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bialik asked. by from. this is dave live from berlin the german chancellor. aims for the e.u. as germany takes over the presidency of the european council to the main goal is to contain lead time delegation overcome its consequences also on the program. so obvious president calls for calm following violent clashes over plans for. critics
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blame the jump in new coronavirus inspections on the president's political ambitions. the united nations warns of a possible half a 1000000 extra deaths from because of conflict 19 the pandemic disrupts the surgical supply chain. i'm still gal welcome to the program german chancellor i'm going to medical has called on the european union to unite to emerge stronger from its greatest ever challenge the coronavirus pandemic it's the 2nd time germany has taken over the presidency of the york council with on sabbatical help speaking of the european parliament in brussels the chance for them laid out her vision of germany 6 months which will be dominated by economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. welcome
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the commission's plan for a recovery fund for a struggling for struggling european economies. but the chance of a 7 member states would need to compromise in order to sign off on the recovery fund before next month's summer recess diffidence than it might in some and if we are willing to overcome our differences and identify sched solutions if we are willing to view the world through the prism of others europe will emerge from the crisis stronger than ever if we strengthen cohesion and solidarity no one will get through this crisis alone we are all vulnerable. islands and 5 went. straight to brussels that we joined did of these that chief international editor richard walker welcome richard european leaders have been calling for greater unity amongst member states since forever so how does our going to merkel plan to make it happen this time. sensually she's saying the she and germany are prepared to
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provide leadership to the european union as they face up to this what she's been describing as the biggest crisis since the european union was founded and that process of germany kind of stepping up to this leadership position actually began a couple of months ago when i go america will join forces with a man who were my call the french president and jointly proposed 500000000000 euro recovery fund which was the sort of kernel upon which the european commission has built this this larger proposal that you just mentioned there. and making that a joint effort with the french was a sign that germany and france the 2 largest powers within the european union will closely working together on this and also very importantly the structure of this fund that's being discussed is going to break what was previously a to boom for germany this is this idea that the european commission the central
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executive body of the european union will raise the money for this fund centrally borrow it on the financial markets and that's something that it hasn't done before and that's something that was not done during the financial crisis 10 years ago and the something that germany's always been against this idea of kind of shared debt across the european union so that is essentially merkel showing that germany is prepared to compromise germany is prepared to go beyond its previous positions and it expects other countries to do the same so a new heads of state and government. about this recovery fund next week one of the hurdles that have to be overcome. yeah well will certainly the there are plenty of heads that still need knocking together not everyone has been persuaded yet by uncle americal in particular there's a small group of countries that have earned the moniker the frugal for some smaller northern european countries that would usually be allied with germany on this sort of thing but germany has now moved out ahead of them they're worried about the size
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of these funds they're worried about the idea that this fund might hand out a lot of money as grants rather than lending the money to the countries that need it and there's going to be an awful lot of how going around these points over the days before the summit next weekend and certainly at the summit itself. it's not clear whether this summit will come to a conclusion quite often a 2nd round is needed especially on something of this jail but there is an assumption that eventually some kind of deal will be reached it's just too important for that not to be achieved the question for the countries that are looking for funding from this particular countries like italy is whether in the process of all of this haggling the fund will get watered down more than they are prepared to accept so that's going to be very interesting to watch and how will the chancellor and brussels work together to make this happen. well. perhaps one
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advantage of the european commission that we were just mentioning was lafond a line the president of the commission just a few months ago i'm glad merkel was her boss she was working as a minister of defense in american government so. was left on the line is a close ally of uncle americal somebody who has worked very closely with over the years so that means that there's no ice whatsoever to break between them if i don't think they have to be a little bit wary of some being seen as too cozy with each other. as they approach these issues in existing to what was love and alliance speech in parliament where she on a couple of occasions seemed to put a little bit of distance between her and uggla america but that is a solid relationship that should be a strong basis for merkel making progress here thank you for that richard walker in brussels. and i will turn to some of the other stories making news around the world
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that china has opened a new national security office in hong kong a week after beijing imposed a controversial new security law in the territory the security office is across from victoria park a site of news for pro-democracy demonstrations. boeing settled the claims relating to the crash of one of its 737 mags jets in indonesia 2 years ago the us playmakers not disclose the amount of compensation the crash was followed by another in ethiopia led to the grounding of all 737 seas. forest fires in eastern ukraine killed 5 people and destroyed more than $100.00 homes blazing govt villages in the conflict zone russia's back separatists are active interior minister said the situation is finally improving after 2 days of fighting fires. a service president alexander has backtracked
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on his plan to re-impose a coronavirus lockdown protests broke out after he announced that a weekend curfew would be reintroduced following a surgeon covered 19 infections critics say the increase was caused by a series of politically motivated decisions by the president. of the rocks flares tear gas this is what the capital of serbia looks like on tuesday night. thousands of protesters took to the streets and the situation quickly got out of hand the of the of the group of them tried to enter the parliament building the police responded with tear gas and their batons in the scuffles finally ended as the sun was coming up. with all of the dozens of people were injured who was who said serbian president alexander had announced that a weekend curfew could be imposed in belgrade but after tuesday's protests he has
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now backtracked on those plants in the city. of in recent weeks to corona virus has been spreading quickly in serbia the there are long lines of people outside testing centers hospitals are overcrowded but the new wave of corona virus infections has put an additional strain on the already stretched healthcare system . you have noted this is some of this is not just about belgrade and belgrade's patients it is also about patients being sent here from all over serbia. in april serbia imposed one of the world's strictest lockdowns despite this the government pushed ahead with plans for june's parliamentary election. during the campaign officials declared victory over the coronavirus and normal life resumed without any restrictions. the opposition boycotted the poll and turnout was low.
