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oh. this is a very news live from berlin a fresh warning from hong kong's leader about the territory's controversial new security will carry lamb saves anyone violating the new rules will face serious consequences critics pull on the international community for how we view the good and we wish our vocal of all eyes to stand or fall in such critical moment last
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time despite claims you know hong kong already also coming up australia appears to have largely contained its covered 19 outbreak but now authorities have been forced to order iraq down for millions of people in the 2nd largest city while big as new infections rage out of control. and this video shows the last man attacking refugees trying to come ashore in greece but who is behind the assaults and why is there no outcry from the european union. hello i'm christie want to welcome to the program hong kong's lead a kerry lam has defended the controversial new security law that china imposed on the city last week she said it would make hong kong safer by preventing violent protests she also wants citizens not to break. so the government will
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vigorously implement this law and i forewarn. those radicals not to attempt to violate this law or crossing the red line because the consequences are breaching this law very serious. critics fear the new bill will end freedom of speech in hong kong has. reports many activists fear the suppression of the saints will be stepped up close though for years now everyone has joined fellow members of his party on the 1st of july to mark hong kong's handover to chinese troops but everything changed last week it isn't uncommon for such race more peaceful protests to have 100 plus police to search it doesn't offer i guess this will be the new normal you may never see the picture of a 1000000 hong kong as on the street like a lot because we are content not because. we are now happy with the company it's
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because now we have to upgrade to come out right because we were out yes it was. the 1st protest seems to new security law was put in place which to see offenders go to prison for life for suppression. several parties have now decided to spend some leading activists have fled but everything and his party are not about to follow suit. because if for political party to bow down now. to safety or to do rest of hong kong psychologically look i'm also 1st compared to go to prison for a long time we're not going to change what we have been doing for you but depends on the level of suppression that we are going to face in the future there will be short term modification and transformation of activism in hong kong there's no doubt a strong sense of fear also in the end over support of self-censorship has been the
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most common reaction just as many pro-democracy restaurants have quickly taken down declarations for political messages leaving them to animals as a way of silent protest. beijing in sr a lot of facts only a minority of lawbreakers critics say. political activism is only threats and that's just the 1st step in the now works for an ngo based in hong kong for decades it has been advocating for labor rights across asia hochul has been the popular hope for also soft local and international n.g.o.s but a new law means many are now we considering the options there's a lot of m.b.a. quitting we don't know how do you mean by somehow may be called where for and for this because we have to start from overseas under this law we are required i'm sure like how it will impact even the safety of individual staff or wollaston rights
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for us to if we continue to receive foreign funding we have to somehow p. pair are the worst scenario then we may also consider to move to. other countries. beijing has played down the laws impact saying in elite players to strengthen the management of n.g.o.s and are all the nice asians in hong kong. even though is there were clear how the security law will be implemented activists and therefore case here will have to be where the face a rocky road. was. and one of those acts of us is joshua wall is one of the most recognizable faces in the hong kong pro-democracy movement my colleague terry martin began by asking what he thought of kerry lamb's warning that radicals shouldn't violates the mutal friends combi. even stronger determination your fellow activists nathan law he fled hong kong last
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week do you intend to stay. i will continue to fight until the last minute and it's also important to see for local and global support at the same time i will continue to campaign in the local level and they've been loyal we'll be responsible for continued the global south barack the campaign and we wish to let the boys of paul colas being hurt in the world does that mean you're planning to stay in hong kong then up because i believe you're facing charges there is that correct. with the political prosecution i just faced the court trial 24 hours ago and i still need to go to court on 5th of august and that's also implied how beijing continuing to call the haas arrest and political prosecution is that he would only set of millions population almost 10000 people who are arrest that since last summer and 1600 of us were prosecuted including me bonds is such a pure battle we still never give up and on the upcoming primary election on this
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weekend we have to set a clear signal to beijing kowtow to the communist regime is not an option for us do you think kerry has a point in saying that new security measures are needed in hong kong to avoid the massive and sometimes bile of disruptions we've seen in the past or tickle crisis a soft bottom that they go system reform escalating the situation and even allowing polish to call the house or will run and override on common law system by the mainland rule by a hotline i case that's not the way out no matter what happened was they will continue to fight for freedom and also we wish the world to know that how the race of hong kong people and ex-pat live in the hall might be extradited to china and we might all be serving joe sentence in hong kong and more and require you to sort this out joe's sentence in beijing that's the french generate the 5 beijing live sentencing is not the things that we have imagined by activists in the previous day
