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this is news and i'm from dillon a fresh warning from hong kong about the territory's controversial new security goal kerry land space anyone will try lazing the new rules will face serious consequences critics call on the international community to help. and we wish them to global allies in such a critical moment for last time it's like playing to you know hong kong already also coming out this video shows moss command attacking refugees trying to come ashore in greece but who is behind the assaults and why is there no outcry from the
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european union. and australia appear to have largely contained its covered 1000 outbreak but now authorities have been forced to order a lockdown for millions of people in the 2nd largest city of melbourne as infections rage out of control. to see one to welcome to the program leave it carry land has defended the controversial new security law that china imposed on the city last week she said it would make hong kong safer by presenting violent protests she also warned citizens not to break the law so the whole government and world makers implement this law and i for one those radicals not to attempt
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a wild or all crossing the red line because the consequences of breaching this law . critics fear the know will and freedom of speech in hong kong as phoebe kong reports many activists fear these suppression of dissent will be stepped up. followed up for years now everyone has joined fellow members of his party on the 1st of july to mark hong kong's handover to chinese troops but everything changed last week it isn't uncommon for such areas more peaceful protests to have 100 plus police to search it doesn't offer i guess this will be the new law you may never see the picture of media in hong kong as on the street ok not because we are content not because. we are now happy with because it's because now we have to upgrade now very very hard it was 7 to go out. the swastika 1st protest seems to new security law was put in place was to see
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offenders go to prison for life for suppression. several parties have now decided to disband some leading activists have fled but everything and his party are not about to follow suit. because if for a political party to bow down now what's it to say for to the rest of hong kong psychologically look the most awful compared to go to prison for a long time we're not going to change what we have been doing for you but depends on the level of suppression that we are going to face in the future there will be short term mortification and transformation of activists i mean hong kong there's no doubt a strong sense of fear also in the east over support of self-censorship has been the most common reaction just as many pro-democracy restaurants have put they've taken down declarations for political messages leaving them to animals as
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a way of silent protest. beijing in the system of fact only a minority of lawbreakers predicts. political activism is only threats and that's just the 1st step in the now works for an ngo based in hong kong for decades it has been advocating for labor rights across asia hochul has been a popular hub for also soft local and international n.g.o.s but a new law means many are now we considering options there's a lot of them break with saying we don't know do you mean by somehow may be where foreign forces because we have to start from overseas under this law we are required i'm sure like how it will impact even the safety of individuals to our or wallace to rights for us to if we continue to receive for funding we have to somehow p. pair are the worst scenario then we may also consider to move to. other
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countries. beijing has played down the laws impact saying you merely plans to strengthen the management of n.g.o.s and our organizations in hong kong. even those do it clear how the security law will be implemented activists and efficacious here will have to be where the phrase a rocky road. was. one of the exodus is just 11 of the most recognizable faces in the hong kong pro-democracy movement and yet my colleague terry marchant began by asking what he thought of carrie lamb's warning that radicals shouldn't violates the new law a french company even struck with determination. your fellow activists nathan law he fled hong kong last week do you intend to stay. i will continue to fight
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until the last minute and it's also important to seek for local and global support at the same time i will continue to campaign in the local level and they've been loyal will be responsible for continued the global south during the campaign and we wish to let the was the paulus being hurt in the world does that mean you're planning to stay in hong kong then up because i believe you're facing charges there is a correct. with the political prosecution i just faced the court trial 24 hours ago and i still need to go to court on 5th of august and that's also implied how beijing continuing to call the haas arrest and political prosecution is that he would only $7000000.00 population almost $10000.00 people arrest that since last summer and $1600.00 of us were prosecuted including me bonds is such a pure battle we still never give up and on the upcoming primary election on business week and we have to set a clear signal to beijing kowtow to the communist regime is not an option for us do
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you think kerry has a point in saying that new security measures are needed in hong kong to avoid the massive and sometimes violent disruptions we've seen in the past or tickle crisis a sock puppet ecosystem reform ask les think the situation. and even allowing polish to call the house search will run and override on common law system provided rule by a hotline. that's not the way out no matter what happened was there continue to fight for freedom and also we wish the world to know that how the race of hong kong people and ex-pat live in the whole whole might be extradited to china and we might all be serving joe sentence at home and it more and require you to sort this out joe's and it's in beijing that's the french generated by beijing live sentencing is not the things that we have imagined by activists in the previous day but that's not the threat generate by the covers off or. that was hong kong democracy
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activists just walking speed to my clinic terry martin and the india let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world the short form video app to talk call it's at the hong kong market off to china opposed its new security though on the city google facebook and twitter have already stopped taking the face for user data from hong kong. a bass crash in southwest china has came 21 people off to reply into a reservoir briskest say 15 people survived the passages included high school students taking nationwide university entrance exams. 30 of has seen the showing mosque men attacking the bows of migrants trying to reach greece up to now the identity of the aztecas has been antia but our own investigations unit and the research collective they did catch have uncovered information suggesting they may have been linked to the greek coast guard at the
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instant eyes or wrongdoing we'll have more all from a greek than a stand alone at the. he's a good and you live by. the sea off greece poses a puzzling question was a disturbing answer more migrant boats are leaving turkey for the e.u. but on the greek island of fleshpots there hasn't been an increase in a rifle. there were 19 people on this boat but then one. is a 16 year old from afghanistan to these pictures he said it was shortly after masked men attacked them from ending the boat was in greek waters off last bus on the 5th of june this year the boy doesn't want to be identified. by. the hour and all of the much of the court 2 men have. received they are wearing black mark on their faces and one have. all or no more.
