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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  July 7, 2020 1:15am-1:31am CEST

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notifications for any breaking news and if you happen to be part of a news story you can also use the app to send us photos and videos of what's happening. you're watching beat up in years remember you can keep up to date on our website you dulcie dot com photos on instagram and on twitter as well at the news times will be a logical so joining us again. a meal time to complete the 2nd season of only. 16 about the environment soon about society and it's still about us but all planets on the brink we spoke to several leading experts in the film about going to church. look up just to get only
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a good sense of. the literature invites us to see people in particular that i like to see as the kids. growing up. my objective is to share work afraid. to be books on youtube. protesters in hong kong are scrubbing their social media accounts facebook whatsapp and google say they'll suspend providing user data to all fours he's there in support of the territory's freedom of expression. also on the show german industry picks back up as the country loses its lock down europe's largest economy still has
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quite a ways to go. and the spanish region about a lucy a reconsiders an economy based largely on tourism. i'm stephen beardsley in berlin welcome to the show facebook twitter and google have all said they will no longer respond to requests from the hong kong government and law enforcement authorities there for information on users of the pause pending further assessment as facebook put it also applies to what's out which the company owns and the tech companies are among the 1st to respond to china's new security law in the territory others in the business world believe it's not just social media giants we should be concerned. it's not just freedom of expression at stake the focal point of these protests and the hong kong moan over the weekend the new security law raises questions of a common business concerns like the safety of intellectual property and data security and it lengthens the reach of the chinese authorities i think if you are
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a business and you're an individual or even if your thank you go it's all kong but it's all advice i'm going to thank you hong kong is a transit start of place i would not be holding up a lot of intellectual property in hong kong i sound. i would have any access hong kong i would simply be much more cautious and i retreated very much as i wouldn't see the chinese city. hong kong's calling card was that it wasn't just another chinese city it offered legal certainty and access to western finance but the mainland lacked. china believes it can preserve hong kong as a financial hub though it's called capital into the island and mobilized allies among the business elite many of whom have deep stakes in the mainland on monday and even drove markets hong kong stock exchange close in a 4 month high when a chinese state run newspaper encouraged bull market investment beijing's message
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you can engineer the stability that business wants under the conditions the china wants. a financial correspondent in new york begins korda ins good to see you yes the start of the markets today quite a surge globally did the chinese state run newspaper really play an important role in the search where all of this stayed on term media tells investors it's time to buy stocks obviously at least investors and china follow it was quite remarkable specially if you look at the shanghai stocks over there are up by almost 6 percent you're definitely do not see that every day and maybe here on wall street fishing for any kind of you was to find another reason to buy into the stock market but seriously the big increase that we saw here in the u.s. was just a continuation from last week's big increase we have actually reports
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or the prognosis that global central banks by the middle of next year might pump a good 15 trillion u.s. dollars into the global markets that creates a lot of liquidity and the money has to go somewhere and that's partially into stocks and then also here in the u.s. specifically we had a pretty strong showing from the service industries so that also detailed to drive stocks higher. he is going back to hong kong should we expect to see more western businesses such as these tech industries which we expect see more pressure on them going forward given this new law well clearly there's a lot of stake and it's very multi-layered i mean 1st of all we have to wait and see what the reaction will be from the chinese ministration about tong kong is such an important place for us and chinese companies to do business we see each other it's of basically one of the only places where they can do that but then we also
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would have to wait and see whatever the chinese government is going to do what will washington actually do is so maybe they will debate that hong kong should use their fishel place and sold there are a lot of open questions so but so far hong kong clearly has been crucial for u.s. businesses but for mainland china as well the situation clearly is very fluid and at the end of the day it might not be good for chinese nor u.s. businesses either all right our financial correspondent court of their new york thank you and u.k. prime minister boris johnson has said that he would have to think carefully about using technology from chinese telecom firm huawei and countries 5 g. networks forest johnson's remarks came after france moved to restrict telecom operators from using while way technology china's foreign ministry spokesman hit
