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tv   Busines - News  Deutsche Welle  July 7, 2020 12:30pm-12:46pm CEST

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students are. just don't stand a chance. training success for. the cavalry. starts june 27th. the class of corona has some hard times ahead the o.e.c.d. warns of a lasting damage to the career prospects of young people. and to talk don't stop except it does in hong kong the video sharing social network says it's exiting the territory. this is the business i'm joined on in berlin thanks for joining us millions of people have lost jobs due to the coronavirus crisis but young workers are especially hard hit today the organisation for economic co-operation and
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development warned that young people could become a lost generation. youzhny fionn should be preparing to start an apprenticeship in the fall that would put her on track for her dream job of managing a hotel instead the 22 year old student is facing a mountain of worries. hotels here in france have frozen hiring and tourists have stopped coming and the travel restrictions and fears over a 2nd wave of infections. we're going to treat because there's a lot of worry because for my master's i'm looking for an apprenticeship and who thomas hire me for a 2 year contract for a job that's suitable for me and when i saw the crown of iris numbers and especially the borders closing the absence of tourist i wondered what will i do what will the hotels do well they need me next year not this worries me all the time. even in good times unemployment is typically higher for young people compared
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to the rest of the population with less experience they're more likely to be laid off. but the worst economic slowdown since the great depression has threaten the future of those now graduating and entering the labor market they've been dubbed the class of corona the e.u. unemployment rate for people under $25.00 rose to 15.7 percent in may more than twice the overall average that figure is far higher in some countries and france 21 percent of young people are out of work and in spain one in 3 young people are jobless. now to some of the other business stories making news google and deutsche bank will join forces to digitalize be operations of germany's largest lender google will provide cloud computing capabilities the company's also plan to make joint investments in technology and share the resulting revenue. japan's household spending slumped at a record rate in may as measures to slow the spread of the coronavirus kept many
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people at home spending dropped by 16 percent in the world's 3rd largest economy. german prosecutors have arrested another wire card manager on suspicion of fraud he was the manager of the company's middle east subsidiary the company declared insolvency after auditor's found a nearly 2000000000 euro hole in its balance sheet. eurozone g.d.p. is expected to fall worse than previously expected the european commission now expects the economy to contract by 8.7 percent this year. our financial correspondent conrad boson has more conrad tell me does news like this still even move the markets i mean surely they're primed for bad forecasts like these. yes that's right jenelle but you know the devil is in the details
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that the e.u. commission's forecasts for the economy are eagerly awaited on the financial markets because everyone is eager to know what kind of shape the recovery after corona will take and this. worse outlook by the e.u. commission on the economy of course is an indicator that it's difficult to believe in a v. shaped a quaker recovery another indicator for this is today's germany german industrial production which was released in may manufacturers produce 7.8 percent more then in april sounds like a big number but it's not the slump in april had been months but much larger not even a quarter of the slump in industrial production in april has been made up. conrad who is in there with a quick check on the markets for us thank you very much. global tech giants like facebook twitter is zoom and take talks are scaling back their strategies in hong
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kong after china imposed a tough new security law people in the financial hub are worried their online freedoms are under serious threat. while web users in mainland china have to negotiate a powerful censorship system hong kong's internet is free and open until now anyway google facebook what's up telegram and twitter of all stop taking requests for user data from hong kong online freedom of expression in the city is seen as under threat. to the work 2 week a call to get here he's already is that. about the cyber expression freedom. the new law means police can force internet companies to remove content breaching online rules can lead to jail or a fine. it's a whole different thing so i believe the government will take further action towards these social media platforms. go to
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a couple of i think it's possible we will be able to use these apps in the future. if. you're going. to move piles pressure on chinese owned firms trying to expand internationally like tick tock tick tock rejects allegations beijing could use its services to spy on users. tick-tock has taken its up out of hong kong was zoom which has been criticized for censoring content critical of china as polls tong calling data processing requests after the new law the hong kong security law has brought the world's attention to internet security and china . i'm joined now by my colleague clifford cohen and he's a hero to help us break this down and break it down you'll have to because clifford what are we looking at here we're looking at tick tock and zoom to the chinese own companies leaving a territory in hong. because of a law that china wanted there's lots going on well i think what we're seeing here
