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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  July 8, 2020 5:15am-5:31am CEST

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although her own of ours. you're watching something you can always stay up to date on our website www dot com loss as well on twitter and instagram. told me all the logic is joining us. in the height of climate change. conference most of. what's in store for the past. month used to be for the future. c.w. to come back and make a series to the multimedia insight could enter into the conflict zones confronting the powerful 4 months to go to the presidential elections in america so no trump is sinking in the polls and those former national security advisor says he
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isn't fit to be president anyway job also is my guest this week from washington how much damage trump broken bones to america and the rest of the. conflict zone today from w. . the. chinese own tick tock that's out from hong kong but can a social media sensation escape the crossfire is the rivalry between china and the u.s. . also on the show new developments in the facebook ads boycott we'll talk to our from our new york financial correspondent. and we follow the fortunes of a migrant worker in germany was caught up in the largest outbreak of coppa 19 in the country so far. along. welcome to the show i'm stephen beardsley and this is
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your business update ticktock has moved its app from hong kong joining other tech companies that are seeking to protect users there from china strict new security law a social media sensation is owned by a chinese company and is now in the crosshairs of the u.s. government secretary of state mike pump a.o. even said tuesday that banning the app in the u.s. is a possibility. while web users in mainland china have to negotiate a powerful censorship system hong kong's internet is free and open until now anyway google facebook what's up telegram and twitter have all stopped taking requests for user data from hong kong online freedom of expression in the city is seen as under threat i think the worry 2 ok for a 50 year he's already said that. about the cyber expression freedom. the new law means police can force internet companies through move content
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breaching online rules can lead to jail or a fine. it's important for them to do so i believe the government will take further action towards these social media platforms. i think it's possible we will be able to use these apps in the future. perhaps. u.k. . to move piles pressure on chinese owned firms trying to expand internationally like tick tock tick tock rejects allegations beijing could use its services to spy on users. tick-tock has taken its up out of hong kong was zoom which is being criticized for censoring content critical of china as polls tong calling data processing requests after the new law the hong kong security law has brought the world's attention to internet security and china. i'm joined now by craig erle he's a markets analyst with the firm in london it's good to have you with us let's start
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off with this decision from tick tock is it fair to say that this is about more than just hong kong. absolutely hong kong i think is a casa list that's going to be the catalyst for many issues to think the tween china and countries around the world nothing takes off his just now so the former is one issue i think it's long been known but it's been a lot of home a very long but it's long been known as an avenue of potential concern it is something that it's a company has tried to address very very early on and even right now the reaction to this particular situation has been very rapid it's not that long ago that china actually imposed these national security measures they've been very fast to to announce these changes and it's quite clear that they want to take a huge step back from the situation said only trying his very best to avoid being caught in the crossfire between china and the rest of the world. is that things
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like as we know has seen major growth in recent months as long as it's been around it would like to i.p.o. in the coming months. is it still a strong position given that kind of growth given its projections or has some of these recent. i guess it's really drawbacks these the removal from india has that taken in the wind out of its sales results mention the pump a 0 remarks just recently. will the others is there's no such thing as bad news but i don't think this is necessarily true with regards to takes ok its growth has been incredible over the course of the last 12 months in particular but the last thing it won't do is be cool to open in they scale kind of game the last thing it wants is for the countries to be looking at it will drain whether it is a national security threats wondering how much influence the race from the chinese regime one of the time when there is incredible scrutiny over many chinese firms.
