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but is there rivalry and they're dangerous mutual admiration of the rest of the. muslim bullies puton starts august 3rd on d w. this is g.w. news live from a fresh warning from hong kong's leader about the territories controversial new security chief executive carry law says that it won't for violating the new rules will face serious consequences critics call on the international community for help and we wish at. critical moment.
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already also on the program this video appears to show a masked man attacking refugees trying to come ashore in greece but who's behind the assaults and why should your opinion so quiet on the issue. germany have to apologize for its murderous behavior in africa more than a 100 years ago president of nimbin being the maybe i think so but after years of talks says the issue is complicated. i'm still gal welcome to the program chief executive has defended the controversial new security law imposed on the chinese territory by beijing last week as mom said the changes would make hong kong safer by preventing violent protests and she wants people not to break the law. so the hunger as our government. implement
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this law and i for one. those radicals are not to attempt to violate this law or crossing the red line because the consequences of breaking this law are very serious. critics of war that this new law will and freedom of speech in the chinese territory many pro-democracy activists fear an increased suppression of dissent the w.'s phoebe kong reports. the idea that for years now every one has joined fellow members of his party on the 1st of july to mark hong kong's handover to chinese troops but everything changed last week it isn't uncommon for such race more peaceful protests to have a 100 plus police to search a dozen office i guess this will be the new normal you may never see the picture of me then hong kong is on the streets again not because we are content and not because. we are now happy with because it's because now yes you are free to come
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out right now but it was to go out. the door 1st protest seems to new security law was put in place which can see offenders go to prison for life for suppression. several parties have now decided to disband some leading activist have fled but avery and his party are not about to follow suit. for political party for bowed down now what's it to safeguard to do wrestle hong kong psychologically. the most often compared to go to prison for a long time we are not going to change what we have been doing for you but depends on the. suppression we are going to face in the future there will be short term mortification and transformation off activists i mean hong kong there's no doubt
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a strong sense of fear also lose hope and support it self-censorship has been the most common reaction just as many pro-democracy restaurants have quickly taken down declarations for medical messages leaving them to animals as a way of silent protest. beijing in sr long a fact only a minority of lawbreakers critics say political activism is under threat and that's just the 1st step nino now works for an n.c.o. based in hong kong for decades. it has been advocating for labor rights across asia hochul has been a popular hub for thousands of local and international n.g.o.s but a new law means many are now we considering the options there's a lot of m.b.a. quitting we don't know how do you mean by somehow maybe calling where foreign forces because we have stuff from overseas under the floor we why then sure like how it will impact even the safety or in the windows staff or wireless to fret us
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to if we continue to receive for funding we have to somehow p. pair their worst scenario down we may also consider to move to. other countries. beijing has played down the last impact saying we merely plan is to strengthen the management of n.g.o.s and our organizations in hong kong. even though it's do it clear how the security law will be implemented activists and efficacious here will have to be where the face a rocky road was or one of the most recognizable figures in hong kong's pro-democracy movement is that joshua was speaking with my colleague terry martin and he was defiant about condoms warning but what she called radicals should not break the law but france can be. even strong with determination your fellow activists nathan law he fled hong kong last week do you intend to stay
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i will continue to fight to the last minute and it's also important to seek for local and global support at the same call and i will continue to campaign in the local level and nathan lol will be responsible for continued the global star of the campaign and we wish the lack of was a big hurt in the world does that mean you're planning to stay in hong kong then up because i believe you're facing charges there is that correct. with the political prosecution i just faced the court trial 24 hours ago and i still need to go to call it on 5th of august and that's also implied how beijing continuing to call the arrest and political prosecution is that he was only 7 millions population almost 10000 people a arrest that since last summer and 1600 of us were prosecuted including me bonds is such a pure battle we still never give up and on the upcoming primary election on this
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weekend we have to set a clear signal to beijing kowtow to the communist regime is not an option for us do you think has a point in saying that new security measures are needed in hong kong to avoid the massive and sometimes violent disruptions we've seen in the past or did tickle crisis a soft bottom to go system reform escalating the situation and even allowing police to call the house or will run and override on common law system to provide a rule by a hotline i guess that's not the way out no matter what happened was they'll continue to fight for freedom and also we wish the world to know that how the race of hong kong people and ex-pat live in the hall might be extradited to china and we might not be serving joe sentence in hong kong and in law and require you to sort this out joe's sentence in beijing that's the french generate the 5 beijing live sentencing is not the things that we have imagined by activists in the previous day
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but that's not great is the threat generate by the companies offer. all called democracy activist joshua wang speaking with terry martin. video housing merged appearing to show a masked man attacking the boats of migrants trying to reach greece the identity of the attacker has past been unclear but de w.'s investigations unit on the ballot count research collective go uncovered information suggesting the attackers may be linked to the great coast guard. denies any wrongdoing. this off greece poses a possible question was a disturbing answer more migrant boats are leaving turkey for the e.u. but on the greek island of less plus there hasn't been an increase in iraq. there were 19 people on the sparrow but then. a 16 year old from afghanistan soon these pictures he said he was shortly after masked men attacked them from
