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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 7, 2020 7:00pm-7:15pm CEST

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this is d.w. news life from the man who just missed the coronavirus is just a little flu now. as of both. tested positive and he now seems to be a convert to social distancing also on the program a fresh warning from hong kong about the controversial new security chief executive that anyone caught violating the new rules will face serious consequences pro-democracy activists fear there will be more suppression off dissent. and he's germany about to apologize for its murderous behavior in africa 100 years ago
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president of namibia think so but after years of talks lynn says the issue is complicated and. i'm filled gal welcome to the program brazilian president. says he's tested positive for corona virus and made the announcement on brazilian television in the . in the last couple of us have been showing now symptoms of a covered 1930 a fever but said he felt well enough to walk around as an aura has drawn criticism from public health officials for appearing in public without a protective face mask and for saying it was not worth the effort to prevent the majority of the country's population from contracting company 90. that's joined journalist in. their bid to janeiro folk more welcome material so the president
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says he's fine do we have any further details about his condition. he said that since yesterday he's suffering some pain general pain in his muscles he has fever and he also has a dry cough so he's not in a really good mood. getting back staying at home now and these days i'm waiting for the results which now resulted positive and so he cancelled the meetings for today and possibly also for the next days because he might now stay in care and. now we're seeing pictures of him wearing a face mask he's changed his attitude to vatos he likely to change his stance on the pandemic itself. there's really not sure if you will stand if you will change his opinion on the crisis it could happen that he will act
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from now on as it happened in the u.k. for boris johnson who also change his mind a bit and changes politics in his policy after having having suffered there the covered $900.00. so it can happen like this but it caused can also happen at board so now we stay at the same point will one economy to come back so it's not sure so far if you will be there will be a new mindset for me ok so brazil at the moment has i think a temporary health minister while this crisis is going on and now a president who is possibly going to take the next few days off to take care of himself. who's going to be running the country. normally it was an hour should at least say 14 days at home at his presidential palace in brasilia and
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then the vice president more hours will take over and this also already happened last year when votes an hour had to go for a surgery to a hospital and so paolo then will take the lead to maybe possibly travel a bit in brazil and so it is a common situation for brazilians it's typical for them it's not a big issue but we will see how what's now really react in the next days he was the one who who put pressure in order to get back to normal life restaurants are open shopping centers are open again and so yeah the numbers are still high so it's really not sure how brazil will go into the next days. in rio de janeiro thank you now to hong kong where the chief executive has defended the controversial new security law imposed on chinese territory by beijing last week the slum said the changes would make hong kong safer by preventing violent protests and she want
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people not to break the law so the whole government will be crystal implement this law and i for one those radicals not to attempt to wild this law or crossing the red line because the consequences are breaching this law. and western governments are facing a tricky dialogue when deciding how to react to the new security law they don't like it but they have to tread carefully because china is an important trading partner. street battles and angry crowds in hong kong but in europe the protesters so far come in words alone the e.u. has criticised the hong kong security law that several european countries have new economic ties with china for instance through the belgian road initiative which could make them reluctant to point the finger at beijing germany which no holds the
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e.u. council presidency might be expected to use its leverage to get tough with china but chancellor merkel hardly sounds urgent dimensionally function in human rights questions are always on the agenda you know bilateral talks with china that includes the human rights dialogue which i want to continue here. china is germany's biggest trading partner more than 200000000000 euros worth of goods are traded between the 2 countries annually but no government wants to be seen to tread softly when fundamental rights are being challenged. there are calls for a more robust approach from an unexpected quarter the leader of germany's business friendly free democrats on. kong was a place with a lively civil society as well as great economic freedom and the rule of law both of those in there are being called into question we should not make it a question of either economy or democracy we should make the case for the idea of
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freedom and that for reliable agreements. for now the e.u. is pressing ahead with plans to hold a summit later this year by the german government that risks sending a signal that relations can continue largely unaffected by the scenes in hong kong some believe this might be the moment for berlin to take a stand. people in hong kong have in recent months been quite disappointed by the reaction in germany it's been noted that germany really basically doesn't say anything in public and is very has a very weak response to present a log open and push for change behind the scenes. but as china shows its growing assertive nursing home calm europe's values are now being tested. well let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world start in the united states where secretary of state mike pompei or as his country is considering
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banning chinese smartphone apps including the popular social media tic toc he cited national security concerns as a reason in an interview with fox news to talk us 30000000 users in the u.s. . bus crash in southwest china claimed 21 lives but it plunged into a branch of what rescuers say 15 people survived the passengers including high school students taking that nationwide university entrance exams. more than a 1000000 residents of the japanese island after you sure after being told to flee their homes amid relentless rain the death toll from recent downforce has risen to 50 according to local media and more heavy rain is forecast. german aid organization felt for him 1st as the coronavirus pandemic could push a 1000000000 people around the world into hunger the charity has launched a campaign to support some of the world's poorest people believed to raise 100000000 euros to help those who situation has worsened because of the pandemic.
