacts to enter quarantine. to protect your loved ones. protect yourself. if you did. wrong.
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to our towns where we take you the government has massive funds into field hospitals and quarantine. patients go to the hospitals the quarantine rooms remain empty. people who refused to go into isolation because the problem is that we talking of huge numbers where this is happening because. i think it was about 10000 . for the clinton in isolation. out of those. 2000. i do find that in those areas it's the people who don't want to cause the law does say that you have to give out. few people seem interested in the awareness raising campaign in the township even though the region is a virus hot spots. that. you
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see we could be included in these states so. why did you want to shut. me to move. what is going to happen. and many people here are too afraid to leave their homes for extended periods due to the high crime rates. and. that report joins us now from cape town good to see you avery in south africa reported around 20000 new coronavirus cases over the weekend is the country headed for a 2nd. well as you know south africa had one of the strictest lock downs worldwide in the initial stage of the coronavirus outbreak here when infection numbers very very very low and the president has said himself
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that was the bazooka of the strongest weapon that the government had and some people here are wondering now if possibly the strongest weapon was used to really yes it gave the government time to prepare the health sector but what also happened in the same time is that the overall readiness of the population for strict measures against the against the virus is gone down there's been a massive pressure over the past weeks to reopen the economy and now we have restaurants opens schools open again religious gatherings are allowed to get and this is all happening in the time where we're seeing you know the 1st peak coming closer and closer but at the same time yes there is pressure to come back with another lock down in local areas like for example the area around pretoria and johannesburg where local authorities are already asking the national government to consider another lockdown. is africa's health infrastructure coping with this surge in infections. i would say very different depending on the provinces and region see in the western cape it seems they are quite prepared
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a lot of field hospitals were set up you've seen that in the report but in other regions it looks more problematic in a college saying in the eastern cape for example 2 of the other centers off the pandemic in south africa is still not to be done you have a big gap in hospital beds in intensive care units so a lot of work needs to be done there but you also have to remember that the south african public health care system has been overstretched for years i talked to an official in the health ministry last week and he told me that's been the reality for us remember south africa has been facing massive health challenges high rates of hiv aids patients diabetes patients that tuberculosis for example and this of course was covered now puts additional pressure on the health system on the other hand so you have officials saying well it might be also chair. because we experience in dealing with health crisis and scenarios and this one well a little bit of positive thinking maybe as well if you look at the death toll it's
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much slower than initially expected south africa has the same number of cases like germany but only 3200 people died off covets so far in germany the number is 3 times higher. erin thank you so much that was adrian krishna in cape town let's bring you up to date now on some of the other developments in the coded 19 crisis hundreds of scientists are calling for the world health organization to revise its recommendations on combating the virus to focus on airborne transmission saudi arabia has banned gatherings between those attending this year's the annual islamic pilgrimage to prevent the spread of the corona virus people in england appear to have for the most part behaved themselves as pubs reopened over the weekend according to britain's health minister and ireland will ease quarantine or sections on incoming travellers starting july 20th based on a green list of countries with low infection rates. croatia's prime minister
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has claimed what he describes as a great victory in the country's parliamentary elections for luminary official results give the governing conservatives a strong lead ahead of the center of left social democratic party the vote also opens the playing field to a controversial new force in croatian politics the nationalist homeland movement which came in 3rd. supporters of croatia center right h d z party celebrate their candidates election victory the party strategy of holding early elections on the strength of the government's handling of the krona crisis so far looks to paid off apportioning by the main contender the social democrats helped seal the deal. relation voters it seems believe. is the right choice to guide the country through these challenging times. badness
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whatever it is all but today this result for the h d z our victory is not only overwhelming it also represents an obligation that's because we had a difficult mandate full of challenges for us and the challenges lying ahead of us are certainly even bigger. your shoot each. the 1st challenge is to find coalition partners one option could be the homeland movement a folk singer miroslav scotto he polled 3rd despite public outrage over his nationalist views a coalition with him would push the government further to the right. then there's an even bigger issue of the economy croatia relies heavily on tourism in the face of the ongoing corona crisis experts are forecasting a 70 percent slump in revenues from that sector alone which translates to a 10 percent drop in the overall economy. so supporters of prime minister plank
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of it might be well advised to enjoy this celebration before the sobering economic realities hit home. for more on the election outcome let's talk to yo bitch he's professor of political science at the university of zagreb and he joins us from equation capital thanks for being with us professor another election victory for the h d c hell have they managed to maintain their grip on power so consistently for nearly 30 years. 1st the final they keep reminding people that they were the main force in transformation of crates back in 1009. different goals and painful involved also the war for independence in the 1st half of the 1900 and then secondly it seems that the creation public opinion continuously it shows signs of being conservative more than
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reform is some would say this is a problem for croatia but it certainly helps the creation democratic union to continue governing creation. parties on both the far right and left gained ground in this election what does that tell us about the direction of the country's moving in. this direction will not change there the prime minister under full encourage what is now in a comfortable position to form the new government and can choose actually who he wants to form the government with so they reason movie the player in creation politics who could for example blackmail or influence the site you simply do that action. will will go in the next 4 years one of the fears because that had was that the home and movement which is more so the for the far right kind of put on the east on the integration and on the minority party will have by they don't on the other hand as well i mean the social democrats are in a in
