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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 6, 2020 6:00pm-6:30pm CEST

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this is the news live and it's being called the end of an. italian composer monaco and he wrote some of the most famous film scores of old time he's died at the age of $91.00 he considered what made him so special also on the program. emergency workers scramble to rescue survivors after a flood some landslides had parts of japan with more rain forecast facing an uphill battle. beaches remain empty in one part of spain this restrictions are being imposed because of a surging kimono virus infections. south africa sees its biggest single day
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increase in calls for an infection some communities still not cooperating with the government in fighting the disease. i'm still go welcome to the program i was going to pose ennio morricone has died at the age of $91.00 he helped define an era of cinema rights and use it for more than $500.00 films it was perhaps best known for scores of its least forget the western movies including the good the bad and the ugly a friend says he died in hospital from complications after a fall. it's one of the most iconic movie soundtracks ever. school for the 1966 film the good the bad and the ugly. over a career spanning decades the composer found success with his unique style and
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approach. i don't ascribe images with my music when there's an important movie it's key that the music says what isn't said and what you cannot see. born in 1928 morricone started out as a trumpet player after training at a prestigious rime conservatory writing film music began as a way to make some money but he was soon in demand. his music for once upon a time in the west is as famous as the film itself it was just one of many collaboration suites big 80 western pioneer sergio leone in.
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the film music i write is constrained by the cinematic images their exact length like a stopwatch when it comes to interpret in the music that's a kind of prison at a concert i have more freedom i can conduct faster or slower and be more independent and the audience loves that. morricone composed more than 400 schools for cinema and t.v. as well as over 100 classical works in 2007 he was awarded an oscar for lifetime achievement and 9 years later he scored for quentin tarantino's the hateful and one him and nothing. morricone became known as the maestro he received a star on the hollywood walk of fame in 2016 and he celebrated as the world's greatest film composer. towards the end of his korea he went on to are we $200.00 musicians delighting fans with the life experience of the movie music magic that
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he'll always be remembered for. from robin merrill from i did every culture well robin was ennio morricone the greatest as we said in our report. so yes i would definitely say i mean how prolific was he of a 500 schools for movies a cinema nobody has achieved and if you ask the likes of other great film composers like john williams or how similar they would definitely say that musicians as well around the world revered him for his extraordinary homesick melodies i would say but also his instrumentation the way he used instruments i mean. the good the bad you know i believe the very famous whistling tune it's actually an arena which is a strange sort of small woodwind instrument that most people never heard of and you
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heard there in the mission there's a wonderful side are you would imagine an oboe being the instrument to use in a film music but having been an oboe player. that was in the mission. touchable z wrote the music the untouchables brought a promise he got a grammy for that and i mean he was so prolific and so influential and indeed there were only 7 spaghetti westerns but there memorable to this day yes we had we had him in the report i lamented the fact that that's what he got famous for when he got out of work so i'm talking about the spaghetti westerns they had very little dialogue when you when you were. i mean really look at it on a page i suppose that made the music even more important it did indeed and i think you know knew who who was the director of the spaghetti westerns incidentally they met in elementary school these 2 yeah kids. and.