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back at paris in a priest rather a press briefing calling for quote an objective and fair attitude to huawei has been accused of spying for the chinese government and the u.s. has pressured countries to shun the company. announcing a brief look now at some of the other business stories making headlines. the u.s. court has ordered the shutdown of the controversial north dakota access oil pipeline that has long been opposed by native american tribes and environmentalists the court cited a construction air with no simple fix it ruled that the half a 1000000 barrel a day pipeline be emptied within 30 days. german vaccine champion cure vaca is getting 75000000 euros in loans from the european investment bank the company is carrying out clinical tests on a potential covert 1000 vaccine the money will help the company complete a production facility and support the development and mass production of the vaccine. german factory orders rose by more than 10 percent last month
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that's according to the federal statistics office that's less than expected some analysts say the figure highlights just how difficult it will be repair the damage wrought by the coronavirus orders are 30 percent lower compared to this time last year raising fears that europe's largest economy will continue to suffer from the global recession. and with more on this year's our financial correspondent conrad buson the german manufacturers are not out of the woods yet yes there was an increase in factory orders from april to may but if you compare them a numbers to befall the coronado lock down factory orders a still much much lower for example in the german car industry new orders in may were 47 percent lower than in february still the update on factory orders of course was a sign of hope for the financial markets and many traders are saying that the
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pressure remains high on governments to come up with more stimulus to help the economy recover further for example the recovery fund planned by the european union . in staying in the e.u. the southern spanish region of under new c.e.o. relies heavily on ters that's made it especially vulnerable to the coronavirus pandemic and threaten jobs in hotels torah services and restaurants now the region is talking about diversifying its economic base there are some challenges along the way. there is industry and lose here like this elevator maker in seville sells tailor made solutions to a range of different countries and it's happy with its location in southern spain apart from the business environment so really. the main weakness is the lack of a broader industrial base and this is no become clearly evident and these times of covert 19 infections and the global pandemic. and more interest realize an economy
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is the stronger it is. and the losers industry generates only 12 percent of the region's output far below the spanish average and still depends largely on tourism and agriculture for its revenue but now the local authorities have decided they want to change that and make the region more crisis resistant the 1st step is about reducing red tape. came to be a government which is a partner for companies. one of them and of that is to only demand the paper work that is really essential. jose model you know start up is located on the outskirts of seville he wants to make people's homes more intelligent morio sensors can be used for many tasks from alarms to recording energy consumption levels he says he hasn't noticed any of the economy ministers new alone. we hardly heard any
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support there are loads of support policies but lots of paperwork to go with them and a start up often can't handle the time and effort needed. another stumbling block especially for data driven companies is finding suitable staff. it can be like looking for needles in haystacks. or i mean for me a full time which i found that particularly frustrating you know you go to the university and find maybe 2 out of a 100 who have any real passion for the work and raring to go that's real difficult it's basically more about culture of a. more traditional companies like elevator makers face the same problems which have deep roots in under lucio i don't have any at up i forgot i've done some very long term project and everyone will have to join in the noise from that it's not something you can solve administratively. everyone has to get involved families schools universities and companies but it's are you trying to lose use government
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wants to convince young people and their parents that school qualifications and a profession are more important than making a fast buck in tourism or construction. well it's paris fashion week and with the catwalk cancelled due to the pandemic fashion houses are having to get creative chris young your has reached into its past and unveiled dozens of tiny dressmaker mannequins for its newest collection each dressed in a series as a miniature and a life size version and is a throwback to the traveling truck collections of the world war 2 era present day collection whoever comes with its own film of course. that's it for me and the business team as always you can find out more online about these and other stories dot com slash business it's watching.
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eco africa. is known as the plastic man also. want to follow has been campaigning for 15 years to get people in senegal to use less plastic in the. corona restrictions are forcing him to stay at home but he's
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carrying on the fight. eco africa. next d.w. . they were almost down for the. crew a great deal. and in the meantime they were still behind. but true champion stand up. and fight. i am i living championships in. 16 w. . this is some dope story about a stubborn rice farmer from thailand. is problem. is crito no chemicals his wife thought it was crazy. i. still.
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don't know what. i'm still. training so. i took a cab it. starts july 27th i. go. to. the. a one welcome to this edition of all environment show it off because i am sound from kampala here in uganda of course will also be covering the effects of the koran a virus pandemic in africa here in uganda for example they look don't puzzler to
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the street side so news the poster dry up many people are clearly staying at home and minimizing quote hello.


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