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a problem they didn't expect to lose so significantly and their leader has yesterday or the announced that he might actually have stepped down the new forces in creation politics involved and you'll green the left coalition which are scored very well and they actually might be a serious challenge to social democrats from the left ok professor thank you very much that was day on you'll get your political science professor at the university it's a great fit you. italy has allowed a rest your ship that was stuck in limbo for days to dock at a sicilian port there the $180.00 migrants on board will be transferred to a quarantine ship there were scenes of your relation jubilation on the ocean viking when the news was announced. conditions for the occupants became desperate for the ship was refused permission
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to dock in italy and malta crew members were forced to declare an emergency after several people attempted to commit suicide. for the migrants on board the ocean viking it's been 10 desperate days of waiting italian and maltese harbors have remained closed during the current virus pandemic when a chilly sent a team of medics to test the rescued migrants for cope with 19 it seemed not all hope was lost and they were at. the same time i. think if you are all. right people would have us. now to tell you no authorities later announced the migrants will be transferred to the ship moby sasa for quarantine the ship is anchored in the harbor of partow an empty dock click it already has people on board that were rescued from the mediterranean conditions for the $180.00 ocean viking migrants became increasingly desperate with each passing day several even attempted suicide the migrants were rescued trying to
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cross the mediterranean in rickety wooden boats we are seeing more people in the central mediterranean there's a lot of people now coming in from tunisia which is somewhat unusual it does happen sometimes but it's been a unusually high number over the last over the last few weeks safety is finally in sight for those onboard the ocean viking but if the recent good weather continues rescue organizations expect more migrants to put to sea. with some or all of her. in some countries many may be tempted to put on the air conditioning to get some relief from the heat but after cooling systems were linked to a coronavirus elfric at a german meat planet can we trust it from taking public transport to being in the office to going on holiday hell sake is the air we are breathing.
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a common sight for these coronavirus times people pouring off public transport wearing face masks looking for that 1st of fresh air. mosques in many places a compulsory but as the weather gets warmer is that enough to ease worries. i feel if i have a mask on my children and i try to make sure that i'm like one and half want to meters away from somebody who also has meant i feel quite sure that the 2 say. i want to get around this is laid up to do the. most modern trams and buses of 52 conditioning units which draw fresh air from the outside. but go underground and it's a slightly different story though passenger numbers is still down compared to before the pandemic carriages is starting to fill up again. on the
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transit buses my stomach the stories around the world very powerful the snake and so in confined spaces without much translation these are considered high risk. despite the lack of air conditioning transports officials point to other sources of a flow there's a lot of outside air to ventilate the vehicles behold they're going in the driving force at the stations the doors open up there was the. of silva ventilated by the trains going back and forth does he have these huge trains pushing with the speed moving all the the here. a corona virus outbreak or to meet plants in northern germany has put air conditioning under the spotlight again it follows a chinese study that suggested ad conditioning helped spread the virus to diners in a grand show restaurants the air condition is a movement of the air big can transfer. there's droplets
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of the viruses from one to the other therefore you need much more air trash air from the outside in such cases. scientists admit it's too early to make any firm conclusions about air conditioning units as well as fresh air they say high efficiency filters can help reduce the presence of the virus. such filters aboard and lines use insight that happens recycling the afro every 3 or 4 minutes but this only kicks in during the flight and not before and after. conditions has to be acted before the pension s. and just and the plane we think. dry to promote so formation all areas and consequently the possibility of an infection. as some of
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the holiday season approaches this year that's more than simply just a destination to consider. say look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today the dominican republic ruling party is on track to lose power after 16 years well in their results from the national election indicate the opposition candidate to the east of the nato is set to become president the election was postponed from may due to the pandemic. rescue workers are searching for survivors after torrential rains and landslides hit japan's southern island of q shoot over the weekend at least 24 people are confirmed dead the floods have washed away roads and bridges leaving people in isolated communities cut all. austrian police arrested 2 russians over the fatal shooting of a chechen asylum seeker in vienna authorities are treating the crime as a possible political assassination the victim lived in austria for 10 years and was
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a vocal critic of the chechen government. world's most visited museum the louvre in paris has reopened after being closed for nearly 4 months because of the coronavirus lockdown but with many foreign tourists still unable to visit the city it will be anything but a return to business as usual however the reopening 2 weeks ago of another famous monument to the french capital the eiffel tower shows there are reasons to be optimistic. that the only thing the woman was it's still as breathtaking as ever getting close to these 10000 tons of in the tower was built for no other reason than glory an engineering wonder by gustav eiffel designed to look like lakes since its opening in $889.00 it has been closed only during the 2 world wars and now for $100.00 days juta the coronavirus pandemic there have been few visitors
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since the reopening pursues his family just fine. if it got the best. possible from e-coli and if. the couple thinks it's a very good times a visit it's such a big so far is that the 1st time i'm hearing the families and also. that it's time. they are going up on foot only one of the lifts is operating so far and much reduced capacity but more of the town will be opened in the coming weeks visitors will have access to the summit for mid july but climbing the 704 steps to the 2nd floor isn't planned. it was through the roof yes. yes the 2nd was that we discover.