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but that's not great is the threat generate by the companies offering. that was hong kong democracy activists speaking to my 20 terry martin and it'll in the end. some business now devil take giants like facebook twitter assume and take talk cost scaling back their strategies in hong kong after china imposed a security law people in the financial have all worried their online freedoms and the serious threat. while web users in mainland china have to negotiate a powerful censorship system hong kong's internet is free and open until now anyway google facebook what's up telegram and twitter have all stopped taking requests for user data from hong kong online freedom of expression in the city is seen as under threat i think they worry 2 they all day to hear he's already is that all. about the cyber expression freedom. the new law means police can force internet
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companies truman content breaching online rules can lead to jail or a fine. piece of autism for the week so i believe the government will take further action towards these social media platforms. go to a couple of i think it's possible we will be able to use these apps in the future. after the way you try. to move piles pressure on chinese owned firms trying to expand internationally like tick tock tick tock rejects allegations beijing could use its services to spy on users. tick-tock has taken its up out of hong kong was zoom which is being criticized for censoring content critical of china as polls tong calling data processing requests after the new law the hong kong security law has brought the world's attention to internet security and china . i'm joined now by my 25th and he is here to help break this down for us he's
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actually the author of the report is just that if this is see it help us make sense of this so take seconds right these are chinese companies there's a big. back in hong kong because of the little china has implemented in hong kong what are we missing well i think what's happening is these are companies that need to function internationally and they need to grow globally and so as a result of which they're there by having to act the way a regular company would and they have to show that they're not going to be giving information to the chinese authorities so for that reason they've scaled back to talk for example has a chinese company already jobim which is. which is not and which is the chinese version and that will be affected by this so it's relatively small as far as to talk is concerned ok and they've both been criticized as well for doing things like giving information sharing information to the chinese authorities and tick tocks
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case. also stopped cold between some people commemoration the tiananmen square massacre so they're having to act like international players ok ok and these 2 chinese companies to talk and they join a bunch of us take the not got a list to facebook's anagram what's that google twitter yeah and sort of reevaluating their presence in hong kong. is it was not really seen that right u.s. tech giant defiantly standing up to beijing in a way right that's right i mean they've tended to follow the money and the money is in china these days i think they're still going to follow the money but they can hold as far as hong kong is concerned they've decided to take a stand on this one and i think what we're seeing is a systemic battle here between these 2 systems of it's kind of being fought in hong kong so it's it's that's i think these are sort of test cases in a way everyone's really looking for apple as well at the moment to see what apple does because they have a huge business in china and they already stepped down on the mopping up that they
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were that the protesters were using in hong kong right and people want to see a doc as expounded so there's a few issues. because it is this is a sign do you think that. that this was actually all starting to impact business i think it is i mean it we were wondering when we would see the impact of the law on business in hong kong and i think this is very much it. that's our resident china and the cliff edge couldn't thank you for that and now it's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world a bus crash in southwest china has claimed 21 people after it climbed into the risible rescuers say 15 people survived the passengers included high school students taking nationwide university entrance exams. and more than a 1000000 residents of the japanese island of q should have been told to feed their homes amid relentless rain the death toll from recent downpours has risen to 50 according to local media and more heavy rain is said to be on the way. now it's
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just over 6 months since reports of a new flu like virus started to emerge from the chinese city one since then over $1000.00 has killed more than off a 1000000 people and infected nearly 12000000 around the world in a moment we'll talk to michael ryan of the world health organization to find out how close we are to finding a vaccine and what he believes the future holds but 1st a look at how the virus in really such a short space of time has forced us to change our way of life. in early january a chinese seafood market is identified as the source of a new virus infecting more and more people. then only 4 weeks on i would be a problem because you must use your international concern. over the i was with them of course but for the purpose. since then the pandemic has become these
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seismic event in all of our lives. it has confronted some of us with questions we'd hoped we'd never have to face whose life is worth saving when hospitals are overrun with patients. the virus has made us quite literally more distant from each other but it has also brought us together looking out for each other putting lies before profits giving up individual freedoms to protect those most vulnerable. and with results one study estimates that locked on measures in europe alone save 3100000 lives. it has made us value those who have often been undervalued. but the pandemic has also brought out our selfish instincts.