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you why we should connect it. we analyze dozens of similar reports and videos comparing them such as coastlines and the position of the sun along with information from emergency calls official reports and eyewitness accounts our conclusion refugees and migrants are being kept away from the greek coast at times by force it seems masked men often attack migrant boats on the open seas damaging them so they can't be steerage and leaving them adrift sometimes they even actively fools the boats back into to push waters a tactic known as push back. these push backs i need to learn to get international law but it's difficult to establish for certain who these messman actually are even though the evidence is apparently of overwhelming. evidence such as this video. a detailed analysis of both structures let our colleagues from the investigative
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platform spelling cat and lighthouse reports to clearly identify the as belonging to a greek coast guard ship. but greece denies using illegal methods the coast guard told t w. the operations conducted by a harbor police and hellenic coast guard are in accordance with international law and international conventions we also asked the european border agency frontex which works closely with the greek coast guard their answer didn't refer to the incidents in question they just said all of their border control operations conform to the highest standards my question to context you say you don't know but how could you not know and what steps have you taken to rebut what we have as evidence . has been watching migrants moving across the gnc for years and has seen a rise in the number of pushbacks she has been monitoring the situation for the
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european center for constitutional and human rights. you is expected to stand up for a new law to be respected and we haven't seen that we have seen it in public statements made by representatives of the e.u. institutions and we haven't seen it in any sort of legal action that new institutions have to power to take against member states not respected. members of the european parliament and the un high commission for refugees are demanding an official investigation they say greece has the right to defend its borders but it must do so within international law. all straight is sick and city of melbourne has been awarded back into lockdown for 6 weeks from midnight on wednesday after a single day rise of 191 new corona virus cases the move comes as the border
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between the state of victoria to neighboring new south wales is sealed for the 1st time since the spanish flu pandemic more than a century ago. read it through a map of the surviving a scene of distress and frustration a mother trying to reach our son confined inside a tower block after a resurgence of the coronavirus home government and that was the melbourne housing complex was originally at the center of the latest outbreak but now alarming spikes in the wider community mean lock down for the whole of the victoria state capital. and that is war of the public health 3 have advised me to re-impose stage through a stay at home restrictions for a period of 6 weeks there is simply no alternative other than thousands and thousands of cases. and potentially more many many people in hospital
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and the inevitable tragedy that will come from that. the move in melbourne follows other measures to contain the spread of the virus the neighboring state of new south wales is closing its borders to victoria anyone found breaking the rules could face a hefty fine or even jail time the border here hasn't been closed since the spanish flu pandemic a century ago. but this is something entirely different this is going to affect the travel of my stuff because i have stuff in clients living and working on both sides of the border and there's no obviously clarity on the border it's going to work. so it's like really it's a matter of forming it will help it's all going to pan out. until now been slated to outbreak australia had recorded far fewer cases than many other countries in the coronavirus pandemic countries all sorry hope swift and firm measures can keep it
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that way. watching t.v. news remember you can always stay up to date on our website that's dot com lost on twitter at instagram or at the news staff to see one plant for myself and the team it's been great having your company about. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour corona. covert 19 special next on d w.


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