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but his party won by a landslide. since the election frustration with the government has been growing as it became clear the coronavirus crisis is far from over deflected blame onto the public is too true. medical to true it was our decision to relax the measures but if i wanted to be mean i could remind you that it happened on your insistence that. the people were banging pots and pans saying it was time to end my dictatorship saying i was using restrictions on movement and curfews to make normal life impossible please excuse not to carry more spiritual. serbia's initial success in controlling the virus has now gone up in smoke and the protesters saved is responsible. you have to say it was some of the latest coronavirus developments will start in the
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u.k. where the government has unveiled a stimulus package equivalent to 33000000000 euros to help the economy recover from a lockdown united states has now topped 3000000 confirmed infections over the actual number of cases ought to be much higher and u.s. president donald trump has threatened to withdraw federal funding for public schools that refused to reopen in the autumn. well the coronavirus crisis is having a major impact on millions of hiv patients who rely on lifesaving drugs it's estimated that nearly 40000000 people around the world and living with hiv although there's no cure for the disease that causes aids antiretroviral medications to help to control it but the coverage 19000 demichelis does is interrupting a pharmaceutical supply lines and hiv aids patients are often scared to go to hospital because of the pandemic w.'s adir increase reports from south africa.
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tempi would have preferred not to come to the clinic today because of the corona virus and to avoid questions from neighbors tim b. is not her real name she prefers to remain anonymous i knew she was hiv positive and wants to make sure her one year old daughter does not become infected. my family no friends. know. because they like to call for a little bit build they judge you own it's not pride that closed you don't know your future would have been to you after all. so you don't need to charge for. one in 5 mothers in khayelitsha township is age i be positive a few years ago 2 out of every 5 children also had the virus but now the chances of a chevy being tossed on that group are less than 5 percent south africa has made significant progress in the fight against hiv the government pays for the medicines
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and aid agencies like doctors without borders with education programs in normal times a group of mothers with h i.v. meteo once a month at the corner crisis means the meetings have been cancelled. to gain from the groups a chance of discussing with p. is giving time to discuss with defense and t. doesn't internet that so know that the group happening anymore if it is really affected post natal clubs the medics know how to the mothers on a one to one basis hiv is still a serious problem here. the hospital is much energy than usual because of covered 19 many patients void hospitals and therefore don't have access to their medication experts believe this could have a strong negative impact on hiv aids but also with tuberculosis patients and the future. to be knows her medication significantly increases her own life expectancy . in the future h. i.v.
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in corona will no longer be a danger to a daughter. or professor hendricks 3 years of it all or just who specializes in h.i.v. research at the university of bone in germany he told the w. that's an untreated hiv infection is much deadly haven't covered 19 while the difference basically between covert 19 and a chevy is that many hiv patients do not get their medication it's a deadly disease and almost 100 percent can die from aids hiv and they are infected now we were at the state where we can control the infection bed well that people can make it happen normal life expectancy but now lacking those medication in some countries just due to. transportation chains this is a very serious problem that the issue is that they should be said you have to take
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the medication every day and if you do not have medication for example poor months or even that week you may develop resistance against the medication and then it won't work anymore that w h o n u n 8 estimates that about half a 1000000 aids that we've all faced this year because of the call that 19 prices. that's hendrik streak that's it you're up to date so i brought golf we'll have more world news for you at the top of the hour i would. love. to go beyond. all of the stories that matter to the. country. whatever it takes. to the running. against
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a little bit. made for mines.


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