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ending the boat was in requote as off last bus on the 5th of june this year the boy doesn't want to be identified. fodder for much of the course 2 men have all of us military stick they are wearing black mark on their faces and i want to have a nice call on our board and the you will be wired which is connected. we analyze dozens of similar reports and videos comparing them to you data such as coastlines and the position of the sun along with information from emergency calls official reports and eyewitness accounts. our conclusion refugees and migrants are being kept away from the greek coast at times by force it seems masked men often attack migrant boats on the open seas damaging them so they can't be steered and leaving them adrift sometimes they even actively force the boats back into true
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pitch waters a tactic known as push back. these push backs against international law but it's difficult to establish for certain who this mess men actually are even though the evidence is separately of overwhelming. evidence such as this video. analysis of both structures let our colleagues from the investigative platforms battling cat and light house reports to clearly identify the d.m.v. as belonging to a greek coast guard ship. but greece did nice using illegal methods the coast guard told t w. the operations conducted by a harbor police and hellenic coast guard are in accordance with international law and international conventions. we also asked the european border agency from texas which works closely with the greek coast guard their answer didn't refer to the incidents in question they just said all of their border control operations conform
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to the highest standards my question to context you say you don't know but how could you not know and what steps have you taken to rebut what we have as evidence . anarky has been watching migrants moving across the gnc for years and has seen a rise in the number of pushbacks she has been monitoring the situation for the european center for constitutional and human rights. the e.u. is expected to stand up for a new law to be respected and we haven't seen that we haven't seen it in public statements made by representatives of the e.u. institutions and we haven't seen it in any sort of legal action that new institutions have to power to take against member states not respecting you or members of the european parliament and the un high commission for refugees are demanding an official investigation they say greece has the right to defend its
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borders but it must do so within international law. let's take a closer look at this with who's a member of the european parliament for germany's social democratic party s.p.d. welcome to the w so the evidence that these illegal pushbacks are taking place in the jail seems overwhelming so why is there no outcry from european institutions. yes there's a really good question question i think there was always an out cry. coming in. the european parliament criticizing the situation of the refugees at the external board of the european union several triumphs and we organized several events in the european parliament and we wrote
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a lot of letters to inform the european commission and the european council about the illegal group pushbacks the greek or her eighty's and in those 2 totally unacceptable and other european you parliament to leave decided that we have to reform the dublin regulation and always need you can cancel you now want to talk about the new component of the european parliament. i will come back to the arrangements in the course of let's let's talk about the european border agency frontex which works closely with the great coast guard in the mediterranean for why doesn't it stop a step in and stop any illegal action. yes we have a real critic of you on the activities of frontex.
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frontex have the duty. during their jobs to comply with the fundamental arrives and we are very concerned that they did not act in that way and for example. when we have a look at the route will illegal pushbacks we are wondering that frontex. doesn't mention any of these incidents and that. yesterday we had the opportunity to speak with the director of frontex and he wasn't able to clarify what is happening. at the g.m.c. and from me this is an acceptable they are was 600 officers there and they do
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not notice what is happening there and we will stick on this as you can calm and we cannot accept what you have to wonder because doing at the moment that if you said both of these issues on the illegal pushbacks down there in action from from tax that both of them are unacceptable but the european parliament seems to be accepting it that there seems to be no point in your being that if you raise these things and no action is taken as a consequence. yes. this is. the problem of the rupee in. parliament that we can decide a lot of things but we need to the consent of the encounter and it is our job to develop more pressure on the european council and the european commission and my hope is that the european consul with the drum presidency
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will pick up this important issue and so that we can. achieve an improvement of the situation because we know well not only the legal pushbacks but we have the devastating situations in the in the camps and therefore i hope with the german president see we can achieve progress to improve the situation given that we aren't here imagine a couple of times if this busy lack of of unity within the very very institutions of a new we've been speaking to the greek immigration minister not as a mr darcy. and pointed out this exactly this a survey is lack of solidarity. there is not sufficient support for relocating people who are there from the front line states to the rest of europe we currently
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have a 100 in 1000 feet are side i'm suggesting that if you understand what the asylum service is that's a huge burden for out of the 8 camps that's a big number we would need more support for other countries to help us with asylum seekers and refugees but at the same time you understand most beautifully in countries that are not actively participating in a mechanism for there to look asian of asylum seekers and refugees so here's the thing custer we have known this is a problem since at least 2015 everybody realizes the problem but no one has come up with a solution why. well we have elections fully doty in between the e.u. member states. but i think even if it is not possible to achieve a common solution which means that all of 27 member states would achieve
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a constant on this then we must find another solution this solution can be that only 1011 or 12 member states will begin with the. activities of 3rd to show their solidarity and we have such. kind of solutions if 1600 unaccompanied children should be. brought to the. u. member state this is the beginning and we have a multi 3rd solution where the refugees who rescued from the private search and rescue operation that they can be relocated between the e.u. member states ok so this is official you are not going to let me go. here in fact you so much for joining us i do custom from the european apartments and japanese as