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morricone actually went on to be a professional footballer tried to be but then turned to music thankfully for. but he trusted completely and i have a quote from. the only he's that he said i didn't write the music before shooting really is a part of the screenplay itself which it is he was presented is only oscar by clint eastwood who must be very grateful he didn't have to learn many lines this is because he really did and it was all done in a museum and equipped in terran to you know also famous they have big yeah huge fan of him i mean president clinton turned to a fan of film and he used more of counties bits of marconi's music in some of the kill bill films some of his early films he only started to actually use him as a composer for his films in inglorious basterds which he used a bit of. but actually only did this complete school from town to you know when he was 86 yes well i'm trying to work it i mean 85 when he would have written
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it for the hateful ends and the extraordinary thing is that's where he got his 1st individual oscar just taking it in your stride it's 2016 the age of 86 he had already had an honorary oscar delivered as i said by. clint eastwood you know 10 in 2005 so basic story so easy to get nice 1st individual and he's in his mid eighty's and he was working right up to the end at 91 he was indeed he toured here in europe last year and we saw with an incredible orchestra big orchestra doing his music i mean this is a. man he he really busy strode to the world of film music all his life and indeed when he got his oscar by the way for the hateful 8 he was the oldest person ever to get an oscar of the time. robin medal with a consideration of the life and times of ennio morricone thank you. to japan where
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severe flooding in the southwest of the country has left at least 44 people dead and thousands of homes without electricity search and rescue operations are underway as bad weather continues to batter the region. on the grounds of a school a call for help. and a desperate need for rescue. after record rains last parts of southwestern japan over the weekend some areas have been left devastated. thousands of troops have been called in to bring people to safety and search for survivors continues bad weather is making that work harder and with more rain expected a quarter of a 1000000 people have been told to evacuate their homes. some are reluctant to move to the shelters due to fears of coronavirus spreading. most have no choice but to leave. others were left trapped. at this nursing home for the elderly
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14 people died after being unable to escape the flooding. emergency services and local volunteers were able to rescue around 50 of the residents and start. japan's prime minister has everyone to do what they can to help. nothing is more important than human life please make your utmost effort to rescue people who are stranded in their homes and search for missing people. at the moment more than 40000 members of the police fire department japan coast guard and self-defense forces are working hard and rescue operations in the search for the missing. floods and landslides a common jaring japan's annual rainy season. but this year the pandemic has made responding to the emergency more complicated. and experts say climate change is
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making conditions west take. a quick look now at some of the other stories making news around the world and start in australia where all forces of close the border between the country's 2 most populous states victoria and new south wales the action follows a spike in covered 19 infections in the city of melbourne it's the 1st time about borders been closed since the spanish flu epidemic of $100.00 music or. hundreds of drones a bit of the night sky over south korea's capital seoul to remind people about safety cheering the pandemic young man vehicles were programmed to form images that included a couple wearing face masks reminder to people to wash their hands and ended with a thank you to health care workers. because in germany has ordered coronavirus lockdown measures of the western district of good to slow to be lifted the regional high court ruled that the restrictions were a lawful the district of more than 300000 people close its bass theaters pools and
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other institutions a following a severe outbreak of covered 19 of the local tanya's a slaughterhouse. of germany's national health minister and his counterparts in the 16 german states of agreed that masks must still be worn in shops some of the states have been pushing to end the requirements with the chancellor angela merkel had an earlier made clear that she believed masks were indispensable in keeping corona virus infection rates low. facemasks they've become the must have of the season and obligatory on public transport and shops in germany since the end of april in the meantime they've become a symbol as well as a remind. us of land of the time our country responded to the pandemic has generally proven to be right but it's not over yet. now as the reproduction rate sits below one calls a growing in some german states still if the rule particularly those. hoping to attract tourists. german health minister again spawn tweeted that while he
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understands some people's impatience and the desire for normality the virus is still here experts are of the same cautious opinion and have dismissed replacing masks with herd immunity. is to say we would like to reach herd immunity and that's why we're not very in face mask we whisking the people get sick the people get sea really sick and the people may die so the issue of herd immunity of course is important but we need to really understand if we are infected that we gain immunity is that is that will prevent the 2nd infection and certainly the most important thing to reach herd immunity is eventually having a vaccine available in berlin the public is still divided. must be a problem and i think the masks are annoying but when you see how close everyone is to each other in the stores distance isn't being kept so i think it's better with.