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is the increased internationalization of chinese companies these companies have their china activities but they're trying to separate their international business so that they can compete globally which means that you have this this rather unusual situation come into play and they're also facing a lot of pressure internationally because their chinese or chinese own companies to talk may for example to at the moment the u.s. is considering banning it so there's a lot of there's a lot of issues at the moment that they're facing and i think that they're trying to be proactive and do more than the what's expected of them in hong kong to counteract this so in a way they're kind of distancing themselves from beijing but you know of course they're not the only companies that have said that they were going to review their hong kong policy as of late facebook telegram what's google in twitter on that list but it is kind of unusual that u.s. tech companies are showing beijing this level of defiance or isn't it i think it is and i think we're also looking to see what apple does course apple is up will has
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quite a lot of activity as you know in china and the other car companies like google and facebook are abound in china but they still have interests there so for them to be defined is a bit easier but at the same time it is definitely showing up looking ahead the u.s. companies are trying to stand up and i think what we're seeing maybe are elements of the u.s. china trade war play here there's a lot of new things happening because of this hong kong law which is playing out in hong kong well so there definitely is a lot going on there but would you say that saw these exoduses not the plural of exodus i don't even know but that this is the 1st indication that the national security law is hitting business in hong kong i think so this is the big question that we've been asking our for the last few days is when. how is the not national security law going to on roland in hong kong and what impact is it going to have a business and i think this is an early sign we've been to. about things like capital outflow and we've been seeing how that would work but actually the 1st
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thing is looking at internet online expression and these companies that move internationally other having to look at hong kong and change their behavior and interesting time thank you very much that is our resident china analyst clifford coonan germany invited thousands of migrant laborers from eastern europe despite the cold in 1000 pandemic harvests were at risk they came hoping to make enough money to support themselves and their families but when they arrived many of those workers found misery. i'll bear to go go has made it back home the journey from germany to come 5 days 1st with the train then the bus he couldn't be more leave to be back in his tiny village in southern armenia. i've been working on and off in germany for the last 12 years but what i went through in the last 3 months was the most difficult experience of my life. back in april alberto go-go and his wife were flown to
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germany to help with the harvest taking on the work meant leaving their children behind but. we had to make promises to stop them from crying one of them wanted a bike another some sweets. at the airport passengers kept their distance and had their temperature taken but the plane was full of all parents who ended up on an asparagus farm there was no social distancing there not in the buses to the fields nor in the containers for the workers slept. instead of 2 per unit there were 4 the risk of infection was sky high. the asparagus farm gave me the bootle it was humiliating i slept on the road and went hungry and. things went from bad to worse when he got to the tonus meat processing plant. i was scared of getting sick how can you pay
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attention to distancing when you're holding 15 kilos of me and i told my boss i was sick and couldn't go on she told me i wasn't allowed to stop. nicole they stefanutto is used to hearing stories of this guy and he's a member of the european parliament where he speaks out on migrant workers rights. in germany it's an individual states and companies need to realize that there cannot be such a thing as 2nd class citizens in europe. for. the 1st thing alberto did when he got home was go to the hardware store he's using the money he made in germany to renovate his house she doesn't know if he's had the coronavirus after more than a decade of working in germany he says he'll never go back again.
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i won't go back even when this is over and my 44 years i've never experienced anything of the sky and. and that's all from the d.w. business team for more you can look us up on v.w. dot com slash business or follow us on social media. and in berlin thank you so much for watching.
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combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour carona updates. from the covert 19 special next on d w. how does a virus spread. why do we parent and when we're. trying to just through the text and i weekly radio show is called spectrum if you would like any
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information on the clone a virus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find us at the. science fair. in. the air we breathe 'd in normal times and something we can take for granted but like so many things coronavirus has changed that 'd. air conditioning systems are suspected of a role in a series of outbreaks now businesses are going to extraordinary lengths to reassure us that their air is safe. nowhere is that more the case then in the skies with passengers packed together taking in refill today or. so what will it take for us
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to breathe easily again. this is your covert 19 special here on the w. i'm chris colfer and roland welcome with some are on the horizon many of us will be tempted to switch on the air conditioning to cool down but recent insides of a high. infectious disease experts suggest that air conditioning use across the southern united states may be a factor in spiking kovac 19 case it's plus a coronavirus outbreak in a german meat plant was also linked to cooling systems so how safe is the air we are breathing. a common sight for these coronavirus times people pouring off public transport wearing face masks looking for that 1st goal of fresh air. mosques in many places a compulsory but.


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