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these days crowds can be dangerous and the towers managers are doing all they can to prevent it becoming a coded infection zone and we implemented a couple of measures. social distancing by one meter and the hoff and the with the mask the face off and that's where it's here though some would taking them off for a quick selfie. mining had a limit. of 1400 people. and know. that is. really starting small but those who do come in the summer have the unusual feet. on feet who most teams. sports the formula one where the 2020 season finally got underway with the austrian prix the sports return was delayed due to the pandemic with this campaign featuring
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just 8 races planned so far and while there was plenty of excitement on the track activism outside the driver's seat took center stage. led by reigning champion lewis hamilton drivers preceded the race by making a statement against racism though they were all singing to the same tune most were and racism shirts while hamilton and many other drivers took a knee to protest racial injustice. as for the race itself hamilton was moved from 2nd to 5th in the starting grid due to an infringement on saturday's qualifying. that britain was dealt another penalty after tapping tires with red bull driver alex albion leading to albin spinning out the collision cost hamilton 5 seconds bumping his finish from 2nd to 4th hamilton's compatriot lando norris had a better day between the year old mclaren driver finished 3rd securing his 1st ever
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podium appearance time species i think. there's a few points in the race where. i thought i kind of fudged it up quite a bit despite norse's struggles only charlotte clare who finished 2nd in both terry but to us to top the pile ignoring us if it has never won the world championship now the others have just 7 races in this truncated campaign to dislodge him from the top spot. and joining us now is out of pads so it's a from d.w. sports goods. so an anti-racism gesture made there before the drivers took to the track a very bold statement how porton was that message for the formula one crowd very important because lewis hamilton is the only black driver in formula one and he's the driving force in the movement for black lives matter when it comes to formula one participants and the fans also and i mean it's a very exclusive sport it's basically lily white so he's he's he's gotten the all
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the drivers together there's total support there for the black lives matter movement interesting to note that not all of them took a knee and reports are coming in that for example one driver said that look i don't want to antagonize sometimes that can antagonize people but we all respect the movement and what's most important is that the organization itself that runs formula one. and to nasa now the automobile they have also issued a statement on twitter saying this is the right way to go and they totally support what hamilton is doing and let's get back to the competition. lewis hamilton is hoping to match michael. 7 title 7 titles in formula one how likely do you think that is that's right that's the record 7 titles and you know it's you're going after the man and the myth and the legend because that's what schumacher is no one else has done it before it won 7
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titles and now he's with hamilton he's got 6 he's under pressure he handles it well i must say in every respect if anyone can do it i would say it is hamilton but i mean look there's only 8 races so far as we know and he's already down with only 12 points and his team mate. but terry he has 25 points wins already catch up time all doable will see so only 8 rays races in this season because of the corona virus crisis how was that. affecting the competition well so far it races they may incorporate more races later on it's i'm sure but it's such a truncated competition and so far it's only going to be in europe. so it's the pressures on every race is incredibly important that's why when when when hamilton doesn't take 1st place here he's already doing catch up as we just spoke about it so we'll see what will happen there is thinking maybe of incorporating the commuting grand prix and maybe the chinese grand prix but again it's all up in the
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air it's all going to depend on how 1000 develops a puzzle see from did obvious sports thanks so much. breaking news just coming in reports say that italian winning composer and your mother connie has died at the age of 91 more coney was perhaps best known for his film scores of so-called spaghetti westerns including once upon a time in the west end the good the bad the ugly he won his 1st competitive academy award for the french in terms you know directed film to hate 82016 he composed music for around 500 film and television soundtracks in his career. this is t w news and here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you this hour. has reported a sharp rise in the number of corona virus infections nearly 20000 new cases were
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reported over the weekend on saturday the country recorded the biggest increase in a single day since the start of the. you're watching. all the latest news anytime you want a website that's. thanks for being with us. it
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is quite as simple as it seems. to understand the world better we need to take a closer. experience knowledge tomorrow to. talk to.
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this is some dope story a stubborn rice farmer from thailand. his problem tests. his credo no chemicals. his wife thought it was crazy. and i bought ducks. and his plan was. to step in. step. orders. good tests stand a chance. the racists running the farmers free. the finest egg production to top it off.
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training successful. well in terms of. car accidents women are far more likely to suffer serious injuries than men that's according to a study it turns out that safety designs are mainly based on the male. population is female that's nearly 4000000000 people yet our models and references are based on the average man not the average human. for instance medications only tested on men. and women also underrepresented in most fields of science.


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