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with the global economy taking a huge hit many more us struggling to make ends meet. the virus has underscored social inequalities hitting those who already suffered the hardest. the pandemic will have the world in its grip for some time to come it has made many of us question the way we live. but not long sting effect will it have on our behavior. and joining me now. stocks and michael ryan executive director of the. health emergencies program in geneva have it's here dr ryan if you can hear me so we're 6 months into the court of rise and there if everyone's everyone's lives have changed them what is the main concern that you are occupied with. i think a number of concerns one is we've must continue to try and suppress this infection
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we must try and bring it under control reduce the number of infections we also need to do more to reduce mortality for those who get infected we need to work better to ensure that the fewest possible people die at the same time we have a lot of work to do to continue to bring our communities on board we need an empowered community that is getting some very consistent and clear messages from government and we need solidarity we need all of government approaches both within countries under cross countries so there the main 4 areas that we really need to see some improvements and right i want to pick up on the issue of vaccines because we're hearing from a lot of the politicians in terms of you know when when this will sort of go away it it all hinges on on on a vaccine and when that is available when do you think that could be available and would it be available to the whole world. yeah there are 2 parts your question of
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both are highly relevant on one vaccine will be available is not known at this point there are 149 different vaccines that have candidate vaccine is that have been developed over 17 of them are now in clinical evaluation or in trials and there are different types and different platforms being used for those vaccines we are not sure yet which of those vaccines will show signs of clinical efficacy and we're working very very closely with our colleagues and partners in the access to covert tools accelerator which the kovacs initiative which is a coalition a consortium to develop and scale up the production of those vaccines so that everyone who needs one can get one that is not straight for one is we need to find an effective vaccine and 2 we need to scale up its production so all of those who can benefit from the vaccine get it both issues are very important and both have uncertainties right dr ryan at the w.h.o.
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as we understand it is sending a team to china this week what does that team hope to achieve them. and the team are sending this week as an advance team. resending an expert in animal human disease investigation and a very skilled epidemiologist working on epidemiologic studies a study design this advance team will go up with our country team and work very closely with officials in china and with scientific colleagues in china to develop effectively what will be a protocol a planned series of studies investigations that we can agree are necessary in order to understand the origin of the virus in nature this is an extremely important issue it's important both for controlling the disease now and from the standing the disease in the future. eventually you know you're working with it with the chinese officials were talking about you know the origins of the current rise was there
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a cover up. off the virus outbreak from the part of the chinese government and how does that affect the work that you now have to do with them to stay in the world out of this pandemic. i think the from what we have reported since the very beginning of this on the 31st of december we became aware of the cluster of cases of atypical pneumonia in the in in who bay province in china and from that very moment we engaged very closely with with authorities in china to verify that event that it existed and to understand the origin of the event to understand the term. the cause of that event and in working with colleagues in china to to both identify the virus and ensure that the genetic sequences were released publicly the be investigations now obviously we do need to understand the events in december how the virus originated as how it spread within
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the community and to what extent and when did the animal human species barrier get it reached and then how did the disease develop within the population and move on and that still remains to be fully understood what we know is that once we had got the information from china we acted immediately to both verify and investigate ok i don't have too much more time with you dr ryan but i do want to ask you this you are working hard to try and like as if will stay with us out of this this this pandemic but you've had you know in situation the w.h.o. kind come under repeated attack over its handing off the color of eyes and they just want to pass on eval i mean how does it feel when you when you read the headlines and will leave as one of our attacking the w.h.o. full perceived incompetence of this issue. not personal at home think that we're leaders all over the place are doing that in fact quite the opposite we've seen incredible solidarity and support for the viejo not because the b.h. will deserves that but because the world health organization is our member states
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our member states are what makes this organization we are in effect a secretariat of 194 member states including. the grade as our colleagues in germany and administration and the german government have been a huge supporters of global security of to do a job or agencies program hills role in bringing better health care in protecting health and making the world safer so from that perspective we really much appreciate that support it's not an issue for me personally we do our jobs i've been doing this for a quarter of a century responding to outbreaks responding to emergencies we and i will continue to do that criticisms that come they come and we should address those and we should go and we should look at our performance and we will and are doing that that should always be the case but words don't hurt. me we need to see is action we need to see action at all levels to respond to this the words don't matter right that's michael ryan executive director selfie w
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h o's healthy medicine program he's been helping us from geneva thank you dr wright . meanwhile australia's 2nd city that has been ordered back into lockdown for 6 weeks from midnight on wednesday after a single day rise of 191 new coronavirus cases the move comes as the border between the state of victoria and neighboring new south wales is sealed for the 1st time since the spanish flu pandemic more than a century ago being treated remap we have to report a scene of distress and frustration a mother trying to reach our son confined inside a tower block after a resurgence of the coronavirus no no no and that was the melbourne housing complex was originally at the center of the latest outbreak but now alarming spikes in the wider community may not down for the whole of the victoria state capital.