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australia's 2nd largest city melbourne has been ordered back into lockdown for 6 weeks after seeing a single day increase of nearly 200 new coronavirus cases the move comes as the border between the states of victoria and neighboring new south wales is sealed for the 1st time since the 1st spanish flu epidemic of more than a century ago. let me read it through the map that we have. a scene of distress and frustration a mother trying to reach our son confined inside a tower block after a resurgence of the coronavirus how did it happen that was the melbourne housing complex was originally at the center of the latest outbreak but now alarming spikes in the wider community mean lock down for the whole of the victoria state capital.
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and that is war the public health team have advised me to re-impose. current restrictions for a period of 6 words there is simply no alternative other than thousands and thousands of cases. and potentially more many many people in hospital and the inevitable tragedy that will come from that. the move in melbourne follows other measures to contain the spread of the virus the neighboring state of new south wales is closing its borders to victoria anyone found breaking the rules could face a hefty fine or even jail time the border here hasn't been closed since the spanish flu pandemic a century ago. so this is something entirely different this is going to affect the travel of my stuff because i have stuff in clients living and working on both sides of the border and there's no obviously clarity on the borders going away
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. so it's like really it's a matter of finding out now. it's all going to pan out. until mountains latest outbreak australia had recorded far fewer cases than many other countries in the coronavirus pandemic the countries are sorry hope swift and firm measures can keep it that way. since george floyd was killed in police custody in the. it states and the resurgence of the black lives matter movement the behavior of former colonial powers in the territories they once occupied has come under renewed scrutiny germany was one of those powers in the 20th century it oversaw the killing of tens of thousands of ethnic people in namibia in the south west africa talks about how germany can atone for its actions have been going on for years and last month the maybe it's president suggested there might soon be an apology but barely says the issue is complicated. german south west africa was the
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one colony where germans really settled but in doing so they forced the indigents for control of scarce resources in this mostly arid territory the germans killed more than 80000 herrero and namor people in fact it estimated the 75 percent of the herero were wiped out and victims skulls taken away in a failed search for proof that white europeans was a period. we say we are free to put the years might have passed but the heroes and nam has still won justice i made lengthy talks between the german and namibian governments. apology. and every politician. points 3 points which were demanding from the german government because we can relate if somebody did apologize i think is that the. negotiations between the 2 governments. but. of the enormous in
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the excluded from these. negotiations this makes things difficult germany has ruled out paying compensation offering to fund development projects instead. there's a great deal of germany's past that's well and publicly documented here and that includes the horrors of it and that in history this for example is the holocaust memorial but that's the history that germany acknowledges this country has been slow and even reluctant at times to own up to some of its actions as a colonial power and that's another dark era to uncover. yet some streets in germany are still named after its colonialists and it appears that's not a bother to everyone. on my feet want to g.g. not have a problem with our beautiful street names. campaign groups have succeeded in
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getting this subway station renamed its outgoing name is from a derogatory word used to describe black people all part of a quest to get germany to look inward and ask tough questions about its attitude today towards some elements of its past. this is the daily news live from berlin his reminder of our top stories at this hour brazilian president. says he's tested positive for. with 19 i think previously dismissed the disease as me just a little slow but there's also drawn criticism for saying that taking steps to stop brazilians constructing the disease was not worth the. time comes chief executive current law has one that anyone breaking the island so controversial new security laws would face serious consequences he said the would make hong kong safer by preventing bottom contests. but if you're up to date i'll have more up to talk off peak hour in the meantime of course as always the websites d.w.
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talk. of the. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour carona updates. from the covert 19 special next on d w. i'm not going to think how to cook them well i guess sometimes i am but i said nothing when the captain jonathan.


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