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p.t. thank you. thank you. some other stories making news around the world now the u.s. secretary of state mike compares as his country is considering banning chinese smartphone apps including the popular social media app tick tock he cited national security concerns as a reason in an interview with fox news to talk us 30000000 users in the u.s. . state of victoria has announced another lockdown of the country's 2nd largest metropolis melbourne and more than 5000000 people have been ordered to stay at home unless for work food exercise or medical care the lockdown stupid bastard least 6 weeks. german aid organization developed who hid for says the coronavirus pandemic could push a 1000000000 people around the world into hunger the charity has flown to campaign to support some rooms of poorest people saying it needs to raise 100000000 euros to help those who situation has worsened because of the pandemic. since the
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death of george floyd in the us the resurgence of the black lives matter of movement the behavior of former colonial powers in the terraces they once occupied has come under renewed scrutiny germany was one of those powers and early in the 20th century it oversaw the killing of tens of thousands of ethnic people in the maybe in south west africa talks about how germany can atone for exactions its actions have been going on for years and last month maybe as president suggested there might soon be an apology but berlin says the issue is complicated. german southwest africa was the one colony where germans really settled but in doing so they forced the indigents for control of scarce resources in this mostly arid territory the germans killed more than 80000 herrero and namor people in fact it's estimated 75 percent of the herero were wiped out and victims skulls taken
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away in a failed search for proof that white europeans was the period. can you imagine we see we have free. the years might have passed but the heroes and nam has still won justice i made lengthy talks between the german and namibian government. apology commission any republican. points 3 points which were demanding from the german government because we can relate if somebody did apologize or think. negotiations between the 2 governments. but. don't give of the anomalous in the excluded from these. negotiations this makes things difficult germany has ruled out paying compensation offering to fund development projects instead. there's
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a great deal of germany's past that's well and publicly documented here and that includes the horrors of it and that's in history this for example is the holocaust memorial but that's the history that germany acknowledges this country has been slow and even reluctant at times to own up to some of its actions as a colonial power and that's another dark era to uncover. yet some streets in germany are still named after its colonialists and it appears that's not a bother to everyone. on the left want to g.g. not have a problem with our beautiful street names. campaign groups have succeeded in getting this subway station renamed its outgoing name is from a derogatory word used to describe black people all part of a quest to get germany to look inward and ask tough questions about its attitude today towards some elements of its past. as somehow look at this river
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rube or who founded the bourbon post-colonial association welcome to d w how can indeed assured a country atone for atrocities committed in its history my country was under the german. and you flame to what end and tons anea in the southern part of tons anea there was a very very big colonial war no one is my judge margie because you find here over 20. french communities came to para against a jamma they were fed elf and then it was a wall and this strategy which of the gemini used it was known as said. many binding s. so they were setting fire. their houses their fears their forests everywhere and
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when people are running that there were shorts down and also what they did they close old their wells and history with the concrete so that people cannot get water even to drink and even they give you poison or to the water so you cited the chime most people over 300 out 1000 they're talking of that but it could be even more than half a 1000000 and. then those ones who are cup chuch in these all the chiefs all the so-called the leaders they were brought to a kind of a appraiser in front of a church and they were hanging let us say the sunday 20 the next time they might be 15 and sort of according to their wishes and before they were hanged then they have to what the check fest and to confess that what they did
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to jim and us totally. so that's an example of one i'm sure of many horrible things will that were done and colonial rule so how then does germany now atone for those actions in the past is fined up to now really big jim ones i not take heed and this serious kind of might be an apology and or fish apology to their. dissidents of the victims they have not even doing that. and you do have a theory as to why because clearly germany has something of a past so as far as its actions in the holocaust ago it is faced up to that why not the actions of its colonial colonialists. there
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we you us to me corey question for me i have been trying to get to the un's but i find it because of all us can come we is blocked they are not as serious as they took. serious to the jews because what happened to us was the same thing you say you think this is purely this is purely racial that germany is very like you seriously because that in reply is it is because even you find it that now there even this is serious here which are glorifying those colonial crimi and was right and s. t. here there and we have been demanding the ok well this is clearly an issue that will have to return to for now the thank you so much for helping us with that when york of our sort of border from the burden of clearing thank you. just time to
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bring her awkward word of breaking news brazilian president also daughter says he has tested positive for corona virus and made the announcement on brazilian that television in the last few minutes they've been showing us symptoms i'll call it 19 including a fever and we'll have more on this story as it develops. as if you're up to date so i'll have all for you at the top off me out i'm going to.
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get. into. more. to go. they were almost down for the come in through a great deal. and in the winter they were still beyond the cool but true. champion
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stand up. and fight. by a new album the back in the living championship seems. to go. on w. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language with the 1st word published in the book. rico is in germany to learn german why not play with him it's simple online on your mobile and free to sapps d w z e learning course nikos fake german made easy. we know that this is a scary time for the coronavirus is changing the world changing. so please take care of yourself
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a good distance wash your hands if you can date and how we're d.w.b. for here for we are working tirelessly to keep you informed on all of our platforms we're all in this city get on together make sure you. stay safe everybody stays in stay safe stay safe please stay safe.


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