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i'm completely against cripples or you mosques i was against the rule when they implemented it we go on the subway in berlin it's 30 degrees celsius and you see how everyone sweating and i can hardly breathe but with school break in full swing scenes like these make it easy to forget that the pandemic is still ongoing thousands of german holiday makers have also headed approach now the country is waiting for their return in the hope that their vacation souvenirs don't include kobe it's 19. hawthorne's is in israel have closed all bars clubs in gems following a spike in corona virus infections prime minister benjamin netanyahu announced the new restrictions following a cabinet meeting on sunday he said the country is at the height of a new coronavirus offensive and that the measures would avoid a wider lockdown additional rules have been posed to limit the number of people allowed in restaurants or places of worship and on public transport. to go to correspondent sami so call in jerusalem welcome sami what's behind this spike in
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factions. there has been a rise in their cases and of course the most concerning is the spike of the cases of those who are considered to be suffering from some difficult conditions is severe cases they're not talking about some 90 cases it is rare and this seems to be a rapid growth they have reopened all the hospitals in israel all the units that are supposed to deal with the cope with in $1000.00 cases and it seems that the one issue that has actually brought about all of this is the weather. this is wedding season in israel and israelis like to have big weddings and would we've seen is that in many locations been weddings the restriction for weddings has been up to 260 and in these weddings people did not keep this social distancing and there it
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seemed has been spreading right now the prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his cabinet have been criticized for the handling of a pandemic what's being said about these new matches. well i can tell you the criticism comes on various the levers one criticism is the fact that the government has been pushing legislation in israel its parliament in order to overcome the parliament that means all decisions that will be taken on the question of the culture 1000 will become law even before there are schools by the knesset so you are you have those who are concerned with their road being democracy in israel others are saying that some of these regulations are not making sense let's say the restaurants are limited to a number 20 now many restaurant owners are saying that they haven't been outbreaks of the code with 1000 in the restaurants and then in the limiting of the 20 in
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a restaurant is something that they will not be able to keep so they will have to shut down restaurants at the same time we've also seen a rise in unemployment more than 20 percent are unemployed currently and all of this is causing a lot of pressure on the government what about the west bank which has had comparatively few a case as compared to israel now the palestinian prime minister is calling on israel to close all the west bank crossings to avoid further spread of infection is that likely to happen. you know this has been the call of the additional yet today and he's even calling on the united nations to come and monitor that these crossings are closed and one thing for sure is that we will see less palestinian who is crossing from the west bank into his ranch and those they will be a ready in israel they will stay in the sites where there are working and who it is
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also interesting is that the prime minister says this 82 percent of the cases in the west bank or schools. during the winnings and other social gatherings and 18 percent overs out of workers or others who have come from israel into the u.s. thank you for that thanks for joining us sesame sokol in jerusalem a 5 day lockdown has been reimposed on parts of north western spain following us infections and think country 2nd local lockdown after catalonia by one of its districts on times directions at the weekend authorities think unless they have traced the new outbreak to reopen boss. back under lockdown no one's getting into or out of our marina until friday except under exceptional circumstances some people weren't taking any chances as i meet the people you know what i hear we were told we might be able to leave on tuesday but we're afraid of
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getting stuck here so we decided to leave the better there and. the popular tourist region on the northern coast of galaxia is home to around $70000.00 residents people have been asked not to gather in groups larger than 10 and to wear masks in all public places including the beach. the restrictions come after a spike in coded $1000.00 cases the regional health minister said the biggest outbreaks were linked to several local bars. and measures but due to stay in place until friday 2 days before regional elections but some say such a short lockdown isn't enough. we're under confinement for 5 days and that's because elections are coming up but will this flare up be over by then we should be taking serious measures and closing down for as long as it takes. at a national level the spanish government says it has the pandemic under control but
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the returns are not down and alysia is a grim reminder that the virus is never far away from resurfacing south africa is also reporting a shopping crease in the number of corona virus infections with nearly 20000 new cases reported over the weekend despite government warnings about the need for social distancing another hygiene measures some communities are still finding it difficult to comply u.w.s. adam creates reports from cape town. cape town one of the a.p. centers of the coronavirus pandemic in south africa but there's little evidence of it in the few of the mandates to wear a mask and social distancing is unusual. so that me because i believe that you. understand so i'm so used so i'm not scared because. but overcrowded
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neighborhoods is just where the virus is rapidly spreading many people here feel the economic fallout of the pandemic is a greater threat than the disease itself that's why a covert 19 mission from the health ministry is trying to convince potentially infected people and their contacts to enter quarantine. your loved ones. protect yourself. if you did. wrong. so that. was where we take you ready the government has massive funds into field hospitals and quarantine. patients go to the hospitals the quarantine rooms remain and. you refused to go into isolation because the problem is that
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we're talking of huge numbers where this is happening because. i think it was about 10000. prepared for the current in an isolation. out of those. 2000. i do find that in those areas it's the people who don't want to of course the law does say that you have to give out. few people seem interested in the awareness raising campaign in the township even though the region is a coronavirus hot spot. and . you see. in these states. what they want to.