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and that is war of the public health teams have advised me to re-impose stage trace diet restrictions for a period of 6 weeks there is simply no alternative other than thousands and thousands of cases. and potentially more many many people in hospital and the inevitable tragedy that will come from that. the move in melbourne follows other measures to contain the spread of the virus the neighboring state of new south wales is closing its borders to victoria anyone found breaking the rules could face a hefty fine or even jail time the border here hasn't been closed since the spanish flu pandemic a century ago. so this is something entirely different this is going to affect the travel of more stuff because i have stuff in clients living and working on both sides of the border and there's no obviously clarity on the how the board
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is going to work. like really it's a matter of finding out now. it's all going up in there. until mountains latest outbreak australia had recorded far fewer cases than many other countries in the coronavirus pandemic countries all sora cheese hopes swift and firm measures can keep it that way. the if it's to get professional sports up and running in north america face it most effects on monday the walkie bats and 2nd mental canes of the national basketball association close their practice facilities due to positive call that 900 faces or tests from there just as they need a face to resume its season in florida meanwhile if the dallas and now it's the monday that the team was withdrawing from the n.l. is fact one went to 10 of the clubs they is testing positive for the profilers.
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in german football they'd have braman face know it had a high in the relegation play off that's the match up to fill the last spot still up for grabs in next season's wonderfully again off to a goal a stroll at braman in the 1st leg the 2nd leg at hyde and time was the decider. harden himes journey has taken them from 6th division obscurity to the brink of the bundesliga and despite no spectators allowed into the tiny stadium they did have some hope support. about after just 3 minutes the visitors got off the mark on closer inspection it was an own goal norman takao himself a former braman player putting it into his own net with the way goals counting as the tiebreaker breman now knew a draw would suffice heighten himes 1st major upset came after the break when around 50 local fans somehow snuck into the stadium and were promptly chucked out again perhaps this woke the home side up 5 minutes from time to be
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a small bust 3 and unleashed a shot that was put in on the rebound by team kleindienst his 15th goal of this. he said. with hard time then throwing everything forward better braman broke free in the 94th minute to restore their lead as luke big teams on his goal sparked wild celebrations. it wasn't quite over yet though as haydn haim got a penalty in the 8th minute of injury time. but it merely sealed a draw as haydn higham fell short and remain in the 2nd division. that means relief of braman as they survive relegation and continue to be the longest serving club in the bundesliga. it's paris fashion week ad with a cat will cancel due to the pandemic fashion houses all getting creative christian deal has reached into its cost and unveiled dozens of tiny dressmaker mannequins
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for its newest collections each trace in the series has a miniature and a life sized version and is a throwback to the traveling trunk collections of the world war 2 era a present day collection comes with its own film of course. it watching the news remember you can always stay up to date on our website that state of utah com you can also follow us on twitter and on instagram we're at e w news i'm christi wonder has been great having your company about.
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to go. they were almost down because they threw a great deal. and in the meantime the steel. behind. but true champion stand up. and fight. out the back of the championship seems. to go.
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on t.w. . it's a prolonged pit stop for formula one because of the coronavirus. lewis hamilton and his colleagues are still flooring and. now they're doing it virtually but that being left in the. game is a pacing the stars the formula one. rests. in 60 minutes on d w. like . oh. my god just love our food for the russians so. it runs deep. so
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many different walks of life. some are pumping and oddly trying but all of them come straight from the heart of its former c.e.o. keep it was no more delicious the marsh the injured arm. from their 1st glimpse of the world to their final resting place the russians r t w documentary. oh . fuck.


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