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as we've already said it's this is a comity which effectively splits itself into 2 already how's want to pray tional good different name in china and the one outside of china has said is outside of china very well much once the same message to the rest of the world that this is not something that's hope for chinese influence but there's always going to be suspicions because ultimately it is still a chinese company so the fog that he has acted so quickly it will suggest that it does have its own and goal that house belonged in speculate that for example as you just alluded to that it is going to look twice p.o.'s some point in the not too distant future the last thing it wants is to be dragged into this into this very difficult relationship between china and a growing number of countries i don't think it want to distance itself as much as most will allow the growth to continue allow its popularity. right gregory lama markets analyst with a wanda thank you very much for joining us thank you. and let's go to our financial
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correspondent yens quarter in new york for the latest on another big tech story that important meeting today for facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg what he tell us. i'm standing in front of barclays center still no sports events but a starting point of a lot of the protests here in brooklyn and that's sort of what this meeting was about with sheryl sandberg marcus sucker burke and leaders from civil rights groups the civil rights groups had to pretty clear ideas so what they want to from facebook and how to change things there is this overall group a call to stop them hate for profit and they pushed in hundreds of companies to stop advertising at facebook pages at least i'm for now but what we hear so far is that the meeting has not gone very well at least of the civil rights groups are saying that facebook was not really open for the demands for example to have
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a top executive of its facebook installed was a civil rights a background to which the regular independent audit so it sounded rather disappointing and the civil rights groups were saying that basically facebook used it as a p.r. stunt but it's not willing to really change on wednesday we will by the way get another audit from facebook published in the stock price that just by the side reached an all time intraday high in tuesday session. in new york thank you. and the other business stories making headlines. new york regulators say deutsche above has agreed to pay $150000000.00 to settle claims that it broke compliance rules in its dealings with late sex offender geoffrey epstein the regulator said germany's largest bank failed to detect or prevent millions of dollars of suspicious transactions including payments to
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epstein's coconspirators and some russian models. thousands of fans are in local fields to save this year's berry harvest as coronavirus restrictions have kept many of the usual foreign pickers away finland normally needs about $16000.00 seasonal workers a year casual farm worker earns 8 euro 40 an hour for filling a 7 kilogram crates. and staying on the topic hundreds of foreign workers came to germany earlier this year despite the coronavirus crisis here's a look at how one of them from romania experience the time it wasn't pretty. fair to go go has made it back home the journey from germany to come 5 days 1st with the train then the bus he couldn't be more leave to be back in his tiny village in southern romania. i've been working on and off in germany for the last 12
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years but what i went through in the last 3 months was the most difficult experience of my life. back in april alberto go-go and his wife were flown to germany to help with the harvest taking on the work meant leaving their children behind but. we had to make promises to stop them from crying one of them wanted a bike another some seats. at the airport passengers kept their distance and had their temperature taken that the plane was full of parents who ended up on an asparagus farm there was no social distancing there not in the buses to the fields nor in the containers for the workers slapped. instead of 2 pretty and there were 4 the risk of infection was sky high. the asparagus farm gave me the food it was humiliating i slept on the road and went hungry. things went from bad to worse when he got to the tonus meat
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processing plant. i was scared of getting sick how can you pay attention to distancing when you're holding 15 kilos of me when i told my boss i was sick and couldn't go on she told me i wasn't allowed to stop. and go they stefanutto is used to hearing stories of this guy and he's a member of the european parliament where he speaks out on migrant workers rights. in germany it's an individual states and companies need to realize that there cannot be such a thing as 2nd class citizens in europe. the 1st thing alberto did when he got home was go to the hardware store he's using the money he made in germany to renovate his house he doesn't know if he's had the coronavirus after more than a decade of working in germany he says whole never go back again.
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i won't go back even when this is over and my 44 years i've never experienced anything of this kind. all right not so for me and the business team here in berlin you can find out more about these and other business stories a lot of detail the dot com slash business comes in very much for joining us.
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thanks. africa. he's known as the plastic man of. campaigning for 15 years to get people in senegal to lose less plastic in the. corona restrictions are forcing him to stay at home. carrying a fight. eat cold comfort go. next d.w. . coming. coronavirus summer 20 point following
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lock downs and working from home people surely want to get outside and travel. the tourist industry is waiting for them with bated breath but. travel restrictions are still in place and many potential holiday makers are feeling uncertain to planned vacation made in germany. in 60 minutes on t.w. . many colby's in germany to learn german looked in the cold why not learn with him d w z e learning course because fake. the real. join our 2nd. between tokyo and distribute the internet in the text
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reads more than a 1000000000 people live under a repressive regimes they censor the internet for political purposes is the diversity of opinion on the internet since. joining online at the global media for the day. a one welcome today's edition or boing environment show it off because i am songs from kampala here in uganda of course will also be covering the effects of the corner virus pandemic in africa here in uganda for example the look don't hug late to the street side so news the poster dry up many people are clearly staying at home and the media my eyes in court at hello.


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