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move. what is going to happen. and many people here are too afraid to leave their homes for extended periods due to the high crime rates. in places like this self isolation is obviously very difficult that young lady we just talked to lives with 9 people and it 2 bedroom apartment but many people here still do not really take the threat of the virus serious despite the fact that cape town is currently experiencing the 1st peak of the pandemic in the country. report from g.w. correspondent creation he joined me and i asked him whether south africa is actually heading for a 2nd. africa had one of the strictest lockdowns worldwide the president's call to . the strongest weapon he said the government had despite a very low infection rates now this help the health sector to get ready to prepare for what was coming but also what happened is that overall the society here people
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in south africa less happy with the lock down regulations part of them are still in place so there's been massive pressure over the past weeks to relax the lockdown so now we have a situation whereby we're going right into the 1st wave of the pandemic and at the same time restaurants are open schools are open religious gatherings are allowed you have to understand of course that is quite important for a lot of people here you know poverty is a massive problem and if you can't earn money during the day many people. will not be able to get food on the table in the evening that being said there is still pressure from some parts to it to come back with a strict lock down in cutting for example the area about around johannesburg and pretoria some officials already asked the national government to reconsider stricter lockdown because the numbers there are going up very fast. i do increase that hong kong where the government has ordered schools to bring a few books for possible violations of the sweeping new security law imposed by beijing folks must now be in compliance with the law which outlaws pro independence
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sentiment posed by pro-democracy figures also being pulled from shelves and public libraries. a facebook has announced that it will no longer share user information with the hong kong government for its own platform and for whatsapp which is the tech company is one of the 1st to respond to china's new security law in the territory so will any of us join it it's not just freedom of expression at stake the focal point of these protests and hong kong money over the weekend the new security law raises questions of a common business concerns like the safety of intellectual property and data security and it lengthens the reach of the chinese authorities i think if you are a business and are calling it your own individual or even if your thank you go it's all gone but i joke that advice i'm going to thank your funk on is a trance or a start of a place i will not be all in all a lot of intellectual property and how can i stop it and i would have any excess
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action hong kong i would simply be much more cautious and i retreated very much as i wouldn't see the chinese city. hong kong's calling card was that it wasn't just another chinese city that offered legal certainty and access to western finance but the mainland lacked. china believes it can preserve hong kong as a financial hub. its port capital into the island and mobilized allies among the business elite many of whom have deep stakes in the mainland on monday and even drove markets hong kong stock exchange closer to 4 month high when a chinese state run newspaper encouraged bull market investment regimes message you can engineer the stability that business wants under the conditions the china want . that v.u.k. with the prime minister has said that he would have to think carefully about using chaya technology chinese tech telecom firms. in the country's 5 g.
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network boris johnson's remarks came after france moved to restrict telecom prices for music qualified technology china's foreign ministry spokesman hit back at paris in a press briefing calling for unobjective and attitude has been accused of spying for the chinese government the us has pressured to countries to shut the company. of the world's most visited museum the louvre and paris has been reopened after being closed for nearly 4 months because of the country's lockdown physicists are being reminded to wear masks but maintaining social distancing that mona lisa and other famous words will clear up a day. this is the news hour live from. i will have more at the top of the hour between of course as always the web site the w dot com you can follow us on twitter and instagram d
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